TOP 80 Dropshipping Christmas Products to Sell Online [+Niche ideas]

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Christmas isn’t only the most wonderful time of the year but also one of the busiest days of Q4 in the eCommerce holiday calendar. Planning ahead which dropshipping Christmas products you can add to your online store is a key to managing your online business successfully. Especially with an eCommerce boom this year!

Though this holiday is getting more commercialized from year to year, it is a family holiday primarily.  It’s associated with magic moments, family reunions near the Christmas tree, decorations, and warm-hearted gifts.  Some of the shoppers start to search for the perfect holiday gift really beforehand, in August, but most of the buyers aren’t so far-sighted and begin the Christmas preparation in the middle of October or November (60%): 

Google trends results – a time when you need to start dropshipping Christmas items

Taking into account that more than 60% of US consumers prefer to buy their holiday presents online, eBay online sellers and dropshippers need to start to prepare for the upcoming holidays 2022 already now.

Worries away! We got you covered! Find below popular Christmas niche ideas and the top 70 best selling Christmas products that will help your online shop to be more successful this holiday season. 

What to Expect from Christmas Dropshipping in 2021[Statistics and Facts] 

The 2022 holiday shopping season will not be as much forecasted as in the previous year due to the coronavirus and inflation impacts. Nonetheless, to ensure your online shop is ready for December 2022, it’s a good idea to look back. The statistics for the previous year give us insights into eCommerce trends.

2020, despite the pandemic, holiday retail sales surpassed the trillion-dollar mark. 60% of US consumers preferred to buy Christmas gifts online! And online and non-store sales grew by 3% and reached  $209 billion. In 2021, the overall holiday spending in the US reached $886.7 billion.

The U.S. households spent an average of $1,387 for Christmas last year. $511 out of this sum was spent on Christmas presents and cards. While the expected average holiday spending in 2022 will reach $1,802 per person. And people themselves expect higher prices for Christmas gifts this year.

However, 51% of US consumers plan to buy fewer gifts this year than in 2021. Nonetheless, the experts predict that the average number of sales per certain product categories will grow (for example, people will buy more apparel this year).

When asked about their shopping intentions and plans in 2022, most consumers said they expect to spend an average of $25-50 on gifts. On the other hand, more than half (59%) revealed their plans to spend over $200 on Christmas gifts.

Christmas niche ideas for your eCommerce business

Dropshipping during winter and especially holidays is a good time to come back to the beginning and double-check all of your Shopify and eBay settings and business policies are set up correctly. Therefore, you eliminate the chance to sell hot products dozens of times just to find out that you sold it to a country your supplier doesn’t ship to or with return policies you didn’t plan to actually give. 

If you use the additional tools, for example, the dropshipping automation software DSM Tool,  validate your DSMTool settings there as well. Set all necessary templates and automatic customer service messages to benefit from the holiday shopping season 2021.

Dropshipping Christmas products doesn’t mean that you need to replace all items in your eCommerce shop. On the contrary, it allows you to make sure you have the best selling Christmas products already in your e-shop. Well, if you don’t… We got you covered and prepared the list of most selling products on Christmas for 2021. 

The buyers have already started to prepare for Christmas 2021. Many of them even already know what they are going to buy as a Christmas gift. Gift cards, clothing, and toys remain to be in the top 3: 

best selling categories for dropshipping Christmas products 2020
The results of the survey made by Deloitte 

Good news for those who are searching what Christmas products to sell in your eCommerce or dropshipping store! We have prepared for you 70 best-selling Christmas niche ideas divided into the next categories: 

  1. Most selling Christmas clothing
  2. Trendy Christmas decorations
  3. Christmas bags
  4. Popular Christmas kitchen products
  5. Toys for a perfect Christmas gift
  6. Games as a Christmas present
  7. Christmas products for pets
  8. Dropshipping the DIY sets for Christmas
  9. Selling beauty products during the Christmas season
  10. Dropshipping Christmas Jewelry Products
  11. Ideas for electronic Christmas gifts

Besides, learn 10 more most selling products on Christmas from this video:

10 Christmas dropshipping products for 2021

Let’s get started!

