The Complete Guide on Dropshipping from CJDropshipping

Today we are going to submerge you into the topic of dropshipping from CJDropshipping. We will provide you all the necessary knowledge you need to start using this supplier already today, explain to you all the important “how” and “why”, and answer the most popular questions about this dropshipping platform. 

In this post, you will learn:

Let’s go… So what is actually CJDropshipping?

Dropshipping from CJDropshipping

What is CJDropshipping? 

CJDropshipping, aka CJ, is a China-based wholesale company established in 2014 that provides various dropshipping services including product sourcing, order processing, shipping services, product branding, customized packing, and some other useful features for the eCommerce sellers.

CJ platform has the ability to connect with eBay, Shopify, Woocommerce, Shipstation, Lazada, and Shopee. It offers about 400,000 products for drop shipping across various categories posted by the CJ team at the request of their users and current trends. 29 of the CJ Dropshipping warehouses are located across the globe.

Why dropship from CJDropshipping?

To start with, CJDropshipping performs as a one-stop service platform with all the services related to dropshipping business. Undoubtedly, dropshipping from CJ Dropshipping opens a lot of opportunities and cool services for online sellers.

Firstly, it’s a wholesale supplier that offers the products for drop shippers at the terms which allow them to use both business models: an online arbitrage (also known as a retailer arbitrage) and a wholesaler.

Generally speaking, CJ Dropshipping allows you to buy the dropshipping products at wholesale prices without purchasing a big amount of their stock beforehand. And, obviously, you get even better margins by buying CJ products in larger amounts and keeping them in their warehouses. 

Secondly, this platform is fully created for dropshippers. CJDropshipping professional customer-oriented team aims to comfort customers with the latest product trends and eCommerce tendencies.

Perhaps this explains their growing popularity. Just have a look at their growth during the last 5 years:

Google trends shows the growing trend for CJDropshipping during last 5 years
Google trends shows the growing trend for CJDropshipping during last 5 years

Following the trends smartly is an important skill when you are doing online business. Therefore, let’s dive together into this topic and learn more about this Chinese supplier.

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It’s time…

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Does eBay allow dropshipping from CJdropshipping?

I’m sure that you’ve already learned the rule to check the policy of your marketplace before starting to source from any supplier because you want to assure the security of your dropshipping store. 

Great news! CJDropshipping is a legitimate eBay dropship supplier. It’s an eCommerce website that has been completely oriented for drop shipping business since 2015. It’s important to mention it again: CJDropshipping is a wholesaler. Therefore, dropshipping from CjDropshipping is allowed for eBay dropshippers, Amazon and Shopify sellers. 

Reminder: eBay dropshipping policy allows their sellers to fulfill orders directly from wholesaler suppliers, unlike a retailer source. 

If you are an eBay seller and searching for a wholesaler for dropshipping, CjDropshipping is worth considering. You can be calm for your seller ratings when dropshipping from CJ Dropshipping. This source will not be a motive to flag your eBay account or even cancel it. However, don´t forget about other reasons that can lead to it. So, anyway dropship wisely. 


You can follow our free guidelines or a complete eBay dropshipping course if you like to learn how to dropship on eBay.

Similarly, If you dropship on Shopify. Shopify policies aren’t so strict as eBay has. They allow using retail and wholesale dropshipping suppliers. So you are also safe to dropship from CJDropshipping. 

I think everything is clear with the marketplace policies part, and we can move further.  

What are the CJDropshipping advantages?

We have mentioned that one of the main benefits from CJDropshipping is their wholesale prices for non-wholesale orders and that it is a legitimate eBay dropship supplier. What about the rest of the CJDropshipping advantages? We will name them here and describe more further in this article.

The CJDropshipping advantages are the following:

  1. No setup fee/monthly fee;
  2. No minimum order quantity (MOQ);
  3. Free storage for CJ products;
  4. Free product sourcing and listing;
  5. Automatic order fulfillment and processing;
  6. Reliable shipping time and reasonable cost;
  7. Global warehouses: China, the US, Thailand, Germany, Indonesia.
  8. Custom packaging/branding/white label;
  9. Print on Demand (POD) service for sellers and buyers;
  10. Quality inspection for each package;
  11. Cash on Delivery (COD);
  12. Product photo/video shooting service;
  13. 7/24 customer support.

