Top 15 Shopify Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

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top shopify marketing tools list

Starting a Shopify Dropshipping Business can be super exciting, but let’s face it, there’s also that moment when you might feel a bit lost. Your sales aren’t skyrocketing as you hoped, or finding those hot products that will bring you a lot of traffic into your store. However, there are Shopify marketing tools to help you grow.

As a dropshipper, I hit a few bumps in the road, wondering if I should keep going or call it quits. But don’t let that discourage you!

Like you, I’ve had my share of struggles, but here’s the good news: I discovered some fantastic Shopify Marketing Tools that turned things around for my business. And you can use them too!

Choosing the right Shopify marketing tools for your business without spending much money can be a real challenge. But this article is about helping you, the small business owner eager to grow in this industry.

We know every dollar counts, so we will show you the best, budgetfriendly Shopify Marketing Tools that are easy to use and super effective.

Why You Should Consider Using Shopify Marketing Tools 

Shopify Marketing Tools

Innovative marketing helps you stand out; it’s like a spotlight that shines on your store, drawing in new people and keeping your regular clients coming back for more. 

In addition, marketing lets you understand what your customers want and give it to them, which is super cool.

Moreover, marketing shows you where to focus your efforts and how to use your resources in the best way.

Mixing different marketing tools and strategies allows you to create unique campaigns that get more people to visit your store and buy your stuff.

With this in mind, let’s explore these fantastic Shopify marketing tools to get more people to visit your store and help you quickly grow your Shopify business.

15 Best Shopify Marketing Tools For Dropshipping In 2024

best shopify marketing tools list

We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 Shopify marketing tools perfect for dropshipping this year. These tools will make your life easier, improve sales, and help you stand out.

These marketing tools cover everything from automating your tasks to optimizing your marketing strategies. So, let’s dive in and explore these fantastic resources that will help take your dropshipping business to the next level!

AutoDS –All-In-One Dropshipping Solution

AutoDS Dropshipping & POD

AutoDS will transform your entire dropshipping experience. This innovative tool is perfect for any dropshipper at any journey stage.

This tool will help you to quickly find and select winning products and import them into your store. Moreover, it automates every daytoday task in your store, making your business operations smoother and more efficient. 

Not to mention, AutoDS allows you to personalize and customize your product packaging with your logo regarding marketing and branding. This will create a more professional look into your store and help you grow your business brand.

This platform collaborates with some of the biggest names in the dropshipping business. We’re discussing giants like Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, and AliExpress. AutoDS is ideal when considering Shopify marketing tools for your store.

AutoDS All In One Dropshipping Solution

With AutoDS, you will have the following benefits:

  • Easy Product Import: Choose from millions of excellent products and add them to your Shopify store with just a click.
  • Product Sourcing: Find high-quality dropshipping products and add custom branding to stand out. 
  • Auto Order Fulfillment: AutoDS has your back, automatically fulfilling orders even when you’re not at your computer.
  • Intelligent Product Optimization: Make your products irresistible with optimized images, prices, titles, and descriptions. 
  • AutoDS Academy: Dive into free courses, get mentorship, and explore guides & eBooks for all the tips and tricks you need.

Pricing and Trial Period

AutoDS has super accessible pricing. Whether you’re just starting or ready to level up your store, AutoDS has the perfect plan for you.

  • Starting? The primary import plan kicks off at just $26.90 per month. It’s ideal for completing those essential tasks, making it perfect for beginners, allowing you to import up to 200 unique products.
  • Want to push a bit further? You can unlock all import plan features and import up to 500 unique products into your store for only $39.90 monthly.
  • Ready for More? For those seeking the whole dropshipping experience, the advanced option at $66.90 per month offers comprehensive store management tools.

AutoDS understands that seeing is believing, so they offer a fantastic 14day trial period. This will allow you to explore and benefit from its features and see how it can transform your dropshipping business and be part of your Shopify marketing tools – all before committing a single penny.

Releasit COD Form & Upsells

Releasit COD Form & Upsells shopify marketing tools

Releasit COD Form & Upsells is another suitable Shopify Marketing Tool where you allow your customer to complete purchases in just one click without the complex steps of Shopify Checkout.

