Top 42 Free Tools & Extensions Every Dropshipper Must Know [Updated]

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As a dropshipping store owner, we know that you would like to embrace the right tools that will help you to see your business succeed. Knowing these tools will help you to stay savvy and successful in the rapidly expanding drop shipping business. 

If you are still dedicated more than ever to making sure you took into account everything it needs to make your business more profitable, you might be searching for some advice on what are the best dropshipping tools and extensions that can save your time and money. Don’t forget to bookmark the ones you want!

The best Chrome extensions for dropshipping

Dropshipping Chrome, or any other browser, extensions are typically used for market research and marketing, daily tasks automation, cashback, and everything around the day-to-day work of the dropshipping seller.

The extensions below are more than just dropshipping extensions, it is a curated endlessly growing list of Chrome extensions that can help you increase your productivity as you work on your business.

Best Scanner-Extensions for Dropshippers:

1. Keepa – Amazon Scanner Tool 

This free wonderful amazon scanner works with all Amazon sites and offers easy check-up on all items, with a fast site and great browser extensions that will help save precious time.

amazon scanner keepa as free  dropshipping tool
Screenshot from Keepa

2. Camelcamelcamel – Search Hot Selling Items

Another easy tool to use is the Amazon scanner and price tracker. The Camlizer is their helpful browser extension. Here you can also browse and search for hot selling items and track price drops.

3. Walmart Price Tracker

The similar easy-to-use tool for tracking the prices in Walmart: 

Walmart price tracker , free dropshipping extension
Screenshot of the price tracking in Walmart

In case you dropship from other sources, you can check the available free price checkers for them on For instance, they also offer similar extensions for Banggood, DHGate, Aliexpress, Joy Buy, Gearbest, Wayfair, etc. 

Chrome extension for automation

4. DSM Tool Dropshipping Chrome Extension

If you are looking for innovative dropshipping software that allows eBay and Shopify dropshippers to source products from an endless variety of dropshipping suppliers and control their stock, check the DSM Tool dropshipping software.

The DSM Tool Chrome extension will help you automate dropshipping tasks and save you a lot of time while you’re dropshipping. You can use it to import the product details from websites like AliExpress, CJDropshipping, Amazon (the title, images, description, etc.) and to automate the ordering process once you make a sale on your dropshipping store.  

DSM Tool, a tool for dropshipping
List in DSM extension button on Aliexpress

Dropshipping Market Research – Free Tools

5. Google Trends 

A research tool that lets you pick-up on highly searched for trends, items, and niches.

Where to find the trending product is maybe one of the most popular questions among dropshippers. This tool can help you to make your own research on the search volumes for the selected niches, evergreen and seasonal products. Additionally, it offers the possibility to check the trends depending on the location (worldwide, country, region, city), which is peculiarly handy if you sell in different marketplaces. Read more in our dropshipping sourcing with Google Trends guide.

6. Google Shopping Insights 

This dropshipping tool is more robust and comprehensive research and free tool. Read more in our Google tools tip.

7. Google Keyword Planner 

It’s another useful tool from Google that helps see the viability and competition for the searched keywords (your ideas for products or niches, for example) and, besides, it offers you new ideas related to them. It addition, this tool allows you to set the necessary time, location, language filters to narrow down the results. If you dropship and don’t use DSM tool title builder or any other similar one, you may check here the best keywords for the title optimization of your listings on eBay or Shopify

 Google Keyword Planner as great and free tool for dropshipping
Screenshot from the search in Google Keyword Planner

The title optimization is crucial for eBay dropshipping, where the sellers do their best to get their products rank high in eBay SEO. To keep it simple: the better keywords you use in your title, the higher chance to get sales.

8. Grabley 

Is a dropshipping chrome extension that lets you work faster to filter, search and compare items and the use of hotkeys on multiple sites like eBay, Amazon.

