10 Killer Tips for eCommerce Marketing Strategy

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tips for ecommerce marketing strategy
Tips for eCommerce Marketing Strategy.

If you are looking for some killer tips on eCommerce marketing strategies, you have landed on the right page. We are going to provide you with some awesome master tricks that will take your dropshipping marketing attempts to an all-new level. Check out these guidelines and implement them for a wider and a lot more effective marketing dropship strategy.

10 Killer Tips for eCommerce Marketing Strategy

1. ECommerce Platform Selection

eCommerce marketing strategy
The right platform might help your dropship strategy.

When it comes to creating an eCommerce marketing strategy, genuine marketing starts a lot before traditional marketing efforts, even before the product is launched. The first step to marketing your product is to develop a product that is marketing-friendly. So, choose a platform that is best fitted for the kind of e-commerce you have planned. Whether it is e-commerce for creative t-shirt design or an online medicine store, each business type has some typical requirements, when it comes to e-commerce platforms.

Wondering how to figure out which platforms will be best fitted for your dropship strategy? Ask for assistance from experts you may know. Participate in discussions on forums. Describe your business and the products or services you want to sell. Mention what features or technicalities you want in your e-commerce platform. There will be professionals who will guide you with the best suggestions.

2. Keyword Optimize All The Pages (Website)

keywords optimization

You have to do massive and in-depth keyword research for all the pages of your e-commerce website. You have to be systematic about using keywords on various pages. You have to target specific keywords through the different pages of your website. Be it a homepage or the product pages, you must consider which keywords are the best suited for those pages. Make sure that the meta titles and the meta descriptions include the targeted keywords in a very systematic way so that all the pages are organically SEO-friendly. If you change your eCommerce marketing strategy later, don’t forget to optimize your website again!

3. Google Shopping Optimization

Wondering what is Google shopping optimization? You must have noticed that when you search for a product on Google, you find results of that product being sold on e-commerce websites, while you expected that there will be information on that particular product. Those e-commerce websites manage to rank on top of the search engines as a result of the Google shipping optimization that they have been doing quite strategically.

Sometimes, you may have to spend some amount since most of these kinds of optimization take into account paid services. However, if you are dubious about spending money, let us assure you that spending money on Google ads does not go to waste if you are strategic about choosing the right products at the right time. Actually, your dropship strategy should rely on the products you sell in the first place.

4. Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization
SEO is essential for dropshipping marketing.

SEO is one of the most crucial factors for e-commerce to grow and make the desired number of sales. You have to optimize your home page and product pages and also the special offer pages, so that they gain more visibility. To increase their visibility on search engines, it is necessary that they have a very impressive page ranking. To accomplish that, you have to create backlinks from other pages to the targeted pages.

There are multiple ways to create backlinks to your website. You can share guest posts with some related blogs that have good page rank to get a backlink to your page. You can also share news about your platform and get backlinks from online news portals. An internal linking strategy is also quite essential for your eCommerce marketing strategy.

5. Social Media Marketing

social media

Since your e-commerce is totally a consumer-based business, the best way to reach out to them is through social media. When you have some exciting offers, or if you have got a new stock for the new season, social media can spread the word really fast. Besides, social media promotion has proved to be the most effective way for conversion. Facebook, Twitter, InstagramTikTok, and Pinterest have done wonders in many instances, when it comes to increasing sales leads from social media pages. Nowadays, almost all dropshipping marketing campaigns utilize social media. So should you.

6. SMS, Push Messages & WhatsApp

Boost your dropshipping marketing with SMS.

Dropshipping marketing for e-commerce platforms has reached a new level with push messages, WhatsApp, and SMS marketing.

Now that almost the entirety of your prospective customers uses smartphones, you can reach out to them through SMS, push messages, and WhatsApp. Apart from the message that carries details about the products or the offers, you can also share links to the product pages or the offer pages, so that the customers can tap on the link and go directly to the product page where they can purchase the products.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential for any dropship strategy.

E-mail marketing is not as it was ten years ago. You now have the tools to make your e-mailers look immensely more attractive, and thereby, effective. Even the database that you can develop or purchase must be genuine. Besides, it must include relevant buyers.

If your eCommerce platform provides t-shirts and creative t-shirt design, and if your e-mail database includes people who have been looking for things in the home or electronics categories, you are wasting your money. So, build an e-mail database of customers who are relevant to your type of business. Make sure that the subject lines are highly attractive so that the recipients are tempted to open the e-mails. You also have to take care of the quality of the design as well as the content of the e-mailer.

8. Use Google Ads

Google ads work wonders when it comes to marketing your products for an immediate effect. Search engine optimization or social media marketing takes time. For Google ads, you may have to spend money, based on which keywords you are targeting in which parts of the country or the world. However, your investment in ads will pay you back. The usage of Google Ads in your eCommerce marketing strategy will surely boost your sales, bringing you a higher profit.

9. Facebook Ads

facebook ads
Ads are a powerful tool for your dropship strategy.

If you promote your products on Facebook through posts, it will reach out to a limited audience. However, if you run Facebook ads, you will reach out to innumerable people, and most of them are your target audience. Another benefit of Facebook ads is that it comes with a very effective CTA, due to which the customers can buy the products instantly. Even if you run carousals for the purpose of branding, that is going to increase your followers and sale by large numbers.


Learn how to sell on FB Marketplace in our Guide on How to Start to Sell on Facebook Marketplace Now.

10. Video Marketing

video marketing for dropship strategy

Video marketing is one of the best ways of content marketing, which not only plays a significant role in eCommerce marketing strategy but also increases direct sales. You can create vlogs that are in popular trends these days. Develop different ideas for a range of videos on every product or every category. Visual content always helps in marketing purposes, no matter if it is for e-commerce for t-shirt design and printing or for home supplies or fashion web stores. Showcasing your products in professionally-looking videos can help your dropshipping marketing efforts.

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So, Get Started Then

You have now learned all that it requires to do fabulously effective marketing for your e-commerce business. Start following these tips and make sure that all content you generate and use is completely genuine and plagiarism free. What are you waiting for? Go plan your eCommerce marketing strategy! A vast market is waiting for you. Reach out to them. Good Luck!

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