I hope you are still here. Read our next chapter “CJDropshipping services” to learn in detail about some of these CJDropshipping advantages.

CJ Dropshipping services 

CJ Dropshipping Products Quality Control

CJ Dropshipping, as a fast-growing dropshipping supplier, has plenty of services to offer to dropshippers all over the world. The platform’s main benefits are CJ products, their quality and prices.

The company collaborates with more than 400 different fabrics to present trendy products on their platform. The awesome part of their collaboration is that CJ Dropshipping controls the quality of the products from their warehouses before shipment. It means that there is no need to dedicate time to finding reliable sellers, like, for example, on Aliexpress. All products are controlled by CJ Team. And there is only one seller there – CJDropshipping.

So, you can browse more than 400,000 products across 13 categories from different CJ warehouses to add to your dropshipping store right away. The interface is pretty user-friendly and similar to other shopping platforms you used to use:

CJDropshipping products
CJDropshipping products

You can filter the products by warehouse location, price, free shipping, supplier products, product video, etc.

Pro tip:

Chinese CJ warehouse offers the biggest number of dropshipping products but you will need to cope with a bit longer shipping.

The number of items is smaller than on Aliexpress. But it’s not critical and has its positive side. Why? Because the CJ team picks only trendy products for dropshipping to offer on their platform.

Moreover, you probably have been in situations where the same product on Aliexpress can be sold by dozens of sellers at different costs and shipping time/prices. Therefore, you waste time searching for the best seller with better policies.  

Dropshipping from CJDropshipping helps to avoid it. It helps you to save your precious time from comparing the same dropshipping product between dozens of sellers…because there is only 1 seller, CJDropshipping by itself.  

Searching products for dropshipping from CJDropshipping
Searching for 1 specific product on CJ Dropshipping.
Comparing CJ products with same products on Aliexpress.
Searching for the same product on Aliexpress. Multiple sellers for the same item.

A personal CJ agent

CJDropshipping is a real customer-oriented company. You get a free CJ agent that will guide you from your very first steps on the platform and helps you understand better their services. Once you are on the homepage, you will see a small chat window at the left bottom part. There you can get in touch with your personal CJ agent there, get his contacts. This person is going to be a Key figure between your dropshipping store, you, and CJ Dropshipping. Contact your CJ agent for anything you might need: store authorization, sourcing the items with variations, order fulfillment, etc.

CJ order fulfillment

CJ Dropshipping is a platform for dropshippers. It unites all the necessary services, including the order fulfillments. 

CJDropshipping takes care of order processing. CJ team fulfills all orders by themselves, unlike, for example, other platforms where sellers do it by themselves. It´s not necessary to hire other fulfillment agents for the beginning.

As it was mentioned, dropshipping from CJ Dropshipping opens 2 business models: online arbitrage where you can order only 1 item, if you want. It will appear on the site under “dropshipping” name. There is no minimum order quantity required.

Additionally, they offer wholesale fulfillment. You can order a bulk of items on CJDropshipping, and the company will ship them to one of their warehouses in Germany, Thailand, the US, Indonesia, and China, and store it for you. Or those can be products from your own supplier. Then CJDropshipping will charge the processing fees.

CJ Dropshipping lister

Unlike other shopping sites, CJDropshipping offers a feature of listing CJ products right from their site.

It automatically copies the product details, including description (weight, inventory, packing) and photos to the dropshipping listing in your store.  The List button situated below product details on every product page.

LIst button to dropship from CJ Dropshipping directly.
The List button to dropship from CJ Dropshipping directly.

However, the CJ Dropshipping lister is very basic yet. There are no additional features. 

In addition, CJ Dropshipping offers the “Connection” feature. When you click on “Add automatic connection”, you help CJ understand better the type of products you are listing. 

