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In this next tip, you will learn how to better optimize your eBay listings according to their amount of views on eBay. With dedication and some hard work, implementing this method will result in a higher sell-through rate and of course, more sales and money in your pocket.

It is important to mention that with the entering of the eBay catalog and the upcoming updates throughout the year, some of the information below might become outdated and you would have to rethink how to best use it. For more information about the update, start here.

Unsold listings with high views attract a lot of attention but are producing no sales; these listings are lowering the rate of views vs sales in your store, which can damage your rankings. however, they offer a great opportunity for you to show your skills on eBay listing optimization.

Unsold listings with low views attract little to no attention at all. It means that buyers are not looking for it, or preferring to enter and purchase from other listings and not your own. Focusing on building a new and improved title and changing/editing the main image is necessary.

In just 3 clicks you can find those items easily. First, go your Price monitor, click on ‘Filter list’, then enter ‘0’ in the sales column, then hit the views icon to see items by lowest views, or hit again to see items with the highest views.

Filter unsold listings by views

Now all you have to do is understand what is needed to be done with them.

How to Improve the eBay Listings?

To provide your listings with the attention they deserve, you must tackle them on all three fronts: Target, source, and monitor. Let’s go ahead and start with the monitor.

On DSM’s price monitor you are able to edit and improve the title of the eBay listing to increase visibility,  if you need some help with that, you can make good use of our eBay listing titles that work article.
Another crucial part is the item description and its impact in terms of SEO (Search engine optimization). To see how it’s done, visit our Revise item description Tip.

Next up is the target, in our case; eBay.

When manually revising your existing listing on eBay, you can edit your featured image and add more to the listing. This is very important for listings with low views. Also, make sure to check the eBay listings with high views to see that the featured image is not confusing or misleading.
Working on the item specifics is another way to improve the chances of more sales coming in for each item. You should add all the relevant information you can find on your source site.

Example of poor item specifics

Last but not least is your source.

Whether it’s Amazon, Walmart or perhaps Target, you can find all the specs and info you need. Compare between the titles, descriptions, and specifics to see that there are no discrepancies, look for cheaper sellers/sources of the same item, and follow reviews and comments until you can better understand the reason for it not being sold by you so you can turn things around. Here are some other tips to increase dropshipping sales.

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