TOP Fitness Dropshipping Store Examples to Boost Your Sales

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Looking into the examples of best Shopify fitness stores can give you an idea of things to include in your business strategy to build a successful fitness dropshipping store.

It’s always a good idea to learn from the best, agree? Entrepreneurs follow this way as a way to explore the demand, learn, and get a new portion of education from loyal customers. 

I like to compare the research you are about to do by reading this article to how social media managers generate organic growth. They analyze content that already went viral, that is already successful, to create their own.

Besides, dropshipping fitness products is one of the most profitable niches in dropshipping. Fitness niche popularity grows thanks to a healthy, open-minded audience that cares about their wellbeing. People try to please their inner voice by choosing the sporty outfits that would fit their personality.

If you are looking for some outstanding wellness and fitness eCommerce store examples, this article will gift you a huge inspiration wave as well as some amazing fitness products that you can sell in your niche online store

We will review the best fitness Shopify stores, find out the tools and Shopify themes they use, and learn from their eCommerce strategies and stories of success.

Let’s get started! 

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TOP Shopify Fitness Stores to learn from:

Best Shopify fitness stores combine the interest in colors, patterns, and functions of high-quality fabrics and artfully blend them in order to create unique works of art that are as individual as the people who wear the line. They find out how to become successful in fitness eCommerce. And we will learn it from them below!

Even if you are running a general dropshipping store, the examples of the next fitness dropshipping stores can show you ways how to improve your online shop. Let’s see it!

1. Be Activewear – one of the best fitness Shopify stores

 One of the best activewear stores on Shopify
An example of one of the best activewear stores on Shopify

Be Activewear, the Australian-owned store sells fitness apparel, innerwear, outerwear, and other fitness niche products through a dropshipping model. Many people have picked the sports and fitness niche since it is simple to brand and attract customers.

“Be Activewear” takes a step further and creates a collection of fitness apparel for those who are overweight. These not only increase their body confidence, but they also make working out more suited for them. With over 60 major brands and sales in over 50 countries across the world, the “Be Activewear” fitness eCommerce shop can teach you how to go big.

Just let’s check out the data about their traffic on Semrush (a well-known marketing tool) to see it: for the last 6 months, their visitor’s range is about 2.4K visitors per month. 

Traffic analysis for the shopify store Be Activewear
Traffic analysis for the Shopify store Be Activewear
  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?
1. OmnisendEmail & Marketing Automation
2. Back in StockBack in Stock Notification alerts
3. KlaviyoEmail and social campaigns
4. TidioLive chat boosted with Bots and Marketing Automation
5. Bold Sales MotivatorIncrease the amount of every order
  • Which Shopify Fitness Theme Do They Use?

This fitness eCommerce store uses a variation of the Testament theme (renamed to “Testament – UG Edits #3847”)

What are this successful dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at in this Shopify top fitness store:

  • Motivation. They show that even sportswear can bring you confidence. They state: “You are Strong. You are Resilient. You Define You. Women Fitness is Live”. Gorgeous! 
top fitness dropshipping store
  • Trust.  They built up their brand by giving support to all women, all types of bodies and taste. Their subscribers happily show their trust on the social media pages.
good social media eCommerce strategy
good social media eCommerce strategy
  • A big choice of products and subniches. Аor example, this Shopify store offers fitness products for the smallest. This fitness clothing dropshipping store cares about kids and offers collections of sportswear, outerwear for a total unite of spirits. 
A variety of products in the fitness dropshipping store
A variety of products in this dropshipping store
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2. Club Fit Wear – Shopify fitness websites example

Club Fit Wear fashion fitness store on Shopify
Club Fit Wear fashion fitness store on Shopify

Motivation is another name of the fitness dropshipping store called Club Fit Wear. The gym-going audience adores so much their huge collection of creative printed workout clothes. Many discounts, sales + plus cheap prices, and ‘free shipping over $40’ policy make the customers go crazy and buy in bulk.  

  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?

