Drop Shipping on eBay and Shopify Expert – 1 on 1 with Kirk Buchanan

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Kirk Buchanan is an E-Commerce entrepreneur and an experienced drop shipper. Kfir Shapira a Co-Founder and the CEO of DSM Tool (Drop Shipping Manager Tool) had a great and pleasant talk with Kirk Buchanan discussing things about e-Commerce, Personal Branding, etc.


Drop shipping Facebook mastermind group- bringing drop shipping sellers together

Kfir Shapira started it with some of the things that help Kirk Buchanan to rise up to the industry with the help of other people. “I’ve created a mastermind group on Facebook to enable that facility where people can actually share ideas and communicate not just with me directly but with other people who are interested in dropshipping and entrepreneurship in general” Kirk replied. This goes to show that maximizing your resources like social media to your own advantage can help other people and for you as well that shares the same passion and interest.


Kirk Buchanan Mastermind Facebook Group

Drop shipping product sourcing: everygreen vs. seasonal items

They also tackle seasonal products that can be sold effectively if listed at the right time of the year such as Halloween and Christmas items. Recently, the whole world enjoyed the Super Bowl LIII  and online sellers tool advantage of drop shipping items to sell on Valentines Day. 2 big events that drop shippers must capitalize to sell products that are relevant to those events but not turning your whole store selling products only for that event.

What you will find in my drop shipping business or to people that I have spoken to in drop shipping business is probably 90-95% of their products will be evergreen products that are irrespective of the seasonalities, but I do also recommend that you capitalize on seasonal products but you have to get the timing right” Kirk added. DSM Tool has this Events Calendar that reminds you of some important events such as holidays or the latest movie releases. It also gives you ideas of what products to sell and keywords that you can use to create a title for your drop shipping listings.


Upcoming Events in DSM Tool dashboard page

Kirk Buchanan: a master of personal branding

Another interesting fact about Kirk is that it is not just drop shipping he is focusing to, he is also into Personal Branding. some of you may ask, what is Personal Branding? Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers and expertise as brands. That being said, Kirk has some courses about that subject and how to earn money from it.

Personal Branding is a very important asset, one of the best assets anyone can have irrespective of business and type of niche that you’re in, you have to make sure that you have to spend time building your personal brand” He also recommended 7 ways on how to monetize your personal brands.

  • Sell a service (Programming, Video Editing)
  • Sell physical product (Books)
  • Sell digital products (Courses)
  • Paid Webinars and Seminar
  • e-Commerce store (eBay, Amazon, Shopify)
  • Affiliate Marketing (Amazon Associates)
  • Advertising Revenues (YouTube, Medium)

This is a piece of great knowledge for you to start your way up the ladder of success. It will be tough for sure but you will not achieve anything if you will not even try and Kirk is a great example of these. DSM Tool team and I hope of a continuous partnership with him and want to thank Kirk for helping aspiring drop shippers to be someone they wanted to be.


Written by Romeo Atis

Romeo started his experience in eBay as a virtual assistant in 2015, he lives in the Philippines and before working in DSM he worked as an English teacher. He worked as an account manager for DSM Tool customers working with dozens of eBay sellers while maintaining an active eBay account by himself. Romeo is also a talented chess player and is always up for a game.

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