Sourcing products on CJDropshipping 

Another wonderful feature this dropshipping platform offers eCommerce sellers is to make a source product request. Let’s specify straight away what it means because, at least I, faced another meaning for it being a couple of years in dropshipping business.

So, sourcing products on CJdropshipping means the possibility to request a specific product to be available on CJDropshipping. To put it simply, you had in your mind a specific product you wanted to dropship. You have checked the Cj Dropshipping site and didn’t find it there. However, you went to Aliexpress and saw they do offer this product. As you understand that usually, CJ Dropshipping provides your wholesale prices, you had a thought that if you will be able to take this product from their platform, perhaps, you would get a better price and higher profit. And here where the CJDropshipping sourcing request feature enters the game. 

Their users can request to source products from Aliexpress, 1688, Shopify, Taobao on the CJDropshipping platform. Here is the video guidance on how to do it:  

Pro Tip:

Take advantage of other free dropshipping tools and extensions to boost your eCommerce business. 

Moreover, it can be done with a matter of one click on the desired product page if you have installed CJDropshipping Chrome extension. 

What CJ’s team does when you send them a product sourcing request? They are looking for a manufacturer who has this item or can produce it for CJ Dropshipping at the lowest price. They are capable of doing it since they cooperate with approximately 200 factories, and are a part of the International Trade Mart (Futian market), which covers 2,000 different categories of goods and 40 industries. 

Keep in mind that CJDropshipping users have a limited number of product sourcing requests per day. You will have 5 requests per day in the beginning, but if you will grow with them, your number of sourcing requests will increase to 10,20, 50, and the possibility of having an unlimited number of requests. 

You can follow the whole process in your CJDropshipping account. 

In general, this is an excellent feature to try to get the necessary dropshipping product at a lower price. Anyway, it’s necessary to be ready that the sourced product´s price will be not so cheap. 

Pro tip:

if you don’t know how to find profitable dropshipping products by yourself, you can take the ideas from DSM Tool youtube product reviews that we found for you, and source them every day to get the best price to dropship from CJDropshipping.

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Customized photo and video in drop shipping from CJ Dropshipping 

CJ Dropshipping offers a product video feature. It’s not a secret that the good video or image in your listing drives better traffic and leads to potential sales. CJ Dropshipping thought about it and provided dropshippers the opportunity to download high-quality videos and photos directly from the product description page. Moreover, it’s available for free CJ users as well. 

Click on the product video and you will see the download button: 

The button to download the CJDropshipping  product videos.
The button to download the CJDropshipping product video

Additionally, you can save the product images in high quality. Each image has a download button on the right bottom corner.  

The button to download the CJDropshipping product images
The button to download the CJDropshipping product images

However, they go even further. Users can request a customized photo or video shooting giving specific instructions about what they want to see there. Normally it takes 5-12 days and they will send you the results on CJDropshipping. The request button for it is situated right under the product specifications: 

The button to request the CJDropshipping customized photo and video.
The button to request the CJDropshipping customized photo and video.

Follow the process on My CJ> My Photography

Following the results of a request for the CJDropshipping customized photo and video.
The section to follow the results of a request for the CJDropshipping customized photo and video.

CJDropshipping print on demand

Print-on-demand, aka POD, is a CJDropshipping feature available for everybody. The main note is you can apply it only for certain CJ products. No worries, all of them are collected on the CJDropshipping Print on-demand marketplace.

All products are divided into 13 categories: jewelry & watches; toys, kids & baby; computer & office; home, garden & office; women’s clothing; sport & outdoors; automobiles & motorcycles; Men’s clothing; health, beauty & hair; consumer electronics; phones & accessories; home improvement; and bag & shoes.

CJ products for print-on-demand
CJ products for print-on-demand

Choose a product for dropshipping and click on the button Start design:

Starting your own design for a print-on-demand dropshipping product
The button for starting your own design for a print-on-demand dropshipping product

Upload a photo (bigger than 1000×1000 px) or your logo, pick the necessary product specifications, shipping details, and save it. Besides, it’s possible to add your customized text for some of such products. In the end, you will be able to see the mockup of the product.

