Best Dropshipping Clothing Stores [Shopify, Cloth, Apparel Dropshippers]

Clothing is probably one of the most common niches to open a dropshipping store in. Products are light, customizable, stylish, and cheap enough for customers to decide on purchasing quickly. There are, literally, thousands of Shopify clothing stores out there, and surely not all make it to the top, but what makes a simple store become an outstanding one? 

Creating a good store require telling a good story. Similarly to how you’d use a great content calendar to grow on social media, you need great ideas to create your clothing store.

If you believe that it is challenging to make a clothing eCommerce store successful, I am here to give you an inspirational kick! We are going to focus on THOSE dropshipping clothing stores which are raking HIGH order numbers and to LEARN from THEM!

Let’s see current TOP Shopify Clothing Stores and find out what we could use in order to reach the same level (or even higher) and become successful in dropshipping clothing!

dropshipping clothing stores

Top Shopify Clothing Store Examples to Get Inspired:

1. FASHIONNOVA – one of the best Shopify clothing stores

apparel dropshipping

Fashion Nova has become one of the most popular women’s clothing dropshipping stores, with revenue between $1B-$5B in 2020 & 2021.

Their unique selling point is that they provide affordable clothes for men and women of various shapes and sizes. However, many other dropshipping clothing stores and manufacturers, on the other hand, use stereotyped sizing. They’ve set out to make curvy women’s apparel more inclusive, making their plus-size consumers feel more special and respected.

Data? Sure! Look how much traffic their eCommerce site gets, according to SimilarWeb, and be inspired: 

traffic of dropshipping clothing store Fashion Nova
The traffic of the dropshipping clothing store Fashion Nova
  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?

1. PushOwl

Recover Abandoned Carts via Push Notifications

2. Yotpo

Collect product reviews, site reviews, and photo reviews

3. ShopMessage

FB Messenger

4. Nosto

Powerful Personalization

  • Which Shopify Theme Do They Use?

Custom theme labeled “11/3 ASSET REFRESH & PROMO UPDATE” 

What are their successful dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at on this successful Shopify clothing store:

  • Body positivity. FashionNova’s position is that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance.
Shopfy clothing store
  • Tactic: post consistently and frequently on social media to gain a decent following. Fashion Nova ask their followers to post with Fashion Nova’s clothes on Instagram to win a chance to get featured on their homepage. Their tactic is to make use of user-generated content to skyrocket their customer engagement and bring more traffic to their eCommerce clothing store. It has been working really well for them.
example of fashion dropshippers
Fashion Nova Shopify clothing store
  • Blog. As we have previously mentioned blogging is a great idea for a niche store as it gives you free organic traffic (thanks to the correct SEO) and keeps your visitors on your dropshipping store. Again: hard work is rewarded as you see.
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2. Taylor Stitch – one of the best drop shipping clothing companies

cothing dropshipping store example

We would definitely add Taylor Stitch dropshipping store to our top Shopify clothing stores example list. Not only because it is a popular man clothing online store. But because it’s a Top Eco-friendly Shopify store as well! Right, they picked the sub-niche of green dropshipping to develop their eCommerce business.

They exclusively sell affordable clothes that are recycled and made of regenerative fibers or fibers made entirely of natural materials.

In addition, they collaborate with local groups to do community service. These factors have boosted their brand affinity and helped them stand out from the crowd. Feel free to go check it yourself: 

traffic of successfull Shopify clothing store Taylor Stitch
Traffic overview of the successfull Shopify clothing store Taylor Stitch
  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?

1. Klaviyo

Email and social campaigns

2. Isotope. sj

JavaScript library for sorting, filtering and adding Masonry layouts to items on a webpage.

3. Stamped. io

Collect Product reviews, site reviews, and photo/video reviews

4. Criteo

Online display advertisements.

5. Boomerang

JavaScript library for measurements of the page load time experienced by RUM

  • Which Shopify Theme Do They Use?

Custom theme labeled “Master”

What are their successful Shopify dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at this top Shopify store:

  • Eco-friendly products. 100% Organic Cotton. Who doesn’t love cotton? It’s soft, versatile, and low-maintenance. Only the benefits.
  • Exclusivity. They promise the product is limited in quantity and may never be in stock again.
  • Regular discounts are part of their marketing campaign.
  • Nice visuals and modern design support the UX of their dropshipping site.
  • Well-done About-US page with their brand mission and results they achieved.
eco-friendly dropshipping clothing store  example

3. KITH – clothing giant in eCommerce

fashion dropshippers usa

Kith is a well-known giant in streetwear clothing. This company sells apparel from online brands, Soho brands, Brooklyn brands, Los Angeles brands, and Miami brands. It’s a super trending lifestyle brand that sells both on clothing eCommerce store and physical stores worldwide. Their production covers tees, boots, hoodies, pants, headwear, bags, and limited editions.

It’s a good example of a successful eCommerce store that became popular before Shopify. For example, it makes instant-sellout collaborations with world-famous brands. And its monthly traffic is about 521K visits a month worldwide, according to SEMRush. Note that we are talking about the more or less stable traffic.

Clothing eCommerce site traffic overview on SemRush
Clothing dropshipping site traffic overview on SemRush

Check their site to get inspired!