1. Most selling Christmas clothing 

As we have seen, clothing is the second most popular category people choose for a Christmas present (after the gift cards). It’s quite a big niche that offers many choices. You can sell Christmas-themed cloth with classic patterns and colors, along with seasonal winter clothing (trendy sweaters, cardigans, elegant dresses, gloves, etc.).

Always consider the location of your buyers. For example, if you dropship in Australia, you should know that December is the beginning of summer there. So, cardigans and warm socks would be not so in demand there as in Germany or the UK.

However, you can find a whole bunch of Christmas products to sell in cold winter weather and the heat. We presented the clothing niche ideas right below:

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1.1. Dropshipping Christmas socks

People, in general, need socks in the cold Christmas season, though the special Christmas socks can add a holiday mood and joy. 

socks as most selling Christmas products
Amazon best selling results

1.2. Christmas sweater dropshipping

It can be a nice holiday gift for the whole family! You can source them in different sizes and offer scores of choice to your customers. Doesn’t matter if you have a general eCommerce store or a clothing store.

sweater as popular items to dropship before Christmas
AliExpress search results for Christmas dropshipping product ideas

1.3. Couple hoodies and sweatshirts

It’s another creative idea for dropshipping products to sell in Christmas 2021. Hoodies and sweatshirts with Christmas-related prints for couples, siblings, or friends can sell well in the holiday shopping season.

most selling Christmas clothing products example
AliExpress product example

1.4. Family Christmas pajamas

Christmas is everything about family and family time. By offering such a dropshipping product in demand in your online shop, can find the lovers of this cute family tradition.

Google Trends search results for Christmas family pajama
Google Trends search results for Christmas family pajama
Christmas family pajama as a Chrsitmas dropshipping product idea
Amazon Christmas product example

1.5. Toddler sleeper pajamas for Christmas dropshipping

You can always combine the products in your shop. For example, if you run a baby shop and dropship baby clothes, you can source the toddler sleeper pajamas in your dropshipping store. Some of them are really cute! 

toddler sleeper as a product to sell on Christmas
Amazon Christmas product example

1.6. Christmas Leggings

leggins to sell before Christmas
Amazon product example

1.7. Dropshipping Christmas dress

Having a beautiful dress for Christmas is a must-have. Source a few of them to provide such an opportunity to women.

Google Trends search results comparison for Chrsitmas clothing
Google Trends search results comparison

Amazon has already presented the page with Amazon top best sellers where you can find the ideas for trendy dresses:

Amazon shopping guide for holidays 2020
Amazon shopping guide page

1.8. Christmas T-shirts and shirts

Christmas during the summer is a norm for another hemisphere. If you are dropshipping on eBay Australia or you have customers who got used to celebrating Christmas under a palm tree, offer them funny Christmas shirts and T-shirts. 

Dropshipping  Christmas product example from Amazon au
Dropshipping Christmas product example from Amazon au

1.9. Christmas Claus Costumes

One of the main protagonists of this holiday is Santa Claus. Every child is waiting for him on this holiday. You can source the Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus costumes to your online shop. There are different variations of their costume: 


Walmart Santa Claus outfit products example
Walmart Santa Claus outfit products example

1.10. Dropshipping Christmas hats

Santa hats, LED Christmas beanies for adults, children, parties, decor is our next idea for what to dropship on Christmas and during this holiday time.

Christmas themed hats to dropship on Christmas
Christmas hats example on AliExpress

You can even source the sets that include the masks: to be safe and still with Christmas mood:

Chrsitmas mask and hat set from AliExpress
Chrsitmas product from AliExpress

Since the pandemic influence on the market is still very active. The coronavirus products keep being relevant to our society. New products are appearing to cope with coronavirus precautions. You can still have some such items in your shop. In addition, try to add new variations of “coronavirus products”, for example, winter hat sets with knitted masks. It´s something new and not saturated.