Using print-on-demand in dropshipping from CJ Dropshipping
CJDropshipping print on demand customization

After saving it, you will be able to see your design in the My CJ > Print on Demand > Design by Myself list. From there you can list this dropshipping product to your store or order it directly. However, make sure you enabled the POD feature on the authorization page, near the necessary dropshipping store. 

Similarly, your buyers can develop their own designs for print-on-demand products. CJ Dropshipping thought about it as well. The guideline on how to do it is here


Check these successful print on demand stores to get inspired and improve your eCommerce store.

Custom packaging in drop shipping from CJDropshipping 

Dropshipping with custom packaging is a great opportunity to distinguish your products from others, strengthen your own brand and show your buyers that they deal with professional eCommerce sellers. Dropshipping from CJ Dropshipping allows you to do all of this. 

The CJ custom packaging feature is located in My CJ>Custom packaging. 

CJDropsipping custom packaging
CJDropsipping custom packaging

There are 2 sections: the Pre-Designed Packaging section and My Custom Packaging section. 

The CJ’s Pre-Designed Packaging offers existing packaging options from different materials, including sustainable packaging for green dropshipping. Additionally, there are tags, “thank you” stickers, etc. to put in your packaging.

If you are not going to add your own logo to the CJ packages, you can pick one of the options there. In case you want to add a customized logo to the product package, you need to contact a CJ agent, provide him/her the SKU number, logo. Then it will appear on the Design Model. If you want your logo to appear on the original CJ packaging, similarly talk with your agent. It’s possible to organize it.

In case you haven’t found the necessary packaging on CJDropshipping, contact a CJ agent to make it happen for you. 

It’s important to know that you need to have the custom packaging already purchased, so your CJDropshipping orders would be fulfilled with them.

CJDropshipping warehouses

As CJ Dropshipping states on their official site, they offer “drop shipping worldwide from worldwide”. The company operates 8 warehouses all around the globe to facilitate dropshippers the opportunity to dropship internationally. 

CJDropshipping warehouses are situated: 3 in China, 2 in the US, 1 in Thailand, 1 in Germany, and 1 in Indonesia.

Though, CJDropshipping has more and more warehouses that cooperate with them. They are known as CJ Supplier Warehouses. They are located in China, the USA, Thailand, Germany, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, India, Brazil, Russia, Great Britain, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Czechia, Uganda, Romania, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Spain, Italy, Chile, and New Zealand. In addition, the company works on adding more countries to this list. 

You can click on the Warehouses section on the CJDropshipping site to see all of them and find products available for them: 


Products in CJ supplier warehouse have free shipping (unlike CJDropshipping warehouses) and up to 1-week delivery.

CJDropshipping warehouses list
CJDropshipping warehouses list

CJ Dropshipping policies: payment, shipping and returns

CJDropshipping payment options 

ECommerce sellers from all over the globe dropshipping from CJDropshipping. Since the company is very user-friendly, it offers common payment options from all continents. 

CJDropshipping payment methods are the following:

  • PayPal;
  • Bank Wire Transfer (this CJ payment option implies extra 10$ or 20$ fees);
  • WesternUnion;
  • CJ wallet;
  •  Credit/debit card;
  • Payoneer;
  • Payssion;
  • Midtrans. 
CJDropshipping payment methods
CJD ropshipping payment methods

CJDropshipping refund policy 

Knowing the refund and return policy of your dropshipping supplier is an important step in working with it. Now all suppliers offer the returns. It’s not the case when we speak about dropshipping from CJDropshipping. 

CJDropshipping refunds are possible in several cases: 

  • If an CJ order was delayed.  

The number of days when you can apply for a CJ refund varie on a country and a shipping method you’ve used. For instance, 45 days is a term for the orders shipped to the United States. 110 days is this term for Brazil. In case, an order was shipped by China Post Registered Air Mail or CJ liquid direct, you can apply for a refund if this order was delayed in 100 days. 

