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With eCommerce booming and the number of people shopping online increasing, we need to build a killer product catalog. In fact, we need to fill our online store with proven best-sellers to attract more customers and boost sales. So, we need to see what people buy the most online. By selling what has been proven to be in high demand, we can maximize our sales. 

With that said, in this article, we’ll take a look at the most profitable niches and best-selling products for dropshipping. On top of that, we’ll see why dropshipping is the best avenue for online selling. 

What Are People Buying Online Right Now?

To truly maximize our sales, we need to know what people are buying online right now. So, we can explore and find products from the most popular eCommerce niches. Notably, selling within a specific niche can be very profitable. That is because our product catalog will target a market with a demand for these products. On top of that, season items, like for example, spring products, Halloween products, Christmas items and more are also proven to be profitable depending on the season.

So, the most profitable niches:

  • Clothes Niche  
  • Health & Beauty Care
  • Pet Supplies 
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Baby Products

Clothes Niche

Clothes niche

To begin with, we’ll take a look at a niche that is always in demand and always profitable: the clothes niche. In truth, trends are changing quickly, and with the high emphasis on appearance, the clothes industry is and will continue to grow. As a matter of fact, the profitable nature of the clothes niche, with the incredible rise in online shopping, makes it very lucrative.

However, we do need to consider that the competition in this niche is fierce. Notably, we have to tackle both the competition and the fast-changing trends. So, if our store is focused on the clothes niche, we have to ensure that we’re selling trending clothing.


You also need to find where to source these products from. Here are the best free dropshipping suppliers.

Health & Beauty Care

Heath and beauty care niche

One of the most profitable eCommerce niches is health and beauty care. As a matter of fact, this market is going to exceed $600 billion in revenue in 2024. To note, within this niche, there are many suppliers to source from, which offers us flexibility. To clarify, by having the option to source from multiple suppliers, we can offer a good variety of health and beauty care products. Thus, we can attract and cater to a larger niche audience. 

Plus, we can encourage our audience to purchase multiple different items as bundles. Notably, the products in these bundles will complement each other and can follow a certain beauty routine. Consequently, customers can enjoy a full routine set of products. As a result, these purchases will increase our average order value and our profits. 

Pet Supplies 

Pet supplies profitable niche

Pet supplies are one of the most popular niches on the internet, with huge profit potential. In truth, the pet supplies market is massive, and it’s growing every year. Pet owners seek products that make their pets happier and more content.

Thus, the pet and animal supplies market offers owners an endless amount of products to choose from. Actually, there are numerous varieties and categories available within all sections of this market. They include pet and animal food, health and hygiene products, toys, furniture, collars, bowls, and feeders. 


When choosing a niche, consider your target market. Some items are more popular in specific regions. Best selling items on eBay UK might not be so popular on eBay US.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics profitable niche

Naturally, one of the niches that have a year-round demand is consumer electronics. To emphasize, electronics make up 22% of total sales in eCommerce as of 2020. So, this number shows us that consumer electronics is one of the most profitable niches that we can leverage. 

Also, with technology constantly improving, there will always be a demand for the new best product. On top of that, there is a lingering need among consumers to keep upgrading when new electronics come out. As such, this niche is perfect for selling because there will always be demand and profitability.

Baby Products

Baby Products niche

Lastly, one of the most trending niches is baby products. Parents tend to focus a lot of energy and attention on their kids. As such, most of their money goes towards baby products. 

Furthermore, parents now have less time to shop, so they turn to online shopping, which is where we come in. Plus, this is the sort of niche that will never die down since there will always be a need for baby products. As a matter of fact, by selling high-quality baby products, we are catering to our target market’s needs. 


Discover more kids’ item ideas in our Baby Products Dropshipping guide.

15 Best Products People Buy The Most Online 

Now, since we’ve looked at the most profitable niches to sell in, we need to find proven products. With that in mind, we’ll go over each niche and see what the best products to dropship are within that niche. 

Clothes Niche 

The big pro about the clothing niche is that we have lots of sub-niches to work with. Plus, it’s an evergreen niche where we can also take advantage of changes in seasons and holidays. So, let’s take a look at the best products to sell in the clothes niche: 

  • Women’s Basics
  • 4Pack T-Shirts For Men 
  • Yoga Pants

Women’s Basics

what do people buy the most online - women's basics

Women’s basics are a lucrative product to sell due to their enduring demand and universal necessity in every wardrobe. These fundamental clothing items, ranging from essential tees to comfortable leggings and classic denim, transcend fashion trends. Thus, appealing to a wide demographic of women. Their timeless nature ensures a consistent market demand, attracting repeat purchases and fostering customer loyalty. 

