International Customs Day Fueling Growth In The E-commerce Industry

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January 26, Saturday is International Customs Day. The theme for this year by the World Customs Organization (WCO), “SMART borders for seamless Trade, Travel, and Transport”

The World Customs Organization is taking further steps to unify borders and strengthen the movement of products and people from one border to another. The aim is to make movement simpler and easier to make globalization a better experience for all types of businesses.

“Against this background, we are introducing the concept of SMART borders to strengthen the whole-of-government endeavor to facilitate trade and travel and mitigate threats inherent to the cross-border flows of goods, people and means of transport.”

General Kunio Mikuriya / CustomsTrade Asia

General Kunio Mikurya, WCO Secretary, said in November that 2019 will be dedicated to the “swift and smooth cross-border movement of goods, people and means of transport.”

WCO 2019 Theme: SMART borders for seamless Trade, Travel, and Transport

International Custom Day Theme

The guiding principles at which the Customs work make up the theme of this year’s WCO theme – SMART in “Smart Borders” means Secure, Measurable, Automated, Risk Management-based, and Technology-driven. The same principles are the foundation of the Customs’ efforts to achieve modification in the present transport system.


The customs, partnering government institutions, as well as global financial agents, are asked to keep improving supply-chain security and performance according to shared trust and openness.


The WCO will start a dialogue on creating a strong, extensive, and complete scientific system for general performance rating that is going to deal with key customs skills and exceed the extent of the study.


The WCO understands the fast growth of digitalization, shared economic system, e-commerce, and changing industrial trend. All these blurs the dividing line between physical, electronic digital, and biological elements. In this regard, the Customs has the need to reinforce actions to take advantage of hi-tech technological innovation to further improve its procedures, services, and performance as a whole.

Risk Management-based

The WCO pointed out that a risk management structure that is driven by intelligence and streamlined data enables customs administration to be efficient at all areas. Customs must concentrate on a standard method to determine and deal with probable dangers on a far more potent foundation.


Digitization has introduced various opportunities along with obstacles for customs and its partnering government bodies. This sparks the desire to consider the utilization of advanced information and communication technologies. This includes tools to track and trace cargo, containers, and conveyances; a global standard approach to x-ray image; advanced technologies to deliver data via product chemical research; as well as the realistic application geospatial systems and drones intended for tracking fragile or inaccessible areas.

Thoughts To Ponder

“Working smartly means being prepared to re-engineer business processes while applying new technologies, and achieving an interconnected global value chain that fosters economic growth in an inclusive manner,”

General Kunio Mikuriya 

Bottom Line

International customs day celebrated every 26th of January is driven by the World Customs Organization. The event is a reminder of the continuous efforts placed to bring several nations together towards one goal – to have a unified transport of goods and people from border to border.

These efforts strengthen international dropshipping businesses in the arena of e-commerce particularly in shipment and delivery from one country to another. This year 2019, businesses can expect changes as the customs and its partnering government agencies are improving their system to provide better services globally.

Written by Michelle Ofiana

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