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Just recently, a new cool feature was added to DSM tool platform and it’s purpose – rewriting your products description before publishing to your target so they will be original and different from the competitors, who probably copied the page from the source or worked hard to create their own.

In order to use the bot, one must load up on credits (the price for 1000 spins stands on 9.97$, which is just 0.01$ per spin credit). Having your description’s content unique can help by providing more exposure and reaching more potential buyers, but that’s not the only benefit you will get from it.

One of the drop shippers most common method of market research is copying the item description and search for it on Google, to see the retailers that are offering this specific item. If you are using the text spinner, you will make it a bit harder on your competitors to locate the source of your listings. I have personally tried searching some descriptions of products that were spun with the bot and the majority of them could not be found, while others showed similar, but not the exact same items.

The way eBay is trying to tackle the issue of copied content is by expanding their catalog and offering sellers to use the description and images that are featured in the catalog listing. Perhaps it’s maybe a bit safer than using your source’s text & images (in the case you don’t have the supplier approval to resell), but it’s not yet available for most items and besides, using original text may help by separating your listing from the rest of sellers, and that’s should always be our goal.


If you are asking yourself how is eBay planning to have descriptions and images for all of their cataloged offered goods, the answer is that they will use all of the seller’s input so every listing we upload can be copied and shared with everyone that wants to sell it as well. So if we’re only talking about the text, it will be more likely that the original texts will be used, as more sellers will have them and you will get to keep your originality.


Did you know that you can edit your existing item’s description and template directly via DSM price monitor?

It’s important to mention that a robot is still a robot, so it is recommended to go over and proof-read the descriptions that were spun. In some cases, words can be replaced by Grammarly correct synonyms, but would not be the best fit for that specific item in terms of its jargon.

Keep in mind that a single credit is limited to spin up to 10,000 characters. In the off chance that you will spin a description of more than 10k characters, two credits will be used.

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