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Lately, we published the article discussing the new eBay drop shipping policy. Since then we got many requests to further discuss the question of how can you protect your account from violating eBay terms of use.

Have you heard about eBay VeRO? Some beginners in eBay drop shipping might not hear about it yet. But let me tell you, you should pay attention to this topic or otherwise your eBay account could end up suspended or closed for good. Here is our CEO and Co-Founder, Kfir Shapira with more about it.

What Does eBay VeRO mean?

So, what is actually eBay VeRO? VeRO is an acronym for the Verified Rights Owner. It is a program to authorize the intellectual property rights owners and authorized representatives of a certain brand to report eBay listings that may violate or undermine those rights.

To understand it deeper, let us clarify the meaning of intellectual property. Intellectual property is work or invention that is the result of creativity, such as a manuscript or a design, to which one has rights and for which one may apply for a patent, copyright, trademark, etc. So, if we put it on eBay perspective they don’t allow us to post or sell a product included in the list of VeRO participating brand, unless you obtained an authorization of the intellectual property rights owner to do so.

If you’ve already received a message from eBay tackling the same subject or you have questions about why eBay removed your listing, I can suggest you to contact the eBay customer support for more information.

Examples of Infringements Based on eBay:

  • Items that bear the rights owner’s trademark—such as a logo—but were not authorized by the rights owner.
  • Unauthorized copies of the audio, video, or other media.
  • Unauthorized use of a rights owner’s images or text in a listing.

Click here to see the list of VeRO participating brands.

eBay vero list at

The Truth About the Official eBay VeRO List

The list of brands is not comprehensive of all brands with Intellectual Property rights nor is this a complete list of all Rights Owners currently participating in the VeRO program.

I have personally supported a lot of eBay sellers before that posted a VeRO product although it hasn’t been in the list. The note that included above is the same statement eBay gave on their own VeRO article. This simply means that the list is not complete so there are other intellectual property rights owners that participated in the program but not yet included in the list.

How to Avoid Sourcing VeRO Items?

So, what should you do now? And more importantly, how will you prevent this from happening again? Those are good questions, please allow me to share with you some best practices that can help prevent VeRO restrictions. Full disclosure: there is a new way to reduce the chance of such violations right below the list.

  • When sourcing a branded item, always make sure to check if the brand is in the official VeRO list, be very strict about not publishing items that appear in the VeRO list.
  • Once in a while, choose a batch of random items and make sure that their brand name is not on the VeRO list. Items could be on your store for months and sell well before they get marked as a violation.
  • While it’s very hard to tell – simply try to avoid listing branded items, the trend of private labelled brands causes a growing risk potential for VeRO violations.

Layered VeRO Protection – DSM Tool 3 Layers

The list above is almost impossible to accomplish manually. This is why using a drop shipping software with VeRO protection layers that handle the risk for you is almost a prerequisite in today’s drop shipping ecosystem. Well, DSM Tool has 3 layers of protection for brands and products that violate the eBay VeRO program.

Layer 1: Official VeRO Blocking

When using the eBay drop shipping lister of DSM Tool, it detects every item that also appears on eBay’s official VeRO list and blocks it from ever getting published.

Layer 2: Reported VeRO Brands

The drop shipping community might seem to one as a competitive field, but actually, without each other, we all could not progress. Learning from each other’s experiences is an essential part of growing our online businesses. The second layer of VeRO protection is of brands that were reported as risky by other drop shipping sellers.

Reporting a VeRO brand in DSM Tool Price Monitor page

If by any chance you encounter a VeRO product, help the drop shipping community and report it.  We will verify it and assign it to the VeRO brands that we have on our database so that in case you or anyone else will try to list an item of the same brand, the system will automatically block it. To report, just go to Price Monitor of your DSM account and click on “Report on VeRO” button.

The brands reported by other users could also be blocked from publishing via the lister settings. If you are an authorized representative of a specific brand you wish to list, you can disable it. To do that, just go to the Settings of your DSM account then go to Lister Tab from there you will find “Block VeRO brands reported by other users”, all you need to do is to turn the slider to OFF.

If you want to block the VeRO brands reported by other drop shippers, just turn the slider to ON.

Note: don’t forget to click “update” at the bottom of that page.

For both layer 1 and layer 2 protections, you will receive the following error when trying to list an item with a brand name in the blacklist:

Layer 3:  The VeRO Scanner

As mentioned above, eBay can mark the products as a VeRO violation even long time after you listed them. In order to save your precious time looking for such products and violations, just check your Dashboard page alerts in your DSM Tool for the VeRO alert. That’s an alert generated by a scanner that checks your existing item brand name and locates VeRO brands. Clicking on the alert will take you to the price monitor showing the list of products that are in risk, so you can take immediate action.


Stay Protected While Sourcing Products with Our Chrome Extension

You can also install the DSM Tool for Chrome extension which detects VeRO brands at the supplier’s website directly as you collect items from your dropshipping supplier store.

VeRO alert when browsing using DSM Tool Chrome Extension


Join the Effort – Tell Us What Do You Think

How to make sure your account stays safe in the ever-changing drop shipping ecosystem? We would love to hear from you guys! Do you have anymore best practices you are using to keep your account safe from violations? Comment below!


Written by Romeo Atis

Romeo started his experience in eBay as a virtual assistant in 2015, he lives in the Philippines and before working in DSM he worked as an English teacher. He worked as an account manager for DSM Tool customers working with dozens of eBay sellers while maintaining an active eBay account by himself. Romeo is also a talented chess player and is always up for a game.

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