How to Write Product Descriptions to Boost eCommerce Sales?

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Beginner and experienced eCommerce companies alike always look for effective ways to enhance their trade, which often makes them wonder – how to write a product description that will drive sales?

Product information is extremely important when selling over the Internet since online shopping is complicated by the inability to touch, try on, or, for example, taste the product. It is difficult to obtain a sufficient amount of useful information about the product online, as well as get rid of doubts about purchasing it.

This defines the task of a good item description – explaining to the potential client why they should choose your offer over your competitor’s one. The more convincing and full information about your dropshipping product is the fewer doubts and questions buyers will have, and the more likely they are to buy it without looking elsewhere.

This is why today we will focus on learning how to write an effective SEO product description that will not only help your potential buyers learn more about the product but also positively affect your sales. Keep reading to learn more!

how to write product descriptions
how to write product descriptions

How does description influence sales?

Many people think that item description plays a secondary role since a buyer mostly looks at photographs, price, and main characteristics of the product. However, the significance of the above-mentioned parameters does not diminish the role of the great SEO product description, which is useful not only for a client but for search engines too.

All elements of product information must be of high quality, but not every online store owner understands this. Sometimes descriptions are simply neglected, but more they are copied directly from the manufacturer’s catalog or competitor’s website, or done using a single template.

Algorithms of search engines are designed in such a way that pages with products without descriptions are hardly indexed – that is, they do not even get into search results.

Accordingly, fewer potential buyers will face them. Copied descriptions in their turn are not only useless but can even harm your resource by earning you sanctions from Google.

A bad description or no description at all greatly reduces the number of possible sales. Neglecting this aspect of product presentation is unacceptable. Let’s try to figure out how to produce truly high-quality descriptions, and thereby increase sales.

SEO product description increase sales
An effective SEO product description can increase your sales

General guidelines that will set your description on a right track

When creating an SEO product description, first of all, you should be guided by the desire to provide useful and comprehensive information about your goods.

A good description should always:

  • State why a certain product is needed and how to use it;
  • indicate advantages over other similar products;
  • highlight item’s main characteristics: price, weight, composition, etc.;
  • be done with your target audience in mind;
  • have quality confirming information, such as customer reviews, certificates, etc.

It is also important to adhere to certain text characteristics when learning how to write a product description, namely:

  • Maintain a certain character volume. Typically, a product card uses a description of 300-1000 characters, but different marketplaces have their own requirements regarding its length;
  • create and observe a clear structure in each product card: title, key features, description, reviews, etc.;
  • make sure the description is unique;
  • optimize text for relevant queries.
tips on how to write product description that sells
tips on how to write product descriptions that sells ⬇️

Tips on creating sales-driving item description

Writing compelling texts isn’t easy, but it’s most crucial for online sellers. For example, if a student can’t write a perfect essay, they will only get a bad mark, but sellers can lose profit and even harm their entire business. Yet, students can have high-stakes writing needs too, such as composing a dissertation. This is why some writing is better left to professionals. A team of TrustedDissertations will take care of your writing your dissertation and take this burden off your hands.

As for the sellers, we’ve prepared a few tips to help with creating outstanding product descriptions in no time. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Offer refined information

Most buyers don’t like hunting for the information they want – they want it available at once. Therefore, do not hide the essence of your proposal within the meaningless text.

  • Infuse your description  with positive emotions

Emotional descriptions always resonate better than dry straightforward descriptions of item characteristics.

  • Utilize customer reviews

Many sellers forget that people tend to search for the best features and flaws of the product not only in the description but even more so – in the comment section. You should often provide easy access to customer reviews under each product, or even include a couple of outstanding reviews on an item page.

Additionally, always strive to respond to comments left under your product, especially when negative ratings are expressed there. Try to solve customer problems as quickly as possible. Remember: a customer left with their problem alone is always threatening your reputation.

writing item descriptions effectively
Item descriptions that boost eCommerce sales
  • Use the tone your target audience will appreciate

Each target audience requires communication in their own “language”. If you sell entertainment goods for parties, then jokes and humor are appropriate in the description. But when you sell expensive jewelry, you may want to opt for a more serious and formal tone.

  • Optimize

Your item description will not be driving traffic and directing new potential buyers to your website unless it’s properly optimized for search engines. Research keywords and phrases that buyers of your product use, draw a list of the most relevant keywords, add them to your description. Also, make sure to:

  • Prioritize long-tail key phrases.
  • Opt for keywords that best describe your product.
  • Try to find good high traffic but low competition keywords.
  • Utilize keywords that your most successful competitors use.
  • Create an atmosphere

Describe the product as if it were already in the hands of your customer. At the same time, do not just talk about the product – draw a picture of a satisfied person who happily uses it.

  • Describe customer benefits, not product features

A person is interested in the result: what will they get after buying your item? Therefore, always describe happiness and satisfaction that awaits your buyer after purchase.

  • Structure your text right

No one will bother reading endless lines of solid text – all of us skim through text, marking the most interesting points. That is why it is important to help a potential buyer find important details about your product in seconds by breaking text into paragraphs, putting important information in subheadings, using visual elements and text formatting.

  • Introduce buyers to product creators, let them peek into a creative process

It is a good idea to add a few lines about item creators into the product description. Providing such information will significantly boost customer trust in brand and product, make your offer more memorable and personal.

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Fully geared for maximum efficiency

A well-made item description is an essential ingredient of successful online sales. A buyer is ready to make their decision only when they have no questions about the product left. An effective description is one that gains consumer confidence, makes them trust your offer, and allows it to appear better than your competitor’s. We hope that the tips provided in this article helped you understand how to write product description that will make your eCommerce sales skyrocket!


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