  • If an CJ order wasn’t received.

It’s pretty tricky. If your buyer claims that he didn’t receive a CJ order, and the tracking information shows the opposite…CJDropshipping will not refund you unless you can prove it with a non-delivery certification issued by the local post office with an official seal. 

On the other hand, there can be a tracking information alert due to incorrect address, uncleared customs, unknown number or non-existing person, etc. It’s a motive to claim a refund. 

  • If a CJ product was damaged. 

It’s possible to get a full refund or a product replacement if the CJDropshiping product arrived badly damaged. Of course, there would be needed proofs for that: photos, videos, etc.  Slightly damaged items get a partial refund. 

  • If a CJ product was incorrect. 

CJ offers a full refund or replacement in case their product is completely incorrect. In regards to wrong product variations, like a wrong size or color (again proved), CJ team can partially refund. Same for the missing item details (or CJ will resend you them). 

Additionally, a full refund is possible for order cancellation. Only in case, the product wasn’t processed by warehouses. It doesn’t apply to the POD products and CJ photo or video orders. 

It’s worth mentioning that you can apply for a refund only when your Cj order status is still open. Besides, it’s impossible if the tracking information is untraceable.

 CJDropshipping also provides a list of countries where you can ship but you can’t open a dispute. Those are the next shipping destinations: Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nicaragua, Swaziland, Jamaica, Zambia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Angola, Bahamas, Benin, Belize City, Burundi, Dominican Republic, Gambia, Grenada, Cuba, Palestine, Paraguay, Guatemala, Reunion, The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and French Guiana.

Bear in mind that all CJ products can be returned only to the CJ China warehouse so far, and within 10 days after the product arrived. The CJDropshipping return process will require you to contact their agent first. 

CJDropshipping shipping methods 

The CJDropshipping shipping methods include the most famous world postal services (USPS, DHL, PostNL,ePacket, etc.) and their own special delivery service – CJPacket. 

What is CJPaket? 

CJPacket is a CJDropshipping shipping method that works as an alternative to the ePacket shipping or special line alternatives. It’s highly recommended by CJ Dropshipping for fast product shipping.

The CJPacket tracking number looks like CJPJC8390056780YQ. Besides, its tracking numbers are traceable and accepted by eBay, Shopify, and other platforms. You can always check your parcel on the CJDropshipping order information page or other tracking services. 

There are many different variations from CJPacket for different destinations and shipping ways. For example, CJPacket Fast Line, CJ Packet YW Sensitive, CJPacket Euro, CJPacket Sensitive GB, etc. 

What is CJDropshipping shipping time? 

In general, the CJ shipping time depends on the CJDropshipping warehouse location, your destination country and a delivery method. We gathered for you the information for the most popular destinations among dropshippers. 

CjDropshipping shipping time
CJDropshipping shipping time

What is CJDropshipping shipping time to the USA? 

The CJDropshipping shipping time to the US is around 10-22 days if shipped from the CJ China warehouse. CJPaket, an alternative to fast ePacket, ships products usually within 7-20 days, CJPaket YDS US takes 12-22 days, and it’s 10-20 days with USPS (but the shipping fees will be bigger for it).

If you ship a parcel from the CJ USA warehouse, the delivery time takes normally 2-7 days 

CJ Dropshipping shipping time to USA
CJ Dropshipping shipping time to the USA

What is CJDropshipping shipping time to Canada? 

The CJ Dropshipping delivery time to Canada takes 15-25 days with the CJPacket delivery method from the CJ China Warehouse.

What is CJDropshipping shipping time to Australia? 

The CJ Dropshipping delivery time to Australia takes approximately 8-16 days if the products go from the CJ China warehouse. The fastest delivery option that are offered to Australian eCommerce sellers is the CJPaket Australia with 8-14 shipping days. However, the CJPacket method takes 9-15 days, and the CJPacket YW Ordinary method together with the CJPacket YW Sensitive takes 10-16 shipping days.

What is CJDropshipping shipping time to the UK?

