Dropship Beauty Products: What to Sell Online in 2023

The global cosmetics market size is projected to reach $784.6 billion by 2027 with an annual compound growth of 4.7% from 2021 to 2027. Isn’t it a reason to consider dropshipping beauty products?

Besides, today people like to focus on self-care, feeling good, and looking good. As an answer on-demand, there are many beauty products you can sell from home: cosmetics, handmade bath bombs, unique fragrances, skincare products, and beauty accessories, etcetera, etcetera.

In this article, we will check out which dropshipping beauty products are increasing in the demand, and what are those must-haves in your dropshipping beauty e-store.

Why to dropship beauty products?

Through competition, the beauty niche can still be very lucrative. with the right business strategy. According to Forbes, dropshipping cosmetics and beauty products is one of those niches where a lot of people spend money on products that they don’t always need. So the quality inventory and competitive prices can ensure your success in this niche.

Additionally, Common Thread Collective states that sales in the beauty industry are about to hit $511 billion in 2021 and are expected to grow to $784.6 billion by 2027. 

Why to dropship beauty products. Statistics.
Statistics for the beauty and personal care niche
Source: Reports Globe (2021)

It’s also an answer to the question “Where to sell beauty products” (target countries). As you can see the highest demand for personal care and beauty products is in the Asia Pacific Region, North America, and Western Europe.

Nonetheless, you can dropship cosmetics and other beauty items in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Some of the countries even have their own beauty culture there. So, pay attention to the interests of the target audience in the specific countries before choosing beauty products to sell.

As for the sub-niches for your beauty dropshipping store, the most popular ones are personal care products, dropshipping skincare niche, cosmetics, and fragrances. Though, you can also dropship bath bombs, beauty basics, beauty tools and accessories, skincare tools, beauty equipment, hair extensions, and many more.

So If you still have no idea where to sell beauty products or struggle to find beauty products to sell – this article is your true lifeline. Set up your dropshipping store and marketing strategy, pick a reliable beauty product supplier, and add new products from the list to your own eCommerce store.

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The List of TOP 20 Beauty Products to Sell Online:

Always appearing at the top of the most popular categories, the beauty niche dropshipping is composed of all those things that people use to improve their physical appearance: wholesale hair extensions, makeup, facial massage rollers, and other things for your customers to feel beautiful and fresh.

#1 Dropship Cosmetics – Trendy Lipstics

The season has changed, the 2023 year is coming and that means that it is time to update the dropshipping beauty products. You would better be prepared for selling trendy lipstick colors.

No need to source effect pigments, here they are: 

trendy colors for lipstics to sell online

Sorry, boys, that info was for girls! For you, I can offer another great alternative: a trendy lipstick set.  

With so many colors in one product, it’s no wonder it’s one of the best beauty products to sell around the world. Pink, red, nude, and purple tones will make it very easy for women to change their appearance. Organic and eco-friendly lipsticks are becoming trendy year by year as well!

dropship cosmetics lipstics
Most-ordered lipsticks from Aliexpress for beauty dropshipping

Dropshipping beauty products allow you not to hold the inventory by yourself. Thus, you are free to sell products online with multiple variations, e.g. in different colors. It is also a very simple trick to increase eCommerce sales.

#2 Dropship Cosmetic Sets

Beauty shoppers pay more attention to the sets rather than single cosmetic products. Such sets can be one of your beauty dropshipping products when choosing the best beauty product supplier. They are especially good for the holiday season as people are searching for gifts.

cosmetic sets as beauty products to sell
Amazon cosmetic sets as beauty products to sell

#3 Sell Trendy Nail Kits Online

The COVID lockdown period has shown how addicted to beauty some ladies are! They color their nails with bright colors thus coloring their lives. Since all the nail beauty departments were closed at that time, more and more women have started doing their nails at home. My recommendation is to dropship beauty nail kits with a huge variety of products and which have a higher number of sales. 

nail sets as beauty products to sell online
An example of beauty products to sell in your dropshipping store
Source: AliExpress

#4 Dropship Lash Extension and Magnetic Lashes

Lash Extensions and Magnetic Lashes are a great choice for your beauty dropshipping store because all know that they help to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals near the eyes. Instead of using eyelash curlers, mascara, and many other lash essentials, lash extensions have made it easier to create lovely full, long, and dark lashes long-term. 

Fake lashes have been extra popular for ages already, so you won’t be mistaken by choosing to sell these beauty products online.

For example, eBay dropshippers have a chance of 13 possible sales if their listing with this dropshipping beauty product is on the first eBay search page.

ZYK Analytics dropshipping beauty product research
How well the magnet lashes sell through on eBay
Source: ZYK Analytics

Nonetheless, Facebook dropshippers can also pay attention to this product.

