The Most Complete Amazon Automated Store Guide For Beginners

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Amazon Automated Store Guide

Have you ever thought about selling cool stuff online? It’s a fantastic way to start your journey into the business world and work towards making your own money.

Who wouldn’t love being their boss and potentially making it big in the online marketplace?

Starting a business can cost a lot, and only some have extra cash.

This article is about making your first steps in e-commerce easy and profitable. We’ll dive into how you can set up a successful online business in one of the biggest Marketplaces, Amazon.

Our focus? An intelligent combination of dropshipping and An Automated Store feature with the AutoDS tool.

Why Amazon?

Amazon is a giant in online shopping in the US and globally. Some super exciting things about Amazon make it an excellent place for you to grow your online store.

Amazon is like the superstar of shopping for people in the US – everyone trusts it the most. They send packages to over 100 countries, which is a lot of places around the world!

Imagine this: 28% of people shopping on Amazon find what they want and buy it in under 3 minutes. That’s super fast! 

In 2023, Amazon was the go-to place where most people look for stuff to buy.

Consumer's Product Search

Amazon is a giant online mall where many sellers, like small shop owners, add fun and variety by offering excellent products at great prices.

Every seller has their own adventure story on Amazon, and the big goal of Amazon is to help them grow and do well.

In 2022, sellers from the US alone sold a whopping 4.1 billion items to people worldwide.

In the third quarter of 2023, a big chunk, like 24%, of Amazon’s earnings came from these independent sellers. That’s a massive 18% jump from the previous year!

What Is An Automated Amazon Dropshipping Store?

Amazon Automated Dropshipping Store

Imagine having a store online where the everyday tasks take care of themselves!

As shown above, an Automated Amazon Dropshipping Store will handle the regular stuff by itself, giving you more time to think about cool things like making your brand remarkable. 

Why Automate Your Amazon Store?

Automating your store makes running it way easier. Here’s what you get:

  • Happy Customers All the Time: These innovative tools update your stock and discounts so customers always know what’s available and at what price, keeping your clients more satisfied and more likely to return.
  • Your Brand Stays Consistent: These tools help ensure your store looks and sounds the same everywhere, and you don’t have to update it yourself.
  • All Your Important Info in One Spot: No more hunting through different reports or filling in spreadsheets. Everything necessary about your business is in one place.

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Automate Your Amazon Dropshipping Store

Amazon Store Automation For Dropshipping

Automating will make your life easier. Let’s dive into how to make this happen for your dropshipping business.

Generally speaking, there are many tools, but let’s focus on one of the stars: AutoDS. It’s known for being super reliable and great at automating stuff.

Automated Amazon Product Research

Now, finding the right products to sell online is super important. You can do your research or use excellent tools that help you spot the bestsellers in the market. The trick is to find products that tick these boxes:

  • In High Demand: Lots of people want them.
  • Not Too Much Competition: Only some people are selling them.
  • Positive Reviews: People who buy them love them.
  • Profitable: You can make good money selling them.
  • Trendy: They’re what’s hot right now.
  • Quality: They’re well-made.

Here are some excellent ways to find best-selling items:

  1. Amazon’s Best Sellers: Check out what’s trending on Amazon. It’s like their own list of what’s cool and selling fast.
  2. AliExpress Dropship Center: AliExpress is a considerable marketplace popular in Asia, with tons of products. Their Dropshipping Center helps you find what’s selling like hotcakes.
  3. Google Trends & Google Lens: With Google Trends, you can see what people are searching for over time. It’s like a sneak peek into what’s popular. Google Lens is this neat tool where you can snap a picture of a product and find out where to get it and more about it.
  4. Paid Product Research Tools: If you’re really into it, subscribe to unique platforms that help you spot high-demand products. Some popular ones are:
    • Helium 10: This is a do-it-all toolkit for selling on Amazon. It helps manage products, track trends, improve your listings, and even run ad campaigns.
    • Jungle Scout: This platform is all about helping you find, launch, and sell products on Amazon.
    • Sellerboard: It’s like a business command center, giving you all you need to keep your store running smoothly. This includes finding products, checking sales, managing inventory, and more.