For you like a Shopify dropshipper will be curious that they use a lot (seriously, A LOT!) of the apps in the maintenance of their eCommerce site, here are some of them: 

1. PushOwlRecover Abandoned Carts via Push Notifications
2. Just UnoPop Ups & Social Media Marketing Platform
3. Smile.ioLoyalty Points, VIP, Referral Programs
4. WheelioGamified pop-up
5. Zotabox (Multiple possibilites)Header Bar or easy contact form
6. RefersionTrack referrals & pay commissions to affiliates + influencers
7. LooxPhoto Reviews (Product Reviews)
8. RechargeLaunch and scale your subscription and recurring business
9. Wishlist PlusHelp your customers pick up where they left off
10. KlaviyoEmail and social campaigns
11. Trust BadgeBeautiful payment badges
12. ReChargeSubscriptions by ReCharge
13. Product CustomizerEasily add options, variants & customization to your products
14. NfcubeInstagram Feed
  • Which Shopify Fitness Theme Do They Use?

A variation of the Venture theme (renamed to “Venture with Installments message”)

What are their successful dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at in this fitness Shopify store:

  • Printed Designs. Their huge top selling fitness product list has no limits. Any encouraging quote may be printed on any piece of cloth.
Reviews in the dropshipping fitness store
Reviews in the dropshipping fitness store
  • Social Media Advertisement Rank. The store ranks number 1 in the U.S for ‘strong women lift each other up’. It has 31,000 likes on Facebook! They give cash to customers who post photos of their purchases on social media sites (Facebook and Instagram). And you know what? Customers who are pleased with their purchases are almost always greater advertisements than the paid companies.
Social media eCommerce strategy for a dropshipping store
Social media eCommerce strategy for a dropshipping store
  • Low Prices. As we have mentioned their multiple discounts and sales combined with low prices and free shipping over $40 is a real gold for their customers.

3. Alo Yoga – Top Fitness Shopify Store

top shopify dropshipping store that dropship
Alo an online store that dropship fitness cloth

Alo Yoga is a super-stylish Shopify fitness dropshipping store that sells different sportswear.  Their statements perfectly highlight their main idea: “Spreading mindful movement, inspiring wellness and creating community. These goals inspire everything we do at Alo.” 

They do as much as they promise, that’s why earned such a big loyal customers base: 

Traffic that gets Alo Yoga fitness dropshipping website

1.20M visits per month according to SimilarWeb traffic research! When we tell you why this dropshipping yoga store is so attractive, you will give them big respect for their work and maybe will be one of their followers.

  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?
1. Shopify Product ReviewsDefault free Shopify reviews app.
2. YotpoCollect product reviews, site reviews, and photo reviews
3. Oxi Social LoginOne-click login with Facebook, Google, and many more
4. Back in StockBack in Stock Notification alerts
5. SignifydGuaranteed fraud and chargeback protection
  • Which Shopify Fitness Theme Do They Use?

This dropshipping store uses the custom theme labeled “Prod v24.8.1 (2021-10-29) [190a498]”

What are their successful dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at this health and fitness Shopify stores:

  • Alo-Moves. They went further than any other online fitness and welness store: they started offering unlimited yoga, fitness and meditation services for $20/month. Have you ever seen anything like that? You will. They let their customers enjoy a free month with any purchase. It’s a Big Level! They teech how
exra services that fitness store sells
  • Alo Mission. Alo-Yoga is not just a yoga wear store. It is a yoga-world. They want people not only to give, but to receive. Unite soul and mind. Thus they have teaching programs, mindfulness videos for adults and kids. To bring yoga to the world is their mission. 
  • Big Social Media Following. They have 2.7 million Instagram followers and 390k subscribers on Youtube channel with free yoga classes. 
  • Dropshipping blog: their ecommerce marketing strategy includes blogging. It is possible to create eCommerce blog on Shopify platform (what they exactly did). It is an excellent way to drive traffic to any dropshipping store.
  • Own app: they super mobile-friendly. Even created the app for their fitness dropshipping store.
App of the Alo dropshipping online fitness store
App of the Alo online fitness store

4. Bewellbodycare – another example of successfull dropshipping store

Fitness dropshipping store

Bewellbodycare is another Shopify dropshipping fitness store example that attracts with their minimalistic web design style. It’s lovely and clean, and it’s just perfect for selling health, wellness, fitness, and beauty products in dropshipping Shopify store. With a basic menu bar and such a clear list of items, navigating becomes so simple.