#5 Dropship Skincare – Face Masks

A sheet mask can work wonders for any skin type. You can get the maximum from your beauty store by providing a diversity of beauty products for skincare. For example, sell different face masks, face sheet masks, the sets of them, etc.

Just look at these numbers from eBay sellers: This product has the 73% of the sell-through on eBay. Each such listing from the 1st eBay search page potentially gets 21 sales.

 popular dropshipping skincare product
A good dropshipping skincare product for your e-beauty shop.
Source: ZYK Analytics

Besides, another idea for you, if want to sell makeup from home successfully, is to orient to dropship skincare /dropship makeup beauty lines of South Korea. Korean makeup dropshipping now is highly trendy. So we recommend you to take this opportunity to navigate this category of beauty products you can sell from home.

beauty dropshipping products from Amazon
beauty dropshipping products from Amazon

#6 Dropship Skincare – Eye Patches

Eye patches can be an integral part of a whole skincare regimen. Bundling this product with face masks, acne patches, and other dropship skincare products could be a great sales tool.

dropshipping beauty products example
Beauty skincare product examples from Amazon bestsellers

#7 Dropship Beauty Accessories – Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

Dermatologists and skincare experts recommend this care tool, making the demand grow and demonstrate strong performance. This product is especially popular in the United Kingdom and the United States, which means it is your chance to earn selling it in your UK/US marketplace.

AliExpress dropshipping beauty product example
AliExpress dropshipping beauty product example

#8 Dropship Bath Bombs

Women like to relax after a busy day taking a bath or a long hot shower. A set of shower/bath bombs with pure essential oils and fragrances that creates small aromatherapy (right like in a spa) always catches the attention of beauty lovers who look for unique beauty products across the beauty niche. 

Try to add different natural variations, and sets when dropship bath bombs.

beauty dropshipping bath bombs
Amazon products for dropshipping bath bombs

#9 Jade or Quartz Roller Facial Massager + Gua Sha Stone as Beauty Products For Your e-Store

One of the most trendy beauty devices for self-care is a face roller massager. Massage rollers are expected to continue their upward trend over the next few years. Jade/quartz rollers can be stored in the fridge for a cooling effect or used alongside lotions and face masks. Emphasizing the product’s versatility will give customers more reasons to purchase from you, especially if you dropship skincare. 

dropship skincare accessories ideas
dropship skincare accessories ideas
Source: Aliexpress

#10 Nano Steamer for Beauty Dropshipping

Add more beauty devices and accessories for self-care in your dropshipping store. Nano steamers, microcurrent devices, micro-needling beauty tools, and others will help you to bring beauty product variety and get higher chances to get sales.

Devices for beauty dropshipping
Dropship beauty devices like this one
Source: Walmart

#11 Dropship Cosmetics – Makeup Brush Set

If you sell makeup from home, adding brushes is a good idea, because make up brushes can never be enough! From foundation to eye shadow, the application will look flawless every time, so sell as many as possible! Different colors and softness, but all beauty product vendors should prove their high-quality product to make your buyers come back to you again and again!

Aliexpress beauty dropshipping products
Aliexpress beauty dropshipping products

#12 Dropship Makeup Sponge Blender

Some people prefer brushes, some love blenders. You will always catch both customers if you sell both beauty products. Besides, sponges blend better than natural hair and synthetic brushes due to their material.  The more varieties of sponges you have, the more prospective buyers you attract! Add different sizes, shapes, colors, and sets when you sell make up from home.

Additionally, if you are also focused on eco-friendly dropshipping, you can sell reusable makeup sponges, which are quite popular in Europe.

#13 Dropshipping Makeup Cleaners

No wonder it is an additional beauty product you can sell from home to those who you sell makeup sponge blenders and brushes. There are sprays, electric makeup brush cleaners, and the cheapest version of makeup cleaners – mats or pads.  They all remove everything from makeup to accumulated dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. Beauty lovers know that it works for caring for their skin and health.

Brush cleaners for beauty dropshipping stores
Brush cleaners for beauty dropshipping stores
Source: Ali Express

#14 Dropship Makeup Organizers

Whether your buyer is a professional makeup artist with a rather substantial collection of products or has a minimalist approach to cosmetics, she/he could probably benefit from organizing their at-home kit. 

Dropshipping makeup organizers
Dropshipping makeup organizers
Source: Amazon

#15 Dropship Makeup Mirror with LED Lights

This is a good beauty dropship product which definitely would be practical and useful for people of different ages. Overall, all of us are using mirrors to do daily beauty rituals. A makeup mirror with LED Lights is a modern product that helps to see our beauty better. If you would like to add it to your beauty dropshipping store, the chances to get a sale being on the 1st search page are high: 15 potential sales per 1 listing. 

