Best 10 Profitable Niches With Low Competition

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Are you diving into the dropshipping game but feeling stuck with a tight budget, needing help figuring out where to start, and needing more hours in the day? Plus, you’re wondering how to find profitable niches with low competition.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the best profitable niches with little competition, perfect for buying and selling to rake in some serious cash. 

What’s a Dropshipping Niche?

Choosing a dropshipping niche means you’re zeroing in on a particular type of product to sell. Think of it like deciding to become the go-to spot for everything Home Improvement & Tools.

As a result, you’ll have all the fantastic products for sprucing up houses, garages, and patios. This way, you attract folks who are about making their spaces better and handier – that’s your niche crowd!

Furthermore, finding profitable niches with low competition gives you a better chance to be visible. 

In summary, this isn’t just about selling items but connecting with people who love what you offer.


You can also explore other best-selling dropshipping niches. They might not all be low competition, but they’re the most popular in the market.

10 Best Profitable Niches With Low Competition For Dropshipping

Let’s dive into the top profitable niches with low competition to help you determine what to offer and stand out.

Print-On-Demand Products Store 

pod profitable niches with low competition

The print-on-demand market is about personalizing products like books, clothes, and more only when someone orders them. This way, there’s no need for extensive stocks or waste, making it cheaper and better for the planet.

This market is booming thanks to new tech and people wanting unique, personalized items. This means this is one of the most profitable niches with low competition. Don’t believe us? Check out these successful print on demand stores to get inspired.

Moreover, the print-on-demand market hit $6.34 billion in 2022 and is quickly growing, expected to continue evolving and growing by 2024.

Regarding the global scene, North America is the one to watch from 2023 to 2032, with the highest growth impact.

AutoDS Print On Demand

With AutoDs Print on Demand, you can sell excellent, unique products you design yourself. In addition, they offer categories, from accessories to home decor and clothes, to which you can slap your designs.

Furthermore, adding your personal touch is a piece of cake. Pick the product you want to personalize, upload your logo or design, and you’re all set.

print on demand profitable niches with low competition

Ecofriendly Products Niche

eco-friendly profitable niches with low competition

The EcoFriendly Products Niche is super trendy because more and more people want to be kind to the planet. This excellent niche is all about products that are good for the earth and perfect for folks who care about living green.

With a quick search on some ecofriendly keywords on Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, you can see a trend happening. Many people are interested in this topic. There’s a lot of online talk about it, too.

Furthermore, this Google Trends chart shows people’s interest in “Sustainable Products” has been steady over the past year, with ups and downs.

However, overall, the trends pick up towards the beginning of the year when lots of shoppers resolve to be more eco-friendly. This means that you can consider this as one of the most profitable niches with low competition that can benefit you. 

To nail this eco-friendly niche, offer a wide selection of green products. Consider using AutoDS, an all-in-one dropshipping platform with many eco-friendly items you can start selling.

Vegan Products Niche

Vegan products are getting more popular by the day, but the market still needs to be packed, so there’s a sweet spot for making money. It’s not the hottest trend right now, but there are plenty of users interested, which is excellent for starting.

You have many options, like vegan snacks, hair care, clothes, accessories, and footwear. 

This Google Trends chart shows us that interest in “Vegan Products” has been steady over the past year. There have been some ups and downs, but overall, people are consistently curious and searching for vegan items,

Digging into the details, Google Trends tells us that the top fans of vegan products are in Kansas, New York, California, New Jersey, and Florida.

So, in summary, if you’re considering jumping into the vegan niche, these states could be your bullseye for where to aim your efforts.

Travel & Outside Sports Niche

Regarding profitable niches with low competition, the travel niche is a big deal, with tons of smaller categories you can dive into. For example, you can sell travel suitcases, neck pillows, packing cubes, passport cases, and travel plugs.

In addition, you have significant profits in this niche due to its demand. 

Let’s take “Travel Suitcase” for a spin. If you pop that into a keyword research tool and check out Amazon, you’ll find a bunch of people searching for this or similar terms, like 2.3 thousand searches in the US alone. That’s a lot of people looking to buy the perfect suitcase for their travels.


If you’re thinking about dropshipping travel suitcases, here’s a tip: many people search for “Travel bag” more than “Travel Suitcase.” So when you’re naming your product, using “Travel bag” might be a smart move to help travelers find your stuff faster.

You should check out travel electronics, too. AutoDS Marketplace lets you see which gadgets are hot sellers in the Travel Niche. 

travel profitable niches with low competition

Outdoor Sports Niche

Outdoor Sports is a good niche to check out because it’s popular, especially with all the love for sports like basketball and American football in the US.

