Drop Shipping Customer Support Automation

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What Are You Going to Learn in This Lesson?

In this lesson, we will learn how to use the Messages Center in DSM Tool to help you automate your tasks when dropshipping on eBay.

You will also learn how to easily answer customers’ inquiries to make sure you provide excellent customer support to the buyers in your drop shipping store. Excellent customer support means higher seller rank and therefore more sales.

DSM Tool dropship automation

Written by Kfir Shapira

Kfir is a Co-Founder and the CEO of DSM Tool. He is working with eBay since 2008 and 8 years later in 2016 joined the founding team of a revolutionary drop shipping management platform - DSM Tool. He has a B.A in Business and Entrepreneurship from IDC Herzeliya. Kfir also plays the drums and owns a dog named "Bamba".

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  1. Hello, Great article! I think that the most qualitative advantage of drop shipping is that you can start selling without a lot of early investment because you don’t have to buy wholesale or to cover the cost of your own manufacturing. Since you don’t stock the product, you don’t pay for it until it is sold.

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