1.11. Slippers as Christmas niche idea

Who did get warm slippers as the Christmas gift? Probably many of us… The demand for this seasonal product raises in wintertime and during Christmas. 

Slippers to sell on holidays 2020
Christmas product example on Amazon
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2. Dropship Christmas decorations

It´s time to spruce up the house and get ready to enjoy the Christmas magic atmosphere. Your shoppers are ready to update their old Christmas decorations or replace them at all.

Start dropshipping Christmas products in this category especially if you sell on eBay UK or eBay Australia. People from there were the most active in searching for the decorations last month:

Google Trends results for Christmas decorations search
Google Trends results for Christmas decorations search by region

2.1. Sell Christmas Led Lights Online

Many big retails and wholesalers updated their websites especially before Christmas and added there the best selling Christmas products section. Such a page from Lowes, for example, dedicated much attention to the Led Light. There you can find more ideas on which Led Lights decorations to dropship. 

selling Christmas lights on holidays 2020
Christmas lights suggestions on Lowes

Despite these being some of the best selling Christmas products to sell online, you need to remember about listing optimization to be able to cope with competitors. As you can see, with the correct optimization, your listing can have a 1,317% sell-through rate (that is on average 13 sale pro listing)!

PowerDrop  research for dropshipping LED lights
Statistics are taken on PowerDrop

2.2. Christmas tree dropshipping

All Christmas celebrations include the Christmas tree, don’t they? Don’t forget to dropship a few of the artificial Christmas trees in your online shop. 

Christmas tree dropshipping ideas
Christmas trees suggestions on Lowes

Speaking about possibilities that dropshipping on eBay gives, this winter essential product already now has 445% of sell-through and still a low competition. Most of all, it sells well in the USA, the UK, Puerto Rico, Australia, and Canada.

demand research for dropshipping Christmas trees
Statistics are taken on PowerDrop

2.3. Dropship Christmas ornaments

Do you know that you can also dropship the Christmas tree balls? Consider the sets.

Dropship Christmas ornaments from Ali Express
Example of the Christmas ornaments to dropship from AliExpress

According to the PowerDrop, dropshipping research tool, dropshipping Christmas ornaments on eBay has 604% of sell-through and very low competition. Moreover, the demand keeps growing. So it’s not late! Dropship it!

 dropshipping Christmas ornaments demand
Statistics are taken on PowerDrop

2.4. Christmas Stocking

One of the most selling products on Christmas are stockings. Add some to your dropshipping store. 

dropshipping Christmas stockings
Product example from Walmart

2.5. Dropship Christmas homeware products

Help to bring the holiday spirit to every inch of your customers’ homes. Consider selling festive decorating items like lanterns, various candles, diffusers, mini artificial trees, deers, stars, candle holders, etc. 

homeware products to dropship on Christmas
An example of a Christmas niche idea from Argos

2.6. Christmas pillow covers

It’s well selling Christmas products in 2021. The interest in thematic pillow covers is growing. What it’s more important, it does. 

Google Trends results for Christmas pillow cases
Google Trends results for Christmas pillow cases

Besides, it’s an easy way to set the Christmas mood at home. Its varieties are endless.

Dropshipping Christmas products example on AliExpress
Dropshipping Christmas products example on AliExpress

2.7. Christmas wreath for Christmas dropshipping idea

This dropshipping Christmas product is quite affordable and popular:

Christmas wreath as most selling product on Christmas
Christmas wreath examples from Walmart

2.8. Dropship Christmas wooden ornaments

One of the trendy Christmas products in 2021 is wooden decorations. In general, products made with wood got more popular this year, decorations aren’t the exception. Besides, wooden Christmas ornaments are considered to be among the eco-friendly items.

