Trending Dropshipping Products in 2023: What to Sell?

What are the trending dropshipping products in 2023? That is a key question for many dropshippers now. And it’s very timely to think about it because such topics need proper investigation and deliberate preparation.

What is this process about? Studying the market trends, finding new tools to evaluate the consumer interests, doing in-depth market research, google advanced search, Terapeak, or eBay SEO search, and making predictions for the next year. The result is revealing the best products to dropship that will be on the top throughout 2023 and beyond.

Frankly speaking, good retailers should deal with it all year round, not only at the end of the year. However, what is also true if you want to change your line of business, try another niche or give another chance to your e-commerce store, the end of the year is just the right time to make these changes!

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What to Sell in 2023?

If talking about the drop shipping trends, what comes to your mind first of all based on the previous tendencies and the time we live in? Vegan beauty products you would probably say? Nice try, but give it another go! Eco-friendly products and zero waste products? That’s a trend indeed and maybe Dropship Academy will develop this theme in one of the future articles, but now… We are about to speak about smart home devices! Read on!

Smart homes of the future are connecting more and more devices.

Smart Home Devices As a Trend

Smart devices are changing our reality step-by-step and year to year. They help us to work productively, study in the most efficient way, and fulfill our everyday tasks quicker and easier. Look how they’ve already become an integral part of our lives!

If you read our article about Black Friday top-selling items, you should remember that we had a separate section featuring smart home devices there as one of the categories you should pay attention to while selecting the items for your future listings.

After all, that’s the Google trends diagram for ‘smart home devices’ for the whole history of Google Trends (2004-present):

smart home devices to sell online
Google trends diagram for smart home devices (the last 12 months)

According to this diagram, it seems that people can face the second-highest point for the trend in 2023!

Future Home Projects

Unruly’s Connected Home “Home of the Future”

Home of the Future is a futuristic concept implemented by ad tech company Unruly and News Corp. in partnership with marketers from Amazon Launchpad, PepsiCo, Heineken, eBay, Unilever, HTC, Nokia Health, and Tesco.

A 2000-square feet showroom filled with IoT gadgets was created by Simon Gosling. He is a futurist with Unruly, making predictions about future marketing trends based on the most current technology and emotional intelligence.

Want to check out how they built a fully functioning connected space that contains everything from interactive mirrors to intelligent coffee machines?

Take a tour with Simon Gosling of Unruly’s connected home!

Unruly’s connected home tour

KB Home ProjeKt Is Where Tomorrow Lives

Another project of a healthy home of the future where tomorrow lives is called KB Home ProjeKt. It’s a prototype of smart homes, which features moving walls, 400-plus smart appliances, and much more. The main pillars of this home are sustainable, healthy, smart, and flexible.

KB together with its partners offer a look at the future of healthier living through design and building science, and, more importantly, how to make it practical for the average homebuyer.

This project also touches upon the key health and wellness issues, such as the quality of air and water, circadian lighting, noise reduction, resilient technologies, and sound sleep support.

What is more, there is a chance that the nation’s largest home building organizations will stretch their development and construction processes forward into a more energy-efficient, water-conserving, healthier, more connected, and more mindful future.

Take a look inside!

Smart home of the future “Future KB Home ProjeKt” tour

KB Home ProjeKt tour

Of course, it’s wonderful to live in such a dream house, but it was specially designed and constructed by experts. Ordinary people can’t afford it. And that’s half true, but at least we can purchase the majority of smart devices for your homes to make our lives much easier and more comfortable!

dropshipping products to sell online
Smart home devices is a huge trend that allows you to control the majority of the existing home appliances with your phone or voice.
Source: Pexels

Devices for Smart Home Are Trending Dropshipping Products

Smart homes of the future are connecting more and more devices!

Here we’ve collected a complete list of dropshipping products 2023 with the upward trend divided into the categories for convenience’s sake. Naturally, if you meet a certain model or device brand name you can’t sell those brands. However, feel free to use those product ideas to look for related products if you dropship.

Temperature Control

Smart Thermostats are those app-enabled devices that make it possible to adjust your thermostat from your smartphone anywhere your smartphone is connected to a cellular or a Wi-Fi network whether you’re in the gym, at the grocery store or on vacation.

