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Dropshipping Salary: How Much Do Dropshippers Make?

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learn how much do dropshippers make

Have you ever wondered how much do dropshippers make and if it’s a viable path to financial stability? The world of eCommerce is full of promises of financial freedom, but the reality can be quite murky. Average income and dropshipper salary figures are often elusive, leaving aspiring entrepreneurs in a state of uncertainty.

In this article, we’ll delve into the topic and explore key questions, such as the average dropshipping income and dropshipping salary. So, if you’re ready to learn how much can you make from dropshipping, read on.

What Is Dropshipping & How Does It Work?

Dropshipping is a unique and increasingly popular eCommerce business model. It offers entrepreneurs a way to start selling products online without the hassle of inventory management. In essence, dropshippers are middlemen between suppliers and customers. They focus on marketing and sales while leaving the logistical complexities to others. So, how does it work?

First, you select the products you want to sell from a supplier’s catalog. Once you’ve chosen your products, you create listings for them on your online store. These listings will feature images and descriptions of the products, enticing potential customers.

Now, the magic of dropshipping begins. When a customer purchases from your online store, you forward that order and customer details to the supplier. The supplier is responsible for packaging and shipping the product directly to the customer. This way, you never have to deal with inventory, storage, or shipping logistics.

The beauty of this model lies in its simplicity and low upfront costs. You don’t need to invest in a large inventory or warehouse space. We only order products from suppliers after a sale. This model minimizes risks, making it an appealing option for budding entrepreneurs looking to dip their toes into eCommerce. Plus, with the right strategies and marketing efforts, you can create a successful business that generates income while allowing you to manage it from anywhere in the world.

Is Dropshipping Still Worth It In 2024?

The answer is a resounding yes. Dropshipping is worth it. In fact, global e-commerce sales reached a staggering $5.2 trillion in 2021. And this upward trend persists in 2023. By forecasts, this figure is to reach about $8.1 trillion by 2026. And dropshipping capitalizes on this growth by allowing you to tap into an extensive array of products without handling inventory.

Global e-commerce sales
Global e-commerce sales. Source: Statista

Moreover, the low entry barrier means you can start your business with minimal upfront investment. This flexibility reduces your financial risks, making it an attractive option for aspiring entrepreneurs.

As the online shopping landscape evolves, it presents vast opportunities for enterprising individuals. And while competition exists, the vastness of the eCommerce market ensures there’s room for innovative ideas and dedicated entrepreneurs to carve out their niche and prosper.

Is Dropshipping Profitable?

If you’re considering embarking on a dropshipping journey, you’re likely asking the fundamental question: Is dropshipping profitable? The answer hinges on several factors, but the short answer is yes. It can be highly lucrative when done right.

Here’s why:

  1. Low Overhead Costs: One of the standout advantages of dropshipping is its low upfront costs. You don’t need to invest in inventory or a physical store, saving you substantial expenses.
  2. Wide Product Selection: With access to an extensive range of products, you can identify profitable niches and adapt to changing consumer trends quickly.
  3. Scalability: As your business grows, you can easily scale up your operations without the constraints of managing inventory.

However, it’s important to note that success isn’t guaranteed. Like any business, it requires dedication, effective marketing, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Competition can be fierce, so thorough planning and a well-defined strategy are crucial. In essence, dropshipping is profitable, but it’s your approach and efforts that will ultimately determine your success.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Dropshipping?

Starting a dropshipping business comes with several costs you should be aware of:

  1. Launching Store: Running a professional online store requires investments in web design and user-friendly features. Building a DIY website costs between $50 and $150, while hiring a web designer ranges from $500 to $5,000. Using a website builder like Shopify or Wix is cheaper and is best for technical novices. Wix for eCommerce plans start from $16 per month, while Shopify charges start from $39 monthly.
  2.  Marketing: Allocate at least $50 to $500 for initial marketing efforts, such as advertising and social media promotion.
  3.  Cost of Products: Your primary expenses will revolve around sourcing products from suppliers and covering shipping costs. While you won’t need to purchase inventory upfront, you’ll incur expenses with each sale.
  4.  Payment Processing Fees: Payment gateways typically charge transaction fees for each sale. These fees usually amount to around 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.
  5.  Software Subscriptions: Many sellers use dropshipping automation software like AutoDS to streamline their business. Such software costs from $9.90 per month.
  6.  Extras (Apps and Extensions): Depending on your store’s needs, you may want to invest in apps or extensions for tasks like order management, customer service, or analytics.

As can be seen, you can start dropshipping under $150. Of course, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest more if you can. For example, allocating more for marketing can yield more results and drive sales. But that all depends on your niche & target market.

It’s worth noting that you can start dropshipping with no money. However, be prepared for a slower start, as you may need more time to handle tasks you would otherwise automate with investments in tools and advertising. Success requires a balance between time and money, with the potential for gradual growth as your business gains traction.

How Much Money Do Dropshippers Make?

How Much Money Do Dropshippers Make?

