How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers: Dropshiping from GogoMall

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What is Gogomall?

GogoMall is a global online shopping platform for the latest electronics, fashion, accessories, housewares, beauty & personal care, toys and more. They are now over 5 years in the business in providing assistance to dropshippers all over the globe. Want to learn how to dropship from GogoMall?

They claim their customers to be their king and they are committed to empowering to work closely with their customers. For Gogomall, the sale is not complete when they ship the order, it is complete when their customers are totally satisfied.

In this article, we will learn:

  1. Why you should start dropshipping from Gogomall 
    1. Is Gogomall offering reseller or drop shipping agreement?
    2. Do Gogomall packages shows Gogomall logo or the purchase price?
    3. How many products Gogomall has on their website?
    4. In which countries can I re-sell Gogomall products?
    5. Shipping, return and payment policies
    6. Gogomall customer service
  2. Gogomall dropshipping program
    1. How to apply to Gogomall dropshipping program
    2. Benefits for DSM Tool users in Gogomall drop ship program
    3. How to get the Gogomall Dropship Agreement
  3. Products to dropship from Gogomall
    1. Sections in Gogomall website you must know about
  4. Automating Gogomall drop shipping with DSM Tool
    1. Finding products
    2. Collecting and Listing products
    3. Repricing automation
    4. Processing orders
    5. Updating tracking information

Reasons to Dropship in Gogomall

Dropship Agreement

I contacted their support and they said that they do give out dropship agreement for sellers on eBay. So, this is another stable supplier which can go all the way to support you in your dropshipping store.

Gogomall certification letter

Package Logos or Invoice Included?

Gogomall does not include invoices or receipts on your orders and also they do not show any of their logos on the package box when they deliver the order. This goes to show that when they deliver the order, the buyer would have a seamless experience knowing that you fulfilled his order and this will lessen the issues that may come up if the buyer would see the real price of what he\she bought.

Online Products Available

What is more, Gogomall has 1000+ online products at present and 2000+ sourcing products. Compared to other e-commerce sites Gogomall is relatively small in terms of the number of available products online. I understand their explanation on the matter because they are still new in the industry of online selling.

Warehouse Location

They only have a Chinese warehouse at present. This included information is for us to know and also to inform your buyers where will the product be coming from and so that you can also set up your business policies for the clear expectation of your buyers. This also helps you as a seller especially on eBay to be adherent to the Item Location policy that they strictly enforce to sellers.

Gogomall Business Policies


Gogomall has 3 shipping methods when they deliver ordered items to buyers. They are Economic, Standard, and Express or Expedited shipping. It all depends on whatever you choose on the checkout process of an order. Each shipping method has a different logistics shipping option. For Economic Shipping includes ePacket, China Post Registered Air Mail, China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus and so on. Standard Shipping includes EMS, e-EMS, etc. Express Shipping includes FedEx, DHL, TNT and so on.

One important information that you need to know about the shipping process is that the suppliers are the ones who set up the shipping method. So, that means that you need to contact the supplier of that product for more shipping information. You can go to the product detail page or shop and click “Contact Seller” to send a message.

Gogomall screenshot contact seller

For more detailed information or FAQ about the shipping process of Gogomall, kindly click the link below:

Gogomalll Shipment

Returns and Refunds

To start with, Gogomall has a process for returns and refunds if the product is defective or you are just not satisfied with it. The process is kind of different because it is not the customer support of the Gogomall that you need to talk to but the supplier or the seller of the product you bought. It is important that you send some screenshots of the product if it is defective to easily identify the issue.

For refunds, once the item has been delivered back to the seller, you can contact the customer support of Gogomall for the processing of the refund.

For more detailed information or FAQ about the returns and refund process of Gogomall, kindly click the link below:

Return and Refund

Payment Methods

GogoMall primarily uses PayPal to process secure online payments. Besides PayPal, they also accept Mastercard, VISA, American Express, and Discover Card.

Gogomall Customer Support

Sure enough, it’s important to provide good customer service to all customers including new, existing, and potential customers. Although it may take extra resources, time and money, good customer service often leads to greater customer satisfaction.

