Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2021

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Who would’ve guessed that the digital marketing trends of 2021 like voice search optimization and artificial intelligence would get so big? Only a few years ago, they seemed nothing but overly ambitious concepts. Now they are among the top 4 marketing priorities for most companies.

trends in digital marketing 2021

2021 in Digital Marketing: 4 Trends You Need to Know

Why are digital marketing trends important? Here’s the thing: any business that wants to stay competitive on the internet must be ready to keep up with the latest online marketing innovations. Of course, to maintain tone and working mood throughout the entire working day, you need to take breaks. Therefore, it will be the right choice to play the so-called Gold Strike with fatigue.

But with technology advancing at rapid speed, the methods that worked last year might not be effective in 2021. Digital marketers need to research the latest statistics and trends to recognize new opportunities. And to help you with that, here’s our list of the most important marketing trends for 2021. Sounds good? Let’s dive in.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Every list of digital marketing trends for 2021 is incomplete without mentioning artificial intelligence. The Coronavirus crisis in 2020 has accelerated the development of several AI innovations from packing systems to autonomous vehicles. But you can also use AI solutions in marketing. They can analyze a large amount of data about consumer behavior to make accurate predictions on their purchase habits. Plus, AI used in chatbots (using natural language processing) can help a customer to find the perfect solution from your offers. Besides, you can automate your dropshipping business.

AI is the number 1 marketing trend for 2021
AI is the number 1 marketing trend for 2021

2. Voice Search

Voice search has become very influential on how brands market their products. At the moment, already 20% of all Google searches are done via voice. That means that marketers should now start optimizing their content to voice search. Because here’s the thing: people search by voice differently than by typing. Firstly, they use longer queries that sound more conversational. And secondly, they ask questions and expect to get direct answers to them. If your content caters for these kinds of searches, your site can rank higher on Google search.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing uses thought leaders (mostly YouTubers and Instagrammers) in your industry to amplify promotions. It works because people tend to believe influencers’ opinions on products much more than the brand’s own adverts.

Also, these days it’s super easy to find the most suitable influencers for your promotion campaigns. Most marketing trends during the COVID-19 pandemic have moved towards integrating the marketing efforts with artificial intelligence. And influencer ad campaigns are no exception. AI quickly identifies the most engaging influencers in your niche with the least amount of fake followers. That increases your chances of getting a high return on your investment.

Influencer marketing as a digital marketing trend in 2021
Influencer marketing grows as a digital marketing trend in 2021

4. Digital Marketing Trends Move Towards More Personalization

Personalization can be so much more these days than merely starting an email with the recipient’s first name. Thanks to AI technology, we can analyze large amounts of data and find out the daily problems that are bothering our clients. We can then tailor our messages to offer solutions to those problems. Those personal emails build a strong relationship between your brand and consumers.

Sure, it would be so much easier to send out generic messages that target everyone in your audience the same way. But here’s the thing: people are flooded with adverts from a plethora of different channels these days. And guess what? They’ve become good at ignoring irrelevant messages. Taking the time to find out what makes your target audience tick allows you to reach your audience more effectively.


So what are the digital marketing trends for 2021 you should know (and implement in your campaigns)? Here they are again: artificial intelligence, voice search, influencer marketing, and increased personalization. If you want to compete in today’s business world, you should start using all four of them. It’s your business, and it deserves to succeed in 2021.

What do you think are going to be the key marketing trends after COVID-19? Leave your predictions in the comments.

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