This tool empowers you to create a fully customizable order form that’s a snap. You can design it just as you want with a simple form builder.

You can jazz up your order form with native Upsells and Quantity Offers. This means more products for your customers and a nice boost to your Average Order Value.

Releasit helps you ramp up your sales with down sells, so you can take advantage of every chance to make a sale. Plus, with OTP phone number verification, you can say goodbye to fake orders and hello to genuine, happy customers.

Managing your orders is also more straightforward, as you can import them into Google Sheets for organized tracking. Plus, you can accurately track your events and conversions across various platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Google.

Pricing and Trial Period

Releasit is super easy and walletfriendly!

While there isn’t a trial period, the good news is that you can start using some of its features for free. Plus, when you’re ready to explore more, the platform offers accessible pricing options:

  • Starting? The tool is free to install and allows you to place up to 60 monthly orders, have 24/7 online support, quantify offers, Google Sheets organization, and more.
  • Want to push a bit further? By paying the small sum of $9.99, you can unlock all the free plan features and place up to 360 monthly orders.
  • Ready for More? You get all features unlocked by paying $29.99 monthly, plus unlimited monthly orders.

Take a look at the must have Shopify apps and why you should use them.

Shopify Inbox

Shopify Inbox Messenger

Shopify Inbox is a free messaging tool that makes customer conversations easy and effective.

This tool lets you chat with your clients at the very moment they are shopping in your store.

As you chat, you’ll have access to the customer information, such as what products they’ve viewed, what’s currently in their cart, and their past orders.

This means you can personalize your responses to suit each customer’s needs. 

Shopify Inbox also helps you provide customer service with automated replies for frequently asked questions.

In addition, you can offer a personal touch with a custom chat experience.

Pricing and Trial Period

Shopify Inbox app is entirely free. You can get it by installing it on your device; it’s as simple as that!

Here are some benefits of using Shopify Inbox:

  • Stay Connected: Chat with your customers as they browse your store. It’s like having a friendly conversation right on your shop floor.
  • Boost Sales: Use Shopify Inbox to answer questions, recommend products, and help customers make those final purchase decisions – all for free.
  • Easy to Use: No complicated setups here. Just start chatting and connecting with your customers in a super user-friendly way.
  • Build Trust: Show your customers you’re there for them. A quick chat can go a long way in building lasting relationships and trust; with Shopify Inbox, it’s free.

Drip: Email Marketing & Popups

Drip shopify marketing tools

Drip is the perfect tool to connect with your Shopify store and take your marketing to the next level.

This tool lets you dive deep into your Shopify data and discover your best customers. This means you can focus your email marketing efforts on the right people, boosting your sales.

Creating engaging email campaigns is easy, thanks to Drip’s Shopify templates. You can set up welcome email workflows and abandoned cart automation that works in minutes. 

In addition, Drip combines email marketing with advanced popups, all in one app. This means you save on costs while making your marketing more effective.

Pricing and Trial Period

Drip has a 14day trial period. You can start using this app and discover its excellent benefits.

  • Ready for more? Great news! You can enjoy all of Drip’s benefits with their super budget-friendly professional plan at just $39 a month.

Amazon Reviews by Appio

Amazon Reviews

Amazon Reviews by Appio is a fantastic app; it is beneficial if you source products from Amazon and AliExpress.

This platform can directly import customer reviews from popular platforms like Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay into your Shopify store.

The app also hooks up with Google Shopping Feed, which contains all the information about your product catalog.

This makes your products pop up where people are already looking.

Furthermore, this app has neat email marketing tools to send awesome emails. 

Amazon Reviews is a fantastic way to build trust with clients.

Pricing and Trial Period

You can try Amazon Reviews for free & through Paid Versions Plus a 14-day Trial.

  • Starting? To kick off, the app has a free version in which you can send 50 emails asking customers for reviews and even import reviews and photos from big sites like AliExpress, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. 
  • Want to push a bit further? To take things to the next level, you can pay $9.90 monthly for a Premium plan to review 10k request emails, access Google Shopping Feed, video reviews, and more. 
  • Ready for more? You can additionally enhance your membership to the VIP plan for unlimited benefits for only $19.95 a month, which will certainly take your business to the next level. 

