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How To Use A Shopify Theme Detector & Top 5 Shopify Themes

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When starting our own dropshipping business, we need to build a stellar Shopify store that will convert customers. With that said, to create a converting Shopify store, we need to find a Shopify theme that will be intuitive and easy to navigate. By building our store with the right Shopify theme, it will become optimized for sales and conversions.

So, in this article, we will take a look at how to find Shopify themes perfect for our store with a Shopify theme detector. Plus, we’ll take a look at the best Shopify themes for our store and why it’s so important to use the right one.

What Is A Shopify Theme? 

A Shopify theme is a template that designs how your online store looks like. Notably, different themes will lay out our store differently with different styles to cater to the specific type of customer we are selling to. Depending on what we are selling, we can choose what Shopify theme we should use. In fact, different Shopify themes will work differently to convert customers. So, it’s important to find a Shopify theme that fits our product catalog and business needs.

For example: If we sell high-tech products, we want our Shopify store to look energetic and modern. If we are selling spa products, we probably want to have a relaxed and luxurious look. The theme is an essential part of our brand.

We can choose our Shopify theme after signing up for a free Shopify trial and customize it using the theme editor. On top of that, we can edit the theme’s source code for further customization. The best thing about the Shopify theme is that we can change it without affecting other parts of our store.

The Importance Of Selecting The Correct Shopify Theme

When we go about building our Shopify store and choosing our Shopify theme, we can get inspiration from competitors. Building a store from scratch and optimizing the design, user experience interface (UX/UI), and functionality takes a lot of time and effort. So, we can browse through other successful stores and see what’s working for them. Then, we can use that inspiration and apply it to our own store for proven customer engagement.

Interestingly, we can also find Shopify themes that our successful competitors use. To do this, we just need to check the source code and find the line of code where it specifies the theme’s name. So, if we want to use our competitor’s exact Shopify theme, we can easily find it.

In other cases, we can use Shopify theme detector tools to easily find any Shopify theme we come across. Once we figure out what Shopify theme fits our dropshipping goals, we can easily track it down. This time-saving approach frees us up to focus on building a killer product catalog and scaling our business.

After that, we can work on organizing our store layout to be as functional as possible. A well-organized and intuitive store will increase functionality and our sales. 

What Is A Shopify Theme Detector? 

Most Shopify stores are built using already-made Shopify themes. To explain, they give our online stores structure and functionality with an overall look and feel. But, if we come across a converting store that fits our business, it can be hard to find the theme used on that site. That’s when we can turn to a Shopify theme detector and figure out which Shopify theme is being used on any site.

To emphasize, Shopify theme detectors can give results on:

  • Whether the site is using Shopify or not
  • The theme’s name
  • Theme’s screenshot
  • Theme price
  • Scanned store’s screenshot
  • Plugin or app list

Ways To Find A Shopify Theme For Your Dropshipping Store

Now, to be able to find a Shopify theme for our dropshipping store, we need to explore ways to do it. There are a few ways we can go about this

  • Shopify Theme Detector Extension
  • By Checking The Page Source
  • Using Chrome Extensions or Apps
  • Shopify Theme Store

Shopify Theme Detector Extension

Shopify theme detector extension

Using the Shopify theme detector extension is the easiest way to find the theme on any site. So, as we do competitor research, we can take a look at successful dropshippers and their store. We just need to find a site we like, click on the “Shopify Detector” tool icon and we’ll get our answer within seconds. The extension shows us whether the theme used is a Shopify theme and which Shopify theme it is.

By Checking The Page Source

Check page source for Shopify theme

Another easy way to look into what Shopify theme a site we liked is using is by checking the page source code. It’s as simple as opening the view page source or pressing the shortcut Ctrl+U. Then when the source code appears, we can search for the phrase “Shopify theme” using the Ctrl+f search bar.

Then, we’ll see a JSON object with the name in it. For example:

Shopify.theme = {“name”:”Classic”,”id”:38651523,”theme_store_id”:721,”role”:”main”}; Obviously, the name of the Shopify theme here is “Classic. And, as easy as 1,2,3 we now have the name of the Shopify theme we were looking for.

