How to Crush It With the Hottest Products in eBay Dropshipping

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The one question I have been asked the most is “what to sell?”

Would you like to find the next product to go on eBay’s best sellers list? 

I am going to share with you my years of experience in finding the best products to sell specifically for eBay dropshipping. 


The two tactics I use that always generate sales for me are: 

  1. The snipping technique 
  2. The keywords ranking (AKA trends discovery technique)

The Sniping Technique – How to Use it?

In this technique, which is the most popular eBay dropshipping product sourcing technique, you locate other eBay sellers that are successful. Once you find the seller you sort their products by “most sold” or “recently sold” and then you try to find those exact items on another website (your product sourcing website) for a cheaper price. If you find it for a cheaper price, you can then post it on eBay for a bit cheaper price with the exact same title, hoping to rank above that seller 

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Pros and Cons of the Sniping Technique:


  • The products already have a success record – Take a look at the offline world. When you go to a small convenience store in your neighborhood and you see some new products on the counter. If it is a trendy product every convenience store in the area would get their hands on it and try to sell it as well. The widget spinners phenomena in 2017 was a great example of that
  • You can post only a few products – The sniping technique requires to add fewer products to your store in comparison to the keywords ranking technique.



  • Competing to the bottom – Since everyone knows the sniping technique benefits, everyone uses it – every time someone copies the same title and lower the price, as long as the product sourcing price stays the same you everyone just keep reducing the profit margin until it will eventually make it not worth it to join the competition. Products that offer low margins due to such high competition are called “saturated” products. They are also referred to as “saturated niches” or “saturated markets” depending on the context.



How to Overcome the Cons? 

The first thing you can do, keeps reading to learn about the keywords ranking technique. Then, once you find a succesful product to copy – just try to rank it on the first results of other keywords then the seller you are competing with.

Second, the most popular websites used for eBay dropshipping are Amazon and AliExpress, but there are 50+ other websites you can dropship from when you use DSM Tool. Try to look for products on different websites where you might find the same or similar products fora cheaper price. Last, when one of your products becomes succesful you can contact a private product sourcing agent in China to source the products for you, for a cheaper price.

The theory behind the “sniping” tactic is simple, right? But how do you find those succesful sellers?


You won’t believe how easy it is to find other successful sellers

When I started copying products of successful sellers I used to manually search product titles of best-sellers from Amazon or AliExpress on eBay, just to find sellers I believed to be dropshippers, keep them in a list and check their products every day. I was frustrated by the amount of time it took me, and I kept messing the data and lists. 

Then I found it.

It’s called Zik Analytics. The best research software in the world that will change your life!

I became friends with Nahar, the software owner of Zik Analytics and an eBay dropshipping expert. He agreed to create a FREE version of Zik Analytics inside DSM Tool!

Also, he made a special offer of $1 trial for 7 days when you sign up using this link


So put a helmet on, because you are about to have a crazy ride to the stars!


The Keywords Ranking Technique

Logically thinking, it makes no sense that trying to sell other’s successful products is the only technique for drop shipping. After all, someone has to start the success (makes sense, right?). There is another secret technique, known by professionals only, and it’s called Keyword Ranking.

Keyword ranking is when you try to get a product to reach the first search page results on eBay for specific keywords. The idea is to find keywords that people search a lot but don’t have a lot of competition. When you find it, you list products with the same keywords in their title and product description, so they will get ranked on the first page and start generating sales.

Measure the competition

But how can you tell the level of demand and competition for a keyword? You can do it manually by typing some keywords in eBay and looking at the number of results you’re getting. The more results there are, the more competitive these keywords are. For example, for “dog toy” search we’ve got 155,684 results while “dog game” only got 32,460 results. Ranking on the first page for “dog game” should be easier than ranking for “dog toy”.

Comparing the “Dog Toy” and “Dog Game” keywords, from

Measure the success

Big win for “dog game” in competition level. But are these successful keywords as well? Here is how you can check it yourself. On the left side of the products feed filter the search results by “sold items” only. 

Then, divide the number of sold items by the number of search results and you would get the success rate of these keywords

29,515 / 155,684 = 0.189

Nearly 19% success rate for the “dog toy” keywords! Now let’s calculate together the success rate for “dog game”

9,086 / 32,460 = 0.279

We have a winner!

Nearly 28% success rate for the “dog game” keywords. Not only it is less competitive, but it is also more successful!

Now we’re left with one big question: how to rank on the first page for the “dog game” keywords?

All that is left is to look at the prices on the sold page, see the general range (is it under $10? Between $25-$50 or maybe above $250?) and look for similar products that are relatively cheaper than the average, and add them to your store using the “dog game” keywords. 

I used this manual method for a long time, it takes time, it’s definitely not optimal, but it worked! What I have come to learn is that like every professional, you need tools.

The Secret Tools Professionals Use to Automate their Success 

We’ve made DSM Tool super simple, almost everything is organized for you. It is easy to manage your dropshipping store with the right tool. Every master has it’s set of tools and for eBay dropshipping DSM Tool is definitely one of them.

I stopped doing manual keywords ranking research when I found out about the amazing “Title Builder” tool by Zik Analytics. When I find a trend or when I research a general direction I simply type one or two keywords into the Title Builder and Zik analyzes the data for me!

Not only that I don’t have to manually calculate anything anymore, but also it gives me a full range of other keywords I would never think of otherwise! 

The results for the keywords Dog Game from the Zik Analytics Title Builder

This tool is so powerful for eBay dropshipping SEO, that I even use it when I copy products from other sellers using the “Sniping” technique. They already found best sellers for me, why not trying to sell them where there is lower competition, right?

Wanna hear the best part? 

This powerful tool is available for only $1 for a week so that you could check it yourself

You know what, what I care for is your success so I am willing to pay for you to try Zik! 

Here is the deal: Try Zik Analytics for a week. If you register to Zik through this link I will give you another Bonus: DSM Tool’s dynamic templates feature which usually costs $14.97 per month – FOR FREE!

Once finished registering for your trial on Zik, make a screenshot of this text and send it to me through the DSM Tool chat support (at the bottom right corner of the website) and one of us will give you the bonus!


One Last Pro-tip for Your Success

You might wonder at this point, how at all did we decide to begin our research with the keywords “dog toy”? 

My secret weapon to get ideas for what keywords to even start with, I am using this amazing tool of eBay called eBay Explore where eBay exposes their best sellers and trending products which usually contain interesting relevant keywords to start the research with. You can also always try to come up with keywords by yourself, the more creative you get, the further you get from the competition into the blue ocean of opportunity.

So go ahead, implement the methods and practice them, I know that soon you will get great results, join the successful eBay drop shipper, and bring money home!


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