Thanksgiving Items for Dropshipping and Selling Online [2022]

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Thanksgiving is a special holiday when people in many cultures are united, share their traditions and food, letting feel the warmth of dearest hearts. For online entrepreneurs, like you, thanksgiving eCommerce has an additional matter: this popular shopping holiday is a great opportunity to increase your sales. 

Dropshipping on Thanksgiving proves its highest profit potential year after year, it keeps holding the 3rd place as an online shopping holiday of the year in the United States, according to eMarketer. Furthermore, other research shows that 60.8% of consumers reasoned that they do not plan to shop in-store on Thanksgiving and Black Friday because there would be too many crowds. Good news for us! 

The holiday is just around the corner, its celebration takes place on the fourth Thursday of November, on November 24 in 2022. Looking at this holiday through the eyes of an entrepreneur, we have quite enough time to plan and prepare our online stores for Thanksgiving dropshipping. Here are the top 25 best-selling thanksgiving products to sell online in 2022. 

25 Best Products to Dropship on Thanksgiving to Get Conversions

1. Photo Booth Props

Thanksgiving items example
Source: Etsy photo booth props examples

Many families host Thanksgiving dinners in their homes and ask friends and family to join them. It’s always a great time together, but the photo booth props will make the celebration more memorable and curious. People love creating funny and humorous family moments that they will capture for ages with multiple photos. So no doubt that these goods will be in high demand on the Thanksgiving holiday 2022. They are actually among the top products to dropship on Thanksgiving in 2022 since they are also cheap and you can raise the number of items you sell at once (= more profit). 


A good strategy is a must-have for anyone who wants to succeed. This eCommerce Holiday Calendar 2022 will guide you through the year and give hints about upcoming holiday sales to prepare your dropshipping store ahead.

2. Toys and Games

2.1 Hasbro Gaming Candy Land

Thanksgiving items example
Source: Amazon’s choice game example

With the holiday spirit at its peak, this particular board game for kids has been one of the most highly sold products online in 2021 on Thanksgiving and we expect the same good results this year.

2.2 GoSports Slammo Game Set

Source: Amazon sports game example

The GoSports Slammo Game Set for outdoor use has made itself listed in the top 25 best-selling online products of 2022 in the Thanksgiving holiday season. With family getting together and kids wanting to play and have a good time, this product is the perfect game set for kids to have an amazing time this Thanksgiving.

3. Food for Thanksgiving Table

3.1 Nestle Coffee-mate Coffee Creamer

dropshipping product idea
Source: Amazon’s top Thanksgiving product example

With the Thanksgiving holiday so close and the winter season just around the corner, coffee and cream are on the list of the most consumed items all over the world. With extremely high online sales in 2020-2021, this Nestle coffee mate creamer is about to make this Thanksgiving season tastier. 

3.2 Mrs. Anderson’s Pie Weights

food for thanksgiving
Source: Amazon’s top Thanksgiving product example

Roasted turkey dinners are simply incomplete without an amazing pie for dessert, isn’t that, right? With so much focus on preparing a wholesome meal for family and friends, it has made these ceramic pie weights one of the most selling items this Thanksgiving.

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4. Drinks and their Accessories

4.1 Wine Bottle Labels on Thanksgiving occasion 

thanksgiving drinks
Source: Pinterest wine bottle label example

People know that Thanksgiving wine bottle labels are a great addition to the celebration. If it’s another way to decorate the festive dinner table for your customers, why it can’t be a new option for getting a nice profit for you? Wine bottles are on most Thanksgiving dinner tables, and their accessories are a must for this holiday season.

4.2 Sanpellegrino Prickly Pear and Orange Italian Sparkling Drinks

drinks on thanksgiving
Source: Walmart’s drink example

The Sanpellegrino Prickly Pear and Orange Italian Sparkling Drinks are also on our Thanksgiving holiday season list thanks to the low prices due to holiday promotions. It does a major impact on making it one of the top 25 best-selling products online on Thanksgiving.

