BlueCare Express Tracking in eBay Dropshipping Explained

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Do you know that there is an easy trick that will help you to maintain a good eBay seller ranking? Well, without further ado, it consists of using the Bluecare express tracking, especially if you dropship from Amazon to eBay. Read this post to learn more about it. 

One of the disadvantages of dropshipping from Amazon to eBay is the Amazon Logistics tracking, also known by the name “AMZL”. When Amazon ships a product with their own shipping carrier, they provide unique tracking numbers that can be tracked only on the Amazon page.

This carrier isn’t recognized by eBay. Hence, these tracking details cannot be validated on eBay. Providing such TBA tracking can have a negative effect on your seller ranking on eBay.

Let’s have a look at the ways how Amazon tracking numbers influence eBay sellers and what can be done.

How Amazon tracking numbers affect the eBay sellers’ accounts? 

If you dropship from Amazon on eBay and provide AMZL tracking, it can have an effect on your eBay account in multiple ways:

1. Good seller rating

eBay ranks its sellers according to many parameters, one of which is the percentage of the orders that can be tracked on eBay with a valid tracking number.

The Amazon Logistics tracking numbers cannot be validated on eBay and can impede you from keeping the good eBay rating and even lead to the account suspension. 

eBay tracking information
Tracking info on eBay Seller Hub

Luckily, unlike other seller ranking parameters, your eBay seller ranking doesn’t go below standard if you don’t upload valid tracking numbers. But it’s increasing the risk of your account getting suspended. Especially in the combination with other issues with the account such as unfulfilled orders or cases that did not get any response.

By the way, before the eBay dropshipping policy came out in early 2019,  it might have been possible to become a Top-rated seller when dropshipping from Amazon, but it’s no longer possible.

2. Customer support service

Tracking numbers is one of the ways to build a trust-based relationship with your buyers. When shipping with Amazon tracking, the buyers are not able to track the item. It can lead to hesitations and a big number of queries, even to open cases on eBay. Besides, the buyers might perceive it as a scam. 

3. Lost cases on eBay

In case a buyer claims they didn’t receive the product you sold them, you won’t have legit proof to win the case they open on eBay or PayPal. You will have to both refund them and deal with the negative effect losing cases has on your seller rating.

In order to avoid the mentioned cases, you can consider using the BlueCare express solution. Let’s see the how and the why. 

Bluecare express and ebay good seller rating

How to maintain a good seller rating on eBay by using BlueCare express? 

What is The BlueCare Express Solution? 

The BlueCare Express solution, aka BCE, is an accepted-by-eBay carrier that is being used to accurately validate the tracking information when the order is being processed by Amazon Logistics.  The Amazon to eBay dropshipping sellers use it to convert Amazon trackings numbers to valid BlueCare tracking numbers. Since eBay accepts the BlueCare tracking information, buyers can track eBay orders from their accounts and on 3rd party sites. 

start dropship

It’s time…

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How to convert Amazon tracking into BlueCare express? 

First of all, if you dropship on eBay from Amazon, you can convert TBA tracking with the help of the dropshipping software DSM Tool.

The Amazon tracking conversion is integrated into the Auto Order and the DSM Tool chrome extension. All you need to do is to install it in order to start converting Amazon tracking numbers and improve your eBay seller rating. 

The BlueCare Express uses credits in order to exchange the AMZL tracking numbers. Each conversion requires 0.5 credits from your Auto Order credit balance in the DSM Tool.

Once you install the dropshipping Chrome extension, you can use it to Auto paste tracking numbers from Amazon to DSM Tool. In the process of converting, you will get a unique and verified BlueCare express tracking number that will be recognized and tracked on eBay.

BlueCare express solution

You can follow the next guideline to convert AMZL tracking into BlueCare express: 

  1. After ordering the item on Amazon, you will get an email with tracking information. Open the received email or locate the order directly on the Amazon Tracking page: 
First step of converting AMZL tracking into Bluecare express
Acess an email with Amazon tracking information.

2.  DSM Auto-Paste will automatically detect the Amazon logistics tracking number and convert it into the BuleCare express tracking number.

Nota bene: Please notice that converting is possible only for not delivered orders. If you will try to convert AMZL to BlueCare for the received parcel, you will get an error. 

The convertation of the AMZL into Bluecare with DSMTool
the process of replacing Amazon tracking details with BlueCare express solution

3. Once the tracking info will be converted, the tracking number will be copied to the clipboard and you’ll be redirected to DSM Tool Sales & Orders page.

step 3 of converting Amazon tracking with DSM tool

4. Next step would be to locate the relevant order from your list of orders and click on the Add tracking button. 

DSM Tool Orders page

5.  The BlueCare express tracking number will be automatically pasted into the necessary field, press the ADD button to save the tracking into your order.

BlueCare convertation in DSM Tool step 5
Confirm BlueCare express tracking information for your eBay order

6. Starting from June 2020 BlueCare Express no longer updates automatically the order status from Amazon. That’s why you will need to go back to the Amazon “track order” page. Then the BlueCare Express service will obtain information about the delivery status. Repeat this step until the order is marked as arrived by the buyer.

Every time you will check the tracking page on Amazon, the DSM Tool extension will send the updated information to BlueCare express. In this way, they can update their system with the most recent state of the package delivery status. In doing so, you will see the next message:

Updating BCE tracking information with DSM Tool
Conversion of Amazon tracking into Bluecare tracking details

It is recommended to visit the Amazon tracking page once a day, with the objective to keep the status accurate and up to date.


That’s it! This easy trick with converting Amazon trackings into BlueCare express tracking will help you to avoid the unpleasant open cases on eBay for not trackable orders and facilitate the process of keeping a good seller rating on eBay.  Good luck! 

Written by Artem Zmitrovich

Artem is a versatile person with a wide range of knowledge and skills, good erudition. With his technical and soft skills, Artem is always happy to help.

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  1. I have never think like this before. I have a big plan about dropshipping business this moment I'm looking for a trusted vendor who can provide me authentic product with cheap price. Your guide will be really useful resource for me to setup my first drop shipping business online. I really appreciate! thanks for share your strategy

  2. Drop shipping from Amazon is NOT allowed on eBay anymore! A seller CAN drop ship and have an item sent to a buyer from a WHOLESALER, but not from a retailer. Amazon is the latter, a retailer. If a seller buys and item from Amazon and has it drop shipped to a buyer via Blue Care, he or she is violating eBay policy.

  3. Drop Shipping from Amazon is against EBay rules, no matter which courier/tracking is used. EBay will take action against sellers who are doing this.

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