Drop Shipping Suppliers Guide: How to Dropship from Chinabrands

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What is Chinabrand?

Chinabrands is an advanced dropshipping platform and now also an integrated drop shipping friendly supplier in the DSM Tool platform. Want to know how to dropship from Chinabrands? Keep reading!

Chinabrands is based in China, under Chinese top Cross-border Commerce Group Company, Globalegrow. Meanwhile, Gearbest and Zaful are also under the group, making it interesting to learn more about the more drop shipping oriented company inside the group.

5 Reasons Why you Should Start Dropshipping from Chinabrands

1. 500 thousand SKUs online, 2 million in stock, all the products are processed by 3-layer quality inspection.
2. By far registered users exceeded 100,000, the number of authorized stores on the platform exceeded 50,000, and the number of daily orders exceeded 10,000.
3. 24-hour order delivery rate up to 95%.
4. 46 overseas warehouses worldwide.

In this article we will learn:

  1. Why you should start dropshipping from Chinabrands
    1. Is Chinabrands offering reseller or dropshipping agreement?
    2. Do Chinabrands packages shows Chinabrands logo or the purchase price?
    3. How many products Chinabrands has on their website?
    4. In which countries can I re-sell Chinabrands products?
    5. Chinabrands shipping, return and payment policies
    6. Chinabrands customer service
  2. Dropshipping program from Chinabrands
    1. How to apply to Chinabrands dropshipping program
    2. How to get a reseller agreement from Chinabrands
    3. Chinabrands  dropshipping program benefits (wish DSM Tool exclusives)
  3. Products to dropship from Chinabrands
    1. Sections in Chinabrands website you must know about
  4. Automating Chinabrands dropshipping with DSM Tool
    1. Finding products
    2. Collecting and Listing products
    3. Repricing automation
    4. Processing orders
    5. Updating tracking information

Why Should You Dropship from Chinabrands

Chinabrands offers a re-sell agreement making it a legit supplier for marketplaces

Yes, while Shopify sellers do not need any agreement to sell Chinabrands products on their store, for marketplaces these are great news. Chinabrands provide a reseller agreement which is an authorization certificate to sell their products on online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. You can claim your seller agreement when reaching $500 in sales from ChinaBrands.

But, you might ask do I really need that before I can start dropshipping from them? The answer is NO, as long as you have a dropshipping account from them, you can already start selling their products. The purpose of this reseller agreement is that Chinabrands is acknowledging that you are an official partner of their company.

If you are selling on an online marketplace such as eBay, Amazon, etc. would recommend using getting the resell agreement prior to posting your products for sale. You will find a step by step guide how to get it in this article.

The packages Chinabrands delivers to your customers are dropshipping friendly

No, according to the customer service of Chinabrands, they do not include an invoice on every delivery and the boxes where they put the item is blank and no logos whatsoever. This is great news for dropshippers since it increases the good buyer experience you provide and eliminates disputes that open when the products came from another store and not from you.

More than half a million products to dropship from Chinabrands

Chinabrands have 500K+ SKUs on their site. It shows how immense the number of their products on each warehouse where they hold it. Just like other Chinese drop shipping supplier that we have covered, they are also known for electronic products most especially those who are being used by consumers at home.

Chinabrands works in partnership with over 200+ global localized logistics partners and dozens of specified airlines around the world. This means that prices for the products on their website might be lower even compared to other Chinese suppliers.

Warehouses in China, Europe, and North America

Chinabrands have more than one delivery warehouse, even the same product may be stored in more than one warehouse. The product in each warehouse may have different price, stock number, and product status.

CN – Chinese, HK – Hong Kong, US – United States, UK – United Kingdom, ES – Spanish, RU – Russia, FR – French, AU – Australia

In order for you to be aware of where the item will come from, there is representation in the item’s page. See the image below:

On the image above, you can see that the item is only available on “CN-1” warehouse. This means, that the product is stored on Shenzhen, China warehouse of Chinabrands. This information will help you in representing the correct location of the product that you are selling so that it will not violate the Item Location Policy of eBay.

Shipping, Returns, and Payment policies


You can give the best shopping experience, the best prices, and remarkable buyer support, however, it’s your shipping procedure that enables your clients to receive what they’d order from you.

With Chinabrands, they do have warehouses in each every region where most of us are selling. You can refer to their Shipping and Handling article for more details.


As a dropshipper, figuring out what your return policies will require adjusting the need to secure your business with buyers likes. It’s a decent best practice to survey your returns policy on a yearly basis to ensure its arrangements are as yet proper for your business.