Christmas wooden ornaments as product in demand
Christmas wooden ornaments for Christmas tree on AliExpress

If you are selling on eBay Uk, eBay Australia, or eBay Canada, or have customers from these regions dropship this Christmas product to your online shop. It’s quite “searchable” there:

Google trends results for trendy Christmas products made of wood.
Google trends result in trendy Christmas products made of wood.

2.9. Blanket as one of the Christmas products to sell

Blankets are one of the best selling things on Christmas, and in winter in general.

AliExpress Blanket as most selling Christmas product for dropshipping
AliExpress Blanket as Christmas product for dropshipping suggestion

3. Dropship Christmas bags/packages and Gift boxes

The demand for gift boxes, especially Christmas boxes starts to grow at the end of October. As you can see, these winter goods bring 332% of sell-through. especially in the United States. So make sure to add different gift boxes to your dropshipping store.

dropship Christmas gift boxes
Statistics are taken on PowerDrop

Here are some dropshipping product ideas for this time of the year:

AliExpress bags as example of dropshipping Christmas products.
Bags and packages on AliExpress as examples of dropshipping Christmas products

4. Dropshipping Christmas products for Kitchen

The next kitchen Christmas niche ideas are good for the online entrepreneurs who run the related niche stores and those who have the general stores. Within this category of products, you can sell a whole bunch of items starting from the table cloths and decor to the cookies cutters, dishes and kitchen devices. As they say, there’s a lid for every pot…

4.1.  Rolling Pin with Christmas ornaments

 AliExpress holiday 2020 product example
AliExpress holiday 2021 product example

4.2. Dropshipping Christmas Oven Mitts

Oven Mitts as a Christmas niche product idea
Christmas dropshipping product example on Amazon

4.3. Wine Bottle Dust Cover -Cute dropshipping Christmas products

winne bottle covers as a Christmas niche product idea
AliExpress product example

4.4. Sell Christmas Aprons

aprons to sell on Christmas
Product example on Amazon

4.5. Glass/Cups decor

4.6. Dropship Christmas table decor

Christmas table decor example
Product example on AliExpress

4.7. Napkin holders

AliExpress product example for Christmas dropshipping
AliExpress product example for Christmas dropshipping

4.8. Christmas cookies cutters

This is a perfect example of dropshipping products to sell during the Christmas season. Agree that baking fans will love to get such a product as a present gift or to buy it for themselves. There are different mold forms from different materials: metal, 3D silicone, etc.

Cookies cutters as Christmas dropshipping product
Product example on Ali Express

4.9. Christmas bowl

4.10. Thermo cups as popular winter products to sell

It´s more a seasonal product that you can sell on Christmas as well. The demand for it is growing:

Google Trends results for Thermo cups
Google Trends results for Thermo cups

Although, you can find even Christmas themed cups: 

4.11. Capuchinator

A practical and trendy product this season is the capuchinator, aka Frother. This device will help your buyers to enjoy the tasty cappuccino right in their homes. In addition, it´s not yet a saturated product on eBay.

Kitchen devices to dropship before Christmas
Amazon product example

5. Toys as dropshipping Christmas products

We already found out that 40% of people choose games and toys as Christmas gifts. Many children are desperately waiting for Christmas Eve to finally open their presents.

When it comes to choosing the toys, many adults get confused. You, as online sellers, need to provide them the most trendy products of the market and assure them that their loved ones will totally like these presents. We prepared for you what toys to sell on Christmas. 

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5.1. Dinosaur toys playset

This product is one of the most selling Amazon bestsellers. Dinosaur realistic figures together with the mat make it quite a popular toy:

Dropshipping Christmas toys
Amazon product example

5.2. Flying Fairy Toy

Children like magic. The flying fairy doll will provoke the interest and excitement.

