The New eBay Dropshipping Policy: DSM Tool Adds 5 Legitimate Dropshipping Suppliers

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The eBay dropshipping policy that was released at January of 2019 put dropshipping from suppliers like Amazon out of the terms of the policy of eBay. From the day it was released, we were looking in DSM Tool to integrate new suppliers that are more compliant with the new policy.

Dealing with the new eBay dropshipping policy by using legitimate dropshipping suppliers with DSM Tool

Can you relate to the difficulties of new eBay dropshipping policy released in 2019?

Policies of Corporates Like eBay Changes All The Time…

…Dropshipping sellers around the world started reporting that they are having issues like losing sales. Their products are not getting any more views.

Surely, most of us can understand those issues. No matter either you are a newbie in dropshipping or already a legend in this kind of business. eBay changes its policies every time to an extent that sellers should find another path to success. Well, no one can blame the world’s online marketplace for its attempts to make eBay a better place for buying and selling. Back in the days, it was easy to sell. However, now you’ve already spent so much time and effort and nothing is happening. Why?

Is Dropshipping Allowed on eBay?

In 2019, eBay has released a new policy compromising many drop shipping businesses. With this, the marketplace clearly supports dropshipping only if you are sourcing directly from wholesale suppliers and not from other retailers. In that definition, somebody would say “drop shipping is dead!”, but is it true? The fact is most dropshippers use other retailers to purchase the items and then the retailers deliver the packages.

How We Deal With The New eBay Dropshipping Policy At DSM Tool

So, how are we supposed to deal with the new eBay dropshipping policy? No worries! AT DSM Tool we constantly lookout for ways out of sticky situations and help you grow your eBay dropshipping business in new ways

To put the things right, first we called the eBay customer support to learn if dropshippers can still sell products working with a supplier providing a reseller or drop shipping agreement. Regardless of the process of selling is still the same, the fact that you have a reseller agreement from your supplier makes it completely legitimate and is allowed by eBay.

Thus, finding a supplier that gives you a reseller agreement is the solution to solve the issue with the legitimacy of your drop shipping business.

The Legitimate eBay Dropshipping Method Presented by DSM Tool

In this way, it will increase the efficiency of your store. Namely, it will provide good quality products to make your customers happy. Also, it will keep the integrity of your eBay store making it more trustworthy and reliable.

We are now supporting 60 suppliers and each day we add more and more of them…

Our goal is to increase the number of drop shipping friendly suppliers that will help the dropshippers in their drop shipping journey. Some of the suppliers we already have an official partnership with so that they can provide a reseller agreement for our dropshippers. Partnering with those suppliers will definitely give more opportunities and benefits for your dropshipping store!

Every business owner has to take responsibility for their business and to understand how to maintain it sustainably.

DSM Tool is committed to providing the customers with the solutions to automate their dropshipping stores, from finding what products to sell online all the way to deeply understanding eBay SEO.

Start Dropshipping With Us

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