8 Best Private Labeling Manufacturers For Dropshipping

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Congratulations, you’ve decided to start your dropshipping business. However, you might need help with your store; you offer the same products as everyone else, and your sales are low. This is where Private Labeling Manufacturers come into play.

Working with private labeling manufacturers is an approach where beginners like yourself can build up their brand and drive sales effortlessly without worrying about a significant investment cost.

In this article, we’re diving into what private labeling manufacturers are and the different private labeling manufacturers you can work with.

What Are Private Labeling Manufacturers?

Private labeling manufacturers allow you to create oneofakind, personalized products for your store under a budget-friendly investment.

Additionally, the manufacturer will handle all the behindthescenes work. Once a customer places their order, the supplier ships it directly to the customer.

In summary, working with a private label manufacturer for your dropshipping store is a huge advantage. They design, make, and send the product to your customer under your brand name.

Private Labeling tends to be more popular among the following categories:

  • Fashion: Many trendy fashion vendors let you make your custom clothing line. 
  • Health & Glow-Up: Skincare and supplements are ordinary among private-label manufacturers. 
  • Food and Beverages: Anything from coffee to different condiments. 
  • Home Decorations: From cleaning and kitchen supplies to home decor products.

Choosing a Private Label Manufacturer: Important Factors to Consider

Picking the proper Private Label Manufacturer is crucial. It’s all about knowing what they bring to the table, the benefits they offer, and their rules.

As a result, you can team up with a manufacturer that gets what you and your customers need.

Here are some critical points you need to consider:

Services Included

Determine what services the manufacturer offers. Check out the smallest order they’ll take, how they can personalize your products, the deets on shipping and packaging, and how much itll cost

Variety of Products

Find out how the private labeling manufacturers make things happen from start to finish. The best manufacturers will help you from your first idea to the final product, including making prototypes and samples

Check out the variety of products they offer for broader options to show in your store under different niches.


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Quality Of Their Products

It is essential to check that the manufacturer complies with your product’s industry standards and certifications. The quality of the products must be consistent; therefore, it is vital to ask for samples.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Private labeling manufacturers usually have a minimum number of items you have to order. Ensure their minimum fits the quantity you need and your budget, so you’re not demanding too much or too little. 


Look at their prices to ensure they’re fair and fit your wallet. Watch out for prices that seem too good to be true because it might mean the quality could be better.

Location & Shipping Times

Fast shipping is essential in the dropshipping industry. Make sure they can deliver your products on time with a solid strategy game plan for shipping inside the US or internationally

Return Policies 

Return policies are super vital with Private Labeling Manufacturers. They’re your backup plan whenever a product is not working correctly or arrives damaged.

As a result, you will be able to ensure that your business is safe from bad reviews and that your customers feel valuable and always happy.  


First impressions are everything, so impressive product packaging is key. Look for fantastic packaging choices that will not only keep your products safe, but it will align with your brands vibe

List Of The Best Private Label Manufacturers For Dropshipping

1. AutoDS

AutoDS Private Labeling Manufacturer Option

AutoDS is your dropshipping solution. It automates your store, finds excellent products, and connects you with unique suppliers. For example, here are some excellent features:

  • Work with Amazing Suppliers
  • Find Trendy Products
  • Quickly Add Products Into Your Store 

Product Niche & Customization

In addition, you can easily find trending products and effortlessly customize them using the Print on Demand feature.

AutoDS tackles niches such as Apparel, Footwear, Home Decor, and Household Supplies. The cool thing about this platform is that there is no limit on the Minimum Order Quantity.

In summary, AutoDS is a fantastic option as a Private Labeling Manufacturer; you can get quality, customizable items and stay on top of trends. AutoDS has it all.

Supplier Key Takeaways

Product Niche: Home Decorations, Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, and other categories

Minimum Order Quantity: Being an integrated Dropshipping platform, the huge advantage is that there is no minimum order quantity


  • Basic Plan: For only $9.90 monthly, you will have access to many different features to start your dropshipping business smoothly, where you can list up to 200 products 
  • Fullscale Starter Package: For $17.90 monthly, you can access full-scale dropshipping automation and import up to 400 products 

2. Hawthorn

Hawthorn Clothing Private Labeling Manufacturer

Hawthorn is one of the UK’s top clothing makers, creating super-quality threads. They’re all about helping new sellers, small brands, and rising designers with full-scale manufacturing in the Fashion industry.

In addition, they’ve got the lowest minimum order in the UK for custom clothing for just 50 pieces per design

Product Niche & Customization

Hawthorn’s got your back with fantastic clothing options, which are tailor-made in any fabric.

In addition, they make each piece with handcut, stitched, and finished love. And, with their four-step quality check, you can bet each item is super high-quality.

Supplier Key Takeaways

Product Niche: Apparel – Casual Wear

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 pieces per design

Price: For pricing information, contact the supplier directly 

3. MANA Products

Mana Beauty Products Private Labeling Manufacturer

MANA is well-known in the beauty world for its skincare and cosmetic products, creating unique formulas for top-notch brands and famous makeup artists

In addition, they help private label clients create money-making brands quickly and efficiently without a high investment.