Ownbase: Sync to TikTok Shop

Ownbase Sync To TikTok Shop

Ownbase perfectly balances your products and inventory between Shopify and TikTok Shop.

In like manner, you can choose exactly what you want to sync to your TikTok Shop with a few clicks. 

This includes everything from fantastic product images and detailed descriptions to the current status, variations, and prices. 

In addition, when someone orders from your TikTok Shop, it automatically shows up in your Shopify store, keeping your inventory up-to-date.

This means less inconvenience for you and a smoother shopping experience for your customers.

Pricing and Trial Period

You can try out this fantastic app with a whopping 30day trial. That’s a whole month to explore all the exciting features and see how it can help your store shine.

  • Starting? Check out the Basic plan if you love the experience and want more. It’s only $15 a month, and you get unlimited TikTok orders, realtime inventory updates, and support for up to 500 products.
  • Want to push a bit further? In the same way, the Advanced membership is just $30 a month if you want to go bigger. This unlocks support for a massive 5,000 products. Product Reviews Product Reviews is a super-fast, customizable review app that speaks your language, literally, with support for 38 languages.

With this app, you can schedule automatic emails to collect reviews, complete with photos and videos, right after your customers receive their orders

In addition, you can improve your conversion rate by displaying these reviews on your store and sharing them on social media.

Also, the setup is effortless and customizable to fit your store’s vibe. You can edit texts, colors, and themes to match your style.

Pricing and Trial Period

Although this app has no trial period, it offers a free version with fantastic stuff. 

  • Starting? In the free version, you get unlimited review requests, add photos & videos, choose from carousel themes, and curate reviews. 
  • Ready for more? You can also unlock even more amazing features through a  paid plan. For just $15 a month, you unlock extras like site reviews, a Reviews Page, Q&A, custom forms, coupons, and other unique features.

Mintt Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed

Mintt Instafeed for Instagram Feed

With MinttInstafeed, you can add stylish Instagram feeds to your store in under a minute. 

Similarly, It’s not just about looking great; its about building social proof, turning visitors into clients, and even getting new Instagram followers.

In addition, the app keeps your store content fresh and exciting by automatically updating it with your latest Instagram posts.

Pricing and Trial Period

The platform has a free version, which you can benefit from.

  • Starting? In the free version, you can add an incredible Instagram layout, link your products to your Instagram page, and enjoy video support. Just install the app, and you’re all set!
  • Want to push it a bit further? You can start with a 3-day trial for the paid versions to see what it’s all about. For just $6 a month, you can upgrade to the PRO plan, including tagging products in posts, reels, collabs, video autoplay, and up to 3 different feeds.
  • Ready for more? The PLUS plan is your ticket to all the perks. For $19 per month, you’ll get everything in the PRO plan, plus automatic product feeds, filtering posts by hashtags, and more.


TikTok Business

TikTok isn’t just for browsing; it is also a place to find active shoppers, as the trending hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt shows

The free TikTok App integrated into your Shopify store makes creating ad campaigns and reaching millions of potential buyers more accessible.

The app lets you sync your product catalog to showcase your products right where the action is. 

Furthermore, you can catch the eye of TikTok users with in-feed videos and even engage them through LIVE broadcasts on TikTok Shop.

TikTok Made Me Buy It hashtag

Pricing and Trial Period

This app is entirely free. You can get it by installing it on your device; it’s as simple as that!

Here are some benefits of using TikTok:

  • Boost Your Store: Connect with billions of TikTok users without spending a penny.
  • Easy Integration: Easily link your Shopify store to TikTok and start reaching new customers for free.
  • Creative Freedom: Create engaging content and ads on TikTok at no cost to showcase your products.
  • Reach & Engage: Tap into TikTok’s massive audience and grow your brand, all for free.

UpPromote Affiliate Marketing

UpPromote Affiliate Marketing

UpPromote is becoming a big deal with brands and influencers. It has genuine connections with the users and excellent testimonials.

