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With over 24 million eCommerce sites on the web, it’s crucial to find ways to stand out from the competition. Thankfully, you don’t have to come up with some crazy strategy to do that. 
Any marketing expert will tell you that “content is king.” That has been true for years, and it’s an even more relevant statement today. Thanks to algorithm changes by Google, the inundation of advertisements, and consumer desire to connect with brands, content is more important than ever. 

Knowing that, how can you develop a content strategy for an eCommerce store (or site), which will help you to stand out? Your bread and butter might be the products you have to sell. But, the content that surrounds it will help you build your brand, increase trust, and form lasting relationships with your customers. 

Let’s cover how you can create a content strategy for your eCommerce site that will draw in your audience and improve retention

content strategy for eCommerce

Dig Into the Data

If you’re not sure where to get started with a content strategy, collecting and analyzing valuable audience data can help. Business analytics will tell you a lot about your current audience, including: 

  • Age ranges
  • Gender
  • Geographical locations
  • Popular products
  • Most viewed pages

Business analytics is important for improved adaptability and an overall higher revenue potential if you’re willing to make meaningful changes. When you see how people behave on your site, you can hone in on those areas and increase conversion rates. It’s especially important in the B2B field, where the buying process typically consists of five stages

  1. Problem identification
  2. Information search
  3. Evaluation of alternatives
  4. Purchase decision
  5. Post-purchase decision

A B2C conversion is much shorter, but the idea remains the same – using analytics to see where other businesses and consumers are spending their time on your site will help you improve those areas and make them even more desirable. Collecting and optimizing data will help you develop a more well-rounded, detailed marketing strategy.

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Stick With a Streamlined, Sustainable Content Strategy for eCommerce

Speaking of strategy, don’t let the idea of creating one overwhelm you. You may not have gotten into the eCommerce industry because you’re a content marketing pro. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t become one. 

Your content marketing strategy should include several basic steps, including: 

  • Identifying your target audience and its persona
  • Learning how your audience consumes content
  • Creating your content
  • Measuring results
  • Asking for feedback

Your content should always be published where it’s most relevant. You might not post the same things on your social media account(s) that you do on your website or your eCommerce site blog.


Follow these 8 Content Marketing Tips to Elevate Your Strategy and Drive Results.

Having variety is important, as it will grab people’s attention in different ways. That doesn’t mean you have to spend every moment creating multiple posts for different platforms.

Consider using a headless content management system to streamline the process and make it more sustainable. These systems allow you to be more flexible, atomize your content into more consumable pieces, and create seamless omnichannel marketing to your audience. Additionally, you can monitor your competitors, discover what they’re up to in terms of content, and create something better.

creating content for eCommerce

So, what kind of content should you be creating? Go back to the first step of your strategy – your content needs to reflect who your audience is and what they’re looking for. Often, that means taking a more laid-back, conversational approach while still being informative and helpful. Nowadays, people want to be able to trust the businesses they buy from. That’s why many traditional advertising avenues are waning

Word-of-mouth advertising is like gold to marketers. When it comes to your eCommerce site, it’s especially important. The more people that are talking about your brand to their friends and family, the more eyes will be on your dropshipping product. Make sure the content for eCommerce you’re producing is relatable, relevant, and readable for everyone.

Not sure how to do that? Let’s cover a few tips on creating original content for eCommerce. 


Whether you are a marketer or freelance writer, creating content is not an easy task. Here are the Soft Skills Every Freelance Writer Should Have guide to help you improve your writing skills.

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Create Compelling Content

Once you’ve crunched the numbers, picked apart the patterns, and you know exactly what interests your target audience, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. 

Or, where your keyboard is. 

Creating effective content for eCommerce is crucial, and when you have the resources to do it the right way, you should put it into practice right away. Numbers and data don’t mean anything if you can’t put them to good use. So, while looking over your data and strategy, keep these tips in mind for creating original eCommerce content: 

  • Start with a compelling headline
  • Be clear about your subject in the first paragraph
  • Tell a story
  • Use the right language/tone
  • Offer relevant information
  • Make your content easy to read

By leveraging content, dropshippers can increase their reach and visibility. Learn more in our How To Leverage Content To Increase Your Reach in Dropshipping guide.

Your focus should be on developing authentic relationships with your audience. They already know they’re there to potentially purchase something. If you can make a connection and gain their trust, they’re more likely to become loyal customers. Keep that focus in mind as you’re determining the right content strategy for your eCommerce site and combine it with your social media marketing efforts to reach a wider audience and boost your sales. By combining content and data, you can develop a strategy that helps your site or e-store stand out from your competitors. 

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