Dropshipping Pet Stores USA Examples

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Dropshipping Pet Stores USA
Dropshipping Pet Stores USA Examples.

Check out these best dropshipping pet stores USA examples to get some insights about how Shopify pet stores succeed and what pet owners are looking for.

Pet owners are a highly engaged customer base that navigates the internet in search of food, toys, grooming, training, and caring items, clothing, collars, and many other pet essentials which creates endless possibilities for your eCommerce business.

Obviously, the best practice is to research other popular USA dropshipping pet stores and learn about their success and failures as the stores that have succeeded already went through lots of mistakes. Get inspired and try out new things by analyzing them and learning from them.

What Do Dropshipping Pet Stores USA Usually Offer?

Surely, the group of animals can be divided into dogs, cats, fish, birds, horses, reptiles, and other small animals, but the common thing for all dropshipping pet stores is that many of the top-selling pet items have a perfect size, weight, and durability for pet supplies dropshipping.

The majority of Shopify pet stores offer all kinds of products from the list below, but there are some which manage one product store or sell just a specific category of products. 

On one hand, selling only one product has many benefits, you can focus on one product and continuously improve its quality. It is also easier to manage. Your marketing activities only need to be devoted to one product, and advertising will be more efficient. 

On the other hand, stores with a variety of niche products have higher conversion rates than solid product stores. Focusing on a niche store, offering your unique value proposition and product line extensions make it easy for the correct customers to say, “This is for me!” without browsing products for hours to find what they’re looking for. All people know that animals need a lot of things and it’s great if you can order most of them in one place saving on shipping. 

Look at the list of what dropshipping pet stores USA offer and decide then what you think is better for you to sell in your pet store:

Beds And Furniture

Some people allow their pets to sleep with them, but let’s provide an alternative to those who appreciate privacy. Dropshipping dog beds or dropshipping a cat tower or cat tree with a scratching post are great options for your prospective buyers in the pet shop.

Crates, Cages, And Gates

There are so many cases when pet owners need crates, cages and gates that you will be surprised you didn’t notice it before!

Pet Accessories And Costumes

Pet accessories and costumes, and print-on-demand products for pets have become more popular in recent years with the rise of smaller breeds and handbag dogs. Costumes are a great seasonal dropship product with specialty options for Christmas and Halloween etc.

Pet Toys

All pets need pet toys for stimulation and fun, even fish. This is a pet essential for any owner, so you will reach the target if you add any of them to your Shopify pet shop. But, be careful and avoid toys that have small pieces.

dropship pet products

Sell Collar And Tags

Some animals have only a collar. Some pets additionally have a tag with their name / their owner’s name and their address and/or phone number. The best part about collars and tags is that they can be customized to fit every pet’s personality.

Leashes And Harness

In the past, more pet owners used to go with only a leash. But nowadays a harness can provide more security and comfort, especially for pets that tend to tug and pull on their leashes.

Dropship Supplies For Grooming

Some animals need constant grooming, especially when they get older and have a harder time keeping themselves clean. If you are lost about what grooming products exactly you need to add to your pet shop in this category, then look at my ideas:

  1. brushes or combs
  2. bath essentials
  3. coat wipes
  4. ear cleaners
  5. nail trimmers
examples of what to sell on Shopify pet store

Stain And Odor Removers

Instead of living with stains and odors that reek, of course, your future buyers will invest in some stain and odor removers to help clean up after their pets.

Food And Water Bowls 

Obviously, your pet shop customer can’t put his pet’s food and water on the bare floor. Selling food and water bowls is a must-have!

Pet Food And Supplements

Another must-have for any dropshipping pet store. Whether you choose dropshipping dog food or cat food, raw food, dehydrated food, freeze-dried food, air-dried food, canned food, or kibble, always remember that every pet needs healthy food. Keeping pets healthy is vital. Most healthy pet food selections will cover this, but sometimes it’s best to have that extra dose via supplements.

Smart Devices For Pet-Care Needs

With new pet tech products, pet owners can now track their pet’s physical activity, location, and health metrics. 

As you see there are multiple pet products to sell online and you do have a choice! To learn more about pet product dropshipping, check our guide Love Your Pet: Dropship Pet Products Ideas [Best Products And Suppliers].

what pet products to dropship

Now it is time to focus on the existing Shopify pet stores which are managed successfully by their pet dropshippers and already bring them huge profits. It is somewhat similar to what content managers do when they use software to find viral content. They know that they are more likely to generate growth by analyzing what is it that went well for other accounts in their niche. 

