Best Halloween Products to Sell in 2022

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October is around the corner, so now is the perfect time to prepare your online store to dropship Halloween products.

October is around the corner, so now is the perfect time to prepare your online store to dropship Halloween products.

Thanks to the high and still rising commercialization of this holiday, this day isn’t only about fun, spooky decorations, costumes, pumpkin carving, and trick-or-treating the neighbors. It is also a great opportunity for store owners and dropshippers to raise their sales and generate profits.

Our team has investigated various eCommerce trends, surveys, data from big retailers and wholesalers, and nailed down the list of the best-selling Halloween products and related sub-niches for 2022. We will also share with you what you need to consider in preparing your online dropshipping store for this autumnal holiday. 

Should I dropship Halloween products in 2022?

Yes, just like any other retail business, dropshipping sellers can gain more traffic from potential buyers by offering Halloween-related products. Moreover, if your store would offer a combination of Halloween-related products together with general products, they will all enjoy increased traffic from the fact you are riding the trend wave of the Halloween traffic.

If you are an owner of a Shopify, Amazon, or eBay store, an experienced dropshipper, or an aspiring eCommerce entrepreneur, you should know that most of the sales online are made during the eCommerce holidays in Q4 and the 1st week of Q1. Halloween the what opens this holiday season.

Speaking more precisely, Halloween is the fourth largest holiday shopping day for online retailers and wholesalers. While its traditions and customs vary all over the world, one thing remains stable: the buyers, despite their nationality and location, shop online to take part in Halloween celebrations.

Last year, only in the U.S. market, a total of $10 billion ($2 billion more than a year before) spendings was spent on Halloween products, according to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual survey. An average American approximately spent $102.74 (10$ more than a year before) on its celebration in 2021, which makes Halloween one of the most affordable holidays of the year (in comparison with the costly Christmas or Thanksgiving). Well, it is the secret of its popularity.


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So, what are the best selling Halloween products?

Best Selling Halloween Products and Niches

Obviously, we will speak about seasonal, themed products, for which demand is limited in time. So you don’t need to keep those listings during all year in your online store. It’s always recommended to prepare a dropshipping store for any holiday 1-2 months beforehand. However, don’t be too quick to remove the Halloween items from your shop right after the holiday. Why? The reason is simple: the statistics show that a certain group of shoppers still buy the thematic products 2 weeks after the holiday is over since they want to save some money.

All best selling Halloween products can be generally grouped in the following sub-niches:

1. Halloween Costumes

It’s impossible to imagine this holiday without dressing up. The great thing about costumes is that this group of Halloween products to sell covers all ages and can be spooky, funny, creative, heroic, or anything you want.

An estimated 47% of men and 46% of women plan to dress up in costumes and spend over $3.2 billion on them, so it is worth adding a few festival outfits to your online store.

Which Halloween costumes to dropship in 2022? 

Above all, the most selling Halloween costumes choices for adults, children, and pets in 2022 are: 

RankChildren PetsAdults 
2Princess Hot dogVampire
3BatmanSuperhero / CatGhost
8SupermanDog / WitchSuperman / The Joker
9ZombieDevil / PirateSpiderman / Dracula
10Avengers characterBatman Avengers character
TOP 10 popular Halloween costumes for adults, children, and pets in 2022

By listing the items of this group to your dropshipping store, you can pay more attention to the adult costumes, since they are selling best according to statistics. Children’s outfits are going right after them. However, the dog’s Halloween costumes are getting trendy in general and especially in the UK market:

ZIK Analytics results for the Halloween dog costume in the UK (6 possible buyers per 1 listing)
pet costume halloween products to sell
Walmart search results for Halloween pet costumes.

2. Halloween Party Masks

Halloween mask example

The masks can be an addition to the Halloween outfits or can be used as a costume by themselves. In general, this type of product is selling well on eBay:

ZIK Analytics results for the Halloween mask
ZIK Analytics results for the Halloween mask.

This sell-through rate means that on average one eBay listing from the 1st search page receives 49 sales.

The reusable and washable masks, which help to stay safe during the festivities, diversify the traditional scary accessories in the 2022 market:

halloween reusable masks
Examples of this item on AliExpress.

3. Halloween Decorations

This is another big group of Halloween products to sell that got $2.6 billion in spending last year. According to the surveys, 58% of women and 45% of men are going to decorate their homes in 2022.

