What to sell on Mother’s Day 2022: Top 40 Dropshipping Product Ideas

Mother’s Day falls on the 8th of May in 2022. It means that it’s the right time to prepare your eCommerce store for this holiday, to think about what to sell on Mother’s Day, and prepare a gift for your mother?. 

Apart from being a wonderful opportunity to thank your mother for everything and spend time together, Mother’s Day is the 3rd largest retail holiday in the United States. It presents a good opportunity to increase sales with the help of the right marketing strategies and bestselling products. 

In this post, you will find out:

Besides, we have prepared for your different holiday-related ideas of what to sell on Mother’s day 2022:

Hurry up with preparations since the holiday is around the corner! ⌛

What to sell on Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day!?

When is Mother’s Day celebrated?

In 2022 Mother’s Day falls on the 8th of May, it’s the second Sunday of May, in the USA. This holiday is celebrated throughout 50 different countries. However, not all of them commemorate it on the same date. 

Here are those countries that celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May: the USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Chile, Colombia, etc. Mexico and many parts of Latin America celebrate Mother’s Day on May 10th of each year. Spain, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, and Lithuania celebrate on the first Sunday of May


Find out about other biggest retail holidays, which can help you to increase sales, in the eCommerce holiday checklist.

Why Should You Prepare Dropshipping Store for Mother’s Day? 

Did you know that Mother’s Day is the 3rd largest retail holiday in the United States? After the winter holidays and back-to-school season, according to the National Retail Federation. In 2021, despite the coronavirus pandemic and quarantines, the average consumer spending on this holiday was 220$, and the total spending was about 28.09 billion U.S. dollars (2 billion $US more than in 2020)

Mother's Day spendings
Historical Mother’s Day spendings. Source: National Retail Federation.

Despite the coronavirus crisis last year, the percentage celebrating Mother’s Day grew in 2020 and in 2021. And it is expected to grow for Mother’s Day 2022 as well. 

Have a look at this informative infographic, prepared by Inspira, to get more data about the last year celebration and its influence on eCommerce: 

Mother's Day statistics 2020
Source: Inspira

Besides, you need to update your store every season. Mother’s Day is the key holiday for spring items dropshipping.

What’s a good Mother’s Day gift in 2022? 

First of all, let’s not forget about the individual approach that usually buyers have in choosing good presents for moms. However, the marketers have investigated the trends about the products that were sold on Mother’s Day in the previous years and presented us the following data: 

  • Greeting cards are one of the most popular Mother’s Day gifts that cover 72% of all customers. 
  • Flowers. 68% of buyers purchase it for their moms and maternal figures. 
  • Gift cards is the third most popular Mother’s Day gift type that covers 47% of total buyers. 
  • Special outing is a good Mother’s Day gift with 49% of spending. Nonetheless, the coronavirus restrictions and obligatory social distancing hit such a possibility. Its number dropped drastically last year.
  • Clothing/Accessories. 40% of people picked them to present to their closest family members on this holiday.
  • Jewelry is a stable popular Mother’s Day gift chosen by 35% of customers and it covers the highest expenses for the gifts. 
  • Personal Service was considered as a good present by 25% of interviewees.
  • Gardening or housewares are useful Mother’s Day gifts. 26% of spending belongs to this group of items. 
  • Electronics is another idea for amazing presents for moms with 20% of total buyers. 
what is a good Mother's day gift ideas
A good Mother’s day gift ideas

Here you can see how these types of top Mother’s gifts were changing within the last years to have an idea about what to sell in 2022:

Mother's Day spending statistics
Mother’s Day spending statistics
Source: National Retail Federation.

As you can see, the percent planning to present electronics, books, gardening items, or housewares grew more than 20% over last year. These categories are expected to grow in 2022 as well. Therefore, make sure to dropship a few items from these categories to increase the chances to get more sales on Mother’s Day 2022. 


Have you ever considered dropshipping books? Books are an incredibly popular product all over the world, which means your potential customer base is huge.

Another trendy gift that grew last year is purely virtual – subscriptions! It’s good to know but hard to dropship. So let’s check dropshipping product ideas for Mother’s Day 2022. 

Dropshipping Product Ideas for Mother’s Day

As suggested by the name, Mother’s Day is an annual holiday to honor mothers and motherhood. However, people tend to present gifts also to their stepmothers, wives, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, godmothers, and other relatives on this special day.