Grabley extension as free dropshipping tool
Screenshot from chrome store

9. Google Express 

Another great new tool by Google helps with comparing prices between a great number of suppliers in the US. Learn more about it in this update.

google express as free dropshipping tool
Screenshot from google express

10. Shopzilla 

A veteran huge site that gives you an extensive market research platform.

11. BizRate 

Convenient product exploring and researching site. Like Shopzilla, BizRate is also a part of the connexity group.  

12. Algopix

With Algopix, you can make smart choices and reduce your confusion. You can create a business strategy based on facts and data geared towards a better chance of success.

Make smart choices – know what to buy, where to sell, and at what price to sell it – all with the help of one simple tool.

Dropshipping Tools for Amazon 

If you are looking for a free dropshipping product research tool for Amazon, these dropshipping extensions might come handy as they offer a variety of tools that will help you in your research process

13. AmzChart– #1 Amazon BSR & Product Research Tool

AmzChart is a leading Amazon analysis tool with the largest Ecom intelligence database. It can analyze 10K+  active products to help you to find out the best sellers provide you with the analysis of top-selling items on Amazon. As an Amazon seller, AmzChart would save your time to find lucrative niches with advanced research of Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR), category, star ratings, and reviews, etc. Additionally, it presents the performance of specific products and analyzes the categories with advanced filters, so you can get insight into the most profitable niche market on Amazon. Most importantly, it’s totally free to use.

Free Amazon analysis tool example
Amzl chart screenshot

14. Amazon Assistant for Chrome 

A browser extension helping with great input and quick links on items that you find in the Amazon search pages.

15. Unicorn Smasher – A Free Amazon Research Tool

A complete Amazon research tool in the form of a chrome extension.

16. DS Amazon Quick View 

With over 120k users, this chrome extension for drop shippers is a simple tool that offers viable information on each item you find on Amazon.

17. BQool Inc

BQool is a SaaS company that develops innovative cloud-based software services for Amazon sellers to resolve daily business challenges. Since 2013, BQool has helped thousands of sellers in different parts of the world to succeed on Amazon.

It’s time…

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Dropshipping Tools for CJdropshipping:

CJdropshipping, aka CJ, is an integrated dropshipping platform that provides one-stop services that include product sourcing, automatic order processing, fast shipping, product branding, custom packaging, and some other useful features for eCommerce sellers.

With the following free tools, you can enjoy advanced services when dropshipping from CJDropshipping:

18. CJDropshipping Chrome Extension – Best product sourcing tool to source from AliExpress, Taobao and 1688.

CJDropshipping Chrome Exrension is a free tool developed by the CJ team. With the tool, you can easily post a sourcing request to CJ with a few clicks when you see interested products during product research on AliExpress, Taobao or 1688.

Sourcing from Aliexpress with CJDropshipping Chrome extension
Sourcing from Aliexpress with CJDropshipping Chrome extension

After you have posted your sourcing request, the CJ sourcing team will get back to you within 48 hours, usually with a lower price than it is on AliExpress, then you can import the product to your store or buy it directly from CJ.

When you are sourcing on or Taobao, the CJ extension converts the currency into USD automatically, and you can post a sourcing or a directly purchasing request to CJ.

Sourcing from 1688 or Taobao with CJDropshipping Chrome extension
Sourcing from 1688 or Taobao with CJDropshipping Chrome extension

19. CJDropshipping Shopify App – A free product importing and order fulfillment tool for Shopify stores

With CJDropshipping Shopify App installed, you can enjoy the following services:

  • Easily list and source any products into your stores, normally price lower than Aliexpress, and thousands of POD products available
  • Convenient order fulfillment service, everything automatically syncs with your stores, CSV orders available too
  • As fast as same-day processing, shipping from US warehouse directly to your US customers
  • Brand packing and insert available, quality control before dispatching, almost one by one checking
  • Track your orders anytime and make the delivery analysis
  • The team working with your team and almost 24/7 online support

20. – A tool for tracking CJ packets is a site where you can track your CJ packages online in real time. If you don´t know yet, CJPacket is the special air shipping line that streamlines and makes faster the process of shipping products from China.