Let’s get started! 

TOP Dropshipping Pet Stores USA

These are the best Shopify dropshipping pet stores USA to get ideas of how your pet store should look. You don’t have to copy them, but take notes of how it is done.

Meowingtons Shopify Pet Store

An excellent example of an eCommerce niche store is Meowingtons, a dropshipping store operating in the pet niche (cat-centric):

meowingtons dropship cat products
Meowingtons is one of the best dropshipping pet stores USA.

Despite a seemingly small area of influence, they manage to attract thousands of visitors per day, accumulating 720K Instagram followers and 1M likes on Facebook. Just look at their traffic: 

Traffic overview of Shopify pet stores
Traffic overview of Shopify pet stores on SimilarWeb.

Which apps this Shopify pet store uses?

1. PrivyFree email popups, exit intent, targeted modals, wheels & more.
2. PushOwlRecover Abandoned Carts via Push Notifications.
3. Stamped.ioCollect Product reviews, site reviews and photo/video reviews.
4. Back in StockBack in Stock Notification alerts.
5. Bold Sales MotivatorIncrease the amount of every order.

Which Shopify Theme Do They Use?

Custom theme labeled “Add timer for Black Friday – Ali B”.

What are their successful dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at in this dropshipping pet store:

  • Meowingtons offers print-on-demand items. They allow customers to print their pets on products and items.
  • Seasonal and holiday-related products: it’s a good idea to offer seasonal dropshipping products to your shoppers. These Shopify sellers definitely know they and offer different pet product options.
  • Appealing mostly to cat-aholics, they built up their brand by designing an adorable cat logo, expanding their cat product lists, and building social media channels dominated by adorable cat images, videos, and photos.
  • Purr-fect Humour and Creativity. Just look at their pop-up windows and slides.
  • Well-done social media marketing: they clearly invested in promoting their niche store on social media which showed results in the number of traffic and sales they have.
Social media buttons this Shopify website uses.

Dog Pawty – Dog-Centric Dropshipping Pet Store

Dropshipping Pet Store
Dog Pawty Shopify pet stores.

Dog Pawty is a Dog-centric dropshipping pet store with a huge base of loyal customers. The statistics show big interest and you also can check how much effort they made in order to be on top. Though, something went wrong with their organic traffic that dropped.

Traffic overview of Shopify pet stores on Semrush.

Their annual revenue is between 2-5M$! They put a lot of effort to build a pet niche site with a good authority score and organic traffic. However, their global rank is decreasing lately, but they still show such great results! They have invested in paid ads and I believe soon this number should be increased again. Thus, this niche online store can serve you as an idea about how to dropship pet supplies.

Which apps this Shopify pet store uses?

1. Shopify Product ReviewsDefault-free Shopify reviews app.
2. LooxPhoto Reviews (Product Reviews).
3. McAfee SECUREShow visitors your site is secure.
4. Quantity DiscountAdd Quantity Discount or Tiered Pricing.
5. Product CustomizerEasily add options, variants & customization to your products.

Which Shopify Theme Do They Use?

Custom theme labeled “Theme export dogpawtty-myshopify-com”.

What are their successful dropshipping pet store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at this Shopify store:

  • Blog. Blogging is a great idea for a niche store as it gives you free traffic (SEO) and keeps your visitors on your dropshipping store. Hard work is rewarded.
  • Social Media profiles. Their Facebook and Instagram have more than 320,000 likes thanks to adorable puppies’ videos and useful info. That’s right, be useful!
dropship pet supplies
Screenshot of this pet dropshipping store FB page.

Pet Printed – Print on Demand Pet Store

Dropshipping Shopify Pet Store
Screenshot of this pet dropshipping store main page.

If you’re a pet owner or an animal lover, then you probably know just how much potential there is in selling personalized pet accessories. Pet Printed knows that customers will grab all of the products quickly – from dog beds to lizard clothes.

Traffic overview of Shopify pet stores on Semrush.

The perfect gift idea for every fur lover is not a dream anymore. Unique items for pet lovers are becoming extremely popular, thus Semrush will update the data quite fast and you can follow their growth process in order to not miss anything. 

Which apps this Shopify pet store uses?