Chinabrands allows returns and they also provide warranty and insurance to make sure that the shopping process is without drawbacks. You can refer to their Warranty and Return article for more details.

Payment Methods

Chinabrands main payment method that they accept is PayPal the rest is Payoneer and Wire transfer to their bank account. You can also top-up your Chinabrands account using the payment methods mentioned. You can refer to their Payment Methods article for more details.

Chinabrands Customer Support

There are multiple ways to reach the customer support of Chinabrands. See the image below:

Source: Chinabrands Contact Us page

Chinabrands has direct customer support for dropshipping concern and that is by sending an email to I tried it myself and they responded within 1-2 hours answering all my inquiries about dropshipping.

Chinabrands dropshipping program

How to sign-up?

Chinabrands is a dropshipping supplier that offers a dropshipping program for resellers. Setting up a dropshipping account is easy to do. DSM Tool has officially partnered with Chinabrands and using the link below you get free access to their dropshipping account which otherwise has additional costs.

click here to go to the registration page. Only using this link you will have an exclusive FREE Lifetime VIP access to Chinabrands dropshipping program.

Once you click the link above, it will redirect you to the registration page and it will ask you your email address, preferred username, password, and WhatsApp/Skype (optional). Then after that, you click the “Join Now” button.

After you click the button ‘Join now’, a verification e-mail should already be sent to the e-mail you just entered. Furthermore, you need to check the Spam folder in your e-mail account if you cannot find the verification e-mail in the Inbox.

How to get a reseller agreement from Chinabrands

  1. Sign-up to Chinabrands dropshipping program.
  2. Authorize your eBay store in your Chinabrands dropshipping account. Click here to see the complete step by step guide.
  3. Reach $500 in sales from ChinaBrands prior to asking for the agreement
  4. Send an email to using this format:

Dear Chinabrands team,
My name is NAME and I would like to apply for reselling certification letter. Please review my details below:

Registered email in Chinabrands:

Full Name: John Doe

Store Name: JohnDoeStore2019

Sales from ChinaBrands: I confirm I have reached $500 in sales from ChinaBrands

Store Link:

Automation software: DSM Tool

Thank you,

Dropship from Chinabrands and get benefits!

First of all, by using the DSM Tool official partnership link when registering to Chinabrands you will get a lifetime access to their dropshipping program for free, which otherwise would have some additional costs to it.

click here to register to Chinabrands using the DSM Tool partnership link. (and keep reading, there are more benefits waiting for you!)

Members of Chinabrands has given permission to download the images and the data of the items they need to sell. This encourages the seller who has recently begun dropshipping or selling on the web.

They additionally have different distribution centers or warehouses, permitting you don’t have to purchase any stock, for example, the US, UK, ES, RU, AU, HK warehouses. At the point when your buyer pays an order in your store, Chinabrands will get the information and ship straightforwardly to your buyer from the closest warehouse. They guarantee 95% of items are transported in 24-hour. In the meantime, there is a tracking number for you. The after sale assistance is likewise available as long as you purchase the transportation insurance.

For more other information about the advantages and benefits of joining and using the dropshipping program of Chinabrands, you can refer to their Chinabrands Membership Rules article.

More benefits for DSM Tool users in Chinabrands!

For DSM customers who are using Chinabrands as their supplier, you will get additional discounts if you meet the monthly sales rates. See the rates below:

Monthly Sales ≥5,000 USD, Orders Discount 1%
Monthly Sales ≥20,000 USD, Orders Discount 2%
and Monthly Sales ≥60,000 USD, Orders Discount 3%

Products to sell from Chinabrands

ChinaBrands is a leading online dropshipping and wholesaling supplier from China. It caters for the needs of more than 10000+ merchants who use Chinabrands to dropship products to their customers.

Sections in Chinabrands website you must know about

Hot Sale

The first and foremost section that you need to check or visit is the Hot Sale section. For obvious reasons, this is where you can see products that are really selling and being bought over and over.

Hot Sale section in Chinabrands

You can filter the page based on product warehouse, the number of days being sold, and many more depending on your preference.

Third Party Owned

Third-party-owned products, refer to the products sold by suppliers, Chinabrands offer the platform, warehouse, and logistics service, helping products to do dropshipping. The product information is operated by the suppliers and Chinabrands only authorize them.

Third-party-owned products all have the tag of “EXT”. This section is really cool to find super cheap items because they are being sold directly from the suppliers.