AutoDS Product Research Automation Tools

AutoDS is like a magic toolbox for finding what’s hot and trending on Amazon. Here’s how AutoDS can help you be a product research wizard:

The AutoDS Winning Products Hub

AutoDS Winning Product Hub

Think of the Winning Products Hub as your special helper in the AutoDS Marketplace. It makes it easy to find and add popular items to your store.

Here’s what you can do in the Winning Products Hub:

  • Pick Your Shipping Locations and Currency: Decide where to send your items and in what currency you want to deal.
  • Find Trending Products: There’s a list of popular super exciting items. You can choose from these or search for something specific.
Choosing A Dropshipping Winning Product

At the top of the page, you’ll see important stuff like what category it’s in, an excellent title people often search for, and how many stars it has. 

AutoDS General Product Analysis

You can find fantastic information:

  • Engagement Score: This shows how much people like, share, and view the product. A high score means it’s super popular, and many customers are interested.
  • Saturation Score: This tells you how many other sellers offer the same or similar stuff. A low score is excellent news because only a few others are selling it.
  • Target Audience: This helps determine who would love this product the most. It looks at gender, age, and whether they’re students or professionals.
Dropshipping Product Analysis

Scrolling through the product’s information page, you’ll find links leading directly to its Social Media Ads and a list of other sites where the same item is available.

Product Consumer Engagement

You’ll find a cool feature at the end of the product page in AutoDS under the “AutoDS Insights” tab.

For example, AutoDS gives you a ready-made product description that automatically adds to your Amazon page when you import the product into your store.

Plus, there’s a section where you can see other similar products. It’s a great way to find more cool stuff that people might like, just like the product you’re looking at. Think of it as a treasure trove of ideas for what to add next to your store.

How To Properly Describe a Winning Product

Here are some extra details you can learn about the item:

  1. Product Information: Know all the details, like size, colors, and dimensions.
  2. Product Specification: You can dive into how and where your product is made.
  3. Return Policy: This is a set of rules from the supplier about returning the product.
  4. Buyer Feedback: Check out what other people who bought the product think. This constructive feedback ensures you’re picking great products for your store.

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Import Products To Your Automated Amazon Store

Here’s what you need to do after you select the products you would like to sell:

  1. Check If You Can Sell Them: Make sure that Amazon gives you the thumbs up to sell your chosen products or brands.
  2. Start Selling: To sell a product, click the “Sell On Amazon” button on the right side of the page.
  3. Stay Informed: Stay informed about what brands or products you will need approval from Amazon. AutoDS will let you know and even link you to Amazon’s permission rules.

Whenever you are sourcing a product, AutoDS will notify you if brand approval is needed and provide a link to Amazon’s guidelines for obtaining it.

How To Sell A Product On Amazon

Product Importation

Whenever you’re using AutoDS for dropshipping on Amazon, you must understand that it’s slightly different from what you might expect.

For example, instead of “importing products into your store” the usual way, AutoDS lets you join in on existing listings

The best part is that it sets lower prices to make your products stand out, and Amazon might show them off more.

AutoDS has this excellent tool called the “Automated Product Importer.” It’s super easy to use – just copy the product link from where you’re getting it (like your suppliers website) and add the product’s unique ID number (known as the ASIN). And that’s it! 

You’ve got your product ready to sell on Amazon in no time.

Importing A Product Into Amazon

Furthermore, AutoDS makes it super simple to add products to your store. You can import items individually, in large groups, or even set them up to be added later on a specific date. 

AutoDS Product Importer

Price/Stock Automation

Automating your store with tools like AutoDS is a gamechanger. It saves you time and can boost your sales. Incredible options like Price and Stock Automation help you run your store more smoothly. Let’s explain how AutoDS can help with pricing:

Setting Up Pricing in AutoDS:

  1. Go to Settings: Start by navigating to Settings > Supplier settings > Pricing
  2. Choose Your Store: Select which store you’re updating prices for
  3. Pick Your Supplier: Choose the supplier to apply these settings
  4. See Product Cost Impact: Check how your costs and profit choices change your product’s price
  5. Manage Your Fees: Adjust the fee percentage to include your store and payment costs
  6. Add Your Profit: Decide how much extra profit you want as a percentage or in dollars
  7. Use Automation Rules: You can use automation rules you’ve set up
  8. Set Your Minimum Profit: Decide your least minor profit for each product
  9. Factor in Shipping Costs: Include the shipping cost from the supplier in your final price
Automate Your Amazon Store Settings
The AutoDS Fees Calculator: 

AutoDS offers a handy tool called the Fees Calculator, designed to help sellers determine the store and payment fees for the marketplace.  A window will pop up by clicking the ”Help me calculate” button, guiding you through quickly figuring out the fee percentage you need to use.