There are many ways to show appreciation and love to close family members. One of these ways is presenting a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Therefore, you can make sure to have enough different dropshipping products in your eCommerce store in order not to hesitate on what to sell on Mother’s Day 2022. 

The Dropship Academy team has elaborated a list of the 40 best Mother’s Day gifts in 2022 across different niches that aim to boost dropshipping sales. Check the list below to find various items: from bestselling gifts to affordable, practical, and useful Mother’s Day gifts to sell in your online store. 

⚠️Note: Nevertheless, make sure to double-check with your supplier the shipping time to deliver orders to your customers right in time, especially if you use Chinese dropshipping sources

Well, let’s see what dropshipping items are popular Mother’s Day gifts this year: 

Top Personal Care and Beauty gifts for Mothers in 2022 

1. Facial Massage Roller + Gua Sha Stone 

This face massage kit is quite trendy among women and sells well. Include it in your strategy for dropshipping on Mother’s Day can be a good idea. 

Face massage roller as a good Mother's day gift idea
Face massage roller as a perfect Mother’s day gift

2. Makeup Mirror with LED Lights

This is a good Mother’s Day gift which definitely would be practical and useful for women of different ages. Overall, all of us are using mirrors doing daily beauty rituals. A makeup mirror with LED Lights is a modern product that helps to see our beauty better. If you would like to add it to your dropshipping products for Mother’s Day, the chances to get a sale being on the 1st search page are high: 156 potential sales per 1 listing. 

Makeup Mirror with LED as dropshipping product for Mother's Day
Dropshipping product research for Makeup Mirror with LED on ZIK Analytics

3. Cordless Automatic Hair Curler Iron

This is one of the top beauty devices that creates glamorous curls easily in a matter of seconds. In addition, no extra skills are needed. So women of all ages can use this item. 

4. Bath bombs gift set 

Women like to relax after a busy day taking a bath or a long hot shower. A set of shower/bath bombs with pure essential oils and fragrances that creates small aromatherapy (right like in a spa) will catch the attention of buyers who look for a popular Mother’s day gift across the beauty products category. 

bath boms is as good Mother's Day gift idea
Good Mother’s Day gift ideas from Amazon

5. Dyson Airwrap Styler

This beauty dropshipping product became pretty popular recently. It can be one of your dropshipping products for Mother’s Day. However, if you are an eBay seller, mind the VERO regulations. 

6. Back Neck Shoulder Massager

What to sell on Mother's Day suggestion
What to sell on Mother’s Day suggestion from Amazon

It can be a quite useful Mother’s Day gift that helps to relieve stress and neck discomfort, which we basically experience daily. Besides, this dropshipping product has a good selling potential. In total, such massagers can bring 142 possible sales on eBay.

product research for dropshipping on Mother's Day
Dropshipping product research example from Zik Analytics

7. Orthopedic pillow 

Health care products have become more and more popular since many people start to dedicate more time and effort to stay healthy and happy. Orthopedic pillows are one of the trendy personal care products that have many sales on eCommerce.

8. Scalp Massager Brush

Another beauty product that can serve as a good Mother’s Day gift 2022. 

9. Electric Heating Pad for Neck, Shoulders, Back Pain Relief

This is a trending health care product that our mothers and grandmothers can appreciate and use often to get back pain relief. By the way, it’s a quite trending product for dropshipping. Currently is among Amazon bestsellers. 

heating pad as a good Mother's Day gift
A health care gift idea from Amazon

10. Aromatherapy Diffuser Set with Essential Oils 

It’s a bestselling dropshipping product in the Health and Personal Care category. It can be a good present for moms and other maternal figures that helps to create an own personal spa right at home. This gift will reduce stress, and all of us know that mothers have too much of it! In addition, the aromatherapy diffuser as a product to sell on Mother’s Day gives a real potential to boost sales since 1 eBay listing with a strong eBay SEO has 228 possible sales.

 Aromatherapy Diffuser Set as a good Mother's Day gift idea
Zik Analytics analysis for this product for selling on Mother’s Day

11. Mother’s Day Gift box

Mother’s Day gift boxes are excellent eCommerce products you can sell online. You can make your own boxes with soap flowers, chocolates, cute postcards, soap, cups, etc. Or you can dropship the ready gift boxes from big retail suppliers like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Mothers day gift box
an Amazon example of Mothers day gift box

Best Mother’s Day tech gifts to dropship

12.  Bluetooth Tracker for everything

It is a nice and affordable Mother’s Day gift. Mothers track many things in modern life. Since a big amount of the things they control, some of them can get lost… So a mini Bluetooth tracker that helps to find keys, dogs, bags, etc. is quite a handy present. 