Smart thermostats are the app-enabled devices that make it possible to adjust your thermostat from your smartphone.
Source: Unsplash

Smart thermostat systems do not just automate a fixed heating and cooling climate control schedule. They do much more! Many of them also work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, giving you an opportunity to adjust your thermostat settings with remote access. Some smart devices also use motion sensor features to determine whether you’re home or away and automatically change the temperature for your comfort.

dropshipping smart thermostats
Google trends diagram for smart thermostats

Lighting Conditions

Smart Lighting is a lighting technology designed to use energy efficiently. Smart lighting systems may include high-efficiency fixtures and automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability, bulbs that change colors, automatable smart light switches, light strips or lighting accessories.

smart Lighting products to dropship
Google trends diagram for smart lighting

Smart lights are useful and affordable. The customer can get more options than ever! Imagine a whole-home connected lighting setup with the automated vacation-mode lighting that helps make it look like you’re home when you’re not!

Smart lighting systems include high-efficiency fixtures, automated controls, and so on.
Source: Unsplash

Or the convenience of color-changing bulbs, and turning off all of the lights with a single voice command as you go to bed. In fact, there are literally dozens of smart lighting gadgets out there and the demand for them is great! It’s a trending dropshipping product in 2023!

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Smart Blinds are window coverings that include built-in motors that let you add remote raising or lowering capabilities based on schedules. They are also called automatic blinds, smart shades, or automated blinds.

Many of them support integrations with smart home systems like Apple HomeKit and Nest, while others are perfectly integrated with virtual assistants like Alexa or your Google Assistant so they can be controlled by voice.

dropshipping smart blinds
Google trends diagram for smart blinds

In some cases, automated blinds have built-in light sensors allowing you to adjust them based on the exterior lighting. Other common features of smart shades include remote control, built-in motor, and of course virtual assistant integration. Smart blinds that rise with the dawn and lower at sunset is the pinnacle of the modern home!

products to dropship
Smart blinds have built-in light sensors so they can be adjusted based on the exterior lighting.
Source: Pexels

Kitchen Ambience & Cleaning Appliances

Smart Gardens is a relatively new popular way to enhance a household living experience with new smart home technology. Nowadays more and more customers have started to discover the concept of a smart garden so more product choices have started appearing on the market.

smart garden products for dropshipping
Google trends diagram for smart gardens

Do you want to experience all the benefits of having your own garden, no matter where you live? No mess, no soil, and no prior gardening skills required. There are numerous product options available in this category.

smart home
No need to keep ordinary plant pots in your kitchen if you want to experience all the benefits of having your own garden.
Source: Pexels

Smart Assistants is a piece of software installed on a smart device, for example, a smart speaker, that can perform tasks or services, or answer questions. Such virtual assistants offer voice control and access to all the information on the internet and your music collection, as well as the ability to control smart home devices. It is a truly valuable addition to a tech-filled home. 

What advances can give you voice-activation technology? Let’s see, it allows you to control your computer, mobile phone, lights, and heating system using your voice alone. With a virtual assistant, you can get answers to any question, play music, control your TV, check the weather, set reminders and many more.

control smart home devices for ecommerce
Such virtual assistants offer voice control and the ability to control smart home devices. Source: Pexels

The most famous assistants are Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Samsung’s Bixby. Digital assistants are everywhere! And, whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably already got one!

smart home devices examples
Google trends diagram for smart assistants

Robot Vacuums are autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners with an intelligent programming floor cleaning system. Some models use spinning brushes to reach tight corners, and others include a number of cleaning features along with the vacuuming feature such as mopping, UV sterilization, and so on. They are smarter and faster than ever before! 

An advantage of using robotic vacuum cleaners is how quiet they are compared to regular vacuum cleaners. Moreover, they are more convenient to use because they can clean the surfaces on their own. Unlike the regular vacuum cleaners requiring a larger amount of space, robotic vacuums can be kept under beds or desks.

regular vacuum cleaners - home devices
Robotic vacuum cleaners are more convenient and quiet compared to regular vacuum cleaners. Pexels

Security Systems

Smart Cameras are intelligent cameras with machine vision systems that extract application-specific information from the captured images as well as generate event descriptions or make decisions proper to intelligent and automated systems.