In Gogomall’s case, I tried to contact them and present some basic questions about their site the response is quite long but they are on point in answering your inquiries and professional in dealing with their customers.

There are 3 ways to contact their support:

1. Contact GogoMall Service App

Contact Gogomall Service

You can only access this if you have an account with Gogomall by clicking the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of their site.

2. Facebook Messenger

Yes, you can also contact them through Facebook Messenger through this link –

3. Email

Last option will be sending them an email, do not worry they do reply on every message. Email address:

Gogomall Drop Shipping Program

How to Be a Member of Gogomall’s Dropshipping Program

First, go to the site of Gogomall. Press the “Start Dropshipping” link at the top of the site.

The page will be redirected to the drop shipping page of Gogomall. Press the “Join Dropshipping Club” button at the middle or at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Gogomall dropshipping club

Next, is to click “Create an Account” link or if you want you can also use your Facebook account to register.

GogoMall Login

Then, provide your preferred email address, password and press “Create an Account” button.

Gogomall create an account

Before you get to the dashboard of your account, you need to select product categories that you are planning to sell from Gogomall. Then, you also need to provide either your Facebook account link or your Skype for Gogomall to contact you. After that, click “Confirm & Join” button.

Gogomall what type of product do you sell

The account has been created but you need to verify the account for the purpose of making sure that the provided data is accurate. To verify your account, go to the email address that you used to sign-up and look for an email that has the title “Welcome to GogoMall”.

Gogomall verify email address

You can either click the “Verify Email Address” button or choose the link below of it.

Done! You are now a member of the Dropshipping program of Gogomall.

Gogomall account verified

Benefits in Joining Gogomall Dropshipping Program

Product Sourcing

Gogomall will periodically recommend some hot-sale products for you via email on our in-depth product statistics and help you make decisions about product selection.

Buyer Protection

All purchases made in Gogomall are protected by a standard set of guarantees, also known as Buyer Protection. Buyer protection begins from the minute you have paid for your order. If you go to My Orders, you will see the Buyer Protection period as a countdown clock.

To know more about the Buyer Protection, you can refer to the link below:

Buyer Protection

Dropship Agreement

As mentioned earlier, Gogomall gives a dropship agreement to its members. You as a seller is authorized by Gogomall to resell its products and use its pictures and other information on other online selling platforms. Having this agreement will make your dropshipping business legitimate and allowed by eBay.

How to Get the Gogomall Dropship Agreement

To get the Gogomall dropship agreement is easy. The fastest way is to contact the customer support of Gogomall through Facebook, they are very responsive there. The first thing to do is to search “Gogomall Online Shopping” and click the page link.

Once inside of the page, press the “Send Message” button at the right of the screen.

Lastly, you need to provide them the information below so that they can create the agreement.

Products to Dropship from Gogomall

Sections in Gogomall Website You Should Know About

Like other Chinese e-Commerce marketplaces, Gogomall mostly sells consumer electronic products such as televisions, computers, or smartphones, bought for personal rather than commercial use. Gogomall also has special sections that you may find helpful and also profitable.

Top Seller

You do not have to think and spend lots of hours just looking for products to sell. Gogomall is presenting the products that are sold many times making your life easy.

Ship Within 24 Hours

Products that can be dispatched within 24 hours? Isn’t that amazing!? Gogomall is also giving product ideas that they can ship with 24 hours from their warehouse. This gives a faster delivery of your ordered products to your buyers. 

New Arrivals

New product ideas that have been recently released. These products also come with discounts.

Drop Shipping from Gogomall Using DSM Tool

DSM Tool integration with suppliers for drop shipping is built to cover the entire drop shipping flow from finding which products to sell all the way to the post-sale customer support automation.

DSM Tool drop shipping workflow

Let’s go step by step and see how does DSM Tool help you automate the drop shipping flow when dropshipping from Gogomall.

