What Are The Best Aliexpress Chrome Extensions for Dropshipping? [2021]

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Aliexpress is one of the most popular marketplaces nowadays, and it is estimated to take 41% of all e-commerce spending in 2020, in most cases, thanks to its affordable prices. Dropshipping sellers, of course, set their sights on this source of suppliers and know which Aliexpress Chrome extensions would be the best tools to work with dropshipping suppliers from this Chinese marketplace.

There are many guides on how to dropship on eBay from Ali Express that covers most of the basics you need to set up and learn in order to properly run your Ali Express dropshipping business. But these are dropshipping beginners guides, and by design, they can’t cover everything such as advanced features that would make step up your game.

In this post, we would make a quick overview of the 9 best Aliexpress Google Chrome extensions, which: 

are easy to use; 
definitely save your time or money;
are free or have free features; 
help to grow your dropshipping business. 

Let’s walk through these handy tools that help us, sellers, maximize the advantages from sourcing from AliExpress. 

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A Quick Overview of the 9 Best Chrome Extensions for Aliexpress 

#1 Aliexpress Extension – Alitools shopping assistant

The Alitools Chrome extension is your must-have addon if you source from Aliexpress. It is a seller reliability checker along with Aliexpress price tracker extension, product search by image, all in one: it gathers the information about the product’s price changes, seller’s rating, and reviews right on the Aliexpress product page. Besides, it can show you the list of similar items with the indicated sellers’ rate.  

aliexpress price checker extension, Alitools, is one of the best Aliexpress Chrome extensions
Aliexpress price checker extension

Product search by image for Aliexpress is another cool feature that offers this AliExpress addon. If you are in the eCommerce business, you surely dedicate much time checking trending niches, items, other seller accounts, and frequently you want to list the same item to your store. Well, its button for product search by image will appear on most of the sites (marketplaces, social networks, youtube, etc.) and you can regulate them in the extension settings. Once you will click on it, it will show you similar products on Aliexpress.

AliTools extension product finder by photo
Alitools product search by image made from Amazon

In addition, the drop-down menu of this Aliexpress extension presents a few worth mentioning sections: collected liked products, search history, the products that you follow and packages with their tracking numbers. 

AliTools extension sections
Dropdown menu of Alitools

Read an overview of all Alitools features and learn tips on how to improve your Aliexpress shopping with it in the post about the Alitools extension.

#2. Easy Aliexpress Image Downloader – Alisave

A good image for the listing plays an important role. This Aliexpress addon helps the sellers download the main or description photos of your product easily with just one click.

It’s really easy to use it: install this Aliexpress extension to your browser, click on its sign in your browser extensions bar. Then open the necessary product page in AliExpress, you will see the Alisave button near the product main images, variations, and description overview. All you need to do is to click on its button near the necessary section: 

Aliexpress Image downloader extension
AliSave buttons in Aliexpress

Pro membership goes with Aliexpress video downloader.

This Aliexpress extension allows you to choose the folder for saving these images and videos. Once it is done and the pictures are saved, you can optimize them or/and directly upload them to your online store on eBay, Shopify, or another drop shipping platform.

AliSave tutorial

#3. Easy AliExpress Video Finder

This Aliexpress Chrome extension is an answer to the question: “How to find products with videos on Aliexpress?”. Install the Easy AliExpress Video Finder to your Google Chrome browser, which allows you to see which of the products have the video in their visual content right on the search page. This tool goes with 3 days of trial and allows you also to hide the items with videos or, vice versa, show them. 

Aliexpress Video Finder extension
Aliexpress Video Finder

#4. Aliexpress ePacket identificator – The Best ePacket Aliexpress Plugin

This Google Chrome extension for Aliexpress helps to detect which seller offers the ePacket shipping option. It’s a great helper for dropshippers who are looking for an air shipping solution from this overseas supplier. 

After installing this Aliexpress addon, go to the search page of AliExpress, search the necessary product and ePacket identification will show you if it has a free ePacket shipping option (green color), a paid ePacket delivery (blue color) or doesn’t offer such an option at all (red color). 

Aliexpress ePacket finder addon
Aliexpress ePacket Identificator extension

#5. DSM Tool Dropshipping Chrome Extension

DSM Tool Chrome extension will be a handy instrument for dropshipping in general and working with Aliexpress particularly. 