UpPromote makes it super easy to get started with Affiliate Marketing. It’s got everything you need to kick off your journey, from setting up to seeing results.

The platform allows you to choose how you work with flexible commission options. 

Moreover, you can create automated coupons and use super simple affiliate links.

Not to mention that the app helps improve the client’s loyalty and lets you build a strong referral and rewards program. 

Furthermore, it offers a friendly support team to assist you with any questions or needs.

Pricing and Trial Period

The platform is free to install, allowing unlimited affiliates, the ability to approve or deny up to 200 monthly referrals, Marketplace listing, fraud protection, and more cool features.

UpPromote has three premium plans to supercharge your marketing workflow, with a 14-day trial period. 

  • Starting? The Grow Affiliate plan starts at just $29.99 monthly and has unique features to boost your growth. You can approve or deny up to 300 monthly referrals, a client referral program, and more. 
  • Want to push it a bit further? You can get a Professional plan for $89.99 monthly with more benefits such as auto-generated coupons, different bonuses and gifts as incentives, PayPal auto-payment, and many more features. 
  • Ready for more? Similarly, the Enterprise plan is your ultimate choice if you aim for the top. For $199.99 a month, you unlock all the fantastic features UpPromote offers

Fera Product Reviews App

Fera Product Review App

Fera is a fantastic review app that’s perfect for showcasing all your excellent customer feedback.

In addition, this app helps you manage photo and video reviews too. It lets you import reviews from popular platforms like Google, AliExpress, Amazon, and Etsy.

Similarly, Fera makes it super easy to schedule automatic review requests. You can keep those product reviews and valuable feedback coming in without lifting a finger.

Thanks to its customizable features, you can control how your product reviews look and feel.

Pricing and Trial Period

With the free plan, you can import unlimited reviews, send out ten review requests monthly, store up to 10 photos or videos, and have one admin user. 

But if you’re ready to take things up a notch, Fera offers three premium plans, each with a 14-day trial.

  • Starting? First up is the Startup plan at just $9 a month, where you get more review requests, multimedia storage, and additional admin users.
  • Want to push it a bit further? The Small plan for $29 monthly offers immediate customization, even more reviews, and multimedia storage. 
  • Ready for more? And for those who want to unleash Fera’s potential fully, the Medium plan at $99 a month is your go-to. You get up to 10,000 review requests, 10GB for photo/video storage, five admin users, and advanced customization options.

Mailchimp: Email Marketing

Mailchimp Email shopify marketing tools

Next is Mailchimp, the ultimate marketing and automation platform that’s all about helping you grow.

Mailchimp is the go-to choice for entrepreneurs who want to connect with their clients meaningfully

Coupled with its precision marketing, you can reach the right people at the right time. 

In addition, it has expert insights and a powerful marketing CRM, so scaling up and selling more has always been challenging.

Not to mention, it is a budget-friendly platform.

Pricing and Trial Period

Although you don’t have a trial period with this app, you can still use Mailchimp for free, getting cool stuff like marketing CRM, sign-up forms, social media posting and ads, a creative assistant, and more.

In addition, the platform has three paid plans that pack a bigger punch

  • Starting? at just $13 a month, the Essential plan adds multi-step journeys for users, various email templates, A/B testing, and more.
  • Want to push it a bit further? For $20 a month, the Standard plan steps it up with send time optimization, behavior targeting, and other neat features. 
  • Ready for more? If you’re all in for taking your business to the next level, the Premium plan is your ticket to marketing greatness. It includes advanced segmentation, testing, unlimited seats, and role-based access. 

Trust Badges Bear 

Trust Badges Bear

Trust Badges Bear adds trust badges to your store, making your products look reliable for your clients.  

Additionally, with the app, you can access over 300 badge options to perfectly match your stores design.

Customization is effortless; you edit the message, colors, alignment, size, and more to fit your style. 

Subsequently, with just a simple copy-paste, you can place these trust badges and payment icons on any store page, like the cart, footer, hero section, or product pages.

Pricing and Trial Period

This app is entirely free. You can get it by installing it on your device; it’s as simple as that!