Christmas best selling toys example
Walmart product example

5.3. My little pony toys

Little ponies are everywhere… Make sure that they are in your shop as well. Add this hot dropshipping product to your store and prepare to get sales:

Google trends for My littlepony toys search results
Google trends for My littlepony toys search results

5.4. Construction tools set

Christmas most selling toys example
Walmart most selling item example

5.5. Robot toys

Who would not like to get a robot as a Christmas gift?

Christmas popular toys example
Walmart dropshipping producte example

5.6. Crayola Ultimate Light Board

The upgraded with the Led lights board for drawing can be a wonderful Christmas present for creative children:

Dropshippping Christmas best selling toys example

5.7. First telescope

Children love it! This educational toy can bring your shop new sales.

Dropshippping Christmas best selling toys example
Walmart Christmas gift example

5.8. Growing and talking baby doll

It´s one of the most selling toys on Christmas and an Amazon bestseller. Besides, the demand for it is steadily active:

Google trends results for a popular doll
Google trends results for this doll
Amazon dropshipping Christmas product example
Amazon Christmas product example

5.9. Remote control car

The toys with remote control are always popular and wished. Lately, the remote control cars gained much demand in search results.

Google trends results for remote cars
Google trends results

6. Dropshipping Games for Christmas

The Top 3 most selling product categories on Christmas include games. Shoppers think the games can be a perfect Christmas gift.

Overall, games became more popular due to the quarantines and lockdowns around the globe. People are spending more time at home with family or friends. Table games are something that can help to unite better and spend time with fun. 

Since the quarantines are getting more strict in many different countries, dropshipping games can be a nice Christmas niche idea. 

Moreover, Google trends is showing that the biggest number of searches for board games occur right before the Christmas holidays. And the interest in it was steady all year. 

Google trends results for Board games searches
Google trends results for Board games searches

If you are an eBay Canada seller, dropship in Australia, or in the United Kingdom, selling this product at Christmas is a nice idea. 

There are a big variety of card games for the whole family or just adults, board games for kids of different ages, and educational games. 

7. Dropshipping Christmas products for pets

If you are dropshipping pet products or you have a general store. we offer to think about selling Christmas items for pets. You would be surprised to know that there are many Christmas-themed products you can sell online.

Here are some Christmas niche ideas within this category: 

7.1. Dropship Christmas pet costume

If you are building an eCommerce shop focusing on pet products and wondering what to sell on Christmas, you can offer some Christmas pet clothes: 

Dropshipping Christmas products for pets example
Product example on Walmart

7.2. Dropshipping Christmas pet hat

People buy Christmas-themed hats for their pets: cats, dogs, bunnies, and even rats.

Dropshipping popular Christmas products for pets example
Dropshipping product example on Etsy

7.3. Sell Christmas collars

It´s another popular product for selling on the Christmas season. You can find it in your dropshipping supplier and source to your store. Make sure your supplier will be able to ship it before Christmas. 

selling Christmas products for pets product example
Product example on Aliexpress

7.4. Pet Christmas pajama

selling Christmas pets products example
Product examples for dropshipping from Walmart

7.5. Pet Christmas sweater

This popular Christmas item will help the pets to stay warm during the cold winter. In addition, they are very cute. 

A perfect Christmas gift example for pet lovers
Product example for dropshipping from AliExpress

7.6. Pet Christmas bandana

Most selling Christmas pet product examples
Product example for dropshipping from Etsy

7.7. Christmas pet scarfs

Best selling Christmas pets item examples
Product examples for dropshipping from Walmart

7.8. Pet Christmas stockings

There are many different Christmas stockings for pets. The shoppers like to show their love to all family members, including the pets. 

Most selling Christmas pet product example
Product examples for Christmas dropshipping from Bed Bath and Beyond

7.9. Christmas presents for pets

Shoppers who buy the pet Christmas stockings would need the gifts for their beloved pets to fill them. Offer this possibility in your dropshipping store. It can be a small toy or even a specially prepared set of toys: 


If you have a pet eCommerce store, you can create a section with Holiday products or Christmas products for pets. We showed how other stores do in the article about Niche Shopify stores.