4.3 Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker K-Cup Pod

thanksgiving coffee maker pod
Source: Target coffee maker top-selling example

Thanksgiving holidays are much better when you don’t have to get and drag yourself to make your own coffee every morning. Due to this, the programmable Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker K-Cup Pod has become one of the top 25 most sellable items online this Thanksgiving and you would better add it to your store in order not to miss the sale.

4.4 Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter

thanksgiving wine bottle opener

Source: Bedbathandbeyond top-selling example

Fine dine and wine – these two go together whenever families and friends meet and break bread together on occasions like Thanksgiving. This is why this cordless electric wine bottle opener with foil cutter has become one of the most highly demanded products online this Thanksgiving season.


Halloween is another popular holiday with increased selling activities. Make sure to check our Best Dropshipping Halloween Products guide and prepare your store!

5. Dropship Holiday Clothes

Source: Pinterest Thanksgiving clothes example

Clothes with Thanksgiving wishes, spirit, or custom images will be the following items to dropship on Thanksgiving 2022. People’s interest extends beyond just decorating their homes or dining tables, they want more people to see their mood and check out the style. So it makes sense to offer Thanksgiving hats, socks, or shirts in honor of Thanksgiving.

6. Pet Products on Thanksgiving Holiday

Source: AliExpress Thanksgiving pet clothes example

In addition to the previous Thanksgiving popular items to sell online people who adore animals will also wish to enjoy the occasion with their cherished pet companions. As a result, if you offer pet supplies, you may think about expanding your selection for Thanksgiving to include items like caps and coats or funny costumes. They will be sold like crazy because they are so adorable. Pet supplies are really among the hottest items to dropship for Thanksgiving in 2022.

7. Sell Thanksgiving Kitchen Products

 7.1 Circulon Nonstick Roasting Pan

Source: Amazon Thanksgiving kitchen top-selling example

What’s Thanksgiving without a roasted turkey? Yes, there is no Thanksgiving without roasted turkey. And, with Thanksgiving dinner upon us, the online sales of this nonstick roasting pan are considerably high this year.

7.2 Taylor Precision Large Dial Kitchen Cooking Oven Thermometer

thanksgiving cooking thermometer
Source: Google search result example

With the Thanksgiving holiday season upon us and food sharing and preparation being one of the most highly craved activities, this stainless steel large dial kitchen cooking oven thermometer is being sold in large quantities online, this Thanksgiving due to its low price and good quality.

7.3 Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

thanksgiving dutch oven
Source: Wayfair Thanksgiving best choice’s example

The Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Stainless Steel Knob and Loop Handles is expected to be sold in high quantities online this year during the Thanksgiving holiday, making it one of the top 25 products this Thanksgiving.

7.4 OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

thanksgiving kitchen utensils
Source: Marksandspencer Thanksgiving top-selling example

Thanksgiving is all about preparing amazing food and enjoying it with relatives. Preparing food requires peeling stuff and this Good Grips Swivel Peeler makes it quite easy. Keeping this in mind, the online sales of this Swivel Peeler are skyrocketing this Thanksgiving holiday season. 

7.5 Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

thanksgiving kitchen appliances
Source: Amazon kitchen top-selling example

This instant electric pressure cooker, slow cooker and steamer is one of the top-selling items online in this holiday season. Thanksgiving is a time when family and friends sit down and break bread together and in order to prepare amazing food, this steamer can really help out, making this one of the best-sellers of the season.

7.6 OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Angled Measuring Cup Set

thanksgiving kitchen items
Source: kitchen Thanksgiving best-selling example on Home Depot

The OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Angled Measuring Cup Set is in high demand in 2021 during the Thanksgiving holiday season. Preparing food for thanksgiving dinner was never this easy because these measuring cups have made preparing the thanksgiving dinner much easier, making these items one of the best-selling products online.