It’s an elegant solution that combines the sensor, processor and I/O in a compact housing, often no bigger than a standard camera. Security is the most obvious reason for using smart cameras. They track the happenings in your home and use your Wi-Fi network to transmit the video to your smartphone or cloud storage for the archive. These typical wireless devices have additional functions to help you monitor the status of your home even when you’re a hundred miles away.

smart cameras for dropshipping
Google trends diagram for smart cameras

Smart Doorbells is another way to make your home a safer place. They are great home security products to dropship. An internet-connected doorbell allows you to see who’s on the other side of your door even when you aren’t home. It notifies the smartphone of the homeowner when a visitor arrives at the door. The smart doorbell is activated when the doorbell senses a visitor with its built-in motion sensors or when the visitor presses the button of the doorbell.

This smart device allows you to use a smartphone app to watch and talk with the visitor by using the doorbell’s built-in camera and microphone. Some models also let the user open the door remotely using a smart lock.

Smart Locks work with your devices using Android or another system to remember your passwords, including smartphones, apps, etc.   

Smart locks have a number of different functionalities, including allowing you to set security bypasses in certain places or when you connect to certain devices, allowing you to skip your screen lock type giving you quicker access to your device. They provide the same or even higher level of security as ordinary mechanical door locks!

Smart locks provide the same or even higher level of security as ordinary mechanical door locks. Source: Unsplash

Biometrics are at the forefront of smart lock technology and offer powerful and unique identification. It uses a person’s physical unique characteristics like a fingerprint, hand geometry, an eye scan or voice to verify their identity for door access. These are the most advanced digital locks, offering an immediate door lock opening solution. Smart locks give you more freedom and definitely make your home more secure! Smart locks are changing our lifestyle, leading us to a new digital era of keyless locking!

 Google trends diagram for smart locks
Google trends diagram for smart locks

Connecting All Smart Home Devices Together

Smart Hubs is a simple solution to control all your smart gadgets from one simple place. Smart home hubs serve as the nerve center of your home automation system as they are a key to making all your smart devices work together.

The smart home hub is a comparatively new technology that has only been around for a couple of years. Smart hubs are able to connect with all of your advanced smart devices via Bluetooth and other connections. They allow you to get control over a vast array of functions and access a variety of information quickly and effectively.

smart hubs for selling online
Google trends diagram for smart hubs

Smart Plugs also let you control various small appliances. If you connect a lamp to a smart plug, you can then use your smartphone to turn the lamp on and off with a tap or create a schedule that will automatically turn that corner light on and off without your need to be home.

Have you ever wanted to control your coffee maker or air conditioner with nothing more than your phone? Luckily, there is no need to upgrade your entire house. A smart plug, switch or outlet or howsoever they are called can be a simple and cost-effective solution that allows you to update appliances you already own. They are typically operated over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth from your phone.

Such products let you take the idea a little further with light zones or groups of plugs and scenes that are to say automated settings on a schedule or based on your movements. What’s great about it is that most of the best smart plugs work with the popular smart home platforms, like Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings.

smart switches for dropshipping
Google trends diagram for smart switches

So, what to sell in 2023?

There is a list of trending dropshipping products:

  • Smart Thermostats
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Plugs
  • Smart Blinds
  • Smart Gardens
  • Smart Assistants
  • Robot Vacuums
  • Smart home security products
  • Smart Cameras
  • Smart Doorbells
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Hubs

Do you believe that smart homes of the near future will be connecting numerous smart devices turning our homes into the great interrelated smart system? And will it provide its owner with the best comfort and highest level of security? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Finding the trends is closely related to finding the best dropshipping products and niches. I strongly encourage you to do your own research. Use these ideas as a jumping-off point. 

Once your 6 figures products are detected and the general direction is chosen, and you get the first positive results, proceed with scaling and automating. 

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And when it’s time to do another product research and find more items feel free to use DSM product search functionality.

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Good luck in 2023!

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