TOP 91 Dropshipping Baby Products to Sell Online

It’s an easy guide for those who want dropshipping baby products, which covers 91 trending products across various sub-niches of the baby product industry. These product suggestions can be used as a basis for your own product research, or product ideas for your eCommerce general store or a niche-based dropshipping store.

We understand that the problem most of you, who recently started dropshipping on eBay, on Shopify, or opened their own Facebook store or another eCommerce shop, face is finding profitable products or profitable niches. That’s why the Dropship Academy team wants to exempt you from the hardest work – doing the dropshipping product research – and has prepared a series of blog posts about top dropshipping products in different niches, giving you the benefit of our years of experience.

Straight to the point, over 385,000 babies are born all across the world every single DAY. Just imagine how much money new and soon-to-be parents all over the world spend on their babies! A lot, trust me! I am a mother and I know what I am talking about.

Besides, by 2026, the global baby product industry is expected to be valued at more than 88.72 billion dollars, while now it is estimated to be at  67.35 billion U.S. dollars. This niche is growing, so don’t waste your time and dropship baby items.

In this article, you will find 91 top baby products for dropshipping. All of them are divided into the next groups:

  1. Dropshipping baby clothes
  2. Natural baby products to sell online
  3. Baby accessories
  4. Most popular baby gear
  5. Trending dropshipping toys
  6. Newborn products in bedding and decor niche
  7. TOP Dropship Baby Gifts

The list is long, so let’s get started!

dropshipping baby products

How Dropshipping Baby Products Works

If you don’t have prior experience in online sales, marketing, advertising, designing the shops, exporting and importing the goods, and have a low budget or no startup costs at all, you can still start selling baby products from home already today. For example, now of the ways to sell baby items from home is with the help of dropshipping.

Nonetheless, you would need to understand how baby product dropshipping works (you can do it on the free dropshipping course, in this blog, etc.).


In the A to Z dropshipping course of DSM Tool there is full coverage of how insertion fees work and how to work with them optimally. You can get it for free when you sign up to DSM Tool

All you need to do is to determine what baby products sell the most, set up an online store on the eCommerce platform (we thought it on the guide on how to start dropshipping), and select your dropshipping supplier. All the rest related to the storage of the baby product, packing, logistics, and shipping to your buyer will be done by your supplier. This frees you up to focus on marketing and increasing revenue!

how dropshipping works
This is how dropshipping works

Therefore, your profit will be the only difference between your wholesale baby product price and the retail price you sell the item for in your online store. By selling baby items daily/weekly, you can essentially put money in your pocket, learn eCommerce and develop yourself in this growing niche.

Another advantage of the dropshipping business model is that you can easily change your online inventory to include the most purchased baby products and eliminate the ones which are not. It sounds reasonable as to why would you need to sell baby items from home which does not bring you the profit?


eBay dropshipping is the best for beginners since it’s easy to start and doesn’t require design, marketing, or technical skills. So you can start with it, and then expand your online business to other selling platforms.

How Do I Dropship Baby Products?

You can dropship baby products on eBay, Shopify, other eCommerce platforms or your own eCommerce sites. All you need to have is an open selling account there and a trending baby product (luckily, you have such a list below) you want to sell online, and a reliable drop shipping supplier.

Make sure to provide the right shipping time, and that your dropshipping software is connected to your store to monitor price and inventory changes, so your future orders are under control.

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91 TOP Baby Dropshipping Products to Sell Online

Online sellers dropship baby products in their general stores, dedicated niche e-stores and also focus their attention on the sub-niches which are toys, feeding accessories, wipes, disposable diapers, body care products, soothers, eco-friendly baby products, baby gear, newborn items, child skin care products, baby clothes, etc.

The next dropshipping product ideas can serve you as niche ideas as well. So, let´s see what baby products sell the most?

1. TOP 14 Products For Dropshipping Baby Clothes

Click on the title above to go to the list of 14 items for dropshipping baby clothes.

Take into account that, kidswear products are always in demand. And it’s estimated that their demand will grow in the upcoming years even more. In the U.S. it is projected to reach $207.1 billion by 2026, rising at a market growth of 8.8%.

Google Trends stats for baby clothes
Google Trends stats for baby clothes

As you noticed, baby clothing products keep been in demand during the last 12 months. However, not everywhere. These items are more trending in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Jamaica, and Australia. Dropshipping baby clothes there would be a good idea.

You can learn what other items are trending in Australia in the dropshipping in Australia article.

products for dropshipping baby cloths
Examples of products for dropshipping baby cloths.