4Pack T-Shirts For Men 

4pack t-shirts for men

The 4-Pack T-shirts for Men are a profitable product to sell because of their practicality, value, and broad market appeal. Offering a convenient bundle of essential clothing items, these t-shirt sets cater to men’s everyday needs. As such, they provide both variety and affordability. Thus, it can attract many customers across different demographics and preferences. Moreover, the bundled packaging enhances their perceived value, enticing buyers seeking cost-effective yet quality options. 

Yoga Pants 

What do people buy most online - yoga pants

Yoga pants have generated a lot of demand due to their versatile functionality and widespread appeal. Their stretchable, breathable fabrics and comfortable designs make them suitable for various activities or even just as daily wear. With the increasing emphasis on health, fitness, and comfortable fashion, yoga pants attract a diverse customer base, transcending age and lifestyle boundaries. 

Health & Beauty Care

The health and beauty care niche has been a consistently profitable niche with high demand throughout the year. So, let’s take a look at the most profitable products to dropship: 

  • Face Masks
  • Makeup Organizer 
  • Bath Gift Basket  

Face Masks 

Face masks as dropshipping best-seller

Face masks are extremely successful products in the field of health and beauty care. They have become a symbol of self-care and wellness, and their popularity transcends mere function. Face masks have become increasingly popular due to the global emphasis on skincare and health. Masks in a variety of shapes, sizes, and contents allow us to target a wide audience.

Makeup Organizers

Makeup organizer

At an intersection of functionality and style, makeup organizers are a highly profitable product in the beauty industry. As beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike accumulate an array of cosmetics, the demand for efficient storage skyrockets. Makeup organizers provide a visual and practical way of simplifying vanity spaces by providing dedicated compartments for different beauty essentials.

Bath Gift Basket 

What do people buy the most online - bath gift basket

A Bath Gift Basket seamlessly blends the allure of self-care with the timeless appeal of thoughtful gifting. As individuals increasingly prioritize wellness and relaxation, bath time transforms into a cherished ritual. As such, it makes bath gift baskets a sought-after commodity. It is not only their ability to provide a spalike experience but also their convenience as readymade gifts.


In this specific category, we need to be extra careful with the products we dropship. In fact, we need to look out for good quality products, and we need to work with reliable suppliers.

Pet Supplies 

The pet supplies niche is a very consistent niche because there is a consistent demand for pet products. Nowadays, more and more people are opting to have pets, so they consistently need supplies to take care of them. Let’s see what people buy the most online in the pet supplies niche: 

  • Pet Travel Bag Kit 
  • Self-Warming Bed
  • Interactive Toys For Pets

Pet Travel Bag Kit 

pet travel bag kit

The Pet Travel Bag Kit addresses the ever-growing demand for convenient and stylish solutions for pet owners on the move. The need for organized and transportable accessories has become necessary as more households incorporate their animals in travel. With the rising trend of pet-friendly travel, the compact and travel-friendly nature of these kits makes them an attractive dropshipping option.

Self-Warming Bed

self-warming bed

In response to the increasing demand for the comfort and well-being of animals, Self Warming Beds have seen a lot of traffic. As pet owners increasingly prioritize the health and happiness of their pets, self-warming beds offer a practical and cozy solution. Innovative materials, retaining and reflecting the pet’s heat, are key features of these beds. The convenience of a self-warming bed, coupled with its orthopedic and ergonomic designs, makes it a high-ticket item to sell.

Interactive Toys For Pets

What do people buy most online - interactive toys for pets

Next on the list are interactive toys for pets – a great way to stimulate your pet in a playful manner. Interactive toys provide entertainment and enrichment for pets whose owners recognize that engagement and stimulation are important. These products cater to a variety of animals and their special play preferences, from puzzle feeders to electronic toys.

Beginner’s Tip: Bundle sales are a good opportunity in this niche. We can offer poop bags, cleaning wipes & treats with a discount when bought as a bundle. That way, we can increase our average order value. 

