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Above all, welcome to the eBay dropshipping automation course! My name is Kfir Shapira and I am a Co-Founder and the CEO of DSM Tool – a dropshipping automation software. To tell the truth, the DSM team and I have been working hard to provide you with a completely free course for eBay dropshipping automation.

Is It Really Free?

Yes, it is 100% free! DSM Tool was established in 2016 by dropshippers for dropshippers. This is why from day 1 of the company our biggest effort was to create the best user experience for dropshipping sellers around the world. In other words, the easier it is for you to perform your daily tasks, the more time you invest on what’s really important for your business – GROWTH.

Who Is This eBay Dropshipping Course For?

The more obvious answer is eBay sellers, as the course is called eBay drophsipping automation. What is more, it is actually also great for Shopify sellers, Amazon sellers and other sellers who wish to learn about a potential new income channel. Also, e-Learners and people who consider starting an online business can definitely benefit from this course.

What Will You Learn in This eBay Dropshipping Course?

Actually, the course is based on the dropshipping flow. You probably know that it is, right? In case you don’t, that’s every step or daily task every dropshipping business owner has to go through when running a successful dropshipping business.

Dropshipping flow this course is based on

To sum up, here is the full Syllabus for the eBay dropshipping course:


Lesson 1: How to Set up a Drop Shipping Account with DSM Tool

Lesson 2: How to Find Products for Drop Shipping – Part 1: From Demand to Supply

Lesson 3: How to Start Working with a New Drop Shipping Supplier

Lesson 4: Add Products to Your Drop Shipping Store with DSM Rapid Lister

Lesson 5: Drop Shipping Store Optimization with DSM Price Monitor

Lesson 6: Orders Processing

Lesson 7: Drop Shipping Customer Support Automation

Course Summary


So, the course dives deep into each step explaining both the theory behind it and the automation practice: how can DSM Tool help to perform those tasks? That is to say, it includes best practices for your account settings and ideas on making your store stand out and be unique in comparison to the competitors.


What Will You not Learn in This eBay Dropshipping Automation Course?

At this point it’s necessary to add, that the course does not cover subjects such as opening a new eBay account and connecting PayPal to your eBay account to start selling online. Meanwhile, it discusses product sourcing best practices. Still, there are many great mentors out there teaching product sourcing and other eBay drop shipping best practices as well.



Written by Kfir Shapira

Kfir is a Co-Founder and the CEO of DSM Tool. He is working with eBay since 2008 and 8 years later in 2016 joined the founding team of a revolutionary drop shipping management platform - DSM Tool. He has a B.A in Business and Entrepreneurship from IDC Herzeliya. Kfir also plays the drums and owns a dog named "Bamba".

eBay Drop Shipping Automation Course Summary