1. KlaviyoEmail and social campaigns.
2. TrustpilotProduct Recommendations, Reviews.
3. TeeinbluePersonalize print of demand app builder.
4. Kiwi SizingClothes size recommendation system.
5. ZendeskOrganize, prioritize and engage with others on support requests.
6. LooxVisual reviews for Shopify webstores.

Which Shopify Theme Do They Use?

Custom theme labeled “pet printed eu_theme/main”.

What are their successful dropshipping pet store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at this Shopify store:

  • Quality. Their rate on Trustpilot is 4.9 which proves the products are loved by people and going a great job they increase their loyal customer base with every new sale. Plus, the reviews attract new buyers and pet fans! 
  • Special Product. Since the products are produced according to customers’ specifications, it makes the product special, unique, and awesome. Add the previous point and you will get a fire combination!

Hard work is rewarded.

Cat Genie – Shopify Pet Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping Shopify Pet Store
Cat Genie pet dropshipping stores USA.

Cat Genie has discovered a special pet product that solves problems and built a one-product store around it. They did a fantastic job using video lessons to describe how the product functions. A great example of using UGC – they use testimonials to give customers special evidence that the product performs as it’s advertised. 

Traffic overview of Shopify pet stores on Semrush.

Semrush data proves that you can get 10-15M$ revenue just by selling one simple product! Or not simple at all? 😉 

Which apps this Shopify pet store uses?

1. KlaviyoEmail and social campaigns.
2. ChatBotAI chatbots for websites.
3. ZigpollPolling and feedback platform.
4. YotpoA social widget for customers to read and write reviews.
5. ShogunDrag-and-drop visual page builder, editor and tools to boost store performance.

Which Shopify Theme Do They Use?

Custom theme labeled “Live | 06 02 2022”.

What are their successful dropshipping pet store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at this Shopify store:

  • Special Product. The world’s only self-flushing, self-washing cat box. Is it enough unique and creative? 
  • Tutorials. They added videos and guidance to their page and product to follow people who have no idea about this magic thing and its incredible features. Reasonable step if you want to avoid questions at the beginning. 
  • Variety. They give their customers an option to select the best product according to their budget. 
dropshipping pet supplies
Package options on Cat Genie.

Pawsome Couture – Pet Dropshipping Store For Cats

pawsome couture Shopify pet stores
Pawsome Couture Shopify pet stores.

Pawsome Couture Shopify pet dropshipping store sells a variety of items for dogs and cats in particular. They have grown their items with creative branding, even if the majority of their products appear to be from AliExpress or Alibaba. The store has a modern, sleek appearance that raises customers’ perceptions of value. This is also the reason they have been able to dropship pet supplies for a greater price.

Traffic overview of Shopify pet stores on Semrush.

A nice Shopify pet dropshipping store that shows how well you can grow and become popular and profitable (with more than 1M$ revenue) dropshipping from Ali Express.

Which apps this Shopify pet store uses?

1. KlaviyoEmail and social campaigns.
2. ElevarData collection and marketing monitoring tool.
3. Facebook Conversion TrackingConversion tracking functionality from Facebook.
Allows users to track advertisement clicks.
4. Covet PicsIntegrates Instagram feed into an eCommerce store.
5. Stamped.ioRatings and reviews for eCommerce websites.
6. PushowlPush notifications to customers even after they have left your store.
7. Shopify GeolocationLanguage and currency recommendations plugin for Shopify.

Which Shopify Theme Do They Use?

Custom theme labeled “pawsome_couture/main”.

What are their successful dropshipping pet store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at this Shopify store:

  • Simplicity. Clear and simple interface with the white and grey palette. The customers are focused on the product and its description. 
  • Styled on Instagram. They offer Pet Inspired Jewelry which is something I indeed have never seen in other stores. Nice idea, catch it! 
Screenshot of this pet dropshipping store product page.
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Now that I have shown you the best dropshipping pet stores USA and opened up for you a world of online pet stores your task is to be creative! See what the most successful dropshipping pet stores are doing right and take the leap. You’ll most likely see them dropship pet supplies and create a brand around their store. You know, the relationships between pets and people get closer, and animal owners are willing to spend money on pets with pleasure! No matter if they have a cat, a dog, or even a chicken, every pet has essentials – like food and toys – that it needs to live a long, happy life.

And what are your favorite dropshipping pet stores USA? Maybe you know a few tips about dropshipping pet supplies? Let us know in the comments!

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