Best Dropshipping Jewelry Stores To Get Inspired

Are you dropshipping jewelry or thinking to start selling it online? The next Shopify jewelry stores are already successful and can give you valuable insights on how to succeed with your eCommerce store.

Remember, it is a best practice to gain insights from other successful stores. Finding viral content and analyzing it to come up with content ideas is a common practice among social media marketers.

We are answering why these Shopify jewelry shops are successful, what useful techniques you can repeat in your e-store, what Shopify jewelry themes these eCommerce stores use, etc.

Even if you have a general dropshipping store or a niche e-shop, it will be useful for you to see examples of successful jewelry Shopify shops to learn more about the techniques you can do too.

So, put on your shades and take a look at these jewelry dropshipping stores to learn from them how to sell jewelry online successfully.

Shopify jewerly stores

Top Shopify Dropshipping Jewelry Stores 

Let me come straight to the point, we are ready to present a perfect compilation for any dropshipper to be looking to start his own business or an experienced online seller simply looking for inspiration for his/her existing dropshipping store.

Here are the 5 best Shopify jewelry shops:

#1 Shopify Jewelry Store – RING TO PERFECTION

example of Shopify Dropshipping Jewelry Stores

Ring to Perfection is our first example of a successful jewelry eCommerce store. It managed to become pretty huge and selling online hundreds of products. Besides, this Shopify store is ranked number 16,423 in the world. They mostly focus on the USA. So the most of its traffic comes from there, where it occupies as high as 62,030 places.

Screenshot from rankchart
  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?
1. PrivyFree email popups, exit intent, targeted modals, wheels & more
2. Smile.ioLoyalty Points, VIP, Referral Programs 
3. Hulk Contact Us FormTake Less Than 2 Minutes to Get In Touch With Your Customers
4. LooxPhoto Reviews (Product Reviews)
5. FomoIncrease Conversions with Social Proof Automation
  • Which Shopify Jewely Store Theme Do They Use?

A variation of the Debut theme (renamed to “Debut with Installments message”) 

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What are their successful dropshipping store hallmarks? 

Here are some things that you can look at on this dropshipping jewelry Shopify shop:

  • Design. The first notable thing is the store’s design pallet: white, black and gold. This is a perfect color scheme for a jewelry site.
  • Countdown Timer. This store also uses a countdown timer on the product pages. It can work really well on some stores to increase conversions.
  • Site Categories. They converted the most popular filters for buying jewelry in their site’s sub categories. By this way, their customers can easier find the necessary products. Besides, it was well-done in terms of SEO.
  • Hot Products section on the landing page. It’s another good marketing trcik that helps to increase dropshipping sales. Showcase the best jewelry products in your landing page, so shoppers will find them immediately.
  • Guides section: check this Shopify jewelry store different guides with their products. Customers like that!
  • Pop-up messages to get new buyers in newsletter.
dropshipping jewerly store

#2 Biko – Example of Aesthetic Jewelry Stores

Biko - Example of Aesthetic Jewerly Stores

This jewelry Shopify store has a very simplistic design, with just a few navigational options. Based in Toronto, Biko hand-crafts every piece that they make, with materials including sleek mixed metals and natural stones.

They describe themselves as a “modern nostalgic jewelry brand” which has something extra attractive in it and no wonder they have stable 2-3K visitors monthly: 

traffic that biko jewerly Shopify store gets
neilpatel statistics
  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?
1. Back in StockBack in Stock Notification alerts
2. KlaviyoEmail and social campaigns
3. OkendoProduct reviews
  • Which Shopify Jewelry Theme Do They Use?

A custom Shopify theme labeled “Foursixty Copy of Live Theme…[AP 12/09/21]”

What are their successful dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at on this aesthetic jewelry store:

  • Design. The first notable element that makes it stand out is its photography. Definitely looks like a real nostalgic piece from the 50ties. More importantly, each of their products comes with attractive and professionally taken product images that fit with the overall aesthetics.
aesthetic jewelry store Shopify example
  • Special Trends. Another cool specific noticed on the site becomes a big variety of trending products shown in unusual way: gift guide. Multiple options to select something attractive and get the target without worries that the product won’t suit.  
gift guides example of the jewerly Shopify store
  • Newsletter list with 10% extra discount. Their pop-up messages that invite to join the “insider list” doesn’t only offer an extra discount (that usually works well) but also create the feeling of being special. Customers like it and more likely will join it. Well-done!
  • Active Instagram account. This Shopify jewelry shop focuses on running Instagram professionally: they feature reviews and use aesthetic jewelry photos, reels, marketing campaigns, cross-selling techniques, etc.

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#3 King Ice – Shopify dropshipping jewelry store

Shopify dropshipping jewerly store

King Ice offers uniquely designed collections of accessories ranging from pendants, chains, bracelets, watches, grillz, pins, and more. For over a decade, King Ice has been the leading industry tastemaker in creating premium wearable art that bridges the gap between artists, culture, and people. 

At the moment the traffic statistic is decreasing, but if you just see the average data, you will definitely envy them anyway: 210.7k visits!

King Ice shopify store traffic
similarweb data
  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?
1. Judge.meProduct Reviews
2. Back in StockBack in Stock Notification alerts
3. KlaviyoEmail and social campaigns
4. RiskifiedFraud prevention
  • Which Shopify Jewelry Theme Do They Use?

