The Trick That Doubled My eBay Earnings, Twice!

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This is not another fancy title with nothing inside. In this post, I’m going to show you a very simple way to increase dropshipping sales in your eBay shop. But first, let me tell you about my business.

I am in the drop shipping arbitrage game.

That means I use online suppliers to find products and list them in my eBay shop. Whenever there’s a sale – my automated ordering bot does all the work for me. But, when I started it all, I used to order all items manually.

My Day to day job is tending the customer support chat of DSMtool, and editing this dropshipping blog. I was recruited by DSM after about one year of using the platform myself, and right now I am both a user with a successful store on eBay and an employee as well.

On an average selling day, the raw income of the store is over one thousand dollars.

The Auto Bulk Lister

Each day, I find about 50 to 100 different products. I make sure their titles are correct, and I schedule them to list using the wonderful bulk lister of the DSM Tool drop shipping software eBay.

I like to divide products into lists up to 2-3 bulks and set a time-space for each item. This will make products appear as if it was listed random and my shop is constantly working.

Listing items on ebay in Bulk with a title on DSM
Listing items in Bulk with a title on DSM

I also spend time improving the titles before actually placing them on my shelves.

How auto bulk listings work

I can set the first bulk of products to list an item hour or so. The second bulk of products set to list an item every 30 minutes, and the third bulk to list three items every 2 hours, or any other random spaces. Because each bulk is listed at different times, the products appear to be listed at random.

Schedule publish time in Bulk
Schedule your listings to post in time spaces

Remove products that have no sale

Another important thing I do is making sure to remove every listing that had failed to produce a sale. When you fail to remove these listings, eBay automatically renews it and charges its fees again after 30 days.

Right now my shop has over 4,000 listings, and believe it or not, more than 2,000 of them had already generated a sale.

start dropship

It’s time…

Don’t wait for success to come. Hire yourself and start your own dropshipping business

Go-To-Lazy Mode Technique: How it Happened?

The first time I used the technique I’m about to reveal to you guys, came from pure laziness, I kid you not.


What happened was one day I wasn’t able to list any items, never mind the reason, and surprisingly enough, my shop did not collapse and hell hasn’t frozen over – as far as I know. That day actually turned out just fine, even above average.

So my mind, with its go-to lazy mode, decided that I don’t have to work so hard and so, for almost a week, I did not list a single item.

After a few days, I could actually see that the shop’s daily sales are in fact decreasing, so I got back to list items like before. But what I did not know, is by failing to list any items for so long, and still removing the ones that failed after 30 days, my STR (sell-through rate) has doubled.

Sell-through percentage is most useful when discussing the kinds of items or listing groupings that matter most to eBay sellers.

Aron Hsiao, The Balance

Since that sheer luck of a lazy break, my earnings had actually doubled as well.

A couple of months went by and sales were booming, but all because I’m listing so many items and not all of them were going like new iPhones at launch time, I felt like I need to step up my game. So when I saw my STR dropping back, I had to try that again, and what do you know, it worked!

Obviously, these are not the only actions I take on my account, and I also sit each working day to improve my existing listings, manage my stock and provide customer service, among other things.

Are you ready to try this method out? Let us know about the results!

Written by Artem Zmitrovich

Artem is a versatile person with a wide range of knowledge and skills, good erudition. With his technical and soft skills, Artem is always happy to help.

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