Loads of people are into these activities, so there’s a big audience there!

This Google Trends chart shows the interest in ‘Outside Sport‘ over the last year. Many people are searching for it, with a few peaks and valleys.

The interest spiked around June but has had some ups and downs. Nonetheless, it is still an exciting niche you can also tap into.

Consider stocking up on sports goodies like camping, hiking, and everything related to outdoor activities.

sports profitable niches with low competition

Trendy Home Decor Store 

home decor profitable niches with low competition

Home Decor has been a winning niche filled with trendy and evergreen products. Everyone’s looking to spruce up their space, so there are always many products that people are after.

In 2024, the world is spending a whopping $128.70 billion on Home Decor, and it’s not stopping there. This market is expected to grow steadily, with a yearly increase of 5.33% from 2024 to 2028

In addition, Pinterest and Instagram have everyone buzzing about home decor. This buzz is a golden chance for us to ride that wave and make our store stand out in the home decor scene.

Ultimately, we can use this trend to our advantage and shake things up from what everyone else is doing.


By using AutoDS TikTok Ads Spy tool, you can easily track all of the trending products featured in the Social Media app, you can stay on top of relevant trends therefore detect what products to offer in profitable niches with low competition.

This would be considered one of the profitable niches with low competition.

Home Improvement Niche 

The Home Improvement Niche is similar to Home Decor. It’s filled with products that are always in style and some that are the latest craze. 

People in the US are always looking to improve their homes, which means there’s a steady demand for home improvement goods. This makes it an up-and-coming area to make some earnings.

home improvement profitable niches with low competition

The Google Trends chart shows that interest in ”Home Improvement” has been consistent over the past year. There’s been an uptick recently, suggesting that more people are getting into home improvement projects again.

This Google Trends chart compares the interest over time in the United States for “Home Improvement” and “Home Decor” over the past 12 months. 

The blue line for Home Improvement and the red line for Home Decor show that both topics have a solid and steady interest among people.

Nonetheless, Home Improvement generally has a slight edge over Home Decor; this would suggest that there are evergreen products you can offer in this niche, giving you a more sustainable and reliable monthly profit

This is yet another category that would be considered one of the profitable niches with low competition currently.

Supplements & Health Niche 

supplements profitable niches with low competition

The Supplements & Health Niche is on fire right now, thanks to many health-savvy people and an increasing number of seniors. 

Furthermore, the following chart shows the increased percentage of U.S. adults taking supplements from 2008 to 2023. You can see a steady rise over the years. In 2008 only 64% were into them, but by 2023, that number had gone up to 74%.

It’s a clear signal that more and more people are getting on the supplement train as time passes.

You can profit from this niche because you only need a little money to start, and it’s in high demand.

supplements profitable niches with low competition

People are always looking for vitamins and other health boosters; the market’s only growing. In addition, you won’t have to deal with many returns since customers tend to buy just what they need.

Not to mention that your costs stay low since you don’t have to run a physical store or hire many people, which means more money in your pocket.

Adult Toys Business Idea

Talking about profitable niches with low competition, the adult toys niche is a hot spot for making money with little competition. You can make a pretty penny, with profits often hitting the 5060%!

If you peek at the stats for the keyword “adult toys” in Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, you’ll see that Amazon US has a search volume of 42,000 searches. That’s a lot of people looking to buy.

More and more people have accepted adult products, so there’s a steady demand for things like BDSM gear, dildos, vibrators, anal plugs, sex dolls, and more. 

adult toys profitable niches with low competition

Natural Pet Products Niche 

pet products profitable niches with low competition

The Pet Niche is a big hit, especially if you tap into natural trends like raw food treats and toys in colors that dogs can see. Pet owners are willing to spend a lot and are always looking for the right stuff for their pets.

Creating a store that offers top dropshipping pet products is innovative and can be super profitable.

Checking out Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, there are 5,800 monthly searches for “pet toys” on Amazon in the USA. That’s a whole lot of people wanting to treat their pets. This is only one line of product you can offer in this niche.

pet supplies profitable niches with low competition

Pet owners are also looking for snacks to pamper their four-legged buddies. The market has a big boom, from gourmet bites to health-boosting nibbles.

Consider offering the tastiest and healthiest options for pet owners to have different options and become the goto spot for pet owners looking to spoil their pets.

Kids Montessori-Approved Products Niche  

kids products profitable niches with low competition

Like the Pet Niche, let’s discuss the kids and babies. There’s a big wave of parents riding the Montessori trend, and they’re all about giving their little ones a creative and educational start in life.

According to the Google Trends chart, people in the United States have been consistently interested in “Montessori education” over the past year. 