A variation of the District theme (renamed to “far east”)

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What are their successful dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at on this Jewelry e-commerce store:

  • Brand. The King Ice brand has specialized in curating trends from hip-hop and streetwear culture in the jewelry and accessory business. A lot has changed over King Ice’s history, but their DNA remains the same: a passion for culture, unparalleled quality, a spirit of innovation. Check it yourself by visiting their site. 
  • Collaborations. King Ice has partnerships with premium brands including Warner Bros., Viacom, 20th Century Fox, NBC Universal, Live Nation, Sony PlayStation, and Microsoft Xbox and produced top-selling collections and iconic events. Stay tuned for more to come and become more inspired.
Shopify Jewerly shop example
  • Join Newsletter and get a 20% discount and exclusive deals. As we said, it works to get more people on the list.
  • Big variety of payment methods. They offer many payment options that can increase conversion rates of a jewelry store or any other eCommerce store.
  • Active social media accounts on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat. It helps cross-selling products and gets more organic traffic for the brand.

#4 Missoma – Jewelry eCommerce site with million of visits

Best Jewerly eCommerce site  missoma

Missoma leads the way in demi-fine jewelry, offering contemporary statement, delicate and personalized jewelry for the everyday woman. It’s a UK-based brand with personalized jewelry Shopify store. Their global vision will definitely inspire you as well as it inspires its customers, just see their popularity in the numbers: 1.18 m of visits a month!

traffic of the best Shopify jewerly store
Monthly traffic that this Shopify jewelry store gets
  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?
1. Wishlist PlusHelp your customers pick up where they left off
2. Zendesk SupportOmnichannel customer service and engagement platform
3. Back in StockBack in Stock Notification alerts
  • Which Shopify Jewelry Theme Do They Use?

A custom theme labeled “Production – MISSOMA 2.0”

What are their successful dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at on this best jewelry eCommerce site:

  • Individual Offering. Missoma store promotes personalized jewelry, birthstones and gift sets. Plus, free engraving.
MIssoma personalized jewerly Shopify store
  • Countdown Timer. This store also uses a countdown timer on the product pages to create a feeling of missing a good deal. It usually works and increases conversions.
  • Modern nice design. Check out how well their site is done. It looks modern and eye-catching.
  • Professionally made photos and videos for the jewelry products. They invested in it and the results are great. Everything is in the colors of their brand book and looks well.
  • Bestsellers section: They showcase the best jewelry products on the landing page, so shoppers can find them immediately and add them to their cart.
  • 2-years warranty: they assure their customers of the good quality of their products and offer a quality warranty. It’s also a small marketing trick that helps to sell online more.
  • Big variety of payment methods, including Paypal and Klarna.
  • Digital gift cards for their store products: it helps to target a bigger audience. For example, friends of their customers and guarantee the future sales.

#5 Pura Vida – Shopify Jewelry store with million of visits

Shopify Jewerly dropshipping store

Pura Vida is a great example of a branded jewelry eCommerce store that’s stepped into a highly competitive market and created a brand that let them stand out from the crowd.

This brand has expanded its artisan community to include a family of more than 800 artisans, who can count on a steady income and positive work environment.

traffic of the Shopify Jewerly online store
  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?
1. Just UnoPop Ups & Social Media Marketing Platform
2. RefersionTrack referrals & pay commissions to affiliates + influencers
3. YotpoCollect product reviews, site reviews, and photo reviews
4. Shoppable InstagramShop Instagram. Shoppable UGC. Rights Management.
5. Dvcloudsoftware Instagramto manage an Instagram shop more efficiently.
6. SignifydGuaranteed fraud and chargeback protection
7. KlaviyoEmail and social campaigns
8. NostoPowerful Personalization
9. Smart eu cookie bannerBanner, Block Cookies
  • Which Shopify Jewelry Theme Do They Use?

A custom theme labeled “PRODUCTION”

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What are their successful dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at this successful jewelry online store on Shopify:

  • Hero banner. Opening the store you are immediately impressed with their usage of video in the hero banner. It sets the tone for the store and captures attention effectively.
  • Organic referrals. Griffin Thall, Co-founder of Pura Vida has said: 

Our friends would take one and take another for their friends. Then their friends were coming to us to get bracelets for their friends. And then before you knew it, more and more people were coming to us. All of the sudden, we realized we were going to have to start shipping to meet demand.”

  • Selling your product with a truthful and relatable story is one of the strongest tactics you can do, and they do.
puravide - example of Shopify dropshipping store
  • Social Media Page. They have such an advantage, but still, understand that social media is a must-have nowadays. Pura Vida’s Instagram is a great case study of influencer marketing done right. Except for Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, they have an active TikTok account to drive sales. They use all of them for cross-selling and driving traffic to the jewelry site.
  • Gift cards: they also sell digital gift cards for their eCommerce products.
  • Cooperation with influencers. They have a section on their site that offers to become an ambassador of their jewelry brand. It definitely influences on their organic growth and as a result sales.

As a result, Pura Vida has emerged as one of the most successful Shopify jewelry stores around.


It might be stressful to start a new eCommerce business in a quite competitive niche or start dropshipping jewelry. But the experience of others shows that sometimes you just need a little inspiration to kick-start your creative ideas. Hopefully, this article on the best Shopify jewelry stores has helped you in your choice. And it will allow you to act surely with your (new) jewelry eCommerce store!

Good luck!

Written by Artem Zmitrovich

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