25 Spring Items for Dropshipping and Selling Online In 2023

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A new spring season is already here. So, it’s time to update your dropshipping store with new spring items. And we´ve got you covered! 

In this post, you will find the list of 25 bestselling spring products to sell online or to dropship in 2023. And the awesome part is that the whole product research analysis is already done!

We walk you through the list of dropshipping products for this spring season, upcoming spring holidays, like Easter and Mother’s Day, new trends for warm weather. And explain to you what product research methods we used and how you can do it by yourself. In addition, we give you tips that help to increase your eCommerce sales.

Let’s get started!

spring dropshipping products

Prepare your Dropshipping Store for Spring Season

When a new shopping season comes, new consumption needs will arise and create an important demand for certain specific seasonal products. For example, spring weather will raise demand for lighter clothing, outdoor products, items for outdoor activities, and many others.

Easter and other holidays raise demand for spring dropshipping, etc.  Shoppers will need new spring items! Therefore, thinking beforehand about what products to sell online in spring opens the possibilities of generating high income or improving and increasing the sales of your online store.

You can start with a few steps to make sure you are ready for your dropshipping store preparation for the spring season:

  1. Start with reviewing your current offers and products 

What kind of products do you sell? Do they bring you sales? What other products could naturally complement the offer? Recheck all of that.

  1. Check out what’s happening on the market. 

Monitor current trends and what people are talking about to be the first one to offer the new product.  Conduct the eCommerce product research to learn the latest trends on the market on what trending dropshipping items to sell online now. 

  1. Think about your target audience.

In most cases, people buy what they need in advance. So, your task is to predict their needs and their shopping behavior.  


In addition, you can plan your spring promotions using the eCommerce calendar

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Top Best Selling Spring Products to Dropship in 2023 

With those 3 great research tips, let’s now take a look at all the following ideas of the best guesses of spring items, which you can offer to your customers during the spring season 2023. You’re going to see different options among Essential Spring Stuff and Holiday-related dropshipping items. Surely some of them will catch your attention. No time to waste! 

Here are the best spring items for dropshipping this year:

  1. Garden tools
  2. Spring decor
  3. Easter products (decor, eggs, DIY, etc.)
  4. Toys for the Easter egg hunt
  5. Seed starters
  6. travel accessories
  7. BBQ accessories/tools
  8. Fishing tools
  9. Products and accessories for outdoor activities like backpack covers
  10. Hiking sticks
  11. Safety outdoor products
  12. Picnic basket and other picinc products
  13. Sunglasses
  14. Garden or terrace furniture
  15. Outdoor lightning
  16. Bicycle GPS tracker
  17. Kids swing set
  18. Gifts for Mother’s Day
  19. Swimming suits
  20. Water guns
  21. Flower hair accessories
  22. Sun protectors
  23. Stroller organizers
  24. Shapewear
  25. Keyboard cleaning brush

And here is why:

1. Best Selling Garden Tools to Sell in Spring 

The earth is awaking after the winter. Similar to gardeners who want to spend more time in the sun in their garden. That´s why the essential spring items for them are garden products. Make sure to add various gardening tools to your dropshipping shop. 

spring items for the gardening niche
Gardening bestsellers for spring dropshipping

2. Dropshipping Spring decor 

Yeees, the new season comes! That means that women will want to renew some of their home decorations and add the “spring atmosphere” to their homes.

Spring seasonal items that will be a demand for new dishes, spring pillow covers, flower ornaments, flower vases, etc. 

Some big retailers give you hints on what to sell in spring by creating dedicated sections. Like it happens on Walmart now:

sell spring stuff for home
Walmart spring decor

3. Dropshipping Easter products 

Easter is the biggest eCommerce holiday of the spring season. If you want to increase your sales in spring, pay a lot of attention to adding enough easter dropshipping products. Those can be Easter basket items, Easter chocolate eggs, normal Easter eggs, holiday-related home decorations, bunny decor, Easter party decorations, etc.


We have presented our list of the best-selling Easter products, make sure to check it to get more product ideas.