Here are some benefits of using Trust Badges Bear:

  • Build Customer Trust: Add trust badges to your store and reassure customers at no cost.
  • Easy Setup: Quickly integrate Trust Badges Bear with your store for free and build confidence among your shoppers.
  • Customize for Your Brand: Choose from various badge styles to match your store’s look, all for free.
  • Boost Sales: Increase conversions by showing security badges that make customers feel safe to shop without spending a dime.

Facebook & Instagram

Facebook Instagram shopify marketing tools

Thanks to fantastic sales and marketing tools in Meta, Facebook & Instagram allow you to promote your products effortlessly and precisely target your audience. 

As a matter of fact, it is easier to reach new clients and provide them with a smooth shopping experience right within the app.

Moreover, your products will automatically sync with your Facebook and Instagram shop.

This means you can sell from a single inventory and easily create engaging ads and shoppable posts where your customers love to hang out.

Pricing and Trial Period

This app is entirely free. You can get it by installing it on your device; it’s as simple as that!

Here are some benefits of using the Facebook and Instagram Meta app:

  • Easy Integration: Easily link your store with Facebook and Instagram for free to reach more customers.
  • Boost Your Online Presence: Use free tools to showcase your products on two of the world’s largest social platforms.
  • Grow Your Audience: Reach out to millions of potential customers on Facebook and Instagram without spending a penny.
  • Enhance Your Marketing: Use the free app to create engaging posts and ads that attract and convert your target audience.

SMSBump: SMS Marketing & Email

SMSBump shopify marketing tools

SMSBump is the go-to tool for SMS and email marketing magic.

With this app, you can effortlessly grow your SMS and email lists and send messages that drive your sales

It’s all about making each customer interaction count and turning potential sales into reality.

In addition, you get to choose from a library of high-converting SMS templates and automation. 

Pricing and Trial Period

Although the app has no trial period, SMSBump allows you to start for free. You get excellent tools like Campaign Builder, Customizable Messages, and more to kick off your marketing journey.

In addition, the app has paid plans, allowing you to benefit from more features

  • Starting? The Growth plan is only $19 a month and gives unlimited keywords and messaging in your timezone; you can even send messages under your business name.
  • Want to push it a bit further? The Prime plan is $59 a month if you want even more. It hooks up with Shopify POS, offers click-to-buy options for your customers, and loads more.
  • Ready for more? And if you’re all in, the Powerhouse plan at $199 a month unlocks everything, including an Onboarding Specialist and monthly strategy sessions

To create a converting Shopify store, we need to find a Shopify theme that will be intuitive and easy to navigate. Learn How To Use A Shopify Theme Detector & Top 5 Shopify Themes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use AutoDS to automate my Shopify Dropshipping Store? 

In short,  Yes! AutoDS is perfect for automating your entire Shopify Dropshipping Store. It saves you time on daily tasks, allowing you to focus more on growing your business. That’s why it is essential as part of your Shopify marketing tools.

Can I Use More Than One Shopify Marketing Tool In My Store?

Yes, you can improve your Shopify store by using more than one marketing tool. By combining different tools, you can have a better marketing plan that covers every aspect, from social media posting to getting new clients, driving more sales, etc. 

Which Is The Best 2024 Shopify Marketing Tool? 

AutoDS stands out as the most complete integration app in the market for Shopify marketing in 2024. It has everything you need, from finding excellent products to automating order fulfillment.


Starting a Shopify Dropshipping business is an adventure filled with excitement and endless possibilities.

Granted, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Finding yourself in doubt, especially when sales aren’t zooming up.

However, the good news is that the right Shopify Marketing Tools can change the game. These tools aren’t just about taking some work off your plate; they’re also your secret weapons for growing your business in the competitive world of e-commerce.

One of the most remarkable tools out there is AutoDS. It’s like the superhero of dropshipping solutions! AutoDS does all the heavy lifting, from finding great products to automating your orders. Plus, it lets you add a personal touch to your products, making your brand stand out.

If you want to learn more about how to start and operate a successful dropshipping business on Amazon, make sure to read the following guides:

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