TOP 14 Products For Dropshipping Baby Clothes in 2023

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Dropshipping baby clothes is one of the possible sub-niches for an eCommerce store when you are selling baby items online.

Moreover, clothing is generally one of the most popular niches for dropshipping. It’s an evergreen niche that will make you rich by choosing the right baby clothes to dropship.

It’s no wonder people like dressing their babies as well: good, cute, funny, trendy, and a million other ways. I’m talking about adorable baby clothing, outwear, shoes, socks, hats, swaddle sleeping bags, and so on… They want their babies to look great always, day and night. They buy stuff to wear now and later, but what happens a lot is that babies grow so fast that you can even not try to wear what you have bought!

Do parents know it? Yep. Does it stop them from buying lots of clothes? Nope!

Plus, babies are so messy that parents have to buy 2-3 pairs of the same clothing, so they can change it quickly if necessary. It makes this type of goods to be always in demand and, as a consequence, one of the most purchased baby dropshipping products.

No more words needed, check out these ideas of dropshipping baby clothes:

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14 product ideas for selling baby clothes online

The first thing you need to know about the baby clothing niche is that it’s growing all over the world. In the U.S. it is projected to reach $207.1 billion by 2026, rising at a market growth of 8.8%. Rising awareness regarding the safety and comfort of the babies is the key factor of the tendencies that are happening or are going to happen within the baby apparel market. For example, the shift towards natural and organic materials, convenient style. However, modern parents are also following the fashion trends and buying more fashionable infant wear than before. Take into account these insights when you start dropshipping baby clothes.

Here are 14 top dropshipping baby product ideas to sell online:

#1 Winter Romper as kindwear to dropship

Babies are active, small, and have a low resistance to the cold. All mothers know that it is not only newborns who catch a cold during the wintertime easily. So dropshipping this baby cloth is a great idea as it’s a choice of thousands of mothers to keep their “treasure” warm.

dropshipping baby clothes from Ali Express
An example of dropshipping baby clothes from Ali Express

We also have a list of 70+ winter products where you can find more inspiration on what to sell in your eCommerce store.

#2 Baby Sleeping Bags as baby products for dropshipping

This is a huge market for your e-Commerce business as some children have problems with sleeping which makes the sleeping bags very demanding and very popular for dropshipping baby items like this.

Sleeping bags are safe for babies and let them get as much sleep as they need. They actually spend most of their time in sleep during their first two years of life, so parents buy many sleeping bags which would fit different ages and seasons, different fabrics and patterns, sizes and of course for two types of sleep: day and night.

A product idea to dropship baby items from Ali Express
A product idea to dropship baby items from Ali Express

#3 Top-wear baby dropshipping products

Top wear is expected to be the leading segment in the baby clothing niche between 2020-2027, according to Fortune Business Insights. Baby top-wear covers such products as tops/ t-shirts, bodysuits, etc. Make sure to have a couple of products of this type to raise your chances to get sales when selling baby items online. In addition, top wear includes jackets, shirts, vests, dresses, and many more. Picking this kidswear in cotton will help you also to go for sustainable baby products, that is also growing in popularity due to their natural textures.

top-wear baby items
Add top-wear baby items to baby dropshipping stores to get more sales

#4 Funny Baby Costumes for selling online

In the modern world, parents have a desire to capture the unforgettable moments of their newborns in a photo. Since almost everything is equipped with a camera, it is easy to take a photo at any time, but many parents also ask for the help of professional photographers who will not only take great pictures but also create a fairy tale.

An unusual, funny, and original costume for the babies is a TOP baby trending product that creates an unforgettable moment. You can offer an excellent quality, a wide range of looks and calculate profit then.

selling online funny baby costumes idea
Funny clothes ideas for selling online

 #5 Unisex Non-Slip Socks for dropshipping

Cute, anti-slip baby socks are a great choice when selling baby clothes online as they can be bought on different supplier sites: Aliexpress, Amazon, ChinaBrand, Banggood, not necessarily from the specific children clothing vendors.

Made of soft high-quality cotton, anti-slip patterns are dotted on the sole, socks fit well on small feet. Usually are presented in two sizes: from – from 0-1 years old; and – from 1-3 years old. Original, bright drawings for both boys and girls.

example of profits for similar baby items for dropshipping on eBay
An example of profits for similar baby items for dropshipping on eBay
Source: ZIK Analytics

#6 Swimsuits as baby products for dropshipping

It´s a good idea to add swimsuits to your online store if you dropship kidswear. Adorable swimwear for babies is sold on various kids clothing vendors with a large variety of cutest colors for little fashionistas, high-quality fabric, from 0 to 8 years old. A little lady will be happy to show off on the beach or pool in a juicy swimsuit and you will be happy to sell that baby item from home and get your reward. Modern swimwear for girls includes all the latest fashion trends, original prints, and models (there are even sets with a swimming cap!).