AutoDS Dropshipping Store Fee Calculator

AutoDS Stock Setting

AutoDS has a unique feature called Stock Monitoring Setting that helps ensure you always have products ready to sell. Here’s how it works:

  1. Set Minimum Quantities: You can decide the least number of each product you want. This way, you’ll always have enough.
  2. Choose Maximum Shipping Days: Pick the longest time you’re okay with waiting for your products to arrive. 
  3. Pick a Default Quantity: Set a standard number for each product.
  4. Adjust Prices Based on Shipping: Change your product prices depending on how much shipping costs.

To turn on Price and Stock automation in AutoDS, go to Settings and click on the “Notifications” tab. This way, your store will always be stocked and ready for customers!

Dropshipping Store Automated Price And Stock Monitoring

Automated Amazon Order Fulfillment

Imagine a helper that makes running your online store easy. That’s what AutoDS’s unique automation feature, Fulfilled By AutoDS, does. It takes care of buying and shipping your products for you. This means you don’t have to worry about all the details of managing your Amazon account.

In brief, Fulfilled by AutoDS is like a time-saving superhero for your dropshipping business. It handles your orders, updates them, and even tracks your products from the suppliers. 

Automated Amazon Tracking Number Updates

Keeping your customers in the loop just got way easier with AutoDS, not to mention a lot more convenient for you as a seller.

For example, thanks to the AutoDS Automatic Tracking Number Updates, whenever your supplier shares the tracking information for a package, AutoDS immediately grabs it and tells your customers. 

You need to turn on the Order Processor to get this excellent feature working. Here’s how:

  1. Head to Settings
  2. Choose Plans & Addons
  3. Add the ‘Orders Processor’ Feature
Automation Addons For Amazon Automated Store

Now that your order is submitted manually, you simply need to update the order ID, and after that, AutoDS will keep an eye on it for you. It’ll track the order and update all the information in the AutoDS platform and your dropshipping store.

Comparatively, it’s like having an automatic update, buddy, ensuring everything is in sync without you doing extra work!

Automated Amazon Price Optimization

The Automated Amazon Price Optimization feature lets you set up automatic product price changes based on what’s happening with your sales.

In essence, it’s like having an intelligent assistant that knows when to adjust prices:

  • Boost Prices When Sales Go Up: The price increases automatically if a product sells a lot. It’s a great way to increase your profits on popular items.
  • Reduce Prices to Speed Up Sales: When something isn’t selling much, the price drops to attract more buyers. 
  • Set and Forget Automation: You can create different rules for various situations and products. Once set, these rules work independently, so you don’t have to keep checking and changing prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Have A Fully Automated Amazon Store? 

For sure! Although you’ll need to peek at your store each day, by the same token, having it automated means spending more time on fun things

For example, discovering excellent new products and helping your customers.

Therefore, you can focus on scaling your dropshipping business.

Is Having An Automated Amazon Store Legal? 

Yes, it’s legal to have an automated Amazon store. It is essential to realize that as long as you follow Amazon’s rules and guidelines, using automation tools to help run your store is perfectly okay. 

What Is The Cost Of Starting An Automated Amazon Store?

Starting an automated Amazon store with AutoDS is super affordable – you can begin with just $1!


In conclusion, starting an online store on Amazon, especially with the help of AutoDS, can be an exciting and rewarding journey

An automated Amazon store allows you to focus on what matters, for example, discovering new products and connecting with customers, without getting bored and stressed by the day-to-day tasks. 

In addition, with features like Automated Amazon Price Optimization and Stock Setting that AutoDS offers, you’re always in control.

So, whether you’re just curious or ready to start your dropshipping business, Amazon and AutoDS offer you the tools and opportunities to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Take that first step, and see where your online store takes you!

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