2. 35 Best Natural Baby Products for Dropshipping

Click on the title above to go to the list of 35 best natural baby products for dropshipping and selling online.

The natural baby products niche is another sub-niche that is growing in popularity and presents opportunities for eCommerce store owners and those who want to dropship baby products or sell them in their general stores.

In the mentioned article, we will walk you through various possible sub-sub-niches and give you many baby dropshipping ideas across organic baby products, eco-friendly baby products, non-toxic baby toys, plant-based infant products, natural baby bath products, reusable baby products and others.

example of eco-friendly baby products to sell online
An example of eco-friendly baby products to sell online

3.  Baby Accessories for Dropshipping

Different baby accessories, and especially stroller accessories can bring sales to your online store when you dropship baby products. Now let’s see best-selling baby accessories appreciated mostly for the practical usage and helpful features rather than for the stylish look. But they still look modern and interesting.

I offer you to start your business, grow your “financial child” with the help of tools and toys which people use in order to raise their kids in a happy atmosphere. Check them out!

#1 Avent Bottle Trainer Kit and Compatible Baby Bottle Handles

With its help, it’s easy to go from bottles to sippy cups without having to buy a whole cupboard’s worth of new paraphernalia.

Example of baby products for dropshipping from Amazon
Example of baby products for dropshipping from Amazon

#2 First Years Night & Day Bottle Warmer

This is one of the most purchased baby products. It is very popular among parents and all call it miraculous. It has a cooler for storing premade bottles, and it heats one up in the time it takes to change a diaper. What saves the new parent’s time has all the rights to be on the TOP list.

You can find different variations. For example, a car baby bottle heater can be your best-selling dropshipping baby products among baby accessories:

baby accessories wholesale
baby accessories wholesale on CJ Dropshipping

#3 Angelcare Nappy Disposal System Refill Cassettes

The parent’s dream has come true! These refill cassettes are great at keeping nasty odors at bay and mean those used nappies will never ever be touched again! Such baby accessories are also good baby dropshipping ideas.

baby accessories for the baby dropshipping niche
Source: Walmart

#4 Sick Day Savior

Way better than a traditional nasal bulb. It makes a baby way more comfortable breathing. Easy cleaning and safety due to disposable hygienic filters.

#5 Dropship Baby Travel Accessories

Baby travel accessories present another Shopify niche store possibility. In addition, they are good for selling on eBay or other eCommerce marketplaces. Especially when the time of holidays approaches.
For example, this baby gear accessory is a popular choice for families on-the-go. It’s incredibly light, portable (it all packs up into a bag), secure and comes with a comfy mattress.

 example of baby travel accessories
An example of baby travel accessories

#6 Manual Breast Pumps for baby niche dropshipping

It’s super compact and the travel-friendly pump is exactly what needs your store when dropshipping baby products. No need to explain why the world needs it? 😉 Super cheap and does what it should.

Best baby travel accessories
Best baby travel accessories from Aliexpress

#7 Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer to dropship

You might think this baby product for storage is similar to a diaper backpack, so why would you dropship this baby item? The answer is simple: a backpack is used outdoors, while an organizer is mostly used at home. Parents can store many things with it, such as diapers, organic baby clothes, bottles, toys, and more.

Baby Diaper Organizer
Baby Diaper Organizer for the baby products store

#8 Baby stroller accessories

Stroller accessories are enormously popular among buyers. Besides, there are many very affordable accessories that you can dropship and raise your dropshipping profits. Add a different variety of them to increase your chances to get sales. Examples of products are baby stroller covers, stroller attachments, bags, etc.

Stroller accessories from Aliexpress
Stroller accessories from Aliexpress

#9 Dropship baby girl hair accessories

Baby girl hair accessories are among the most purchased baby products. Again, it’s an excellent idea if you are selling baby items online. They are cheap, they are popular and they are in demand.

baby girl hair accessories ideas
baby girl hair accessories ideas

#10 Dropship baby bath accessories

Baby bath accessories are also among the most popular baby items. You can dropship organic cosmetics, different bath accessories, cloth, toys for the bath, non-toxic and non-plastic toys like we mentioned in the article about natural baby products.

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4. Dropship Baby Gear and Baby Products for Dads

The secret to cracking the code of new parenthood is getting the scoop from more experienced parents on the baby gear they used! Boom! That’s the hint we followed: we have collected the TOP baby gear for dads and moms they can’t live without!

#1 Tactical Baby Gear Diaper Bags

This baby gear for dads looks like a heavy-duty, military-grade diaper bag because it was designed exactly for fathers, not babies. Covers all the needs and even more. A great choice for active fathers, thus a great choice for doing dropshipping business and having this product in your e-store.

