What is automated dropshipping?

 Automated dropshipping is the process of shortening  the time spent on dropshipping tasks  with the help of technology that handles those tasks on your behalf.

Automated dropshipping is the process of shortening the time dedicated to dropshipping tasks with the help of technology that will handle those tasks on your behalf.

The main goal of automated dropshipping is to save time and dedicate it to more important business tasks.

 What do you get by   using dropshipping   automation?

1) You save time and money. 2) You alleviate time by forgetting about tedious dropshipping tasks. 3) You learn to dropship smarter.

Adding products to your store: DSMTool takes one or multiple items and places them in your store. It copies titles, photos, descriptions, specifications, etc.

What kind of automation can you use?

Automate the SEO listing optimization

DSM Tool gives you tips and insights on listing optimization (title, price, design, description) or automatically adjusts them.

Automate inventory management

It doesn't need to follow price and stock changes manually one by one.  The software monitors and adjusts changes automatically for thousands of items at once.

Automate order processing

Receive semi-automatic help in filling the buyer details information, reminders to process dropshipping orders. Or allow the DSM Tool to do it fully for you.

Automate post-sale messages

Allow DSMTool to automatically send follow-up messages to your buyers after you get an order or ship it. Watch how the number of positive feedback will increase.

Automate tracking data updates and its converting

Get reminders and help in updating the tracking information and converting Amazon tracking numbers to establish a good seller level on eBay.

Automate your store protection

from listing eBay Vero items, receive negative profit or forget to include shipping fees in the price. Get more automated features to grow your business in 2021.

Start your free trial in DSM Tool  and check out automated dropshipping by yourself.