  • DSM tool eases the listing process:
    In order to start, you will need to create an account in this dropshipping software (no worries, it’s free), link your account from there to your selling store and install the DSM Tool Chrome extension in your browser. You’re ready to start! Choose the product on Aliexpress and click on the List button. That’s it.
    The extension will copy the title, the photos, item specifications, and its text description into the listing in a matter of seconds. 
DSM Tool extension List button for Aliexpress
DSM Tool extension button in AliExpress
  • Dsm Tool extension saves your time also in bulk listing:
    It would be enough to click on the Plus button to add the products that you liked into a Bulk List, and then all chosen products would be taken to the lister, where you can optimize them and  publish immediately or with scheduled time:
DSM Tool extension for Aliexpress
Collecting the items for publishing in bulk in Aliexpress with DSM Tool extension
  • It is also helpful in fulfilling orders on Aliexpress:
    If you are a drop shipper, you know that the faster you will process the order, the faster your supplier will ship it. Copying- pasting your buyer address by yourself can take a few minutes. “It isn’t so much“: thought you. Yes, but if your eCommerce business is growing, you get more and more orders every day. In this case, saving even a few seconds in fulfilling one order plays a big difference. DSM Tool brings copy-paste automation for the sake of your time and your eCommerce shop. 

Overall, DSM Tool offers advanced customization abilities for Aliexpress dropshippers. There you can set the list of preferable shipping services for Aliexpress, so your listings will include the shipping prices according to them. For example, if you set AliExpess Standart Shipping at the top of it, but your Aliexpress supplier doesn’t offer it, the monitor will take the 2nd option from your shipping preferences and add its shipping fees to your listing automatically:  

DSM Tool Aliexpress supplier settings
DSM Tool supplier settings

#6. AliExpress Coupon Finder

This Aliexpress Chrome extension will show you if there are any available coupons for a chosen product. It’s a good way to increase eCommerce dropshipping profits at least for a bit.  

 The Aliexpress coupon finder extension is free. You can install it and search for the item to list. If this item would have any available coupon, you will see it here: 

Aliexpress extension for discounts
Aliexpress coupon finder extension

#7. The AliExpress Price Tracker 

The AliExpress Price Tracker is a useful Aliexpress Chrome extension if you already know what trending product you want to sell or buy personally, but you still want to get the best price! This extension is specially developed for tracking prices on Aliexpress. You just need to choose the specific product or its variation, click on this extension sign in your browser bar, click the Track a price button. And this Aliexpress product will be on the list. Once its price drops or increases, you will get a notification. This is how this price tracker works:

The Aliexpress extension to track prcies

 #8. Ebates – your cashback tool

In addition to the coupons and Flash Deals section in Aliexpress, you can always consider using the cashback sites and extensions to save money in shopping and increase your profits. 

Ebates is one of such options. If you don´t use Ebates yet, it might be a perfect time to start doing it. Ebates is a free cashback site with plenty of partners, Aliexpress is one of them. It allows you to get up 2,8% in cashback from your Aliexpress order. 
The only downside is that it doesn´t work for the European Economic Area. If your eCommerce business is located there, you can check other cashback tools to enjoy some bonuses. 

#9. AliExpress Free Invoice – Your Aliexpress Chrome Extension for bills

The Aliexpress Free Invoice is a free extension for extracting your order details to a printable PDF invoice. In other words, this Aliexpress Chrome extension helps to verify or confirm every Aliexpress payment you make. It simply saves your time of asking each seller to do it for you. Despite these invoices don’t have legal power (because they are not issued by Alibaba or its reseller), they are not fake. They simplify your accounting and justify your orders there.

The Aliexpress Free Invoice button
The Aliexpress Free Invoice button in the orders section on Ali Express

Besides, the Aliexpress Free Invoice is easy to use. After you have installed this Aliexpress Chrome plugin, go to your orders, click on the View details button (for a specific order), and the button “Download PDF Invoice” will appear. Click on it, and everything is done. You get your free invoice:

An example of the invoice made with Aliexpress Free Invoice
An example of the invoice made with Aliexpress Free Invoice


Aliexpress Chrome extensions are great tools to save time, money, and to help you run your dropshipping business better. So take advantage of the above-mentioned Aliexpress Chrome plugins to get the most out of the AliExpress dropshipping. 

Do you know any other great Aliexpress chrome extension you would like to share with your fellow dropshippers? Let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Diana Velyka

Diana joined DSM Tool in 2019 as a Customer Success Manager and helped thousands of e-commerce owners to run their online shops. Today, she is a part of the content team of Dropship Academy where she focuses mainly on the drop shipping research to help the global entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. In her free time, she enjoys traveling the world, playing the guitar and learning languages.

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