Ideas for easter dropshipping
Ideas for easter dropshipping on Walmart

4. Easter Eggs Fidget Toy and Other Toys for Easter Egg Hunt 

An important range of products that can bring you new sales in spring is toys or other products for the Easter Egg Hunt. This is an example of one of the toys-bestsellers you can resell in your shop as well. 

easter dropshipping product example

5. Seed Starters 

As we already said the gardening items among dropshipping spring products are one of the most popular. No wonder! The gardening season is back! Therefore, try to list various products for gardening lovers. You know about tools but don’t forget to add seed starters to your dropshipping shop as well! 

dropshipping spring gardening items

6. Travel accessories your next top-selling spring dropshipping products 

The spring season usually provokes people to do more outdoor activities and travel. 

This is your chance to sell them what they can need. There is a big range of travel accessories. For example, you can consider a reusable oil match keychain for spring dropshipping.

spring dropshipping item example
Dropshipping product idea

7. Barbecue tools for spring dropshipping

BBQ tools are our next popular spring dropshipping products you can sell in your eCommerce store. Those are the perfect products to sell this season since people will start to spend more time outside, including doing barbecues. 

Walmart items to sell in spring
Walmart items to sell in spring

8. Fishing tools for dropshipping in spring 

Another outdoor activity in spring is fishing. Do you have fishing products in your store? If not, that’s the time to dropship these spring items. The Amazon bestsellers in this sub-niche can provide you a lot of product ideas. For example, you can sell the next items: 

spring items for fishing

9. Dropship items related to spring outdoor activities like Backpack Covers

Backpack covers are easy products to dropship in spring and make profits. Their initial price is quite low, especially if you are dropshipping from China. As a consequence, the possibility to set higher dropshipping margins is also high. 

As a spring item to sell, it will be popular. Especially for those who have a niche store for tourism, highking,  other outdoor activities, or a general store

outdoor items to sell online in spring

10. Sell hiking sticks

Another example of the best spring products to dropship is hiking sticks! Accessories for Nordic walks or hiking are more popular in countries like Germany, Austria, Canada. So, don’t forget to learn your customer geography to offer them the right product!

product ideas to sell online

11. Sell safety outdoor products 

Yes, spring is the season when the outdoor activities fans come back to their hobbies. The well-organized one will want to be ready for everything and follow the safety rules. 

For example, you can add the emergency blanket kit. It has a high number of orders and was saved thousands of times, so it’s already a popular product.

Aliexpress dropshipping product idea
Aliexpress dropshipping product idea

12. Picnic basket and other picnic accessories

According to Google trends, people start to prepare and search for picnic baskets and related products already in March. In summer, the trend goes down. So, consider selling them as well. 

Google Trends for spring products research
Google Trends results

13. Dropship Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are a real hit in the spring season! This product is a spring essential that basically everyone needs! 

Product ideas for Dropshipping from CJ Dropshipping
Product ideas for Dropshipping from CJ Dropshipping

14. Garden Furniture for Dropshipping in Spring 

“Finally warm weather! Finally, I can spend more time in my lovely garden!” This is what many are thinking now parallelly searching for how to make their gardens and terraces more beautiful and cozy.  They are among typical spring seasonal items in eCommerce stores.

You can see how the trend on Garden Furniture is growing in spring in Google  Trends as well. 

Product research with Google Trends
Product research with Google Trends

15. Outdoor Lighting as Spring Dropshipping Products 

Along with new furniture and plants for their garden, shoppers are the most interested in the outdoor lighting in spring. As Google Trends shows:

Google Trends results
Google Trends results

16. Bicycle GPS tracker

Another demanding item for selling in spring is a bicycle GPS tracker. This product is again for cycling and outdoor activities fans. But you know that the more good items you sell in your dropshipping shop, the higher are chances to get sales.

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17. Sell Kids Swing Set 

Well, not only adults do like to go more often to nature in spring but also our always active kids. Dropshipping swing set in the early spring, especially in Australia and New Zealand markets, is a good idea! 