Affordable Mother's Day gift examples from Aliexpress
Affordable Mother’s Day gift examples from Aliexpress

13. A stylish Wireless Charger

Aliexpress dropshipping product ideas for Mother's Day
Dropshipping for Mother’s Day, Aliexpress products suggesitons

14. Streaming stick or display receiver to make TV smart  

One can connect a smartphone, notebook or iPad to a TV, projector or monitor and whatever the videos watched on mobile devices will be mirrored onto the bigger screen, which is easier to watch and is suitable for sharing. This is a very useful Mother’s Day gift that gains popularity but is not yet saturated on the market. Normally one such eBay product from the 1st search page brings 26 sales:

One of the best Mother’s Day tech gifts example
Streaming stick as one of the best Mother’s Day tech gift

15. Smart Watch

Smart watches and items related to them are in demand and are among the products that are selling well. Besides, those remains being one of the top Mother’s Day gifts. 

top Mother's Day gifts ideas
top Mother’s Day gifts ideas

16.  Portable Mini Printer for her phone 

Women like to collect memories, especially having enough photos with their beloved family members. A portable mini printer is one of the best Mother’s Day tech gifts that will surprise moms and help them to collect as many as possible memories in a form of printed photos. 

Looking at the statistics for the “portable thermal printer” keyword, one first eBay listing brings possible 47 sales to e-sellers. 

mini printer for selling as a Mother's Day tech gift
ZIK Analytics product research for a mini printer that can be sold as a Mother’s Day tech gift

17. Bluetooth speaker

It’s one of the bestselling dropshipping products to sell on Mother’s Day with the right marketing strategy.

18. Wireless Doorbell 

A smart doorbell is one of the trending eBay products at the present time. In addition, it can be a good Mother’s Day tech gift. 

19. Portable noise machine for sleeping 

It would be a useful device for mothers who need to travel with toddlers or have uncalm sleep. The noise machine usually offers a set with different soothing sounds including lullabies, white and natural sounds. There are not so many such items on the market. Therefore, you can sell it on Mother’s Day as a gift idea suggestion. 

noise machine for sleeping as useful Mother's Day gift idea
Useful Mother’s Day gift idea from Aliexpress

Top Ideas of Mother´s Day gifts for gardeners 

20. Hydroponic Growing System and related items

Who would not want to eat fresh vegetables all year round? This useful Mother’s Day gift for gardeners is a solution for those who don’t have their own garden yet but always wanted to. Besides, such hydroponic air growing systems help plants grow 5x faster than growing in soil. Overall, eCommerce store owners can consider selling the whole seedling system kit or only some parts for them.

Hydroponic Growing System example of Amazon good Mother's Day gift
Hydroponic Growing System example from Amazon

21. Solar light decorations

It’s a modern and nice present for gardeners for dropshipping on Mother’s Day and in general. It’s an eBay trending product that has the potential to bring 515 sales being on the first pages of the search.

solar light decorations for dropshipping on Mother's Day
ZIK Analytics results for solar light decorations

22. Hammock

Surely mothers, grandmothers and other maternal figures will appreciate the possibility to relax in their own garden or in nature during family meetings. This outdoor Mother’s Day gift sells well and has a demand in the market. Mothers can especially like the macrame hammock chairs as a part of their outdoor or indoor decor. 

Macrame hammock chair as a good Mother's Day gift idea
Macrame hammock chair from CJropshipping as a gift idea for Mother’s Day

23. Stand-Up Weeding removal

It’s a gardening dropshipping product that earns popularity (according to the analysis of sales). With the right marketing strategy, it can be sold during the holiday season as well. 

garden dropshippping product
Dropshipping product idea from Aliexpress

24. Solar Power Fountain 

The solar birdbath fountain is one of the top eco-friendly products for dropshipping on Mother’s Day. It’s practical, modern and useful. The gardeners just love it!

sola power fountain for dropshipping
Zik Analytics sales analysis for sola power fountain for dropshipping.

25. Air Plant Hanger Macrame 

Mother's Day dropshipping products ideas
Mother’s Day dropshipping product ideas

26. House Number Planter Box

It’s an interesting gift idea for those who love plants. Additionally, it’s absolutely not saturated on the market. Be one of the firsts sellers to sell it on your eCommerce shop.