The CJDropshipping shipping time to the UK is 7-12 shipping days from the CJ China warehouse. The fastest delivery method for the UK is the CJPacket Sensitive GB with 7-12 shipping days. The CJPacket and the CJPacket Euro Ordinary ship products within 8-12 days.

What is CJDropshipping shipping time to France? 

The CJDropshipping shipping time to France normally takes 7-14 days from their Chinese warehouse. The CJ Team recommends using the CJPacket Euro Ordinary delivery method for fast shipping to France. Its shipping time is 7-14 days. The CJPaket or the CJPacket YW Ordinary with 8-16 shipping days can also be an option. By the way, the same shipping time and methods are applicable for Belgium

CJDropshipping shipping time to France

What is CJDropshipping shipping time to Germany? 

The CJDropshipping shipping time to Germany is around 9-18 days from the CJ warehouse in China. The recommended fast shipping option is the CJPacket Euro Ordinary with possible 7-14 delivery days, and the CJPaket and CJPacket YW Ordinary. 

However, if you are going to order the products from the CJ Germany warehouse, the shipping time can be shortened to 3-6 days with the Deutsche Post delivery service (but the shipping fees can be doubled). 

CJDropshipping shipping time to Germany
CJDropshipping delivery time to Germany

What is CJ Dropshipping shipping time to Italy?

The CJDropshipping shipping time to Italy for the products from the CJ warehouse in China is also about 9-18 days. The fastest shipping line they offer is the CJPacket Euro Ordinary with 9-15 shipping days. The CJPacket Sensitive with 10-18 delivery days can be a fast option as well. 

What is CJDropshipping shipping time to Spain?

The CJDropshipping delivery time to Spain for the orders from the CJ warehouse in China takes 9-18 days. The top choices of the offered CJ shipping methods for this country will be the CJ Packet and the CJPacket Ordinary. 

What is CJ Dropshipping shipping time to Mexico? 

The CJ Dropshipping shipping time to Mexico normally takes 15-25 days when ordering from the CJ China Warehouse. The CJPacket YW Ordinary and CJPacket YW Sensitive are the fastest CJ delivery methods for this destination. 

How to check the shipping time and fees on CJDropshipping?

 It’s important to remember that the CJDropshipping shipping fees vary depending on the products’ weight. Therefore, the oversized products have a pretty costly price, and it can be better to dropship them from the local CJ warehouse or local dropshipping supplier. 

There are several ways on checking the delivery time and fees: 

  1. In general, you can open a CJDropshipping shipping calculator to check the time and fees. On the homepage, go to your account > Tools > Shipping Calculator:
CJ shipping calculator  for dropshipping from CJ Dropshipping
CJDropshipping shipping calculator

2.  You can open an interesting for you CJ Dropshpping product and check the shipping times and approximate fees right on its product page:

CJ Dropshipping shipping options and time on the product page
CJ Dropshipping shipping options and time on the product page

What are the CJDropshipping disadvantages?

As CJDropshipping is a relatively young company, it offers a limited number of items for dropshipping. To be more specific, they browse approximately 400 thousand products. Therefore, the number of available products is smaller than, for example, in Aliexpress. On the other hand, they add products on request.

Secondly, their site is quite complex for beginners. It can take some time and a few of their tutorials to figure it out.

Thirdly, CJDropshipping doesn’t send invoices or receipts automatically. They do it only upon request. It can be a disadvantage for those who get used to collecting the invoices promptly.

In addition, this platform is more suitable for dropshipping small items. The shipping fees for oversized products are big, and the whole listing can be not so profitable.

How to register in CJDropshipping and connect your store?

The process of the registration is straightforward: 

  1. Go to the right top part of the CJ homepage and click on the Register button. 
The button for CJDropshipping signup
The Register button on CJ Dropshipping

Firstly, you will see a welcoming message. Click on the Register button. 

Then the site redirects you to the registration form where you need to provide your credentials: email and password. Mark a field showing that you agree with the Terms and Policies, and click on the Next button.

