Local Rank Tracking in SERPs: How Does It Help Your Business?

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local rank tracking serp
Local rank tracking in SERP guide.

Why bother with Local SERP tracking? Rank tracking is a fundamental part of the success of any business that is operating in the digital space. It is essential for eCommerce businesses since it helps them determine which products are ranked well in the SERPs and if they need any improvements. But also, comprehensive work on content for good ranks lets businesses leap ten steps ahead of competitors in their niche.

Still, you might have yet to see good results. Moreover, ranking high in the global search is always challenging. Or you merely need a better rank tracking tool that lets you focus on your positions in local searches. Why must you get it and research that? Here is the reasoning.

1. Local Rank Tracking Assesses Your Performance in Segments

If you want to see your results in better detail, going for local rank tracking is the most logical thing to do. No matter how well a business does in global searches, it will have trouble scaling up, yet, it has more chances to stay on top in local searches.

So, that makes local rank tracking the perfect tool for assessing how well your products are doing in regional markets and areas. But also gives you ideas on what to improve to remain popular in locations you have not prioritized but where your offer is in the top ten. 

For instance, suppose you are a Mexican entrepreneur artist, and you suddenly see how Italian people appreciate your art regardless of the time and space that separate you. Maybe it is time to place some ads in Italian and attempt to find more clients in Europe!

Note that you need a local rank tracker that helps you with whole states/countries and cities too. A solid focus on cities and towns lets you do essential insights into how well your products do in a particular area so that you can partake in the competition.

2. Track Competitors Locally and Globally to Be Ten Steps Ahead

Besides analyzing your performance, local rank tracking lets you see how competitors are doing globally and locally. If they rank high in global searches but low in regional searches, you know they are missing out on a significant market segment where you can become the #1 solution-finder. Moreover, you might pinpoint their link-building strategies, evaluate their content, compare promotional text volumes, and optimize your informational offers better to get to the top.

Thus, you can see what your competitors might lack and utilize that for your benefit. No matter how well you are doing today — understanding which of your offers requires more effort to cut down on competition is essential.


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3. Keyword Research Becomes More Comprehensive and Accurate

Most entrepreneurs and SEO pros will tell you that the use of keyword tracking software and keyphrase research is one of the most notorious yet important parts of keeping track of content optimization. However, it makes your business rely on data from different tools, which often gives faulty results. Yet, local SERP tracking software lets you focus on that aspect better than other alternatives for an informed decision.

Be attentive to how the following metrics alter when you go local:

  • Search volume. That is how often a word/phrase is searched daily/weekly/monthly. You want to use key phrases that have at least 1K+ volume. The perfect scenario is finding niche phrases with 10K+ volume. Nevertheless, low-volume phrases are also good, and they can be your best synonyms that attract more website guests and let you minimize keyword spam.
  • KD. Keyword Difficulty means how challenging it is to use a phrase, given how many websites have it on their pages (aka competitiveness extent). Low-KD keywords are your priority because that is a free ticket to the top, as you elucidate things users demand an explanation for and your competitors ignore.
  • Keyword length. That is about the specificity of your chosen phrase. Short keywords are general and categorize your content vaguely, placing it into a broad pool of information. Longer keywords, in turn, have more details (for instance, they can also describe the purpose, use cases, and location) and make your specific offers more visible. For instance, “New mobile phones” is a general keyword, while “budget mobile phones with good cameras in Illinois” are narrowly-focused and let many users find what they seek faster.
  • Enters/leaves top. That is the local rank tracker tool’s key metric to show how your products are doing in different locations/regions/cities, given keywords you use to describe your products and services. It shows if your prioritized keywords are at the top and if you should temporarily change or add them for more reach. That’s where outsourcing to SEO companies in Europe, America, or elsewhere, can be incredibly beneficial because of their experience on how to stay one step ahead of the ever-shifting landscape of SEO, while also tailoring their services to your specific website needs.

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4. Mobile and Desktop Local Ranking Comparison and Optimization

With the increasing number of digital nomads and mobile-only searchers, you also need to consider those aspects.

Using a sophisticated local rank tracker, you can compare how your desktop and mobile rankings vary by location (and in total) so that you see where users find you on their smartphones and tablets. Moreover, that will help you see the gaps to fill in each version to maximize visibility in both programs.

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Final Words

Thanks to local SERP tracking software, you can make your business one of your niche’s top-ranking solutions. It will let you see how well you are doing compared to others and help you optimize your content and link-building strategies for a wise marketing decision. We hope to see your website at the top tomorrow!

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