Amazon Mother´s Day gift ideas for gardeners
Amazon Mother´s Day gift ideas for gardeners 

Sell Personalized Mother’s Day gift ideas 

Personalized gifts are popular and attract the attention of buyers. The reason is easy:  everybody wants to have unique experiences and gifts. Thereby, if you have such a possibility, add the personalized products to your dropshipping store as well.

Many dropshipping suppliers offer custom products for dropshipping (e.g. Etsy, Walmart, CjDropshipping, Wayfair, Aliexpress, etc.).

Hurry up! Time is running out! We prepared a list of some of the personalized Mother’s day gift ideas to save your time in doing the product research. 

27. Family matching outfits 

It can be a unique present that the whole family would enjoy for years. T-shirts, hats, dresses, swimming suits, etc. There is plenty of variation and many choices for your buyers!

28. Personalized canvas as a special home decor gift

This is one of the personalized Mother’s Day gift ideas that would highlight love and attention to mothers, grandmothers and other maternal figures in a very special way. Those who dropship personalized products can consider adding different canvas with family names, initials and words of appreciation. 

Walmart Mother's Day gift idea
Walmart Mother’s Day gift idea

29. Custom photo wine label 

Those who appreciate a bottle of good wine as a gift would definitely love a custom photo wine label on it. There are many different options, for example, on Etsy: 

Personalized Mother’s Day gift ideas on Etsy
Personalized Mother’s Day gift ideas on Etsy

30. Personalized cutting board 

The cooking lovers would appreciate such a personalized cutting board as a unique gift. It can be a nice present for mothers and grandmothers as well. 

Etsy custom gifts as an idea of what to sell on Mother's Day
Etsy custom gifts for Mother’s Day

31. Personalized 3D LED Lamp 

It’s an amazing and unique Mother’s Day gift that touches mothers’ hearts. Customers pick a photo they want to see on the Lamp, and the suppliers provide them a ready product. Make sure to pick a reliable supplier before dropshipping custom products. A mistake in it can cost your shop a good rating and reputation. 

custom product example for dropshipping on Mother's Day
Aliexpress custom product for dropshipping on Mother’s Day

Other good Mother’s Day gift ideas to sell online

32. Music Box 

It’s another good and affordable product for dropshipping on Mother’s Day. 

Music box as an idea of what to sell on Mother's Day
Music box on Amazon as an idea of what to sell on Mother’s Day

33. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the popular Mother’s Day gifts from year to year. Make sure to add several such dropshipping products to your e-shop before the holiday. 

34. Wood Recipe Box with Cards 

It’s an amazing gift idea for those who adore cooking. Besides, it’s quite practical. 

 Wood Recipe Box with Cards as a popular Mother's Day gift
Amazon products to sell on Mother’s Day

35. Laptop Cover

Laptop wool, soft, or leather cover is an affordable Mother’s Day gift.  Make sure to add the right keyword on the listing title to get potential buyers. 

36. Jewelry organizer box

37. Family Tree

This is a good example of what to sell on Mother’s Day. It shows a family appreciation and reminds us about our roots. There are wooden signs, photo frames, frames with family members Birthdays which eCommerce sellers can dropship during this holiday. 

Family tree products to sell on Mother's Day
Family tree products from Aliexpress to sell on Mother’s Day

38. Portable lazy shoe lifter 

I think grandmothers would appreciate such a creative Mother’s Day gift. It’s allows to put shoes on in the very easy way and helps to forget about the knees or back problems.

lazy shoe lifter to sell on Mother's Day online
gift ideas for dropshipping from CJDropshipping

39. Sport Waist Belt for running 

It’s a popular sport product for dropshipping that can be a good gift, of course, for active women.

40. Portable book reading light

41. Outdoor umbrella stand with light and music 

It’s an outdoor umbrella stand with a chargeable bluetooth speaker and LED light. It can be an amazing Mother’s Day gift since it will make any family outdoor party more live, bright and funny. 

Outdoor umbrella stand with light and music to sell on Mother's Day
Dropshipping product suggestion from Aliexpress

Final lines

Well, we presented you the Top 40 Mother’s Day gift ideas for dropshipping on this holiday. We hope that the question of what to sell on Mother’s Day 2022 is not a concern for you anymore. However, if our product list is still short, you can still check the special sections with gift ideas on your dropshipping suppliers‘ sites (some of them have such), our other “what to sell” articles, and videos to get more hot trending products for selling online.

Will you prepare your eCommerce store for this big retail holiday this year? Let us know in the comments below!

?Happy Mother’s Day!?

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