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics are an evergreen niche whose products are perishable and will need to be replaced or upgraded. So, by selling in this niche, we can enjoy a constant demand year-round and lots of opportunities to gain returning customers. With that said, let’s see what people buy most online in the consumer electronics niche: 

  • Smart Security Camera
  • Gaming Wireless Headset
  • Mini Home Projector

Smart Security Camera

What do people buy most online - smart security camera

A Smart Security Camera has high demand in response to the increasing need for advanced home surveillance solutions. With a heightened focus on safety and connectivity, smart security cameras offer users the ability to monitor their homes remotely. Thus, it provides peace of mind and real-time alerts. As homeowners prioritize the safety of their homes, smart security cameras have become a lucrative product in smart home technology. 

Gaming Wireless Headset

What do people buy the most online - wireless gaming headset

The rising popularity of gaming makes the Gaming Wireless Headset a highly profitable product. As gaming enthusiasts increasingly seek immersive and high-quality audio experiences, wireless headsets offer unparalleled freedom of movement and superior sound quality. The headsets are often equipped with cutting-edge technology, such as noise canceling and surround sound, that improve the gaming experience to a new level.

Mini Home Projector

mini home projector

Taking advantage of the growing trend towards creating personalized home entertainment areas, we need to sell Mini Home Projectors. Mini projectors offer a simple and portable solution for those who want immersive cinematic experiences in the comfort of their homes. These compact devices deliver high-quality visuals for movies, games, and presentations.

Baby Products

As mentioned, the demand for baby products will never die down, so it’s the perfect niche to sell in. Plus, people are willing to drop bigger bucks for quality baby products. So, let’s take a look at what people buy most online: 

  • Portable Folding Baby Bed
  • Baby Bibs Colorful Pack 
  • Baby Teething Toys

Portable Folding Baby Bed

Portable folding baby bed

The portable folding baby bed stands out because of its practicality, convenience, and high demand among parents. This innovative product addresses a crucial need by offering a safe, versatile, and transportable sleeping solution for babies. Its foldable design makes it ideal for travel, providing a familiar and secure sleeping environment for infants on the go. 

Baby Bibs Colorful Pack

Baby Bibs Colorful Pack

The baby bibs colorful pack offers both functionality and style, providing essential protection against spills and messes. On top of that, it showcases vibrant and engaging designs. Their multi-pack format caters to parents’ needs for multiple bibs, ensuring convenience and value for money. The universal need for bibs for infants and toddlers, coupled with the variety of colors and patterns, attracts a wide customer base. Consequently, this makes them a consistent seller. 

Baby Teething Toys

What do people buy the most online - Baby Teething Toys

Baby teething toys play an essential role in infant care, making the demand from parents pretty consistent. These toys serve a dual purpose: soothing a baby’s sore gums during the teething phase while providing entertainment and sensory stimulation. Their safety, durability, and various textures are specifically designed for teething infants. So, this makes them a necessity for parents seeking relief for their little ones. With teething being a universal developmental stage for babies, the demand for these toys remains consistent. 


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Why Consider Dropshipping To Sell Products Online 

How dropshipping works

For any eager entrepreneur wanting to start an eCommerce business, dropshipping is our magic bullet. Dropshipping is an online retail fulfillment method where the seller does not keep the inventory they sell in stock. Rather, we purchase the product from a third-party supplier when we make a sale. The supplier then directly ships the product to our customer. So, we can dropship with minimal investment. 

Plus, the dropshipping business model is low-risk and high-reward, opening the door for us to make a hefty profit. As a matter of fact, the value of the dropshipping market size was forecast to grow to 476.1 billion U.S. dollars by 2026. With dropshipping, we can also easily scale our business. This is because it’s so easy to test and replace products due to the fact that we don’t actually hold our inventory. 

Additionally, utilizing automated order fulfillment makes it easy to fulfill customer orders while also enjoying our freedom. All in all, it’s a great eCommerce model where we can see maximum gain from minimal investment and effort. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Is The Most Popular Online Marketplace Where People Buy The Most?

According to numerous sources, Amazon is the most popular online marketplace where people buy the most. However, to see success, we need to sell what people buy most online. 

Is Dropshipping A Good Idea For High Profits For Online Selling? 

Dropshipping is a great idea for high profits for online selling because it requires minimal investment and has little to no risk while allowing you to reap the high-profit potential. 

What Are the Most Profitable Products That People Are Buying Online? 

From what people buy the most online, the most profitable products are the gaming wireless headset, a self-warming bed for pets, and the portable folding baby bed. However, some additional products are selling really well online. 


There we have it! Let’s start dropshipping in these best-selling niches to maximize our sales. Ultimately, this helps us as a guide to figuring out what people buy the most online. By knowing what is trending, we can see what is in popular demand. Now, we can understand what to sell to attract the most customers and maximize our revenue. 

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