The Introduction of Data Science to the Drop Shipping World

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Drop Shipping is becoming more popular every day. And while every drop shipper is growing their business, gaining success and some failure, every drop shipper knows that they need an extra hand to manage the whole process from product hunt, product listing, to product fulfillment.

Being in this business for some time, we know that it is never easy. Thus, we scoured our resources to bring you only the best drop shipping tools available to help make your business operations more manageable. This is our first update highlighting one of these tools & extensions – and we picked this one after they released a cool new feature.

Get To Know Algopix, The Product Market Research Platform


Satisfying customers while maintaining a profitable business has never been easy for eBay and Amazon sellers. Uncertainty about expected margins, demand levels, or sales volume can lead to incorrect product-sourcing decisions, resulting in overstock and decreased sales. In addition, it takes valuable time to calculate expected sales and revenue, which aren’t accurate in most cases.

Also, with an ever-increasing share of online buyers purchasing products from overseas retailers, it becomes even more important for any modern eCommerce business to offer its products on more than one market.

sales-estimator, making wise decisions

However, the transition to selling internationally poses many challenges that must be overcome.

  • To which market(s) should I sell my products?
  • What does the competition look like for this product?
  • How many sales can I expect from this product per month?

Those are just a small sample of questions, that online sellers on eBay’s and Amazon’s marketplaces ask themselves every day.

The product market research platform Algopix aims at resolving these questions and much more by adding its newest feature Sales Estimator to the platform.

product sales performance

What to expect from Algopix newest feature, Sales Estimator?

Sales Estimator provides online sellers the monthly sales volume (i.e. Gross Merchandise Volume) and the number of units sold for any product on eBay and Amazon in 14 different marketplaces.

By integrating product sales signals from numerous data providers, including real-time transactions, demand indicators, and more, Algopix sales estimator can cross-reference open-source information with proprietary insights to estimate product sales.

Designed with sellers, manufacturers, and brands in mind, Sales Estimator is a gateway to invaluable, actionable intelligence that will help businesses assess new opportunities and understand the market for any given product.

Test the powerful features of Algopix sales estimator

They offer a 7-day free trial.  You can enjoy all the benefits from their Basic plan. After the trial period, you have the option to subscribe to one of their pricing plans or you will automatically transition to their free version however with limited access.

Start your free trial to assess your opportunities and reduce your confusion.

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It’s time…

Don’t wait for success to come. Hire yourself and start your own dropshipping business

Smart Decisions For Your Drop Shipping Business

In every business module, it is important to make the right decisions from your purchases down to sales. Each decision should be based on proven data supported by facts and figures. Wise decisions can save your business from possible issues that may arise in any area of the business.

In addition, you should take advantage of the latest business technologies like a virtual data room (VDR). You can check the virtual data room review to get more information about it.

Hence, utilizing tools that will provide you with all the research and facts you need to make informed business decisions is one of the best favors you can do for yourself and for your business.

Happy Selling!

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