The baby gear for dads as ideas to dropship baby items
The baby gear for dads as ideas to dropship baby items from Amazon

#2 Diaper Bags for Men

While there are hundreds of diaper bags on the market, only a few are designed specifically for fathers. Dropshipping baby products for dads sounds like an idea for your sub-niche baby store.

baby gear for dads you can dropship
More examples of baby gear for dads you can dropship

#3 Tactical baby gear changing mat

To continue the previous idea, here is another example of baby gear for dads you can consider if you are selling baby items online.

Amazon baby gear for men products

#4 Infant Car Seat as baby trending products

Safe and Simple Car Seat becomes a really cool idea for baby niche dropshipping. They are easy to install, have tons of safety features, and compatibility with a wide range of strollers.

Infant car seats in the walmart Baby Gear
Infant car seats in the Baby Gear category of Walmart

#5 Childress Ultimate Backpack Car Seat Travel Bag

This baby gear for dads and moms is a real rescue. It helps tremendously on multiple occasions because it allows one to carry the car seat and still have two free hands. Besides, it’s easy to wear and developers offer a pleasant bonus: the backpack includes extra room for storing diapers or any other baby essentials.

Walmart infant products
Walmart infant products

#6 Joolz AER Baby Stroller

Parents love traveling strollers for the minimal design and variety of colors. Such strollers are good baby travel accessories because they are one-handed and quick folding. Any traveling type: by plane, train, or subway within a matter of seconds with the stroller in hand just a big pleasure. Another great choice for dropshipping baby products.

Amazon baby stroller for dropshipping
Amazon baby stroller for dropshipping

#7 Jogging Stroller for baby niche dropshipping

You’ll need to sell baby strollers from home which are compact as the buyers choose by few criteria: the size and simplicity to collapse and move.

Examples of best selling baby items
Examples of best selling baby items

5. Best dropshipping toys

Toys are always associated with fun. Is it always so? Not really. From the very beginning of our lives, there are growing and maturing processes that we cannot avoid, but can make them smoother and with better results. Society is developing and we grow in it. Nowadays, doing baby niche dropshipping business you are able to offer parents multiply “helpers” which we are used to calling “TOYS”.

Not only in order to cheer up the baby, but their main tasks are to develop the skills and reduce the pain. Thus the variety of toys is huge: from the very simple (like bright, soft, or harsh and noisy toys), to teething toys which will relieve the teething pain and to those which develop baby’s motor skills or make the play become more coordinated and complex.

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#1 Baby Teethers

Seeing your baby in pain can drive any loving parent crazy. Parents start to find safe remedies for teething, and teething toys are some of the best things to start with. They will always be kept on hand by parents in case they need to be replaced. The teether, as a baby toy, should be bright and simple to grab.

I recommend you selling also anti-dripping toys (usually are bought by those who have poor sanitary conditions). This will help to keep the baby away from biting it after it’s been thrown to the ground. Anyway, silicone material can be sterilized using boiling water.

best baby products to sell online
best baby products to sell online

#2 Smart Toys for selling online

If you’ve ever admired a child’s intense focus while attempting to fit a square block into a square hole or catch a ball in mid-air, you know that playing isn’t just about having fun. It’s a serious industry, and toys are the tools of the trade.

Exploration is at the heart of play in the first year of life. Babies use their five senses to discover the fascinating new world around them. So, the most purchased baby products are:

1) Nursery Mobile

It stimulates vision and develops attention span, so parents won’t miss the chance to improve their kid’s skills while they do their stuff.

Etsy examples of dropshipping baby products
Etsy examples of drop shipping baby products
2) Ring Stack

It’s a classic toy with many benefits, and it’s such a popular choice for dropshipping baby items for good reason. Stacking rings help develop eye-hand coordination, encourage problem-solving, and teach color recognition and size sequencing. All that just in 1 toy.

most purchased baby products among toys
Examples of the most purchased baby products among toys
Source: Etsy
3) Push-Pull Toys

The more babies push and pull, the more they work the muscles necessary to turn them into runners and climbers. Do parents want their kids to be sporty and healthy? Surely. Go help them 🙂

Source: Amazon
4) Balls

Whether they’re bounced, rolled, caught, or thrown, balls encourage gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity. One more dropshipping baby products to your list.

best baby products to sell online
best baby products to sell online
Source: AliExpress
5)  Shape-Sorting Toys

Pegboard puzzles, nesting cups or blocks, and buckets with holes for different shaped blocks challenge hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Add such dropshipping toys to your online store.