Swimsuits as dropshipping baby clothes idea
Swimsuits as another dropshipping baby clothes idea

#7 Holiday Looks for dropshipping

Remember that you need to prepare your online store for the holidays (like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.) in advance. So the holiday-related baby costumes are another idea for you if you dropship baby items.

Custom suits for a specific celebration are just TOP when the holiday is coming!  Bright, festive, and most importantly creative clothes will definitely be the one the parents want to try and highlight the atmosphere of the holiday with a new member of their family.

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My advice: add the Custom Holiday Looks at least 1 month before the special day comes. The majority of the sales happen exactly before the holiday period, but there are still those who care about celebration way before it shows on the calendar, so you will raise your chances to get the sales first!

If you dropship baby clothes like this, except for the profit, you will make some babies be the most elegant and cheerful, let them feel the spirit of the holiday, and be in the spotlight.

Halloween baby clothes for dropshipping from Amazon
An example of Halloween baby clothes for dropshipping from Amazon

#8 Total Look for babies to sell online

Of course, the total looks are one of the most purchased baby products as customers don’t need to waste time on finding all those parts one by one, trying to stay trendy, look gorgeous, and not to go over the $ limit. Here we have! Total looks in one package allow being dressed from head to toes just in a few clicks. It´s perfect for baby product dropshipping.

AliExpress example for selling online infant products
An AliExpress example for selling online infant products
boy baby kindwear from Ali Express
An example for boy baby kidswear from Ali Express

#9 Family Looks to sell online

Another good product for the baby niche dropshipping is the creative wardrobe look. It completes another one (mom’s or dad’s or all family’s). Can be only T-shirts that explain exactly where a son is and whose copy he is 😉 stylish T-shirts for a stylish dad and his son are a must-have in a new parent’s world. The total family looks always catch the attention of amazed people passing by “Oh, how sweet! Where have you bought such looks?”. Let those people be your buyers 😉

Selling baby items that match with family
Selling baby items that match with family wear example

Besides, the clothing can be adjusted to the season. For example, during the summer you can sell matching family swimsuits, Christmas-related pajamas during the winter, etc.

selling baby items for swimming
Amazon example of summer clothing to sell online

 #10 Cartoon Hooded Bathrobe

Another baby trending product is a cartoon hooded bathrobe or towel. It looks cool and fun to relax, and most importantly – warm! Who doesn’t like that? It´s excellent for selling online in the baby product dropshipping niche.

bathrobes to dropship kindwear
A Walmart example for bathrobes to dropship kidswear

 #11 Add Muslin Blankets to Baby Dropshipping Stores

Must-have for parents and their babies and must-have for you if you dropship baby clothes! The more the better. Find the good seller on the dropshipping supplier sites, check the market and get your sales as all parents know how needed and important this blanket is. Especially muslin: for swaddling, feeding, instead of diapers if “ooops, something went wrong”. Multicolored, multitasking blankets are also your best eco-friendly baby products.

Muslin blankets as dropshipping baby product
Muslin blankets as dropshipping baby product

#12 Dropship Baby Girl Hair Accessories

Baby girl hair accessories are a demanding product in this niche. It’s definitely related to the baby clothing niche since it can make a baby look even nicer and cuter. Moreover, it covers a huge variety of hair accessories like baby headbands, clips, baby hats, pins, hair ties, baby bandanas, even baby safety helmets, and many more.

dropship baby hair accessories
Include baby hair accessories to kidswear dropshipping

#13 Dropship reusable diapers

Dropshipping diapers can be another product idea. When it comes to sustainable baby products, reusable diapers are a good product to sell online since it becomes to be more in demand and trendy together with eco-friendly products, in total. Especially, if to speak about Canadian market, the United States, India, and Australia.

dropshipping reusable diapers
Google Trends results for reusable diapers

#14 Sell Cute or Practical Baby Bibs

Adjustable and waterproof bibs are the best dropshipping baby products. Parents just love how practical they are. Add some cute options to your baby dropshipping store, and moms will be in your target group of buyers.

Add baby bibs to your baby dropshipping store
Add baby bibs to your baby dropshipping store
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Final lines

Now you are aware of the variety of choices and that creativity with special, cool design is appreciated if you are selling baby items and run a dropshipping clothing store.

Besides, dropshipping baby products or selling them online on your website requires the same KEY to succeed as any other niche. This key is the right trending product that will make your customer happy and will bring profit to your online store. We shared with you a lot of dropshipping product ideas you can use for your own product research in building a profitable niche-based store or selling these items in your general store.

 Good luck!

Written by Artem Zmitrovich

Artem is a versatile person with a wide range of knowledge and skills, good erudition. With his technical and soft skills, Artem is always happy to help.

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