8. Selling the DIY sets for Christmas

“Do it yourself”, also known as DIY, kits are a great option for Christmas gifts for adults, children, and a whole family.  

Furthermore, the DIY kits were actively searched last month in the regions with the biggest marketplaces. 

selling DIY sets for Christmas 2022
Google trends result for DIY kits search

8.1. DIY doll houses

One of the great opportunities to spend time with children is to make the toy together. Dropshipping such dollhouses during the Christmas season brings new potential customers. Additionally, it is a perfect Christmas gift.  

dropshipping Chrsitmas items from Ali Express example
Example of the dropshipping items from Ali Express

8.2. Dropship DIY wooden puzzles

If girls would adore getting a dollhouse from the previous picture, the boys would love to spend time building the wooden puzzles, for example, wooden dinosaurs.

dropshipping Chrsitmas items from Amazon example
Amazon product example

8.3. DIY sets for different hobbies

Actually, it’s possible to sell various DIY sets for hobbies for adults and children alike. For example, there are the DIY set for soap making, lip balm making kits, bath bombs making kits, DIY cosmetics kits, candle making sets, bracelet-making kit, leather craft tools set, etc. You can even sell DIY sets for making beer or wine! It’s up to your targeted audiance. 

That’s great because you can apply it to different niches and cover various target groups. 

A perfect Christmas gift ideas
Amazon DIY set examples

9. Dropshipping beauty products

There is no wrong time to sell self-care products because people always want to look well and pretty. Especially women…Especially on holidays. 

Well, adding the beauty items to your store before Christmas will boost your dropshipping business. Here are the top beauty products to dropship on Christmas: 

9.1. Dropship make-up brush set

Aliexpress holiday 2021 gift example
Aliexpress holiday 2021 gift example

9.2. Mask sheet pack

 Dropshipping beauty products for Christmas
Amazon item example

9.3. Silicone electric face brush

The silicone electric face brush is one of the top beauty products to dropship now. It’s demand grew and demonstrates strong performance. This product is especially popular in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Christmas dropshipping of beauty products example
Aliexpress product example

9.4. Hair curler

You can inlude different hair beuty devices in your dropshipping store. For example, list the hair curler. 

dropshipping beauty products from Aliexpress example
dropshipping beauty products from Aliexpress example

9.5. Face massager

One of the most trendy devices for the self-care is a face roller massager. The range of face massagers is growing but the demand isn’t decreasing. Besides, you can sell in boundle with other beauty products. 

massage roller as a good Christmas gift idea

9.6. Cosmetic sets

Since shoppers started to look at what to buy for perfect Christmas gifts, they pay more attention to the sets rather than single cosmetic products.  Such sets can be one of your dropshipping products to sell in the winter holidays 2021. 

Amazon Christmas gift example
Amazon beauty product example

9.7. Nano steamer

Another example of the beauty device you can dropship on Christmas.

AliExpress products for Christmas gift example
AliExpress product for Christmas dropshipping

10. Dropshipping Christmas Jewelry Products

Do you remember the saying: “Diamonds are a girls’ best friend”? For sure! But let’s be honest, girls like jewelry in general. Especially to receive as a gift! Shoppers will search for Christmas gifts within this category.  Here are the Christmas niche ideas for dropshipping jewelry

10.1. Jewelry Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are used to count up the days towards Christmas. Jewelry Advent Calendars filled with jewelry products. A new gift corresponds to a new day. It helps to set the holiday spirit from the beginning of December. This is a popular dropshipping product to sell before Christmas. In most cases, it’s a high-ticket drop shipping product, however,  you can find suppliers with lower prices. 

