Now Snapchat Sells Customized Bitmoji Merchandise

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On November 15th this year, Snapchat has launched the Bitmoji Merchandise Store. It’s only made available in the United States through the iPhone apps so far. The Bitmoji store can also be accessed from the Snap Store found in the settings menu of Snapchat’s app. In the store, you will find a lot of random items – stickers, coffee mugs, notebooks, standard and tri-blend t-shirts, sweatshirts and more. You can personalize each of these items by choosing a Bitmoji or a Friendmoji featuring your friend’s avatars.

In the Bitmoji merchandise store you can customize with you and your friends’ cartoonified faces, Bitmoji Stories comic strips featuring you and friends’ avatars in fun scenes and a new Friendship profile that collects all the content you and a friend have saved from your Snap message thread.


Snapchat, Bitstrips, and Bitmoji

Bitmoji merchSnap Inc. (owners of Snapchat) obtained Bitstrips in March of 2016. Bitstrips was founded in 2007 and launched Bitmoji in 2014. From the time Snap acquired Bitstrips and Bitmoji, the customizable avatars have expanded greatly. It was not only bundled with Snapchat but it had also been integrated with iMessage, Gboard, and Chrome.

The Snapchat Merchant Store

Before Snapchat ever launched the Bitmoji merch store, Snapchat trifled with the merchandise in the past. They first sold the dancing hotdog outfit including towels and backpacks. The company took the big leap when in February this year, they launched the Snapchat merchant store within the app at the Discover tab. The store sells Snap-themed items exclusively – the plush edition of the dancing hotdog, the dog lens tees, the Snap streak hat, the Winkface sweatshirt, and the best friend sweatshirts.

The Bitmoji Merch Store

Snap had been progressing forward in the merch that eventually led them to the Bitmoji Store. You can go twinning with your bestie featuring shirts with you and your bestie’s “mini-me”.  Want your mug, throw pillow, or shower curtain personalized with your Bitmoji and your Friendmoji? You can do all these with the Bitmoji store. It works around the print-on-demand concept where you choose your design and your item. They print it and then send it out to you directly at your doorstep.

Customize Your Items From $2 Up

Snapchat clothes customized According to TechCrunch, the prices are as low as $2 for stickers to $27 for sweatshirts. While there is no clear report on how high the other items can go, there is definitely something affordable for everyone to enjoy.

The downside…

Obviously, the downside to the store is that it is not available to everyone, specifically to Android users and to people residing outside the United States. Nonetheless, we are looking forward that it will become more accessible in the future. For now, it remains available to Snapchat users using iOS and to those who are within the United States.

Not in the U.S.? Not a problem…

There’s a loophole to almost everything. So even if you are not in the United States and not an iOS user, you can still get your hands on this customized Bitmoji items. But mind you that this loophole is not official. Many retailers online can take your Bitmoji and print it on the items you like. There are many print-on-demand retailers who can actually do that for you. But of course, you will need an extra effort to take this route.

Wait, there’s more! The Friendship Profiles

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Snapchat also rolled out the “friendship profiles”. It catches all the media you have shared with your friends all in one place. However, in respect to the company’s privacy policies, it can only be seen by you and your friend. This is among the many steps that Snap has made in promoting close friendship ties.

And the Bitmoji Stories…

Now you can bring together your customized Bitmoji and your Friendmoji into fun adventures in comic strips. Cherishing friendship has become bigger and better in Snapchat.

“Bitmoji Stories will tell lighthearted stories in the form of short comic strips. Bitmoji Stories are created by Snap (from the Bitmoji content team), and will star the Snapchatter solo or with a friend.” – TechCrunch

People are talking about all these latest from Snapchat. While others are already enjoying all these customized Snapchat and Bitmoji items, others are waiting to get their hands on them. So, if you are based in the United States and blessed with an iOS, check out the Bitmoji Merch inside the Snapchat Store.

As you can see, even the biggest companies in the world understand the amazing advantages of drop shipping. Have you heard of other great companies that are using some form of drop shipping? Share with us in the comments below ⇓


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