The statistics show their trusted fitness and wellness brand is trusted by millions of customers! Buyers really enjoy it! Look at their huge percentage of visits (more than 100M per month!). It will definitely inspire you on your way to building a successful dropshipping store. 

10 Revisions

wellness and fitness dropshipping website statistic
dropshipping website statistic in SEMRush
  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?
1. PrivyFree email popups, exit intent, targeted modals, wheels & more
2. LooxPhoto Reviews (Product Reviews)
3. KlaviyoEmail and social campaigns
4. NfcubeInstagram Feed
5. Bold Sales MotivatorIncrease the amount of every order
  • Which Shopify Fitness Theme Do They Use?

This successful eCommerce store that dropship fitness and wellness products use a custom theme labeled “EcomSolid

What are their successful dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at this top fitness store in Shopify to get inspired:

  • Well-designed. The product page contains more than just high-resolution photographs and basic information. The product photography on this site dictates the entire brand experience: customers may access instructional videos, how-to guides, actual customer reviews, and FAQs sections. At the same time, the photos are sleek, edgy and minimalistic.
  • Everything is created so that it provides a complete on-site experience.
  • Well-build social media marketing strategy and Shopify eCommerce strategy.

5. Love nad Fit – fitness dropshipping website

Love and Fit fitness dropshipping website
Love and Fit dropshipping website

Loveandfit is the last (but not the least) entry on our Shopify dropshipping fitness store examples. At the moment it has up to 2K visitors per month, but still has a big potential to grow thanks to its unique customer offer: a nursing sports bra.

As you can see their marketing strategy includes bigger attention to social media development, investments in paid ads and referral programs:

fitness ecommerce store traffic overview in SEMRush
This dropshipping store traffic overview in SEMRush
  • Which Shopify Apps Do They Use?
1. Just UnoPop Ups & Social Media Marketing Platform
2. RecartFacebook Messenger Marketing & Abandoned Cart App
3. Stamped.ioCollect Product reviews, site reviews, and photo/video reviews
KlaviyoEmail and social campaigns
5. Bold UpsellProduct Upsell, Cross-sell & Smart Upsells to make more money
  • Which Shopify Fitness Theme Do They Use?

This fitness eCommerce store uses a custom theme labeled “Phillip Dev – Product Badge Updates”

What are their successful dropshipping store hallmarks?

Here are some things that you can look at this Shopify dropshipping fitness store:

  • Functional activewear. They dropship fitness clothes which support women for workouts and beyond. At Love and Fit they women are provided with innovative items that grow with them through any stage of life.
  • Big Women Community. We all know what the women’s community means. This store has paid attention to the fact that a lot of young mothers have been mentioning that they feel separated from their world behind. Their store’s idea is to show how great it is to stay together, to support, to be united.  Thus it offers to share your photos using # loveandfitshop hashtag on Instagram. 
  • Well-build social media strategy that includes cross and upselling.

At-home workouts, health, and wellness tendencies have become very valuable for consumers. They show us that at-home fitness is here to stay even with the reopening of gyms and successful fitness stores we discussed today is a great helping hand for those who are interested in opening their own fitness dropshipping store.

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As you might have noticed, all examples of the top Shopify fitness stores selected for this article are not just about the sale and marketing strategies, they are about people and union. However, something all of these stores have in common is there stellar dropshipping fitness product catalog.

Try to create not just a dropshipping store with loyal customers which will bring you the regular traffic needed to sustain an online business, but a real movement. The idea is to create a unique brand, create a special e-store that will conquer the attention and respect of your customers and bring love not for your products/activewear, but for a feeling that you give them wearing it. 

We hope you got enough inspiration for your fitness Shopify store or even one product dropshipping store here.

Good luck with everything!

Written by Artem Zmitrovich

Artem is a versatile person with a wide range of knowledge and skills, good erudition. With his technical and soft skills, Artem is always happy to help.

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