Dropshipping Christmas Advent Calendar from AliExpress
Jewelry Advent Calendar for children. Dropshipping Christmas product from AliExpress example

10.2. Couple bracelets

The couple bracelets are popular this year again. Shoppers want to share their feelings with their beloved ones. One of the ways they chose to show their love is to buy the couple bracelet. It can be a good dropshipping product for the Christmas season and not only. 

Chrsitmas gifts for dropshipping example
Amazon couple bracelet example

10.3. Men watches 

Men also receive jewelry products for Christmas, especially watches. Moreover, Google Trends shows that buyers do it the most in December.

By the way, what do you think is searched the most: male watches or female ones? Men watches are the right answer. Don’t forget to include some of them in your dropshipping store before Christmas. 

Google trends search results
Google trends search results

10.4. Christmas themed jewelry

Since online shoppers will buy a lot of things purely related to Christmas, Christmas themed jewelry can find its buyers quickly this holiday shopping season 2020.  Necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, 

Amazon Christmas products example .
Amazon Christmas products example

11. Dropshipping electronics

The last but not least, you can also dropship electronics before Christmas. 15% of Christmas purchases were made within this category last year, according to statistics. People will search for the perfect Christmas gift within this category to bring joy to their family and friends. 

Generally, it isn’t recommended to dropship high-ticket electronic products since they can bring more return cases and very strict feedbacks.  Nonetheless, there are still a lot of affordable electronic items you can dropship or sell in your online shop. 

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11.1. Action and Outdoor cameras

Outdoor cameras and action cameras are currently trendy. They are popular, not costly, and searched by shoppers. It makes them a good product to dropship.  

11.2. Sell smart watch

It’s another hot selling product for Christmas dropshipping.  Smart watches and accessories for them are selling well on eBay. Normally, one listing from the 1st page of eBay search can receive 64 sales:

Zik Analytics product research results
Zik Analytics product research results

In addition, they are quite affordable and count with many variations. 

Dropshipping electronics for Christmas
Smart watches example from AliExpress

11.3. Portable speaker as a good Christmas gift

It can be a wonderful Christmas gift for the technology enthusiast.  It’s a practical device that allows enjoying the sound fully. Additionally, it is a popular electronic product to dropship. 

Example of the speakers for dropshipping from AliExpress
Example of the speakers for dropshipping from AliExpress

11.4. Dropship computer accessories

Computer accessories are popular, especially among tech enthusiasts and gamers. If you are selling in the related niches, for example in the gaming products niche,  you can source a few gamer accessories as well. Some of them aren’t saturated on the eBay and Shopify market yet, for example, the one-handed keyword created for better productivity and gaming experience: 

AliExpress Christmas gamer gift example
AliExpress gamer gift example

11.5. Car accessories – Perfect Christmas gift for auto lovers

Even if you are selling in the car-related niche, you can dropship some car electronic accessories, providing a possibility to your buyers to upgrade their cars before Christmas 2021. For example, you can source car cameras, chargers, parking sensors, phone holders, etc. 

Walmart best seller example for car electronic accessories
Walmart best seller example for car electronic accessories

Final thoughts

Dropshipping Christmas products is a great opportunity to grow your dropshipping business and boost your sales in the last quarter of the year. It’s crucial to dropship from reliable suppliers in order to ship all items right on time and to provide awesome customer service. We hope that the suggested top 70 dropshipping Christmas products and Christmas niche ideas will help you to decide what to sell on Christmas.

Besides, you can combine some of these items with winter products to give more options to your customers. 

DSM Tool, all-in-one dropshipping software, is here to help you to cope in the best way with the busiest time of the year and benefit from the eCommerce boom. Our team wishes you a Merry Christmas, wonderful holidays, and a lot of sales! 


Written by Artem Zmitrovich

Artem is a versatile person with a wide range of knowledge and skills, good erudition. With his technical and soft skills, Artem is always happy to help.

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