Dropshipping Tools for Aliexpress:

21. FindNiche– Best Analytics Tool for AliExpress and Shopify

FindNiche is a powerful dropshipping tool that you can use to analyze profitable products. You can find out the trending products through advanced research with its various filters, such as Low-competition, High ROIC, and New hot-selling, etc. All of these features would help you to do completed product research and sort out the dropshipping niches. As an eCommerce store owner or someone dropshipping on platforms such as Shopify or AliExpress, FindNiche is a must for them to save time and has been proven to be helpful for many startups looking to break in and compete in the eCommerce industry.

Powerful dropshipping tool for analyzing profitable products
Findeniche tool screenshot

22. Ali Packet 

This is a great chrome extension helping you to find items offering fast ePacket shipping and saves precious time.

23. Aliexpress Seller Check 

Find out everything you need to know about the seller of the items from the popular Aliexpress marketplace to choose the right ones.

24. Alitools shopping assistant

With the help of this extension, the dropshippers can gather the information about the product’s price changes, seller’s rating and reviews right on the product page in Aliexpress, and, besides, get the list of the similar items with the indicated sellers’ rate.

If you source in other Alibaba group sites (for instance, BangGood), this tool will show you the sellers of similar and related products with their lowest prices, but from Aliexpress.
This information can be really helpful when it comes to choosing a supplier for your trending item.

Screenshot of Alitools price controller

Find more information about Alitools features and how to use them for dropshipping from Aliexpress in the post-overview of AliTools.

25. Alisave

As a drop shipper, you know that the good image for the listing plays an important role. This amazing extension helps the sellers to download the main or description photos of your product from Aliexpress easily with one click.

AliSave quick tutorial

Read about more Aliexpress tools and how to use them in our article about the best Aliexpress extensions.

Dropshipping Tools with Cashback:

All of these are great cashback sites, see what works best for you and enjoy some bonuses:

26. Ebates – Get $10 bonus via this link

27. Giving assistant – Get $5 bonus via this link

28. Top cashback

39. Be Frugal – Get $10 bonus via this link

30. Quido – Get 5GBP bonus via this link

Tools with Coupons:

31. PriceBlink Coupons

A unique browser extension that will find you coupons before checking out with your purchases on sources in the US and the UK.

32. Cently by coupon follow

A similar chrome extension finding coupons for you upon checkout with plenty of great sources.

Tools for Optimization:

33. Seller core 

Find and create great templates for your unique listings in all sorts of different categories and themes.

ebay templates tool
Screenshot from sellercore

34. Title Builder 

Optimize your titles to make your listings on your dropshipping store stand out in from of the rest.

35. Isoldwhat

Helps you find the right categories on eBay and their unique ID numbers.

Tools for Graphic Design:

36. Canva 

Practical and simple online tool for image editing and creating for the ones who are not graphic designers … just yet.

37. Freepik 

A large stock image site with vectors, photos and PSD files.

38. Picjumbo

Another great free to use stock site.


39. Trello 

Agile-based free to use task organizer to give you more control on your business model and the work being done.

40. Google Drive

Forget about traditional office solutions and use the cloud to create and store all of your important information.

41. Mailchimp

Email marketing complete solution to get your buyers hooked and keep asking for more.

42. Grammarly

Native English speaker or not, we all are bound to make some misspells and grammar errors. Don’t work too hard and let Grammarly extension clean up your language.

Any other free-to-use tools or great dropshipping chrome extensions you would like to recommend to your fellow drop shippers? Let us know in the comments below!

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His eBay account is open since 2011, and he just moved out of Thailand after living there for 5 years to travel the world with his laptop. Also, he firmly believes in single-tasking.
(P.S, He can speak Hebrew, English, and Thai!)

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