This means that more and more people are interested in the hands-on, child-led approach to learning that Montessori offers, making it a popular topic among those interested in education.

kids products profitable niches with low competition

As can be seen, toys that spark imagination, furniture just their size, and learning materials are all about discovery. We can pick products, describe them, and market them in a way that resonates with this modern parenting vibe

Montessori products for kids are definitely one of the most profitable niches with low competition out there.


Discover more kids’ item ideas in our Baby Products Dropshipping guide.

Home Office Equipment 

office supplies profitable niches with low competition

Home Office Equipment has become a hot niche, especially since more people started working from home in 2020. There’s a substantial digital buzz about setting up the perfect home workspace. 

The Home Office Furniture market looks pretty sweet and is set to rake in about $50.16 billion globally in 2024.

The market is expected to grow yearly by 4.61% from 2024 to 2028. 

This Google Trends chart shows how interest in “Home Office Equipment” has had some pretty lively ups and downs over the last year in the United States.

Nonetheless, there are noticeable peaks where many people have been searching for home office stuff, to set up or upgrade their work-from-home spaces. 

You can tap into the home office trend by offering items everyone needs in a workspace. 

Think comfy office chairs, sturdy desks, paper shredders for privacy, power cords to keep all the gadgets charged, and lamps to brighten up those work sessions.

office products profitable niches with low competition

Spot a Profitable With Low Competition Dropshipping Niche

There are several ways to find profitable niches with low competition in the market. In this section, we will dive into the best tools you can use to determine profitable niches with low competition.

There are loads of ways to dig deep and find those goldmine niches that are profitable and not too crowded through different Product Research Strategies. Nonetheless, to get you started, here’s a quick list of nifty tools you can use to track down the best niches for your business.


Discover top products that promise high earnings in our Top-Performing Products To Boost Your Dropshipping Store guide.

Use a Product Research Tool

When finding profitable niches with low competition, one of the fundamentals is using Keyword Research tools, which will be your secret weapon.

As a result,  you can spot trends, peek at how many people are searching for certain things, how tough the competition is, and how hard it’ll be to rank well in searches.


Ahrefs is a nifty SEO tool with a Keyword Explorer. It’s like a spyglass that lets me scope out search terms on Google, Bing, Amazon, and more to see what’s hot and what’s not.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an SEO tool that helps you unlock all the organic potential through keyword search, assisting businesses in growing. It’s about simplifying things, seeing your site, and helping your business bloom online.


SEMRush is a powerful tool that allows you to track your website’s performance, spy on your competition, find the best keywords, and even fix issues with your site.

Think of it as your go-to assistant for getting your website to the top of search results and keeping it there.

AutoDS Product Research Tools

If you’re looking to run a dropshipping business, there’s a tool called AutoDS that can make your life much easier. It does everything for you, from automating your store to finding reliable suppliers.

Furthermore, It has fantastic product research tools to help you track what’s popular and selling well. With AutoDS, you don’t have to use multiple tools to find the best products to sell because it has everything you need in one place.

AutoDS Marketplace

AutoDS Marketplace connects you with excellent suppliers who offer unique and highquality products with fast shipping. This will make your customers happy. You can also add your brand logo to the orders, boosting your brand and increasing customer loyalty.

In addition, importing these products to your store is accessible with just a click. You can edit, save, and import them to start selling. We’ve been using AutoDS Marketplaces to find hot products in profitable niches with low competition.


Brand identity is crucial for success in today’s market. Learn How To Brand A Product in our simple guide for dropshippers.

AutoDS Winning Products Hub

AutoDS Winning Products Hub does the research for you, picking out the topselling items in any niche. It saves you time by filling your catalog with proven hits to boost sales. With a wide variety of products, you can attract more customers.

In addition, every product comes with detailed analysis, including insights into the target audience, Facebook ads, descriptions, and seller examples, helping you sell smarter. This tool is excellent for spotting products within profitable niches with low competition

AutoDS TikTok Ads Spy

The TikTok Ads Spy Tool offers a treasure trove of TikTok ads and videos, always fresh and up to date. It’s your go-to for catching the latest trends on TikTok and finding product inspiration for your store.

In addition, with its advanced filters, you can search by likes, views, engagement, and more, ensuring you find exactly what you’re after. Plus, with constant updates, you’re always in the loop with the newest, most successful ads and videos.

To give you an idea of how popular this dropshipping integrated tool is, you can look at this Google Trends chart that shows rising interest in “AutoDS” in the United States over the past year.

There’s a steady climb with more people getting curious about it, and the dotted line indicates that the trend might continue to increase.

