Great News for eBay UK Private Sellers | Updated Fee Structure

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Do you know that some private sellers in eBay UK are quite fortunate? Read on to learn why.

Starting on March 3, 2019, eBay UK will introduce an updated fee structure. Let’s see how the conditions for eBay UK private sellers will get better.

Changes for eBay Private Sellers Without a Store

If you’re a UK private seller with no shop you will receive 1,000 free listings a month.

More precisely, the fine print says that currently, free listings cover 1 and 3 days duration listings. When the changes take effect, if you choose to list for these shorter durations, you will be charged a Special duration listing upgrade fee, which is £0.35, no matter how many listings you have used.

Changes for eBay Private Sellers With a Store

What about the sellers with a store? They will have the above benefits as private sellers with no store, and in addition, they will receive 100 free listings with 1 and 3-day Special duration listing upgrades, after that each listing costs £0.35.

The updates are relevant only to the sellers registered on

To get more details on the current eBay fees, click here.

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