How to Hack eBay Search Engine? | The Secret Revealed! (2020)

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When I only started eBay dropshipping I’ve spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on courses and education. I’ve also spent hours of trial and error, there is no easy way to success, but you already know that right?

It took a long time, but I always knew that eBay dropshipping is the business model that would allow me to take the first steps in building my digital marketing online business. Since I have built my eBay stores together with my brother who is a technology expert and a developer we were able to also create software to help us with our daily tasks which is called DSM Tool

The success we’ve had inspired us to create a new business that will not only make us a new income channel but also help others. This is why I decided to write the secrets of how to hack the eBay search engine using SEO and generate sales.

What Is eBay SEO? – The “Cassini” Project

eBay is a search-engine based website, you go in, you search for something and you get results sorted by pages. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by digital marketing experts where they try to rank their products to the first page of the search results for a specific keyword.

There are many parameters that affect the rank of your products for specific keywords and your goal is always to optimize your eBay listings to rank high in the search results.

listing of iphones on ebay

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The official name of the search engine of eBay is “Project Cassini”. It is a very advanced very complex to understand. For example, it dynamically changes the rank of the products on the front page for every search depending on both who is selling the product and who is trying to buy the product. Different products can appear on the first page to different buyers. Your success as a seller, in general, can dramatically affect your ranking both positively and negatively.

Start eBay Dropshipping Step By Step

If you look to start dropshipping on eBay, the tasks you will have to perform can be split into 3 groups: Preparation, Optimization, and Performance. Your responsibility in your journey to becoming a digital marketer in general and an eBay dropshipping expert specifically depends on your ability to expertise in all three areas.


Any product that you can think of has a life cycle. Think of stores you used to visit in your childhood that doesn’t exist anymore. Now think of stores that did last until today. Do they sell the same products? Most likely they have constantly kept finding new trending and successful products to sell. 

The preparation starts with finding what to sell on eBay dropshipping and preparing it to be published on your eBay store. As you plan what to sell you are going to use the two most popular techniques: The first is called “Sniping” which means finding other sellers who are successful and copying their best selling products to your store. The second is called “keywords ranking” which is finding keywords that have low competition and tying to match relevant products to the best sellers for those keywords.


The word used in digital marketing to describe your potential buyers is “traffic”. Understanding how the traffic for your products behaves is key to your success. For example: If a product of yours is being viewed by many people but isn’t getting purchased, it might be lacking information that your potential buyers are missing. Understanding the relations between the data you see (number of views) and the action that will optimize your sales (adding information to the product description) is basically what the process of optimization is all about.

Moreover, every new eBay account has a limit of only 10 products it can publish, and later as you grow you start paying “insertion fees”  for the products in your store. If you don’t optimize, you are eating off of your own profits.


eBay is constantly looking at your performance. From how many people are actually buying what you try to sell them when they view your product to how many of the tracking numbers you’ve been uploading on time. In the eye of the buyer they don’t but the product from you, they buy it on eBay. So your performance is eBay’s performance, and they like it to be in good standards.

The eBay seller dashboard shows most of your performance parameters, but a true eBay SEO hacker knows that there are other, hidden parameters that can affect your performance as well. For example, as soon as you start selling one product, other products are getting more views as well.

So performance requires constant optimization, and optimization requires constant preparation. The success isn’t built in one day, actually, I myself have failed a few times. I’ve spent hours on trying to build my business the right way and ended the month with no profits. 

Damn, I was lucky to do eBay dropshipping where there is no upfront investment, so on the way to success, I didn’t have to risk my savings or take a loan. Putting your family and the people you love at risk by using the money you didn’t earn to build an online business for the first time is just not right to do, don’t you think?