Dive Into “Best-Sellers” Pages

By diving into the “BestSellers” page of a given Marketplace, you can track the hottest products flying off the shelves in various excellent categories. It’s like a sneak peek into what customers love based on how much they buy.

This gives us an overall crystal-clear picture of which niches are all the rage right now so we can tweak our product lineup to match trends.

Temu 5-Star-Rated & Best Sellers

Temu is a dropshipping supplier quickly becoming a hotspot for shoppers and sellers alike, so it’s a great place to spot what’s hot. We can determine which top items to introduce to our store by checking out their bestsellers.

Furthermore, the 5Star Rated section is where all the top-rated products hang out, thanks to glowing reviews and ratings from happy customers.

Amazon Best Sellers

Finding hot products on Amazon is all about gliding through their website to find trending products. That is why they have a “Best Sellers” section listing the hottest products in many profitable categories. 

It’s a sneak peek into what customers are snapping up the most, helping us see which niches are the big favorites. 

Leverage Google Trends

Google Trends is a fantastic tool that lets you peek at what the internet searches for.

  • You can spot hot keywords and where they’re most searched.
  • Zoom in on trending products by searching for them and watching how they do in different places so you know where to sell what.
  • Track interest in a niche over time to see if it’s getting more popular.
  • Catch the top search terms and those quickly picking up steam—super handy for your marketing and SEO plans.
  • Figure out where your potential customers are with the help of geographic search data. If you’re selling canoes, you’ll know which area to target.
  • Get the lowdown on when specific products are more in demand with monthly search data so you don’t get thrown off by seasonal trends.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center

AliExpress has this handy Dropshipping Center where you can research products for free. It sorts through its stuff and ranks it by how well it’s selling, how customers rate it, and overall sales.

Use Social Media To Find Trends

Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook aren’t just for scrolling—they’re your go-to for uncovering what products are getting love and might be your next bestseller.

You can look into hashtag searches like #AmazonFinds to see what unique products people are interested in, which are perfect for dropshipping.

In addition, you can also join niche groups on Facebook to get direct product inspiration and feedback. If you want to see what’s popular in specific areas, you can use Instagram’s location tags and check out what products local influencers are into.

3 Pro Tips To Choose A Profitable Niche With Low Competition 

When it comes to dropshipping, picking the right niche is essential. This means finding something that you’re passionate about and that people want to buy. Here are three tips for choosing a profitable niche with low competition: 

Sell POD Products

Offer personalized or custom-made items; they’re a sweet spot because big retailers often don’t touch them. And for an easy way to do this, check out AutoDS’s Print on Demand feature.

It lets you whip up and sell customdesigned products with just a few clicks. You’ll find many categories to choose from and can edit your designs anytime.

Look For Emerging Niches

Keep an eye out for fresh niche markets just starting to bloom. Since they’re new, you will only have to deal with a few competitors.

In addition, aim for niche markets that big stores have not noticed. These spots can be a gold mine for dropshippers ready to jump in and fill the gap.

As a tip, you can use AutoDS Winning Products Hub to spot top products in incredible niches or AutoDS Ads TikTok Spy to take a peak into the Social Media trends.

Sell “Difficult Items” 

Try selling unique products people can’t easily find in local shops. This way, you’ll avoid a lot of competition since you’re offering something different.

In addition, you can also consider products that are tricky to ship since these are less crowded markets.

Getting “Difficult Items” might be challenging, but because only a few sellers are brave enough to tackle these hurdles, you could hit it big if you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find A Profitable Niche With Low Competition?

Find a profitable niche by following trends, exploring your interests, and doing keyword research to identify areas with high demand but low competition. Focus on profitability, and be ready to adapt. 

Is It Possible To Find A Non-Saturated Niche For Dropshipping?

Yes! Just keep an eye on the latest trends, notice what people are into, and spend some time researching products to find your perfect audience.

Which Are The Best & Most Profitable Niches For Dropshipping?

The most profitable niches for dropshipping often include Print-On-Demand products, eco-friendly items, travel and outdoor sports, home decor, improvement & tools, supplements & health, adult toys, pet products, Montessori kids toys, and home equipment.


Diving into dropshipping and finding profitable niches with low competition is like striking gold. From print-on-demand products, going green with eco-friendly finds, or catering to the health-conscious crowd, there’s a perfect niche waiting for you.

With the right tools, such as AutoDS, discovering and capitalizing on these opportunities becomes straightforward, allowing you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Success comes from selling, creating a community around your chosen niche, and offering value.

To learn more about marketing strategies and tools for a successful dropshipping store, check out the AutoDS dropshipping Blog

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