Dropshipping income varies significantly based on experience and skill level. When newcomers first start making sales, they often earn a few hundred dollars monthly. This initial phase involves learning the ropes, testing products, and refining marketing strategies. It’s a modest start but a crucial learning period.

As we gain experience and learn how to scale our operations, our earnings typically increase. Scaling involves optimizing advertising, expanding product offerings, and fine-tuning customer acquisition. Advanced dropshippers can make anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000 monthly.

Dropshipping experts can reach impressive income levels. They earn between $10,000 to $50,000 monthly and even higher. These professionals have honed their skills in product selection, marketing, and customer service. They often have well-established brands and marketing funnels that drive consistent sales.

It’s important to note that success in dropshipping is not guaranteed, and earnings can fluctuate. Market trends, competition, and business strategies play a significant role in determining income. As dropshippers progress from beginners to advanced and then professional levels, their income potential grows. Still, it’s crucial to remain adaptable and responsive to the dynamic eCommerce landscape.

Factors That Influence How Much Dropshippers Make

Several factors influence how much dropshippers make:

  1. Experience Level: Beginners often make modest earnings initially, while experienced dropshippers can generate higher revenues.
  2. Product Research & Niche: Demanded, trending products within a well-defined niche can yield good sales. In addition, thorough research can help identify profitable opportunities.
  3. Store Costs: The expenses of running an online store, including domain hosting, eCommerce platform fees, and app subscriptions, affect profitability. Thus, keeping these costs in check is crucial for maximizing earnings.
  4. Marketing Strategy: The effectiveness of marketing strategies, including advertising, social media, and SEO, directly influences sales and revenue. Hence, a well-executed marketing plan is mandatory to attract customers and drive sales.
  5. User-friendly Website: A user-friendly and visually appealing website enhances the customer experience and encourages repeat business. In contrast, bad website design can repel visitors – potential customers.
  6. Customer Service: Providing excellent customer service can lead to customer loyalty and positive reviews. Happy customers are also more likely to make repeat purchases.
  7. Suppliers: Ensuring that your products are of high quality and delivered promptly builds trust with customers and minimizes issues that can affect income.
  8. Dropshipping Category: The category of products you choose, whether low, medium, or high ticket, impacts earnings. High-ticket items may offer larger profit margins, but the risks are also higher.

In summary, dropshipping salary depends on a combination of factors. Experience, product selection, store costs, marketing efforts, website quality, customer service, supplier quality, and the dropshipping category – all affect how much do dropshippers make. Therefore, by carefully considering and optimizing these factors, dropshippers can increase their average dropshipping income and build a successful eCommerce business.

How To Calculate Profits

calculate average dropshipping income

Calculating profits is crucial for understanding the dropshipping salary. With this in mind, we must first learn how to calculate them. One common way to do this is by using the dropshipping profit margin formula:

Dropshipping Profit Margin = [(Income – Expenses) / Income] * 100

Here’s how it works:

  1. Income: This refers to the total revenue generated from your dropshipping sales. It includes the money you receive from customers when they make a purchase.
  2. Expenses: Expenses encompass all the costs associated with running your dropshipping business. They include the cost of the products you source from suppliers, shipping fees, advertising expenses, monthly store costs (like hosting and platform fees), and any other costs related to your business operations.

Subtract your total expenses from your income in order to determine your profit. Then, to express this profit as a percentage of your income, you multiply it by 100 using the formula.

For example, if your total income for a month is $5000, and your expenses amount to $3000, your profit would be $5000 – $3000 = $2000. To find the profit margin percentage, you’d use the formula:

Profit Margin = [($5,000 – $3,000) / $5,000] * 100 = ( $2,000 / $5,000) * 100 = 40%

In this example, your dropshipping profit margin is 40%. To clarify, you’re earning 40 cents in profit for every dollar of income generated. Monitoring your profit margin is essential for evaluating the financial performance of your business. It helps make informed decisions to increase your average dropshipping income.

Successful Real-Life Dropshippers Stories

Are you dreaming of success in the world of dropshipping but wondering if it’s truly attainable? The stories of real-life dropshippers might be just what you need for that dose of inspiration. These dropshippers’ average dropshipping income reaches $50,000 per month. Let’s dive into some remarkable journeys:

The Ecom King – Mohammed Kamil Sattar: Kamil’s journey began in 2017, marked by relentless learning and dedication. Despite initial setbacks, he turned things around, generating six-figure revenues. Today, he’s a founder of multiple companies, collectively earning over $5,000,000 annually.

Mordechai Arba – Ecomhunt CEO: A developer turned dropshipper, Mordechai’s journey led to running multiple 7-figure dropshipping stores. His story underscores the potential of dropshipping, even when starting from scratch.

Tom Sagi – Shopify Success: Tom’s path involved testing and learning, eventually leading to a thriving Shopify store. He emphasizes the importance of product testing and using automation tools like AutoDS for success.

Rafael Cintron – Shopify Expert: After working at Shopify, Rafael ventured into dropshipping with immediate success. He not only runs successful stores but also shares his expertise through courses and mentoring.