This sub-niche covers a huge amount of products for indoor and outdoor décor. For example, LED lamps, pumpkin lanterns, candles, thematic straws, fake spiders, different inflatable items, Halloween pillowcases, tablecloths, etc.:

Google trends for Halloween decoration items
Google trends for Halloween decoration items

For example, Pumpkin Pillow Case is one of best selling Halloween products from this group. There are around 9 possible buyers per 1 listing on eBay, while the majority of its sellers get 69 sales per such a product in total, one seller managed to sell it 405 times:  

Halloween Pumpkin Pillow
ZIK Analytics product research results.

4. Candies and Candy Accessories

Candies are the absolute winner among the best selling Halloween products. The highest percent of the interviewees indicated that they would buy candies. Despite the social distancing, trick-or-treat along with trunk-or-treat will happen this year. So adding some accessories for Halloween candies (such as a bowl, bag, holder, bucket, etc.) to your dropshipping shop might be a good idea:

candy accessories halloween products to sell
Examples of these products on Amazon.

Remember that you are liable for the products you sell. If a Halloween consumable product like candy harms anyone, this can cause serious trouble, or you even can get sued.

5. Halloween Accessories

Retailers and warehouses offer the opportunity to customize Halloween costumes with a variety of different accessories:

Halloween costumes extra on Target
Example of this option on Target.

The feather false eyelashes are an example of the selling Helloween product in this group:

false eyelashes halloween products to sell
Examples of this item on AliExpress.

6. Halloween Jewelry

best selling halloween products
Amazon Halloween pendants example.

The advantage of these products is an affordable price and the possibility to combine them with different costumes. On the other hand, some accessories (e.g. gothic collars) can be used on regular time as well.

For example, Halloween pendants on average get 8 possible buyers per 1 eBay listing:

best selling Halloween products pendants
Zik Analytics product research results

If you want to learn more about eBay dropshipping, you can check this A to Z course that covers 45 lessons and showcase all steps you need in order to start a dropshipping business there, making first sales and scaling your own new business.

7. Halloween Greeting Cards

Sending a greeting card for the holiday is another nice Halloween tradition. The products of this sub-niche have fewer possible buyers on eBay than, for example, costumes. In total 45% of shoppers are willing to buy a greeting card in 2022. Nevertheless, if your shop is built around the related niches, you may want to consider selling greeting cards as well.

Halloween greeting cards
Halloween greeting cards on Walmart.

8. Halloween Party Supplies

Though only about 29% of men and 22% of women want to through/attend a Halloween party this year, it is worth adding party supplies to your online shop. This sub-niche covers everything needed for a big party or a modest family dinner: tableware, cups, straws, games, pumpkin carving kits, etc.

best selling halloween products
Examples of these popular products on Amazon.
Trending Halloween products for party on Aliexpress
Examples of the party supplies on AliExpress.

For example, you can consider selling a trendy Waterproof LED Ice Bucket. This product isn’t saturated yet on eBay and it has a demand on other e-commerce platforms as well:

trending Halloween product

In addition, the Halloween photo booth sets can make any party even more fun. You can list a few of them as well:

Halloween photo booth
Halloween photo booth sets on Walmart.

It’s always a good time when everyone gets together, and the photo booth props will make the event more memorable and enjoyable. People love to create funny and humorous family moments, and they can capture them for years with multiple photos. So no doubt that these goods are some of the best Halloween products to sell.


The success of your dropshipping store largely depends on winning items you sell, reliable suppliers that provide them, and you, who present them and catches buyers. Make sure to check these 550+ Best Dropshipping Products in Popular Niches to Sell Online in 2022 that will skyrocket your profits!

Few more useful lines…

We’ve presented our list of Halloween products to sell in 2022 and sub-niches that can help to boost sales in your dropshipping store.

Halloween is the fourth largest holiday shopping day for online retailers and wholesalers. While its traditions and customs vary all over the world, one thing remains stable: the buyers, despite their nationality and location, shop online to take part in Halloween celebrations.

Now knowing the trends, you can start dropshipping Halloween products successfully. In doing so, double-check the shipping time of your dropshipping suppliers and their reliability to avoid bad feedback due to late delivery. Besides, you can create a holiday atmosphere in your shop by using the Halloween template design. DSM Tool dropshipping automation software offers such a possibility. Check it out!

We wish you a Happy Halloween and a lot of sales during this autumnal holiday. Know other trending Halloween products to sell in 2022? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Diana Velyka

Diana joined DSM Tool in 2019 as a Customer Success Manager and helped thousands of e-commerce owners to run their online shops. Today, she is a part of the content team of Dropship Academy where she focuses mainly on the drop shipping research to help the global entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. In her free time, she enjoys traveling the world, playing the guitar and learning languages.

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