Once it is done, you will get another form to provide your personal information: user name, first name, last name, and phone number. Besides, there is a possibility to modify your email on the top, just in case there is an error or you changed your mind. 

When all the necessary data is there, click on the Next button and the CJDropshipping signup will be done.

After creating an account in CJDropshipping and confirming your email address, you can log in and connect CJ to your dropshipping store on eBay, Shopify, Woocommerce, Shipstation, Etsy, Wix, Squarespace, ShopLazza, Magento, Bigcommerce, AllValue, PrestaShop and TikTok. 

Everything will be done from the CJ Authorization section:  

CJDropshipping integrations
CJDropshipping Authorization section

There you pick the necessary platform, click the Add store button, and provide your store name. Click on Authorize and you are done.

Guidance on how to connect a dropshipping store to CJ Dropshipping

How to create a listing from CJ Dropshipping?

It’s possible to list from CJ Dropshipping straightforwardly from their site, manually (it’s when you spend time copying and pasting all data by yourself right on your selling platform) and via the automated listing software.

We’d stop more specifically on the last option because, usually, such a dropshipping software offers way more than just a listing option. In other words, you get a bundle of extra features that helps you automate your dropshipping business. For example, it can be product price/stock monitoring, auto-orders, the eBay VERO checker, suggested title and listing optimization, automatic messages to your buyers, product description rewriting, etc. Right like in the case with DSM Tool software.

Great news! DSM Tool has recently integrated CJDropshipping into its 50+ dropship suppliers list. Moreover, it´s an official CJ Dropshipping partner. Both our teams aim to improve your journey in dropshipping.

Now straight to the point!

First of all, prepare your store to dropship from a new supplier. If you are an eBay drop shipper, create special business policies for CJDropshipping on your eBay policies. Secondly, refresh your policies in the DSM Tool lister settings, and assign them to a special supplier. Once it´s done, the lister will apply these policies for all CJ products by default.

Setting DSM Tool for dropshipping from CJDropshipping
Setting DSM Tool for dropshipping from CJDropshipping

Thirdly, start to list the items. On the one hand, you can list a CJ product by copying the product link and pasting it to the DSM Rapid lister, and click on the Import button:

dropshipping from CJ Dropshipping with DSM Tool
Paste a CJ product link to the DSM Tool lister

And here we go…The software automatically copied all the available info about this CJ product. The next steps are on you. Choose the necessary profit margins, change the product description, and title, add missing specifications (it´s one of the eBay SEO tips), and click on Publish.

Drop shipping from CJDropshipping via DSM Tool
CJDropshipping product on the DSM Tool lister

On the other hand, you can use the DSM Tool chrome extension button “List in DSM” on the CJDropshipping product page. In this way, you will skip the copy-paste link step. 

How to Find Products on CJ?

To be profitable and get sales, you need to add winning products to your dropshipping store. There are different product research methods that you can use to get profitable product ideas. I will not speak about them here, if you want, check this eCommerce product research guide. Instead, let’s see how you can find a product on CJ Dropshipping:

1) Search by keywords

This is a basic simple feature that every online shopping platform will have. By writing the keyword in the search field, you can easily find out products whose title includes the keyword.

search for CJ product

2) Search by image

This function is also in the search bar. Differently, you can drag an image or upload it from a file folder to search. It’s a useful feature when you know what exact product you want to dropship from CJDropshipping platform. Especially, if you want to compare the prices for it on CJ and another marketplace.

This is how you can search products on CJ by images:

3) Super Deals on CJ Dropshipping

They have a promotional plan for products that are enough in stock on the CJ Dropshipping warehouses. In this section, you will actually only discover discounted products. It helps dropshippers to increase profits.

Super Deals on CJ Dropshipping

4) CJ Dropshipping Trending Products

CJ team has professionals who carefully follow the current trends and add trending products to their eCommerce platform every week. hese products should be of high sales, popular, seasonal, and have been searched many times. It’s an extra paid feature on the Cj platform.

There you can find what trending is now and consider to sell such products on your eCommerce or dropshipping store.