Google Trends results
Google Trends results

18. Mother’s Day Dropshipping Products

In  May, there is another big retail event – Mother’s Day. Your buyers will look for good gifts for their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and other motherlike figures. We have suggested you a lot of product ideas for Mother’s Day here. Make sure you start to add them to your online shop in April, after Easter. Prepare the listing titles and if you want, add special promotions. Don’t miss this Day and congratulate your Mother 😉 

whats a good Mothers day gift ideas

19. Start to sell swimming suits in spring 

The analysis of the shopper behavior shows that people start to get ready for the summer vacations or the heat already in May. And at this time they buy swimsuits! Surely you can check the fashion trends to find out what colors or styles are in fashion this spring-summer season. It increases chances to make sales 😉

family swimsuits to sell online

20. Water guns for spring dropshipping 

Yes, start to prepare for dropshipping in summer already during the spring season. 

For example, a good catch is the water guns that become the most popular products in April – May.

google trends product research

21. Flower Hair Accessories and Hair Bands 

The spring season is associated with blossoming and flowers. And such ornaments are popular in decor elements, clothing, and hair accessories. 

Pay extra attention to flower hair accessories for newborn babies. They are extremely cute and bring many sales! But don’t limit yourself only with it, dropship different colorful and flower hairbands with multiple variations. 

For example, this product got 5k sales on Aliexpress: 

hairbands for spring dropshipping
hairbands for spring dropshipping

22. Sell Sun Protectors 

Start to sell sun protectors already in spring. With the warmer sun, people start to take care of their skin more automatically. This kind of product is the most demanding at the end of spring. 

Research on Google Trends
Research on Google Trends

23. Stroller Organizer for Spring Dropshipping 

The demand for stroller organizers is, in general, stable all over the year. Though, in May it shows the maximum numbers (according to Google Trends). So if you are dropshipping baby products or running a niche or general store, you can dropship this product during spring as well.

Here is a bestseller example for Amazon to eBay dropshipping

product idea to sell online in spring

It is not necessary to dropship the very exact product in your store. Test at least 5 similar items (in this case, stroller organizers, to know which is selling the best. Then keep the winner. Apply this tip for other dropshipping products.

24. Dropship Shapewear 

Shapewear products are actually demanding not only during spring but also summer. No wonder, they make your customers look and feel their best. Shoppers want to look great at any season, and this spring product helps them to achieve it now. 

The good thing about this product is that it goes with different color and size variations, so after selling it for some time, you can learn better from your customers and keep only the most sold variations. And add more similar ones!  

shapewear for  spring dropshipping

25. Keyboard Cleaning Brush

Gaming products in general are selling well. Here is one of the good examples among the computer accessories that can be your next bestselling spring item. This product had 4390 orders in Aliexpress and was saved by 8k persons who can buy soon again.

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Ways to Find Dropshipping Products

Choosing what to sell is not about the seller’s likes or preferences. It’s more about the market’s current demands. If you have been selling on marketplaces for a while now but haven’t seen the kinds of profits you’d prefer it’s time to make some tweaks to your sourcing strategy.

Since there are many methods to find dropshipping products, we created an easy guide that reviews one of the two main concepts of product sourcing: starting from demand and then looking for supply. The best part of this free guide is that you have such a big variety of helpful sites and tools for doing dropshipping product research (free and paid) collected in one place which will lead you to easy ways of finding hot products to sell.

To sum it up, there are several types of products that can bring you sales:

  • Dropshipping trending products that are already searched by buyers on various marketplaces, Google, etc.

    Note: they are popular but also have a big competition.
  • Products from popular niches: if you have enough instruments an experience to predict the trends, you can pick a good dropshipping niche and offer differnt products from it that meet the demand.
  • Useful and popular cheap items. These items are demanding and with a low price can bring you sales quickly.

In addition, you can get familiar with another way to find profitable dropshipping products, the so-called sniping method. Read the next guidance on how to snipe products to learn more about this technique.

Based on these product research methods, we presented you with this list of ideas for spring dropshipping products. But knowing how to search for winning products to sell online by yourself you can extend it and add more and more cool spring stuff to your eCommerce store enjoying sales.

Final Lines

To sum it up, you need to recheck all your listings and update them with new demanding products every season.

Now you know what bestselling spring items to dropship in 2023, and more importantly how to do dropshipping product research by yourself to find more and more winning products.

We hope this article was useful for you. Let us know if we should continue with presenting dropshipping product ideas in the comments below!

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Happy selling!

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