Dropshipping from Chinabrands using DSM Tool

DSM Tool integration with suppliers for dropshipping is built to cover the entire dropshipping flow from finding which products to sell all the way to the post-sale customer support automation.

Let’s go step by step and see how does DSM Tool help you automate the dropshipping flow when dropshipping from Chinabrands.

Step 1: Find which products to sell

To quickly search products in Chinabrands and also compare the results to other suppliers you can use the DSM Product Search feature which is part of the DSM Auto Paste Chrome extension

It allows you to open multiple tabs with search results from your favorite suppliers within a single click on a button. You can add Chinabrands to the tab-opening by checking the box next to it in the Chrome extension settings

Step 2: Add the products to your store

The items collector

You can use the DSM Tool Auto Paste Chrome extension to list items either in Single or in Bulk.


1. Hover the cursor to the item that you want to list and then click on the DSM shopping cart.

2. The product link will be copied and the page will be redirected to DSM Rapid Lister.

3. The rapid lister will import all of the information from the Chinabrands product page and inject it to the rapid lister, calculating the final price automatically for you. It lets you optimize the price, title, description, and specifications for that product. You could also create an image collage, edit the different variants, change the description template, schedule the listing time and more.


1. Hover the cursor to the items that you want to list and click the “+” button.

2. Once you have selected the items that you want to list, it will create a list on the right-hand side corner of the screen. Click the “Copy To DSM” button.

3. The product links will be copied and the page will be redirected to DSM Rapid Lister for Bulk items, Chinabrands will automatically be selected as the supplier. To begin the bulk listing process click on the Import button

Step 3: Sync the price and stock between the Chinabrands and your store

DSM Tool checks and reprices Chinabrands products every 60 minutes. The DSM system will apply the change in the price of your listing if it detects any movement in the price from Chinabrands website and set the listing out of stock if it goes out of stock on Chinabrands. If you want to learn more about how to set-up Chinabrands in your DSM Tool account, please refer to the help center article ChinaBrands – Working with ChinaBrands as a dropshipping supplier.

A product from Chinabrands in DSM Tool price monitor page

The DSM Tool repricer will also automatically put back to stock products that are sold out on your store, as long as the supplier still have available stock. This is a great feature for sellers in marketplaces like eBay where you are limited with the number of products you are allowed to publish to the platform.

Step 4: Automate the processing of your orders

DSM Auto-Paste: Order processing

Our Chrome extension also offers orders processing automation. Don’t waste any time on copying the address of the buyer and paste it on the check-out page of the product in Chinabrands. Let the DSM Auto Paste do it for you.

Go to Sales and Orders page and look for the buyer’s address. A “Copy Address” button will be available to click and the address will be copied automatically.

To paste it, click on the “Paste Client Address” button in the address filling area at Chinabrands checkout page.

DSM Auto-Paste: Updating tracking information

Another feature of our DSM Auto Paste Chrome extension is to update the tracking information once you received an email with the tracking information for the order. Use the DSM Auto-Paste Chrome Extension to update tracking information when you receive an email with the tracking information.

Pricing automation

Let DSM Tool change the prices for you – once you sold an item you can automatically increase the price as it is a signal for you for growing demand, and once an item didn’t sell for a few days you can auto decrease its price to become more competitive. The Pricing strategy feature is found on the Sales & Orders settings page

Pricing automation in the DSM Tool settings

Step 5: Provide customer support

The messages center of DSM Tool allows you to answer your customers from a single point of contact while reviewing all of the details of the product they are writing about. Next to each message you will find details about the price of the product on your store and at the supplier, the order status if it was ordered and even the tracking number for the package. All automated.

The messages view in DSM Tool

Increase your feedback rate using the messages automation feature that will take care of the post-selling experience of your buyer for you, all automatically.

The messages automation feature in the sales & orders settings page


There is always more

Learn about other dropshipping suppliers in the Dropship Academy, we hope you find this information useful please comment below let us know if you like the article, and what can we add to it.


Chinabrands offers a wider range of possibilities for dropshippers all over the globe. By allowing buyers to brand their products they are making it easy for anyone to start his or her own online business. Again, by leaving no invoice or quoted receipts, dropshippers can enjoy the privilege of fixing the prices they want by themselves, and make the maximum profit from their deals on Chinabrands.


Written by Romeo Atis

Romeo started his experience in eBay as a virtual assistant in 2015, he lives in the Philippines and before working in DSM he worked as an English teacher. He worked as an account manager for DSM Tool customers working with dozens of eBay sellers while maintaining an active eBay account by himself. Romeo is also a talented chess player and is always up for a game.

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