Michael Davis – eBay Profits: Michael’s journey started in 2016, earning profits of over $30,000 per month through Amazon to eBay dropshipping. Automation tools like AutoDS played a crucial role in his success.

These stories demonstrate that success is achievable through persistence, learning, and the right mindset. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced entrepreneur, these dropshipping success stories can inspire you on your eCommerce journey. In addition, they give a clear picture of how much do dropshippers make.

Tips To Succeed When Starting a Dropshipping Business

tips for high dropshipping salary

Starting a dropshipping business is an exciting venture that offers immense potential for success. However, to maximize your dropshipping salary, it’s essential to navigate the world of e-commerce strategically. Here are some valuable tips to help you succeed and increase your average dropshipping income:

1. Automate & Scale Your Dropshipping Store

Automation enables you to streamline operations and scale your business efficiently. It allows you to handle a growing sales volume without significant investments, like hiring help. Thus, scaling your store with automation is the path to a higher dropshipping salary.

Therefore, consider using tools like AutoDS, which automate tasks such as order management, price monitoring, and inventory updates. They save time and ensure accuracy in your operations, improving customer satisfaction and positively impacting your income.

As your store grows, automation becomes indispensable. Instead of wasting time on manual tasks, we can focus on product research and marketing to grow our average dropshipping income.

2. Get To Know Your Suppliers

Building strong relationships with your suppliers is key to a high dropshipping salary. Communicate with them regularly to understand their product offerings, stock levels, and shipping times. Knowing your suppliers well enables you to provide accurate information to your customers, hence fostering trust.

Reliable suppliers are the lifeline of your business. Therefore, the quality of your suppliers directly affects your average dropshipping income. Ensure they are reputable, deliver quality products, and have consistent stock availability. In addition, establish clear communication channels with your suppliers to address any issues promptly and maintain a smooth supply chain.

3. Conduct Product Research

Product research is the cornerstone of a profitable e-commerce business. Therefore, boosting your average dropshipping income starts with effective product research. We must identify trending and high-demand products.

Consider factors like product pricing, shipping costs, and potential profit margins. Aim for a balance between popular items with broad appeal and niche products that have less competition. Moreover, you can use tools and analytics to assess market demand and competition. Also, regularly update your product selection to stay relevant in the market.


Learn how to do product research for dropshipping in our guide, How To Find Dropshipping Products: Best Product Research Tools.

4. Provide Good Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is vital for building trust and fostering repeat business. Consequently, it goes hand in hand with a high dropshipping salary. Respond promptly to customer inquiries and address concerns with professionalism and courtesy. Transparency is key here. Therefore, be upfront about shipping times and any potential delays.

Offer hassle-free returns and refunds, and ensure your customers feel valued. Positive customer experiences lead to positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals. Thus, it can boost your average dropshipping income over time.

5. Create A Brand & A Good Marketing Strategy

We must build a strong brand in order to differentiate our store from competitors. Develop a memorable logo, craft a compelling brand story, and maintain a consistent visual style. A strong brand fosters trust and customer loyalty, increasing average dropshipping income.

Also, invest in a robust marketing strategy that includes social media advertising, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). Utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to reach your target audience. Track the performance of your marketing campaigns and adjust them based on data-driven insights.

6. Never Compromise Quality

Quality should always be a top priority if you aim at a consistently high dropshipping salary. Therefore, we must partner with reputable suppliers to ensure our products meet high standards. Obviously, customer satisfaction hinges on receiving quality items in good condition.

Resist the temptation to cut corners on product quality or customer service to increase short-term profits. You may gain a temporal boost in sales, but it can negatively impact your average dropshipping income in the long run. Building a successful business requires a commitment to providing value and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Incorporating these tips into your strategy can set you on the path to success. Patience, persistence, and continuous learning are key factors in building a thriving dropshipping business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is The Average Dropshipping Income?

The income varies widely, but on average, dropshippers make between 20% and 40% profit from each sale. This translates into a dropshipping salary between $1,000 and $3,000 per month.

How Much Can Beginner Dropshippers Make A Day?

Beginner dropshippers make between $20 to $100 a day, depending on their product selection, marketing efforts, and market demand.

How Much Is An Amazon Dropshipping Salary?

Amazon dropshipping salary can vary significantly. On average, experienced Amazon sellers earn between a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars per month.

How Much Money Do I Need To Start A Dropshipping Business?

Starting a dropshipping business can cost as little as $100 to $1,000 or more, depending on your approach. However, it’s possible to start with minimal upfront costs and gradually invest more as your business grows.


In the world of dropshipping, “How much do dropshippers make?” is a common question. Average dropshipping income can vary widely based on experience, strategy, and dedication. Beginners start modestly, but with the right approach and continuous learning, they can scale their businesses and achieve impressive earnings.

Success in dropshipping hinges on factors such as supplier relationships, effective product research, top-notch customer service, automation, and developing a strong brand with a solid marketing strategy. While dropshipping offers low initial costs, it requires a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

In summary, dropshipping is a promising avenue for those willing to invest time and effort.

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