Makeup Mirror with LED - product research
Dropshipping product research for Makeup Mirror with LED on ZIK Analytics

Getting to the first eBay search page is easy when you the next eBay SEO tricks.

#16 Dermaplaning Facial Exfoliation Tool as Dropshipping Beauty Product

At-home hair removal devices are in high demand in the beauty dropshipping niche. Great variety and prices for all tastes. Therefore, you can consider adding some dermaplaning facial exfoliation tools to your dropshipping store.

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#17 Sell Online IPL Hair Removal

You still not sure if you need to add it to your dropshipping beauty store? Let me explain you how popular this tool is: “Intense Pulsed Light” technology is integrated into this multi-use chargeable device which has a plethora of benefits. It is used most commonly as a hair removal tool but also to remove spider veins, improve skin texture and pigmentation, help reduce acne and even remove some of the signs of sun damage. Cool, isn’t it?

dropship beauty tools from Amazon
other product ideas for those who dropship beauty tools from Amazon

#18 Hair Curlers for Beauty Drop Shipping

You can include different hair beauty devices in your beauty dropshipping store. For example, list the hair curlers.

ideas for dropshipping beauty products

#19 Dropshipping Makeup – Eyebrow Enhancers

Eyebrow Enhancers are another popular dropshipping beauty product you can add to your e-store. Eyebrow gel wax, 3D pencils, kits, etc. are popular among beauty niche buyers. Just have in look at the number of orders of the next products:

 popular Aliexpress products for dropshipping makeup
The most popular Aliexpress products for dropshipping makeup

#20 Dropshipping Perfumes

Here is interesting data for eBay dropshippers: the eBay listings of perfumes have an 81% of sell-through rate. While being on the 1st search page of eBay gives a chance to get 54 sales.

Stats for dropshipping perfumes on eBay
The sell-through rate for dropshipping perfumes on eBay
Source: Zik Analytics

Overall, the beauty industry and, particularly, the beauty dropshipping niche wouldn’t be completed without a variety of perfumes and cosmetics. It seems that owning perfume is as natural as having a toothbrush. Almost everyone has one (or 5!) and every girl since childhood is interested in wearing the best makeup which will highlight her face lines/vision/lips. That’s why girls try different brands and follow the trends. 

But don’t worry I’ve narrowed them down to TOP Beauty Companies & Cosmetics Brands and the best types of perfumes to dropship to sell below!

Let’s first enter the best dropshipping perfumes list:

  1. Long Lasting Men’s Cologne
  2. Women’s Fruity Perfume
  3. Floral Perfume (Female)
  4. Pheremone Perfume for Men
  5. Pheremone Perfume for Women
  6. Solid Perfume (All)
  7. Rollerball Perfume (Female) 
  8. Perfume Pencils (Female) 
  9. Sandalwood Fragrance (Female)
  10. Lavender Fragrance (All)
  11. Travel Sized Perfume (All)
  12. Perfume Sets (All)
  13. Perfume Balls (All)

These types of perfumes are showing the highest rates in selling due to their unique fragrances or practical usage option.

But dropshipping perfumes don’t limit your target buyer group with girls only. What about men?

Beauty Products to Avoid Dropshipping

Despite the big range of beauty products that you can sell online in your eCommerce store, there are some items that are recommended to avoid dropshipping at all. The reason is that such products can bring a bigger chance of product returns. And it will influence your store and seller metrics.

Try to avoid dropshipping these beauty products:

  • Creams
  • Tone correting creams
  • Lubricants
  • Liquids
  • Supplements
  • Brand products on eBay (to avoid Vero violations).
  • Products that can couse allergic reacction.

Learn more you shouldn’t dropship in the full list of dropshipping products to avoid selling online.

10 Most Popular Brands for Dropshipping Cosmetics

Ladies and gentlemen meet, the old guard:

leading 10 cosmetics brands

As a new generation of consumers grows up, they’re more empowered to purchase “quick-to-market” products found via social media from brands that are growing right alongside them.

Enter, the new guard List:

  1. IPSY
  2. Fenty Beauty
  3. Morphe
  4. Kylie Cosmetics
  5. Glossier
  6. Curology
  7. Ouia
  8. Function of Beauty
  9. Vanity Planet
  10. Drunk Elephant
  11. Tula
  12. MILK Makeup
  13. Prose Hair
  14. Supergoop!
  15. True Botanicals
  16. The Honest Company
  17. Frank Body
  18. Oui the People
  19. Kopari Beauty
  20. Topicals
  21. Goop
  22. Volition Beauty
  23. Blume
  24. Birchbox
  25. Alleyoop

All these beauty dropshipping products and brands became pretty popular recently. When you’re dropshipping cosmetics and perfumes you’ll be able to test different types of beauty products to find your sub-niche within such broad categories.