Cj trending products

5) Hot Selling Categories

CJ Dropshippign analyzes what you are souring, saving or listing, and based on that will suggest you hot selling products within that categories. CJ lists the first 4 categories. For a niche store, it will reduce the inconvenience of searching for products of one category one by one.

6) CJ Product Reports

CJ Dropshipping often collects popular products and creates the product reports here. It’s nice of them and very useful for us, online sellers. So you can search for the latest trending products in this their section as well.

CJ Dropshipping Product Reports
CJ Dropshipping Product Reports

7)  Recommended Products

Check this section on the CJ platform. They will show you recommended products based on your browser history.  You may have orders of these products, listed, added similar products to your Wishlist or SKU list. 

8) Warehouses

CJ is always sourcing overseas suppliers to provide local delivery for products. In that column, you will see all warehouses, including CJ warehouses and supplier warehouse. It’s a good option to see what they have in your nearest CJ warehouse.

For CJ products, they will arrange shipment and you need to pay for the product and shipment. 

CJDropshipping US Warehouse
CJDropshipping US Warehouse

9) New products section

CJ Team selects the first 6 new products to show yo there. But you can click “VIew More” to see other new CJ items.

Cj dropshipping new products
CJDropshipping new products

10) CJ Print-on-demand section

It’s another section ot get product ideas on CJDropshipping. Especially if you run print-on-demand store. Here you can find products that support customization here and design yourself, including putting your logo on them.

Final lines

Dropshipping from CJDropshipping is a growing in popularity topic in the eCommerce sellers societies. It’s a good alternative to dropshipping from AliExpress since it frequently provides better prices and shipping times, and, most importantly, it’s an absolutely legit dropship supplier for eBay dropshipping. Besides, CJ Dropshipping is a one-stop platform for dropshippers with a big range of free services useful for different businesses. 

Have you tried CJDropshipping? Tell us in the comments below. 

We hope this post was useful for you.
Best of luck! 

Written by Diana Velyka

Diana joined DSM Tool in 2019 as a Customer Success Manager and helped thousands of e-commerce owners to run their online shops. Today, she is a part of the content team of Dropship Academy where she focuses mainly on the drop shipping research to help the global entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. In her free time, she enjoys traveling the world, playing the guitar and learning languages.

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    • Yes, CJDropshipping is a legitimate eBay dropshipping supplier because it's a wholesaler. Aliexpress isn't.
      Although CJ's site can be a bit more complicated than Aliexpress, you can start with it.

  1. Can I request sourcing for items before I make a sell on them? Other companies you need to make the sell and then submit the sourcing request, which is backwards to me.

    • Hi Trinna,
      Yes, you can request sourcing before making a sale on an item.
      You have 5 requests per day and can start requesting right after creating an account on CJDropshipping.

    • Hi Bob,
      Yes, it will be necessary to create an account on CJDropshipping (or any supplier) you use to dropship via DSMTool.


  2. I have an interest for 5000 products
    I already sold to them 2000 of the same product
    Supplier is in china
    Shipment must be by sea profit becomes good
    Buyer pays once it sells to direct customer
    Can you purchase 5000 and store in my country and do only 2 deliveries

  3. is cjdropshipping the responsible of all the process of shipping once the costumer ordered and payed in my store ? or Am i obliged to do the order manually after the costumer ordered in my store ?

    • They have an option of automatic order processing where Cj dropshipping takes care of your orders (you need to connect your store and make a couple of clicks to set it).
      Or you can process them manually.
      The tutorial:

    • Hello Adil,
      thanks for your question!

      Cj Dropshipping can be synchronized with Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, Shipstation, Etsy, Wix, Squarespace, ShopLazza, Magento, Bigcommerce, AllValue, and PrestaShop.

  4. Is it a stand alone platform? Can I still do business with CJdropshipping without integration to other platform like Shopify, Lazada, Woocommerce, etc.?

    • If you use a dropshipping tool like DSM tool to track your items, it will notice the price change and update your listing price automatically.

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