7.7 Kitchen Serving or Cooking Accessories 

thanksgiving cooking accessories
Source: Thanksgiving apron example on Wayfair

Aprons, towels, and serving bowls are just a few examples of kitchen accessories that may double Thanksgiving décor and mood. The demand for these Thanksgiving kitchen goods skyrockets during the time of the holiday. Therefore, you may try to sell these seasonal items if you’re seeking suitable things to dropship for Thanksgiving 2022.

8. Table Decorations 

8.1 Runners on Thanksgiving Table 

Source: Walmart table runner example

The table runner is a must-have for every Thanksgiving dinner. It’s crucial to have a Thanksgiving table runner to adorn your dining area in order to foster the holiday atmosphere. Given the wide variety of styles and materials available for table runners, pick one that is both distinctive and useful. Don’t forget to pick a trustworthy dropshipping supplier as well. They could help you in choosing the most popular holiday design or give you a discount.

 8.2 Pyrex Easy Grab Glass

Source: Amazon holiday dish plate example

The Pyrex Easy Grab Glass 9.5 Inch Pie Plate (2-Pack) is expected to become one of the most popular and sellable items online in 2022 on Thanksgiving. The fantastic discounts and the need to prepare amazing food has made this item reach the top 25 best-selling online product in 2022 on Thanksgiving.

8.3 Lean on Turkey or Chick Décor 

Too much turkey decor can be overwhelming on Thanksgiving, but a little goes a long way. We know that there are so many people who aren’t afraid to add a small seasonal accent to the Thanksgiving table, like this sequined turkey trinket. It is turkey day after all!

For those who want their Thanksgiving dinner to be really chic, you can try to sell some chinoiserie accent pieces. From plates and serving dishes to hand-painted chinoiserie pumpkins, these elegantly decorated dinner accessories will make someone’s Thanksgiving meal feel super-elegant and a la reine.

8.4 Candles like a Star on Thanksgiving Table

thanksgiving decor
Source: Top Thanksgiving product example

Customers who adore keeping it rustic with an antler-themed candle holder to make their dining room feel more seasonal. Not only will it be a beautiful centerpiece, but it will help light the table, too. You know it and they know it! 

8.5 Sell Napkins 

thanksgiving napkins
Source: Walmart bestseller napkin’s examples

Let your customers check out your selection of thanksgiving napkins for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from your online shops. Let it be paper Thanksgiving party napkins, harvest turkey images, custom images to get fall spirit, or simple white sheets to highlight minimalism. 

9. Pillow Covers

thanksgiving pillow covers
Source: Wish popular pillow examples

Pillowcases for the Thanksgiving 2022 season will be the following item we offer to dropship. For family gatherings, folks would also want to adorn their living room or their sofa. Using Thanksgiving-themed throw pillows to decorate the living room is a simple way to bring people the holiday spirit. By selling cool sets of Thanksgiving pillow coverings you give your customers a chance to quickly transform the living room’s appearance to match the holiday decor.


The success of your dropshipping store largely depends on the winning items you sell. Here are 550+ Best Dropshipping Products in Popular Niches to Sell Online in 2022.

10. Sell Thanksgiving Signs 

thanksgiving item example to sell online
Source: Walmart Thanksgiving signs

Thanksgiving signs would be the final product we offer to add to your holiday store. This product is often bought by people who love fun, and parties and are always happy to host friends and family in their homes, so would not miss a wonderful way to add festive cheer to their total home decor. They are essential decorations for your potential client’s home during this occasion.

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No wonder, customers tend to buy more on holidays because they usually love to celebrate the holiday season with their friends and family. Thus, customer spending on such days increases a lot! It’s your chance to catch the moment by selling Thanksgiving products and put your store on the new e-commerce level collecting higher scores from the sales. You might want to include to the list some products from your own experience, drop the comment below! 

Happy Thanksgiving and successful sales!

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