You can choose products based on order volume and quality of reviews and as a result, your beauty dropshipping store can present one or some of the offered beauty dropshipping productsю

However, if you are an eBay seller, mind the VERO regulations.

When you already know what beauty products you can sell from home, let’s see what dropshipping beauty suppliers you can use.

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The Most Popular Dropshipping Beauty Suppliers

Below, I will list 3 dropship suppliers around the world with whom you can start working as soon as you prepare a computer or phone and a minimum start-up fund.

 1. Chinabrands for wholesale beauty products

ChinaBrands is a global drop shipping service with strong inventory and back-end management functions, as well as good account support, playing a role as a bridge between suppliers and vendors.

It offers complete product catalogs with more than 1 million products and provides you with more than 10 thousand verified sellers. The whole company has more than 5000 products and 1000 people in the technology team. They have been engaged in dropshipping business in the past years and now they have already done well in this field.


  • Many choices in products and suppliers: after serious selection, Chinabrands offers more than 1,000,000 products and more than 10,000 verified suppliers to choose from.
  • Your products are directly from the manufacturers. There are many factories that want to increase sales in China but lack channels, and Chinabrands aims to connect good Chinese manufacturers with global buyers.
  • Manufacturers can join Chinabrans and list their products on the websites, which allows buyers to purchase them directly from manufacturers.

● Wholesale price: due to years of business development, Chinabrands has integrated the perfect supply chain and can guarantee competitive product price. So you can dropship wholesale beauty products from this supplier.

Look at the cosmetics and beauty products in Chinabrands, most of the products are under $5. Nevertheless, there are always discounts and points you can use to reduce the final order price.

● Large Warehouse and delivery coverage: the CB warehouses cover 3 continents and more than 50 countries, the complete warehouse has more than 100 worldwide.

The delivery line covers 200+ countries and 10,000+ delivery routes to choose from.

2. AliExpress to dropship beauty products from

Ali Express is an online retail service from China, started in the year 2010. It has millions of products, wholesalers and has a lot of international online buyers.  It isn’t focused on wellness dropshipping products but you can easily find a lot of them there.


● Wide variety of products and sellers: Ali Express has a complete product category with huge products. There is a saying that you can find whatever you want on Ali Express.

● Wholesale price: due to the large business map, they can control the price of products in a whole lower price.


● Wholesale products are from supplier’s store and shipped by shipping company: if you dropship from Ali Express, you need to select the shipping service to ship to your customers all over the world, sometimes it costs more than the goods itself, the specific seller can help you inspect the quality before shipment.

3. Amazon for selling beauty products from

Amazon is a dropshipping supplier from the United States (but with warehouses all over the world) that offers a wide array of items. The company’s inventory includes Games, Toys, Beauty Products, Party Supplies, Sporting Goods, Kitchenware, Pet Supplies, Health Care products – the list goes on.


● Faster deliveries, better customer service: Amazon handles all returns and customer service requests for sellers. Meanwhile, buyers receive their packages faster because Amazon dropships these items via expedited Prime shipping.  


● Your margins will be low.

When selling products online you make money by selling an item for more than you bought it for. This is usually achieved by buying an item from a manufacturer or a wholesaler in China or India at below retail value.

● Amazon, as a supplier, tends to have more volatility with its prices in comparison to Ali Express which makes it a bit less beginner-friendly. It’s super friendly to use but it’s a bit harder to dropship from it.

You are free to try every one of the offered suppliers, check out their dropshipping programs and the huge assortment of TOP dropshipping beauty products. This means that if you want assured success with your e-commerce store, then it’s important to know what the top makeup products are on platforms and we are going to name them RIGHT NOW! 


Find more dropshipping beauty suppliers and sources of products from other niches in the list of 55+ dropshipping sites to source products from.


With this article about beauty dropshipping, I want to inspire you and help you to sell beauty products online and become more successful in your eCommerce business. Although as an entrepreneur you have to be able to look beyond and find connections where others see nothing but boring data info. 

You have just seen a complete review of the popular categories and e-market beauty niche dropshipping that provides great results year after year.

Also, although it is clear that this year 2023 is different from previous years, there is no doubt that the experience of past years can help you not to take more risks than necessary in your business. After all, this dropshipping niche has been working very well in recent years and should continue to do so in 2023.

Happy Selling!

Written by Artem Zmitrovich

Artem is a versatile person with a wide range of knowledge and skills, good erudition. With his technical and soft skills, Artem is always happy to help.

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