Make Product Descriptions That Sell on 4 Steps

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Product description can determine the future of your business. You have a short amount of time and space to convince a customer that this product is exactly what they need or want. You need to provide the features and benefits of the products without sounding like you’re just listing them off or you’re pushing the product at the customer.

Identifying the Buyer

The first step when writing your product descriptions is identifying who is the most likely person to buy that product. It is much easier to decide on a narrative voice if you have a specific audience in mind. The product description should feel like it is addressing them in a personal manner. When you know who the ideal buyer is you can dig deeper, are they going to appreciate humor or facts? Is it better to be formal or informal with them? What are they going to need to know about the product? This information will help you with how to write the description as well as what to write.

The Benefits of Using Your Own Descriptions

The suppliers of the products don’t write their descriptions with the customer in mind. That means, they’re not going to be personal and they’re not focused on eBay SEO. It might seem like an easy way out to use their descriptions, but it will harm your sales in the long run. When you write the descriptions, you are given the opportunity to bring your personal touch to the table, something that your customers are bound to appreciate. Not only that, but you can research the words and terms that your customers are going to be searching for. And the more you are familiar with the niche and its jargon, the better your chances of creating highly-converting descriptions.

“While the supplier description may detail the specifics, how often do you search for an item of clothing by its material? More likely you will search for the item plus a description such as color or style. Understanding how SEO affects your sales is going to change the words and terms you use in your description,”  — Lourdes Robinson, experienced e-commerce entrepreneur and contributor to Last Minute Writing and Reasearchpapersuk

Be Informative and Creative

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You will still need to provide your customers with all of the relevant information about the product, but this can be done in a creative way. It’s good to include the basics in the main description but there’s nothing wrong with listing the more in-depth information further down the page. The product description is there to sell. If they are interested in the product, they will take a look at the specs to see if it meets their requirements. When writing the description make sure you understand what your customers are going to want to know, is it likely they’ll need to know if it’s vegan? If it’s fair trade? If it’s in recyclable packaging? But also try to answer questions like what problem does this product fix? How will it improve the buyers’ life and how will it make them feel?

“The product description needs to be interesting, use it to tell a story – for example why the customer needs this product or the problem it solves. Use the keywords you have found through your SEO research. It needs to hook in the customer to make them take a closer look, but it also needs to be short and sweet. Most customers will spend time browsing products but not really reading them until something catches their eye. Your description, therefore, should be scannable – the customer needs to be able to glance over it, get the gist of it and then decide if they want to look further into it,” — Steve Fowler, a content marketer for Draftbeyond and Writinity.

Appeal to Your Customers

Most of all, product descriptions must be appealing. That means the format and style must look good. The description must be interesting and enticing. It’s your job, when writing the descriptions, to make the product sound like it’s just what the customer wants or needs. If you write enthusiastically and believe in it, you’ll convince them to believe it too. Put yourself into the customers’ shoes and write it like it’s just made for them.

Here is How to Write Product Descriptions that will not only help your potential buyers learn more about the product but also positively affect your sales.

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