How to Become a Succesful eBay SEO Hacker

In order to be able to become an eBay SEO hacker, you must think differently from other people. Most people are linear thinkers, they think that if they do A then B should be the result of it. Successful eBay SEO hackers understand that there are many parameters that can bring results and that each parameter affects all of the others.

types of oriented thinkingEvent oriented thinking vs. systems thinking, explanation and image by Kurosch Khazaeli

How to Build a System for Success

Building a system for success requires you first to commit to the process. You have to believe that you can do it. Many people fail to do dropshipping, many people don’t manage to figure out the systematic approach that is required to hack eBay SEO and many people just don’t care about their customers (they fail the “performance” stage).

You can see them in comments on Youtube videos and angry Facebook posts. They will keep saying that eBay dropshipping is dead (I hear it since 2015) and that you can’t make money online. Don’t get me wrong, if you see an advertisement that shows a beach and a cocktail you are being lied to (otherwise what am I doing writing this article instead of drinking a White Russian in a casino in Vegas?). 

In the DSM Tool community, we constantly share reminders for mindset training. The mind can get frustrated from trying to build a business from scratch, it’s normal, there is so much to learn. I believe it’s OK to fail, I myself failed more than once. But if you seriously want to succeed in building your online business, quitting is not an option!

The system for success requires dedication and it requires to invest some of your time in learning, no matter if you only have one hour or ten hours per day. It also requires you to lower your expectations because it can take some time before you start seeing profits, time is probably the number one factor for frustration for those who fail in making money from eBay SEO hacking.

Why is it so important that you will commit? Mostly because eBay dropshipping is only the beginning. As you grow and start understanding how traffic works, how to plan, optimize and measure performance for your eBay store a world of new opportunities will open up for you. You will be able to start giving services for other eBay sellers, start selling on your own website using Shopify or even manufacture and own your own brand and sell it on Amazon.

Get Started With eBay Dropshipping In 7 Days

Probably the best part about eBay dropshipping is how easy it is to get started with it. Unlike any other business, you can start generating sales usually within 7-14 days. It only takes one thing, remember? Commitment.

This is why I have prepared for you simple steps to follow so that you could get started as well!

Step 1: Join DSM Tool

That’s the easiest one. Just register at the free plan has no time limit, so there is literally not a single reason you won’t do it. Once you register, connect your eBay store and you will start getting a series of emails that will help you set up suppliers for your store, find what to sell, and list your first item!

Go on, register now!

After you completed your registration with DSM Tool you will have to complete the initial account setup, you can follow the guide on how to set up DSM Tool for eBay Dropshipping in the help center.

Step 2: Join the #dropshipperschallange

Every week on Sunday the #dropshipperschallange starts in the DSM Tool Facebook community! During the challenge we post every day a task that will help you become more and more of an expert, basically, within 7-14 days most of our succesful sellers already made their first sale!

By the way. Within two more clicks, you also follow us on Instagram and Youtube. Go on, click 🙂

Step 3: List your first item

Look, just like you, I work the same way to optimize our success with the DSM Tool software. There is nothing wrong with it as long as you get to start your own succesful business as well, right? OK so listen, here is what I have learned over the years: The one main reason that make people succeed is taking an action.

You have just read the entire article, you have already invested your time in your success. Now it’s our turn to invest in you as well. After you finish the registration part, and you join the Facebook community, your next step is to actually list the very first item on eBay.

For that, we’ve prepared for you the complete guide on how to list the very first product on your eBay dropshipping store with DSM Tool. Honestly? You could get it done faster than you think, eBay dropshipping is probably the easiest way to start your online business. We will literally encourage you to start creating more income channels as your business grow, but that’s only after you’ve made some sales on eBay!

So as I said, our turn was to provide you with all of the information and the best tools to get started.

Now it’s your turn.

Written by Kfir Shapira

Kfir is a Co-Founder and the CEO of DSM Tool. He is working with eBay since 2008 and 8 years later in 2016 joined the founding team of a revolutionary drop shipping management platform - DSM Tool. He has a B.A in Business and Entrepreneurship from IDC Herzeliya. Kfir also plays the drums and owns a dog named "Bamba".


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