Using Chrome Extensions Or Apps

Shopify theme detector extensions & apps

Similarly to using the Shopify theme detector extension, we can also use other Chrome extensions and apps. We can easily do a quick Google search or even go on the Chrome Web Store to look for useful apps. Google has numerous options of apps and extensions that can help us find the Shopify themes we were looking for. So, we can just choose an app or extension that fits our needs at the moment. 

Shopify Theme Store

Shopify theme store

Now, there is another way to go about finding Shopify themes for our dropshipping store, but it’s more tedious. We can just as easily go to the Shopify Theme Store and manually browse through their themes. Notably, Shopify has many store themes, so this manual approach is more time-consuming and laborious. However, as we’re browsing through the Shopify themes, we can sort them by relevance, catalog size, features, and more.

Top 5 Best Shopify Themes For Your Dropshipping Website

As we’ve mentioned, having the right Shopify theme can heavily impact our business. So, we can find Shopify themes that will impact it positively and help us build a successful Shopify store. When looking for what Shopify theme we need to use when starting a dropshipping business, there are a few to consider. In fact, for dropshipping beginners, the top 5 best Shopify themes are: 

  • Origin
  • Spotlight
  • Refresh
  • Blum
  • Unicorn


Shopify theme Origin

This Shopify theme Origin is a stylish theme designed for dropshippers selling unique pieces. It also allows for room to brag, which encourages digging into detail. Plus, we can easily play around with it without ever touching code. On top of that, it’s free, making it a great choice to start dropshipping with minimal investment.

Some key features include:

  • Neutral palette
  • Quirky topography  
  • Share stories from customers


Shopify theme Spotlight

Spotlight is a free streamlined Shopify theme optimized to quickly start selling. In fact, it’s a simple layout organized to get us up and running in no time. And like all of the Shopify themes, it has advanced customization options

Let’s also take a look at some of its key features

  • Clean & efficient design 
  • Launches in minutes 
  • Streamlined buyer experience 


Shopify theme Refresh

Refresh is a bold Shopify theme designed to elevate product quality with bold brand statements with assertive headings. Plus, the layout is perfect for brand storytelling, allowing us to build up brand recognition. And, since this theme is free as well, it’s worth using a Shopify theme detector to find it. 

Additionally, it has some interesting features

  • Bold, modern, minimalist palette 
  • Emphasizes product details 
  • Perfect for testimonials, quality information, special certifications


Shopify theme Blum

Blum is a high-speed theme built for flash sales. This means that the theme is optimized to enable dropshippers to emphasize the discounts and deal with the large volume of sales. However, Blum costs $170 to purchase and use for our dropshipping store. 

Furthermore, it has some unique features considering: 

  • Big, bold design to increase engagement 
  • Unrivaled page speed 
  • Built for mobile shoppers 


Shopify theme Unicorn

Lastly, we’ll check the Shopify theme Unicorn as a great option if we want to build a robust Shopify store. With Unicorn, we can design a unique shop with a flexible, high-end theme. Uniquely, it has an extensive collection of customizable sections built to fully showcase our products fully. It’s well worth the $250 it costs to emphasize our brand and highlight our products. 

Notably, it has some key features worth looking into: 

  • Full-width logo 
  • Icon menu 
  • Packed with sections & features 

Ultimately, when looking for a Shopify theme, we need to find one that best fits our business. To find Shopify themes that we’ve come across online that are generating sales we can also rely on a Shopify theme detector. That way, even if we don’t want to start out with these suggested themes, we can easily find the one that fits our business needs perfectly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Dropship With Shopify?

Of course! Shopify is optimized for dropshipping and is one of the most popular selling channels for dropshippers. Shopify helps you out in the process by helping you build a theme and offering numerous dropshipping tools in their app store.

How Much Does Shopify Cost Per Month?

The Basic plan on Shopify costs $32/month, and the Shopify plan for small businesses costs $94/month. And the Advanced plan for medium to large businesses costs $399/month. 

Are There Free Themes On Shopify?

Yes, there are numerous free themes on Shopify, including the top few like: Studio, Craft, Dawn, Taste, Refresh, Spotlight, and Origin. 


And there we have it! We’ve learned all we need to know about Shopify themes, what they are, and the importance of using the right one. Now, when looking for themes for our store, we can rely on a Shopify theme detector or one of the other ways to find a Shopify theme. And, if we don’t know what Shopify theme to go for, we can always choose one of the top 5 we looked into. 

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