Step 1: Find which products to sell

To quickly search products in Gogomall and also compare the results to other suppliers you can use the DSM Product Search feature which is part of the DSM Auto Paste Chrome extension

It allows you to open multiple tabs with search results from your favorite suppliers within a single click on a button. You can add Gogomall to the tab-opening by checking the box next to it in the Chrome extension settings

Step 2: Add the products to your store

The items collector

You can use the DSM Tool Auto Paste Chrome extension to list items either in Single or in Bulk.


1. Move the mouse pointer to the item that you want to list and then click on the DSM shopping cart.

2. The link or the URL of the product will be copied and the page will be redirected to DSM Rapid Lister.

3. The Rapid Lister will import all of the information from the Gogomall’s product page and insert it to the Rapid Lister, showing the final price automatically for you. It lets you change the price, title, description, and specifications for that product. You can also create a collage from the available image fetch from the Gogomall’s product page, edit the different variations, edit the description template, schedule the listing time and many more.


1. Move the cursor to the items that you want to list and click the “+” button.

2. Once you have selected the products that you want to list, it will create a list on the upper right corner of the screen. Click the “Copy To DSM” button.

3. The product links or Item ID will be copied to the Bulk Lister interface and the page will be redirected to DSM Rapid Lister for Bulk items. Gogomall will automatically be selected as the supplier. To begin the bulk listing process click on the “Import” button

Step 3: Sync the price and stock between the Gogomall and your store

DSM Tool checks and reprices Gogomall products every 60 minutes. The DSM system will apply the change in the price of your listing if it detects any movement in the price from Gogomall website and set the listing out of stock if it goes out of stock on Gogomall. If you want to learn more about how to set-up Gogomall in your DSM Tool account, please refer to the help center article GogoMall – Working with GogoMall as a dropshipping supplier

A product from Gogomall in DSM Tool price monitor page

The DSM Tool repricer will also automatically put back to stock products that are sold out on your store, as long as the supplier still has available stock. This is a great feature for sellers in marketplaces like eBay where you are limited with the number of products you are allowed to publish to the platform.

Step 4: Automate the processing of your orders

DSM Auto-Paste: Order processing

Our Chrome extension also offers orders processing automation. You will not waste any time on copying the address of the buyer and paste it on the check-out page of the product in Gogomall. It is DSM Auto Paste that does it for you.

Go to Sales and Orders page and look for the buyer’s address. A “Copy Address” button will be available to click and the address will be copied automatically.

To paste the details of your buyer, click on the “Paste Client Address” button in the address filling area at the Gogomall checkout page.

DSM Auto-Paste: Updating tracking information

Another feature of our DSM Auto Paste Chrome extension is to update the tracking information once you received an email with the tracking information for the order. Use the DSM Auto-Paste Chrome Extension to update tracking information when you receive an email with the tracking information.

Pricing automation

Let DSM Tool change the prices for you – once you sold an item you can automatically increase the price as it is a signal for you for growing demand, and once an item didn’t sell for a few days you can auto decrease its price to become more competitive. The Pricing strategy feature is found on the Sales & Orders settings page

Pricing automation in the DSM Tool settings

Step 5: Provide customer support

The Messages Center of DSM Tool allows you to view and answer your customers’ messages from a single interface while reviewing all of the details of the product they are writing about. Next, to each message, you will find details about the price of the product on your store and at the supplier. All of the statuses of the orders, if it was ordered and even the tracking number for the package. All automated!

The messages view in DSM Tool

It will increase your feedback rate using the messages automation feature that will take care of the post-selling experience of your buyer for you, all automatically.

The messages automation feature in the sales & orders settings page


Now, you have complete coverage of vital information when you use Gogomall as your new supplier for drop shipping. Gogomall is a stable partner when it comes to dropshipping as they protect not just the buyers but also to sellers who use their platform to sell their own products. Gogomall and DSM Tool have a solid partnership which makes them reputable for drop shipping as a supplier.

Written by Romeo Atis

Romeo started his experience in eBay as a virtual assistant in 2015, he lives in the Philippines and before working in DSM he worked as an English teacher. He worked as an account manager for DSM Tool customers working with dozens of eBay sellers while maintaining an active eBay account by himself. Romeo is also a talented chess player and is always up for a game.

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