  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?

1. Zendesk Support

Omnichannel customer service and engagement platform

2. Smart Search

Smart Search, Filters, Recommendations to boost conversion.

3. Klaviyo

Email and social campaigns

  • Which Shopify Theme Do They Use?

Custom theme labeled “10/29 Homepage Refresh”

What are their successful dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at: this apparel dropshipping Shopify store:

  • Own App. With Kith, it’s effortless for customers to shop. The store has a mobile app that customers can download and conveniently shop with.
  • Branding: Even though they are already in the public eye, this fashion company invest a lot in branding. For example, all their product has their minimalistic brand name.
  • They invested in the contact center software to level up their customer communication and support. It gives good results and better customer experience.
  • Kith Treats. Ice cream and yogurt shop inside of the clothing store?! Yes, possible! We recommend you to visit their page and to discover how Kith Treats was born. Creativity is on the TOP. 
fashion brand site

We also included some of the apps and extensions these stores use, so you can install them too. You can also check out our Top 30+ Shopify Extensions Your eCommerce Shop Needs [2022] guide.

4. Red Dress – Women’s Clothing Dropshipping Store example

Red Dress Shopify clothing site that dropships

The Red Dress is one of the simplest Shopify clothing stores you’ll come across. It’s an e-Commerce boutique that inspires others with its pure style and fashion.

This brand focuses on the general idea of a female customer, with only dresses and other women’s apparel available. Swimwear and resort dresses are the two main categories of clothing in the Red Dress store.

Don’t miss to check out their traffic! Looks like a simple women’s clothing dropshipper, but the traffic is HOT!

traffic of clothing store Shopify
The traffic that The Red Dress, dropshipping clothing store, gets
  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?

1. Yotpo

Collect product reviews, site reviews, and photo reviews

2. Shoppable Instagram

Shop Instagram. Shoppable UGC. Rights Management. Anywhere.

3. Wishlist Plus

Help your customers pick up where they left off

4. Back in Stock

Back in Stock Notification alerts

5. Smart Wishlist


  • Which Shopify Theme Do They Use?

Custom theme labeled “Red Dress Boutique 09152021 LIVE”

What are their successful dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at this dropshipping apparel store :

  • Discounts. Every customer subscribed to the Red Dress newsletter, will for sure get a 10% discount. Nice bonus. Besides, they have a special section on the site that allows to shop by discount (from 20% to 75%). Nice marketing trick! In addition, there are a lot of discounts for main their product categories.
  • Big range of products: this company dropship apparel, clothing, accessories, swim, jewelry, dresses, shoes, etc. They sell even gifts! And all categories are divided in dozens of different small sub-categories that improved the shopping experience.
  • Good Social Media Marketing. They have 1.4 million Facebook followers and more than 650K Insta followers.  
  • Neswletter: they develop email marketing and offers 15% extra discount for subscibing.
marketing of dropshipping clothing stores
drop shipping clothing business example
RedDress clothing Shopify store

5. Ivory Ella – One of the best T-Shirt dropshipping stores

best  T-Shirt dropshipping stores

One more time you meet female-targeted t-shirts eCommerce store, as Ivory Ella sells clothing for women only: sweatshirts, t-shirts, outerwear, masks, bottoms, accessories, etc. Ivory Ella also packages goods in different collections. 

This store has one specific feature that we will highlight further. Right now offer you to check out their monthly traffic data info: 

The traffic that IvoryElla t-shirt Shopify store gets
The traffic that IvoryElla t-shirt Shopify store gets
  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?


Loyalty Points, VIP, Referral Programs

2. Yotpo

Collect product reviews, site reviews, and photo reviews

3. (Multiple possibilites)

Social Media Feed or icons

4. Smart Search

Smart Search, Filters, Recommendations to boost conversion.

5. Adroll


6. Klaviyo

Email and social campaigns

7. Nosto

Powerful Personalization

  • Which Shopify Theme Do They Use?

Custom theme labeled “4.27.2020 – Full Width Home Page”

What are their successful dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at this successful Shopify store:

  • Donates/Charity. The brand is on a mission to save elephants by donating 10 percent of its net profit to charitable organizations and tracking elephants in the wild.
Mission of the IvoryElla tshirt dropshipping company
  • Subscription benefits. When customers join the Ivory Ella Herd and pay for an annual membership, they get FREE shipping on all orders and also get 20 % off on all orders.
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What do you think now after getting to know those outstanding Shopify clothing stores? At one point, all of them were unknown. Now, they are among the most successful Shopify clothing store examples out there.

You can draw inspiration from them to start a successful Shopify clothing store. Besides, you can always add the learned tricks to your general dropshipping store (if you decided not to pick the niche yet) or even a single product store.

I believe this article was an inspiration, you learned from big guys and became motivated by their creativity and work. 

The way from being unknown to the TOP Clothing Dropshipping Store or the eCommerce store requires time, good strategy, and love for what you do. Your gain will partially depend on customer loyalty, which has to bring you the regular traffic needed to sustain an online business, especially a dropshipping one. So, be unique and rocket the market!

Good luck!

Written by Artem Zmitrovich

Artem is a versatile person with a wide range of knowledge and skills, good erudition. With his technical and soft skills, Artem is always happy to help.

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