Dropshipping toys from Aliexpress
Dropshipping toys from Aliexpress
6) Mechanical Toys

Pop-up toys and “busy” boards/boxes with knobs, buttons, and levers encourage fine motor skills and problem-solving, and teach cause-and-effect. They were, are, and will be one of the most trending baby product for dropshipping for their multitasking options and great results!

A couple of children busy board products from Aliexpress
A couple of children busy board products from Aliexpress
7) Role-Play Toys

Play kitchens, doctor’s kits, and golf sets help children learn how the world works by imitating the actions of you and other influential adults. Dolls and stuffed animals encourage pretend play (a tea party for teddy bears, perhaps?) and aid social and emotional development by teaching tots how to express emotions and take care of something they love.

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8) Smart-Bot Toy

Selling baby items from home shouldn’t happen without one of the most UPGRADED versions of all toys: a developed toy that can sing songs, read poems, record and reproduce the voice, possess the list of animal sounds, letters pronunciation and number counts. All that allows this toy to be useful for a long time (including preschoolers and big kids).

Dropshipping toys examples from Amazon
Dropshipping toys examples from Amazon

#3 Dropshipping entertaining toys

The last one, but not the least type of our toy chart is entertaining Toys. They help kids understand the world, learn social and emotional skills, stimulate a developing brain, and, of course, just for fun.

The choice for your e-store can be diverse, the funnier for you – the better. Here are a few dropshipping toys examples that in my opinion fit the most:

1. Lamaze Gardenbug Wrist Rattle and Footfinder Set

The bright and fun colors on these soft toys will be really appealing to babies, and as they wear them on their feet and wrists it will help them to develop eye-hand coordination.

popular baby dropshipping products
Source: Amazon
2. Tomy Hide-n-Squeak Eggs

Very cute and funny characters. Of course, every entertaining toy can still teach something. This one can help to learn about size and shapes through how the eggs fit into their egg box. The ideal idea for baby niche dropshipping.

Dropshipping toys from Walmart
Source: Walmart
3. Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

The best choice of parents (and mine as well :P). It’s a perfect, rattly, and chewable toy to keep the baby entertained.

baby trending products
baby trending products from Amazon
4.  Bath Cartoon Toys

They can be simple – just swim, or can be modernized and upgraded: create bubbles, sing songs or do hard movements such as jumps or showing the tricks. Dropshipping baby products allows you to list an unlimited number of cartoon characters which raises the chance to hit the target and touch your customer deeply into the heart.

dropshipping bath toys
Source: Aliexpress

We all know that for any baby the perfect toy is Mom and Dad because toys are a tool to help kids develop, but it’s parents who nurture that growth.

Anyway, in a modern world we suffer from the lack of time and toys are very useful for the baby’s development. Baby trendy toys niche offers multiple variations for dropshipping baby products. Add 5-10 to your e-Store and you already can see the result.

6. Best Newborn Products in Bedding and Decor Niche

Bedding and decor is the category that has been growing in popularity over the past few years and continued growth is projected through the nearest 5 years. What to say…Bedding and decor category is growing in popularity with every pregnant lady on the Earth!

I recommend you to consider for your online dropshipping store different furniture, décor elements, and other baby care supplies which will fit everyone’s home.

#1 Wall Decoration for Baby’s Room

Decorating the baby’s room is a pleasant process for parents and educational/relaxing/entertaining for babies. There are tons of diverse ways to decorate the walls: Stickers, 3D Figures, Luminous Fluorescent, Magnet, Letters, and much more. They cost nothing but are extremely trending baby products for decoration.

Aliexpress products for drpshipping baby items
Aliexpress products for drpshipping baby items

#2 Newton Baby Breathable 2-Stage Crib Mattress 

This innovative mattress is totally breathable and non-toxic. The core is made from 90% free air and 10% food-grade polymer. Easy to clean thanks to the fabric cover which unzips. So, this mattress is one of the best newborn products which “whispers” you have nothing to worry about.

#3 Hatch Rest Sound Machine, Night Light & Time-to-Rise

It’s a nightlight, sound machine, and okay-to-wake clock all rolled into one gorgeous package. Your buyer can choose from pre-programmed light and sound settings or customize their own—all controllable right from the phone.

popular baby items on amazon
Popular baby items on amazon

#4 Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Essentia Series [+accessories]

This baby trending product is an ideal way to keep the baby close during sleep and keep them safe in their own sleep space. Also, the buyer has an opportunity to position the bassinet right over the mattress for keeping the baby close and safe. A mommy keeps an eye on her baby and drops it down for easy soothing or feeding.

