How to Add Products to Your Drop Shipping Store with Rapid Lister

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What Are You Going to Learn in This Lesson?

Until now, in the previous lessons, we have learned how to create a new DSM Tool account and connect your store to it, how to find great products for dropshipping and how to set up a new drop shipping supplier. Now it is time to learn how to add products to your dropshipping store!

In this lesson of the eBay dropshipping automation course, we will be using the Rapid Lister feature, and it’s best practices.

DSM Tool dropship automation

What is the Rapid Lister Feature? – Functions

Did you know that Rapid Lister is one of the main features of the DSM Tool? This amazing tool was created to help you list products from your preferred supplier to your target marketplace, either eBay or Shopify. Besides, with this helpful tool, you can optimize the title, image, description of your product, and much more to make your product appealing and enticing to the buyer.

We’ll go over the things that a dropshipper needs to know about using the Rapid Lister feature and show you a step-by-step process of listing your first product.

Collect Products

No doubt, you already have products that you want to add to your dropshipping store. And if you gonna list items to eBay manually, it will take about 10-15 minutes per product. Rapid Lister comes in and saves a lot of your time when listing products. This tool helps to list a product literally just in seconds, how cool is that?!

Single Lister

As the title implies, this is about listing a single item with Rapid Lister. Let’s look at the step-by-step process. And, we will choose Chinabrands as a supplier.

You can see above a product to list, and there is a blue List in DSM button at the bottom. Click it.

NOTE! This button will only appear if you have installed the DSM Auto-Paste Chrome Extension. Click here if you haven’t installed it. Discover how to use this tool and its other features in the article What is the DSM Auto-Paste Chrome Extension?

So, you need to be logged in to your DSM Tool account and it will automatically redirect you to the Rapid Lister page of your account. You will notice the URL and the product link will be coppied to the Rapid Lister.

Click the Import button.

Basic Details

These are necessary details of the listing that you can edit according to your preferences like title, price, product category, and images.


In the following section, we can see the settings of your listings consisting of item location, package dimensions, policies, and quantity.
For the item location, it will be taken automatically based on the supplier that you’ve chosen.
Package dimensions sometimes are not taken automatically if the information is not present in the product source page.
As for the business policies, it should be automatic since we’ve already set that up before we list an item.
Quantity of the product that you want to sell depends on you, you can set whatever you need.


Product variations mean selling the same item but with different options like color, size, etc. If the product that you’re listing has different variations, it will appear here in the variations section of the Rapid Lister.

More details about how to list multiple items in one eBay listing you can find here.

Item Specifications

Item Specifications are the attributes of the product. This part is also essential to fill in because the most accurate and complete information will encourage your buyers to make a decision to purchase and reduce the number of returns.

Full Description

The Web Content section will show the preview of your listing before uploading it to your store. Make the final edit here if you want to add some information or design to it.

Once done, press the Publish Now button and it will be added to your eBay store, and it will also appear in the Price Monitor.

Bulk Lister – List Multiple Products with One Click!

Collecting Items

Listing 2 or more products at the same time is as simple as that. This feature can really level up your listing process. Especially if you’ve already planned the products that you want to list or if you have a specific niche for your store. Let’s go to the process of using the Bulk Lister, we will use cookware as a particular product niche that you want to list.

There are 2 ways to do Bulk collect.
First is clicking the Copy All button copying all the products on the page. This is to select all the products on the page.
Second is clicking the + button picking only the products that you’d like to be added to your store.

Bulk Lister Settings

After you’ve selected the products that you want to add to your store, it will create a list of products on the right of the page. Clicking the List in DSM button will redirect you to the Rapid Lister Bulk operation.

It will copy the product IDs of those items that you’ve chosen in the Bulk Lister.

Then everything will look pretty much the same compared to the single listing process. You can change some details of your listings, however, these will take effect on all of the products.
The option of collage creation for your listing images is also available. If you mark the checkbox of that option, it will automatically create a collage for the main image on each of your product listings. Click here to know more about the Collage Creator. Auto fill of item specifications can also be enabled in this process. The DSM Tool Bulk Lister system will automatically pick the item specifications available from the supplier and will be added to your listings.

Press Import Items when you’re done with the listing settings.

Bulk Lister Preparation

Now, the DSM Tool system will prepare all the listings for you. It can take some time depending on the data DSM Tool gets from the supplier site. Auto-Publish is also available if you want to automatically list the item after the preparation of the listing.

After the preparation phase, click the Continue button.

Unlike the single listing process when you can change many details of the unique product, for bulk, it is only the title, profit, and quantity.

Click the Publish Now button once done. If you choose the Schedule listing button, it will allow you to list an item or items at a specific time. Read the article for more information about it DSM Bulk Lister: Auto Publish And Bulk Schedule.

If you got to this page, it means that your products are on the final stage of the listing process. Next, they will be added to your drop shipping store and Price Monitor as well.

You can see the listing queue by clicking the Watch Queue button.

The queue for bulk listing shows the total number of listings and a progress bar showing the completion of the quantity listing process in percentage.

The results will be shown after the progress bar reached 100%. The items will be listed successfully in the Price Monitor. In case there are some errors due to the incomplete supplier information or other details in the listings settings, you can review it and relaunch the listing process.


Rapid Lister is the next generation of simple product listing tool. It will make your life free from copying and pasting every detail of a single product to an optimization process that ensures the product will be bought. DSM Tool dedicates its passion for delivering high-quality service to help your dropshipping store be prosperous and successful!

Written by Kfir Shapira

Kfir is a Co-Founder and the CEO of DSM Tool. He is working with eBay since 2008 and 8 years later in 2016 joined the founding team of a revolutionary drop shipping management platform - DSM Tool. He has a B.A in Business and Entrepreneurship from IDC Herzeliya. Kfir also plays the drums and owns a dog named "Bamba".

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