In essence, they have the skills to turn startups into big hits with their product development and marketing magic.

Product Niche & Customization

MANA is a fashion industry’s private labeling manufacturer specializing in makeup and cosmetics. Order at least 96 pieces of the same packaging style for cosmetics or 48 pieces for skin care to get your logo printed.

Supplier Key Takeaways

Product Niche: Beauty Products, Cosmetics, and Skin Care.

Minimum Order Quantity: 96 for the same packaging style and 48 for skin care products. 


  • It’s $300 for each packaging style
  • There’s a set-up charge of $80 for each packaging style per order
  • Each unit has a charge per pass of $0.40
  • Want custom logo colors? That’s $100 per order

4. Alanic

Alanic Casual and Sporting Clothing Private Labeling Manufacturer

Alanic is a big name in the USA for making quality clothes and accessories for men, women, and kids.

Furthermore, they take care of all the product creation and crafting. Not to mention that they are the perfect spot for wholesale deals on clothing, outfits, and sports accessories.

Product Niche & Customization

Alanic creates high-quality casual and sports clothes, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and kids

In addition, they allow you to send your design thoughts to them, and their team will contact you to discuss details to have the final product as you want it to be.

Supplier Key Takeaways

Product Niche: Apparel – Casual & Sports Wear

Minimum Order Quantity: Contact the supplier directly for more details

Price: For pricing information, contact the supplier directly 

5. A1 Tablecloth

A1 Tablecloth Fabrics Private Labeling Manufacturer

A1 Tablecloth is one of those private labeling manufacturers that provides everything needed for significant events worldwide, from personalized tablecloths to hundreds of coordinated fabrics. 

In short, A1 brings the magic that will make any event you plan to shine.

Product Niche & Customization

They can make anything from fabric. In addition, they also encourage you to tell them what you’re looking to create, and you can even send a picture or a drawing to get started.

Supplier Key Takeaways

Product Niche: Event planning – Fabrics

Minimum Order Quantity: Contact the supplier directly for more details

Price: For pricing information, contact the supplier directly 

6. Gertex

Gertex Lifestyle Private Labeling Manufacturer

Gertex is about fashion, lifestyle, home, bath, and beauty products.

Furthermore, they focus on unique designs and creating a phenomenal brand experience, adding value through interesting collections for stores.

Product Niche & Customization

Regarding private labeling manufacturers, Gertex is an integral solution that covers everything from stylish home decorations and bath musthaves to trendy fashion

Additionally, they offer:

  • Custom Packaging: Box it up your way
  • Promotional Merchandise: Get your brand out there
  • Curated Collections: Handpicked just for you

Supplier Key Takeaways

Product Niche: Lifestyle & Fashion – Home Decor & Bath Accessories

Minimum Order Quantity: Contact the supplier directly for more details

Price: For pricing information, contact the supplier directly 

7. Printed Mint

Printed Mint Custom Product Private Labeling Manufacturer

Printed Mint is a print-on-demand that offers over 150 unique products for sellers.

In addition, they carry quality trendy products in their inventory. Not to mention that they also take care of storing your product in their warehouses, making it convenient for you.

Product Niche & Customization

Printed Mint offers a variety of items such as kitchen supplies, decorations, bathroom accessories, clothes, and so on.  

Additionally, they have you covered with custom packaging labels, where you can slap your brand logo and a nice picture on a marketing card.

 Supplier Key Takeaways

Product Niche: Lifestyle & Clothing- Home Decor & Bath Accessories

Minimum Order Quantity: No Minimum Order Quantity required

Price: For pricing information, contact the supplier directly 

8. Wonnda

Wonnda Product Private Labeling Manufacturer

Wonnda is a fantastic Business-to-Business Marketplace that connects stores with different private labeling manufacturers.

Product Niche & Customization

Wonnda allows you to connect and team up with fantastic private-label manufacturers. You can take a look at their catalog of over 4,000 items.

 Supplier Key Takeaways

Product Niche: Marketplace Platform – Private Labeling Manufacturer for Brands

Minimum Order Quantity: No Minimum Order Quantity required

Price: You need to have a starting budget of at least $2,000 to start using their services


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Private Label And Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model that allows you to sell products without holding any inventory. Private Label is a model where the supplier helps you create custom products under your brand and they store and ship the item directly to your client. 

Can I Dropship Branded Products?

Yes, absolutely. You can use AutoDS, the ultimate dropshipping solution that will allow you to find trending items easily and customize them with your brand using the “Print-in-Demand” feature.

What Is the Difference Between Private Label and White Label Products?

Private label dropshipping is about selling custom-made products with your brand label. White-label dropshipping is selling generic products with no customization. 


If you want to increase sales in your store, Private labeling Manufacturers are your solution. They bring your store to life and help you deliver fantastic customized items to your customers

In summary, choosing the proper manufacturer is crucial. You want someone who understands your vision and fits your budget. We recommend an integral platform allowing you to get the best Private Labeling Dropshipping, such as AutoDS.

If you want to learn more about how to find profitable products to sell and overall dropshipping tips,  make sure to read the following guides:

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