Top baby products from Walmart
Top baby products in this group on Walmart

#5 HD Baby Surveillance by Nanit 

The Nanit calls itself “the ‘Tesla’ of baby monitors”. Pretentious? Sure. Intriguing? Definitely. Accurate? Totally!

Insights provide excellent sleep tracking information, which is invaluable for parents of a fussy sleeper. Nanit Insights subscription supports Breathing Wear motion tracking (with the camera). + Nanit offers a number of additional (pricey) accessories that are appreciated by the parents. So it’s cool for baby monitoring and one of the best newborn products.

Dropshipping baby products on Walmart
Baby products on Walmart

7. TOP Dropship Baby Gifts Ideas

Making a baby come to this world and help him throughout life is not just a huge responsibility, but the years of fun and tenderness. It’s a time when you go back to your memories and enjoy toys and carelessness. While the parents try to find the balance between the seriousness of the situation and the desire to see their lovely bird as soon as possible, let’s imagine you are about to visit your friend’s baby-shower. What are your ideas? Non? Check out my TOP Dropship Baby Gifts Ideas! 

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 #1 Baby’s Handprint or Footprint Ornament Craft Kit

Of course, of course, it is #1! It is a TOP present all parents dream about and some just miss the appropriate time when their kids are already grown! Your buyers will be those lucky ones who do not want to miss any precious moment. Only two steps are needed, which is simple but will be an unforgettable memory for the rest of their lives.

It’s popular in recent years and actually suitable for all kinds of babies, boy or girl, one, two or three years old (but of course you will never again see those tiny feet like the first day after the birth).

The potential audience includes parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Just keep in mind: materials of this drop shipping baby item in your store must be safe and non-toxic.

examples of such dropship baby gifts from Etsy
examples of such dropship baby gifts from Etsy

#2 Handmade Toys for Babies

More people choose handmade gifts to impress any new mama/daddy and gift their baby the first-ever friend in their lives. Here are just a few amazing Handmade Baby Gift Ideas (can be any character actually, real or unreal). 

Products for baby niche dropshipping
Products for baby niche dropshipping

#3 Memory Set

What else do some parents save and like to check and sometimes even show to the family when their babies have grown up? For some of you it might sound weird but also quite a popular baby gift to dropship is… teeth and curl set!

Haven’t seen it yet? Please enjoy 🙂 

Etsy products for dropshipping
Etsy products for dropshipping

#4 Earthy Tone Baby Gym Mobiles / Wooden Play Gym

A creative, unique and very tender gym will break parents’ hearts and your sale’s statistics if you decide to add it to sell this baby product from home. This baby gym is the one. It comes with crocheted rattles attached that can be removed and used as toys once the baby is too big for the gym.

Dropship baby gifts idea
Dropship baby gifts idea

#5 Cute Pacifier Clip

All know that once the baby starts dropping (and throwing) everything, any new parent will be glad to have one of these to keep pacifiers from landing on the floor every two minutes.

Cute Pacifier Clip

#6 Soft Anti-Scratch Newborn Baby Mittens

To avoid that whole baby-accidentally-scratching-their-face thing that often happens with newborns, here’s a pair of fun little mittens which are the best newborn products you can sell online.  

best newborn products to sell online
best newborn products to sell online

#7 Baby Photo Album

Always popular idea to dropship the albums and there’s nothing like a memory book to keep track of all the exciting events and milestones that happen in everyone’s life and in a baby’s life, especially.

Etsy baby products
Etsy baby products

#8 Baby Swaddle Sets as best newborn products

Mast-have nowadays which makes it the best newborn items for dropshipping. New parents can really never have too many! They can use these super-soft cotton-bamboo blankets double (triple? or an unlimited number) as swaddles, burp cloths, or covers for the stroller or themselves.

best baby gifts for dropshipping
best baby gifts for dropshipping

Final Lines

There are so many shopping channels dedicated to parents and kids, so many baby products for dropshipping that it seems to be quite easy to start to sell baby items online. But this business has many difficulties, especially when you are choosing the right dropshipping product.

I believe this article helped you to take the right direction and don’t forget that browsing what baby products sell the most is a great beginning of your own experience in this niche. All you need now is the actions. So, if you are interested in the baby product industry and want a slice of the pie, start a dropshipping business now.

Written by Yana Mareicheva

Yana joined DSM Tool in 2020 as a Customer Success Manager lending a helping hand to each and every one e-Сommerce entrepreneur. Nowadays she is also involved in the creation of multiple collaborations as the Influencer Relations Manager and wants to share her experience in posts for the Dropship Academy.

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